Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gov't Contract RFID Devices To Be Used For Disasters, Pandemics and Our Children

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Pennsylvania schools are tracking 450 students with RFID devices around their necks during a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh program called Social Mixing and Respiratory Transmission in Schools (SMART). Students in selected school districts will be monitored via RFID chips to see how many people each individual child comes into contact with to determine how a pandemic could be transmitted. Their social activities, conversations, proximity to others and shared items will be tracked as well.

SMART is being conducted with a $700,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This study endeavors to decipher:
  • Effective ways of keeping a flu from spreading
  • Should student movement be restricted during class
  • Vaccine intervention
  • Should sick children be sequestered
In response to emergency disaster preparedness, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in New Jersey has signed a 5-year contract with Radiant RFID to provide emergency tracking devices in the “event of a hurricane, natural disaster or other incident to assist in reunification of families.”

Under Radiant’s Emergency Management Solution (EMS) technology, these RFID chips will track movements of people, pets and assets “without repeatedly stopping people to take their name or scan a bar code. The seamless tracking helps eliminate lines, reduce redundancy and keep families together in times of emergency.”

EMS technology is specifically designed to keep “families united throughout an evacuation process; whether it is children and parents or families and pets.” They have been assisting DHS locations in Texas – being justified as hazard response network technologies that will provide support for:
  • Evacuation management
  • Shelter management
  • Corporate building evacuation
  • Base camp management
  • Oil refinery mustering
The use of RFID chips in schools has become a trend that provides propaganda to the most impressionable of our society.

In Texas, children attending school in the Northside Independent School District will be required to carry RFID chipped cards while on campus. The 6,000 students' movements will be monitored by faculty in a pilot program that hopes to expand to tracking all students in the 12 districts.

Principal Wendy Reyes of Jones Middle School, explains:
It’s going to give us the opportunity to track our students in the building. They may have been in the nurse’s office, or the counselor’s office, or vice principal’s office, but they were markedly absent from the classroom because they weren’t sitting in the class. It will help us have a more accurate account of our attendance.
In the San Antonio school district, the Student Locator Project (SLP) is being beta-tested at Jay High School and Jones Middle School – two schools in the Northside district. The SLP includes the use of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to “make schools safer, know where our students are while at school, increase revenues, and provide a general purpose ‘smart’ ID card.”

In order to check out school library books, register for classes, pay for school lunches, the “smart” ID card is being employed to trace and track students and their movements on campuses all across America. By using leverage of educators to coerce school districts to adopt this method of tracking students, the argument for the use of the RFID technology is campus safety, efficient registration, and food and library programs.

Last month, a school in Maryland has installed PalmSecure, a biometric scanning system that requires elementary students to place their hand on infrared scanners in order to pay for their school lunch.

The unique nuances of each child’s individual hand will be cataloged and the image encrypted with a numerical algorithm that is combined with the cost of school lunches.

PalmSource, a Japanese corporation specializing in biometric technology offers this “authentication system” which is a marketed as a necessity in healthcare, security, government, banking, retail and education.

The corporation also provides an array of RFID chipped tags with memory capacity. The cost to taxpayers and parents for the installation of this Big Brother surveillance system in 43 schools in Maryland is estimated to be $300,000.

PalmSource is being beta-tested in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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Gail Gardner said...

Big Brother has arrived and those who do not take action will be assimilated. Resistance is NOT futile. Do not let you children be tracked like cattle or brainwashed by an educational system intended to turn them into corporate slave labor.

There is a good way to prevent both. Homeschool them if you care about your children's future and they are more important to you than money.

Anonymous said...

If Americans don't want to fight and wake up to all of this new world order crap, then I guess it's going to happen!!

Anonymous said...

SMART: Slavery Masked As Revolutionary Technology. Just for our own benefit, of course. Just to keep us safe! Big profits for blind technology gurus, who believe their smart sh*t don't stink, in turning humanity into a herd of chipped cattle. What, tattoos on our arms not SMART enough?

Anonymous said...

"The seamless tracking helps eliminate lines, reduce redundancy and keep families together in times of emergency.” " This is a bunch of BS! This is the beginning of every human in this country being forced to be implanted with RFID chips so this Muslim Terrorist gov't can, easily, find and "detain you for your protection". RFID chips in your credit cards allow the gov't to take your funds. They will track you if you have not gotten your "mandatory vaccinations for your protection". They are in new electronic devices so they can see into your living or bedrooms. THIS is what the sheep voted for... tag 'em, track 'em & bag 'em. Thanks for selling out MY freedoms so you can still collect your free ride on the gov't. Your ride will a NDAA detention camp near you.

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