Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insane cop delivers flying knee to back of 17-year-old’s head then threatens to kill him

ETL screenshot of YouTube 
Editor's warning: Brutal language from a brutal cop.

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

There is no shortage of disturbing videos and stories dealing with disturbing episodes of police brutality and yet I still manage to be appalled by the actions of some out of control police officers.

Even with brutal assaults on 66-year-olds for no reason, highly suspicious deaths related to police violence, and even outright homicide (with no consequences, of course), this particular video is especially troubling.

In the below video at the bottom of this post, captured by Jordan Rojas, a friend of 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez, we see an officer identified as “Officer Arnold” by the Dallas Observer (later identified by police as Officer Disraeli Arnold, a four and a half year veteran of the Hurst Police Department) sprinting towards Rodriguez and then slamming him in the back of the head with a flying knee.

After the brutal strike, Arnold screams, “Move, move, move and die! Move and fuckin’ die!”

“You wanna die here? Fuckin’ move again! Fuckin’ move again!” Arnold screamed.

Arnold then turns to the young man filming the incident and says, “Get up, get over here!”

Then, nonsensically, Arnold screams, “Stay down and shut the fuck up. Sit down and shut the fuck up! Don’t say nothing else!”

Moments later he screams at Rodrigquez, “Yeah faggot!”

The video has gone viral since it was posted on Nov. 23 with one posting receiving over 28,000 views and another on World Star Hip Hop receiving over 431,000 views and it was even picked up by local Dallas/Fort Worth news outlet WFAA.

While Rodriguez is clearly resisting to some degree at the beginning of the video, by the time Arnold sprints in with his brutal kick, Rodriguez seemed to have been subdued by the first officer.

Rodriguez was charged with resisting arrest and spent three days in jail after the incident which left his mother, Kelly Pope, quite unhappy.

“I was mad, I was hurt,” said Pope, according to WFAA. “This is supposed to be somebody to protect the city and our children.”

The City of Hurst and the Hurst Police Department released the following initial response to the video on their Hurt Police Department’s official Facebook page:
REGARDING THE VIDEO – Obviously, this is not behavior that the City of Hurst and the Hurst Police Department promotes or condones in any way. We strive to build a stronger, safer community through our work around the city and will continue to do so through appropriate action. The incident is being investigated internally.
A more complete picture of the incident was later published by another local news outlet, KTVT.

According to KTVT, Rodriguez was with two friends at Bellaire Park when they were questioned by police because they “looked suspicious.”

“Rojas said Rodriguez was told he was going to jail for an outstanding warrant, when Rodriguez began to call his mother,” KTVT reports.

According Pope, the ticket was some four years old and was issued for trespassing on school property after hours.

“The officer asked him to get off the phone and he continued to call his mom because he was already on it and then that’s when the officer tackled him,” Rojas said, according to KTVT. “That’s when I started recording.”

“I saw him dive on him and land his knee on the back of his neck and on the video you see Andrew’s head bop against the floor,” Rojas said. “It kind of shocked me.”

Police Chief Steve Moore claimed that Rodriguez began to walk away and ignore the officer, at which time the officer attempted to take Rodriguez into custody.

As the account from KTVT shows, it seems that the situation was mostly diffused by the time Arnold attacked Rodriguez.

The Hurst Police Department has now announced that they have suspended Arnold pending an investigation by internal affairs:
UPDATE REGARDING THE VIDEO OF OFFICER DISRAELI ARNOLD – As we stated previously, this is not behavior that the City of Hurst and the Hurst Police Department promotes or condones. Officer Arnold has been placed on administrative leave pending an ongoing internal affairs investigation.
At this point we cannot comment on the status of the investigation from either a civil or criminal standpoint due to legal, civil service, and internal procedural regulations. We are cooperating with the media within the scope of those regulations and any information we can release will be made public through those outlets. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and continued civil discourse as the investigation is conducted.
Watch the video below:

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Anonymous said...

