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FL Man Refuses City Order To Destroy His Own Garden

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

"A lot of us have gardens, but is there such thing as just...too much of a good thing?"

The co-anchor responds, "The City of Orlando says when it comes to one house, the answer is Yes..."

Jason Helvenston was ordered to destroy his 25 x 25 micro-irrigated front yard veggie garden on his own property by November 7th but it's still there - "and that's the problem" chimes another news anchor standing among the fruits of his labor, discussing the city's problem (not the residents') with the Orlando, Florida man. WKMG Local 6

"You'll take my house before you take my vegetable garden," Jason said. "There's nothing wrong here, there's nothing poisonous here. This is a sustainable plot of land."

As always, it's only select bureaucrats who are filing the complaint for a code violation that wants yards with a "finished appearance...clean, and inviting."

But destroying this man's garden is an oddity considering that the City Planning Division's mission statement reads:
To inspire and facilitate the development of a well-planned, diverse, and sustainable community to make Orlando more livable for its citizens, businesses and visitors.
Another keynote in cases like these is that no one else seems bothered by his yard. Fellow resident Shelly Snow said, “(I’m) definitely not bothered by it. As a matter of fact, we love it.” He has around 200 signatures for a petition, has garnered other resident support and will argue his case with a code board in December in hopes they will change their restriction.

With hope, the city will not come when he is away and mow it down like a city did with a poverty-stricken woman in Tulsa, OK who came home to find her vegetation and medicinal herbs completely excavated - even though, she followed the code.

Jason has already tried reasoning with the city by offering to build a fence, but from his experience, the Tulsa example and Toronto below, we find that reasoning and compromise don't go far.

Things fair just as bad in Toronto when community gardeners discovered that the city destroyed their garden saying it was "illegally planted" even though the gardeners had worked with the city. Of course, they waited until harvest time, until months of toil had gone into the plot, before destruction - allowing no one to benefit from the food or save their rare heirloom seeds.

Also, do you notice the further degradation and forced subservience in having to destroy your work with your own hand on command? Whether it's gardens, raw milk and cheese, or pigs - it's often the victim who is ordered to take up the sacrifice himself.

If we can't rely on authorities to use compassion and common sense during economic desolation and hunger crises - then what on earth are they doing running our towns? It's not a lack of common sense - it's a blatant power play. As always, they tend to quietly run down the average citizen until they know everyone's watching - then they fear going hungry. And yet, it keeps happening.

Jason is not budging - and is another in a long line of gardeners who literally stood their grounds. Which Orlando needs right now because apparently he's not the only one there growing a garden with fears of removal.

One remembers the Victory Garden days when Helvenston says:
This is another example of the government telling us what we can do with our own property -- that should never happen - In any economic downturn in the past history of the United States, the government has always encouraged the people to grow their own food, and so we want to continue with that movement.
Helvenston keeps backyard chickens which don't seem to be under contempt. TreeHugger muses that his yard must be like a mullet: business in front and party in the back. It is, however, a way for the city to usurp his property; and if bureaucrats continue to dictate and destroy front yards, the privacy of backyards may rapidly disappear.

TreeHugger encouraged Orlando residents to respectfully voice their support to City Planning and we are also posting it here:

City Planning Division
City Hall, 6th Floor | 400 S. Orange Ave.
P.O. Box 4990 | Orlando, FL 32802-4990
(407) 246-2269 Main | (407) 246-2895 Fax
City Planning Division Manager
Dean J. Grandin, Jr., AICP

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Landlord Charged for Front Yard Garden - Tenant & Neighbors Fight Back
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Anonymous said...

This is why it is important not only to grow your own garden, but to organize with others in your community. If 500 people showed up outside the office of these bureaucrats, this man could keep his garden.

Make gardening, self-sufficiency, and localized progress the prevailing paradigm and you won't have to battle city hall.

Anonymous said...

It is normal to grow food.. It is not normal to not grow food!!

