Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lawsuit seeks injunction against EPA “gas chamber” experiments

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Janet Phelan
Activist Post

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia seeks injunctive relief from human experimentation being conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. The experiments involve gassing human subjects with PM2.5.

The New York Health Department defines PM2.5 as follows: “Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is an air pollutant that is a concern for people's health when levels in air are high.”

In one of these experiments, individuals were given a breathing apparatus through which they inhaled diesel fuel piped in from a truck parked outside.

The lawsuit cites the EPA's own determination on the dangers posed by PM2.5:“ In the Agency’s most recent scientific assessment of  PM2.5., the EPA concluded that PM2.5can kill people shortly after exposure.” The suit goes on to state that “EPA’s 2004 and 2009 scientific assessment expressly found that there is no safe level of PM2.5.

The lawsuit, filed by American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center, states that these experiments have been conducted at the University of North Carolina and have been ongoing since 2004. The suit names both the EPA and its Administrator Lisa Jackson as plaintiffs.

In its answer to the suit, the EPA admits that PM2.5 may pose a health risk but states that the overall public benefit outweighs the risk to individual subjects. In addition, the EPA's response to the request for the restraining order states:
While small risks to individuals may evidence themselves as much larger overall public health risks when large populations are exposed to ambient levels of PM2.5 , this does not change the fact that the risk for individuals that do not exhibit these health conditions will be small.

The suit alleges that the subjects were not informed of the dangers of inhaling PM2.5 , a contention which the EPA denies.

The EPA's response to the suit also states that the court lacks jurisdiction to hear this case.

In a recent interview, the counsel for plaintiffs, Dr. David Schnare announced “The EPA has lost its way.” Schnare, who worked for three decades for the EPA, first as a scientist and policy analyst and later as an attorney, denounced the experiments “illegal,” and stated: “They imposed risks without telling people.”

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Anonymous said...

The EPA "lost it's way." Why do we see so often these kinds of statements in so many articles? So often in the alt. media there is a proclamation that emerges in one way or another that our government is negligent, ignorant, misguided or bloated or too stupid when everything I see shows our government to be very calculating and precise in their evil doings. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

So basically humans are the lab rats..

Anonymous said...

Notice advertisements on television for what is being presented as medical care. They are for paid "volunteers" who have common medical issues. The advertisements promise money and medical care.

Advertisements are for paid "volunteers" who have common medical issues. They promise money and medical care.

What is not directly revealed is that they are signing up to be lab rats. The fact that there are risks is not disclosed nor are the risks identified or that the medical treatment advertised, relate to the scientific procedure, not helping the "volunteer". People are lead into believing they are receiving medical care. They are not. They are being used in a scientific experiment.

Uneducated people in need of money sign up for these, not realizing they are getting into Auschwitz experiments and there are risks and consequences.

Anonymous said...

The EPA D.A.A.R.P.A. NOAH Dept. of the Navy Air Farce Weather Wars by Aerial Spraying of Metallic , and Whom knows what other Special stuff; All agency of Talmudic Zionist have CONverted the agencies to ECO - Enviro Global Terrorists

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4 is a racist ass with nothing constructive to say.

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