Police brutality is the expected and desired result when B'Nai Brith changed police from "Peace Officers" to "enforcement Officers" in the early 70's in North America.

Anonymous said...

'To Protect AND to Serve'...

Nemetron 2000 said...

The reality is that cops abuse substances more so than the people they're paid to terrorize... I mean "protect and serve".

From steroids to amphetamines, cocaine, and heroine. When you look into the eyes of a cop, chances are good that you're looking into the eyes of a junkie... a 'junkie' with a license to kill and an itchy trigger finger.

We all have to crash sooner or later, and I fear for the police officers that fall into the above category, for their "come down" will be most profound indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well, with that great mugshot and ballsy 'name and badge number' announcement by 'officer' Arnold, he must be accustomed to behaving like this, and apparently without consequence. But putting his face in a close-up like that is kind of stupid unless he truly believes nobody would want to try to get revenge, because this gives folks the ability to track him down with a positive ID.

Anonymous said...

With the amount of police brutality, it makes me wonder if they are being taught that the citizens are the enemy.

I remember when I used to trust cops and felt protected. Now I feel like we are on our own.

They need suspend this cop permanently to set an example to other cops. Anger management should be high priority in their training.

Anonymous said...

He did it because of substance abuse? That's a cop-out.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is a mess, no accident and years in the making.
I feel some sympathy for the few remaining honest cops who actually did a good service for years, now having to watch this crap. It must be very difficult for them to see it all degenerate into this Gestapo shit.

If they dare stand up and call foul on the criminal cops in their workplace, they might end up in a mental hospital, locked up, drugged, with no trial due process or justice.....just a $7000 bill for the abuse.

Anonymous said...

military cops on drugs are the final chapter in our experiment with "democracy"

Anonymous said...

If my IQ was just 42 points lower I could have been a policeman

Anonymous said...

the police officer, officer Arnold, is a rabid dog
he needs to be put down
what can we do to put this rabid dog down?

Anonymous said...

If I was that child's parent, I would haunt that "officer" for the rest of his life. He'd never get a minute's peace. I'd move next door to him, and stare at him all the time. I'd make his life a living hell. All legal, of course.

Anonymous said...

these guys are sick fucks that get hard ons when they get to abuse their power

Mark McCandlish said...

After decades of these kinds of incidents, it is more apparent than ever that COPS have no impulse control and the Public Affairs nightmare that comes out of these incidents has not taught the law enforcement community a thing. As time goes on, the liability, lawsuits and multi-million dollar court-ordered penalties and damages will eventually take a toll. Those who ignore their history are doomed to repeat it. Like others above, I once trusted the law enforcement community. No longer. They will lie to a judge's face. I've seen it first hand. No honor. No respect. No justice. No humanity. All it takes are a handful of these kinds of "bad apples" to tarnish the reputation of those we once looked up to. Time to sort them out. Thankfully, there are more of us than there are of them.

Ken Bruun-Olsen said...

There are More of US, but THEY have the Guns and Imunity when they Murder. THEIR word is LAW while Our Words are Opinions, or Abuse.
THEY are SO FUCKING FRAGILE that even ligtly touching one of them on the shirt sleeve is considered Asault and is Punishable by DEATH ON THE SPOT as has been shown on videos MANY TIMES.THIS is that freedom thing that all your Young Men and Women Died to 'Protect'.

Ron said...

This would be the last thing we would like to see. I have never been to USA. All the Hollywood movies have created some dedicated caring perception about the "NYPD" in our mind. However, didn't see too many posts on those injured and murdered kids in Palestine...!

Anonymous said...

Police agencies around the country are filling their ranks with sadistic cowboy mental rejects with god complex, this is the systematic build-up of a brutal para-military army of unstable psychopaths with guns and badges and it is being sanctioned by the highest levels of law enforcement

Anonymous said...

Another psycho cop. Knock me over with a freakin' feather--NOT.

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