People in the cities should be encouraged, not discouraged to be more self sufficient!!

Growing food is a God given right and if people don't stand up to this, we are in for a rude awakening of being owned!!

Anonymous said...

This Grandin guy and all members of the City Planning Division should all suffer famine and hunger until they understand the beauty and necessity of gardens. And they don't need to come crying to the city gardeners when disaster strikes and there is nothing on the gross-ery store shelves.

Anonymous said...

This is not the US that Helvingston refers to! The US of 1930 to 1950 is long gone. Like all governments, it has failed and been transmogrified into something totally alien to what it once was. In the majority of cases, government employees, elected, appointed, or hired seem intellectually challenged and tend toward narcissism rather than for the betterment of society. It would be interesting to measure and correlate their personalities!

There is truly an overpopulation problem. There is no government that can satisfactorily handle the masses without constant upheaval.

The US Constitution is indeed a type of living document, and it and has died. A constitution defines the limits of the law of the land. The US version is no longer respected by the majority of government workers nor the citizens at large and has in essence been virtually rewritten!

Europeans are about to become subservient to third world ignoramuses. It'll be similar to the relationship between the Elois and the Morlocks in H.G. Wells' Time machine.

Anonymous said...

Send him a message for me! If the city is a corporation they have no authority to make laws that can cause other corporations to have a monopoly! Read your constitution! Then sue the pants off of them! By destroying your garden they are forcing you to buy goods from another corporation! Most lawyers will drag it out and suck your money up! They are as bad as the corporations themselves!

Land Destroyer said...

I sent Orlando's city planning a respectful e-mail asking them to work with this man to help him meet whatever standards they have on the books - and/or to change their standards to meet growing demands for gardens and local agriculture.

Please also send them a polite, respectful, thoughtful e-mail (the address is in the above article), no matter where you live, so that they realize this isn't just one guy and his chickens and tomatoes, but a global movement. Let them know times are changing and that they must reflect the changing will of the people they are supposed to represent and work for.

-Tony Cartalucci

Anonymous said...

You will get in line with the sheep or you will be destroyed financially.

Anonymous said...

Nice San Pedro ;)

9t9s said...

Part of an organized effort. Monsanto is spending billions on worldwide marketing strategies, started about 15 years ago, which include "negative advertising." Suppressive tactics against the competition, essentially against any form of nature based, independent farming and gardening.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some people can get down there and point some fingers in any face that is trespassing on his land. If they don't like his garden then can go fill their guts with fast-food foaming agent or something. It's none of their damn business.

Anonymous said...

The Communist Central Bankers, and their minions in government, know, that if they can make it illegal for people to grow their own NON-GMO food, such as within the city limits - they can keep those people dependent upon GMO food, at their local grocery store, and dependent upon the medical system, when they get cancer, and dependent upon the local funeral home, when they die. Remember - it's just business.

James Bennett said...

You know you're in the midst of a totalitarian takeover when...

Anonymous said...

Respectfully send them a
I'd shove a rudabagah up their ass!!

Death to tyrants!
Long live the squash!

Josh said...

where's the video for this story? Would love to see it on Youtube... cheers

Anonymous said...

These Kafkaesque public servants suffer from one thing, and one thing only; Lack of fear. If they felt as though their safety was at risk due to their bureaucratic bullying, they'd think twice about throwing their weight around with no regard for the ordinary citizen.

Anonymous said...

Invite the bureaucrats to a dinner roundtable discussion, serve them warm lead in their own gravy. The revolution is coming, keep a list of local traitors so you know with whom to redress the grievances they refused to allow through civil and proper channels. You will not be able to afford these same traitors to go back into power when society is being rebuilt.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Anonymous said...

...people who would want to interfere with a man growing some vegetables..... such people should be beaten senseless

Anonymous said...

Its the advancement of the agenda to destroy all life and replace it with "sterile" barren rock. We must not let that happen, or else we too will all be gone and then there will be nothing.. THE END

Anonymous said...

