Saturday, November 17, 2012

Massive Israeli Strike-back on Gaza Strip (Disturbing Video)

Youtube - TYT

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Anonymous said...

Yes civilian deaths are horrible, none of us want that! The thing is I don't think Israel started this?! If the Palestinian military leader could not control these people who launch these rockets, I think it sends a good message to whoever has the balls to step up and take his place.... Better get it under control over there!! I may be wrong but I think Israel waited a few days and then said enough is enough!!! Easiest way to kill a snake is to cut his head off!! I'm just saying!!

Anonymous said...

Are you Palestinian,you sound like one? I'm sorry to say people die in attacks on both sides.The point your trying to make is not working.I hope Israeli wipes them off the Face of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how the U.N. had the authority to give Israel land in 1947 that someone else obviously owned? aka the Occupiers. It started BEFORE the Balfour Declaration in 1917. (keep scrolling)

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the Benghazi / CIA unraveling is no longer front page news?

Hmmm, how could one of the most important exposures of the dark, shadow gov's murderous, clandestine, hypocritical operations of funding terrorists worldwide, Americans killing American Ambassadors, CIA directors lying n coordinating secret treasonous trade deals w foreign countries that undermine US sovereignty where he has his girlfriends brokering the deals for $80 million commissions, just disappear from the front page news?

Easy, u fill your State propaganda viewer (tv) w a distraction. You knew the whole time Nettnfku was a poser.

They're so pathetic, they cant even come up w something new, same ole' broken record. Remember Rumsfeld saying on 9/10/01 that the Pentagon lost 2.3 TRILLION! Then the next day we went to war... These are the same psychopaths pulling the strings.

Dont fall for the distraction, always watch the other hand. said...

perceptive post, anon, @ November 17, 2012 7:41 PM

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