GARDEN = free clean food = independence& health = ABUNDANCE = SOVEREIGNTY = power to people = no need to buy their poisoned GMO products = bankrupcy of their satanic system that creates scarcity by design.
They can not allow that.

Anonymous said...

PLANTING = best weapon against their profit based system

Anonymous said...

This is a blatant abuse of the privilege of power. and now the 'totalitarian tip-toe' inches ever forward, all courtesy of YOUR tax-dollars!

jodo_baggins said...

"GARDEN = free clean food = independence& health = ABUNDANCE = SOVEREIGNTY = power to people = no need to buy their poisoned GMO products = bankrupcy of their satanic system that creates scarcity by design.
They can not allow that."

EXACTLY. Therefore every single resident in his neighborhood should follow his lead, and get to planting right away.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is great POWER in growing our own food!
What human's have been doing for centuries!! I agree, YOUR NEIGHBOR'S SHOULD ALSO START A GARDEN! Corporations are trying to take over our food supply -- SO THEY CAN CONTROL US!! SO GET GROWING!!

Anonymous said...

He's growing his food inside the corporation's limits. The city is a corporation (as are now all other governments, federal, state, and local). This does not mean what the city corporation is doing is morally right -- because it isn't. However, if we keep failing to recognize that all of these governmental entitles are actually corporations, we will not be able to counter them effectively, and will not be able to understand how and why they get away with what they do.

Anonymous said...

You will never defeat the corporation as you create the money they borrow to sustain themselves with. This system is full circle and will only come down when they want it too. To many people depend on it adore it and love it. They need it for security of life. All they have to say is he/she is a witch, and the hunt begins. Its nasty, evil and deplorable, however it sustains them and their families. It is survival of the fittest from a a different kind of thought structure then you and your families were taught to think from. Now go back to work, make new debt and feed your masters.

Anonymous said...

Here is how totalitarian governments operate: in order to control everyone, they make everything illegal. Therefore, everyone is liable to arrest and therefore subservient out of fear.

This is why pot is illegal (in most states, but changing); this is why prostitution is illegal; this is why it is illegal to dig a hole or patch your roof without an expensive fee.

If everything is illegal, including most traditional activities (like gardening), the government has the means to control everyone.

This is not a call for "small government." This is a call for strong government to protect our rights rather than by suppressing our rights by making common activities crimes. When everything is criminal, everyone is a criminal.

This is why the US has by far the largest prison population in the world, greater even than nations China which have 4 times more people and is supposedly a repressive regime. I suggest that one of the most relevant criteria for freedom in a society is the rate of incarceration. How many people are free; how many are locked up?

By this standard, the US, despite its proud tradition of proclaiming freedom its fundamental value, is the most repressive nation on earth.

The US has a far larger percent imprisoned than North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Russia.

The US seeks to capture Julian Assange for reporting information sent to him. This is a legal right of the press under the UN and other international laws. But exercising a basic right as a journalist has become a crime..and Assange has had to seek refuge to avoid US prosecution for the crime of exposing cynical lies and war crimes. When the messenger becomes the criminal,
the crime is the legal system.

Making a front yard vegetable garden (I assume flower gardens are legal) a crime means that the
government has found a way to make illegal beneficial human activity, which poses no threat and actually improves the environment.

Those seeking to control through abortion and contraception laws, thru defunding Planned Parenthood, etc are in this fascist movement, making family planning criminal.

Those who made pot and other drugs illegal were seeking to control mostly minorities. When the law (and this applies as well to voter suppression laws) seeks to control behavior of minorities, it becomes the enemy, not the protector, of freedom and justice.

Anonymous said...

Dale, pt 2

Government is a right, the right to have our collective needs (defense, a healthy environment, an infrastructure, etc)met in a rational way representative of the view and interests of the people. When government turns from protecting our rights (civil, religious, voting, privacy, etc)to rendering them criminal, the government becomes a criminal organization and loses its legitimacy. This is the basis of our nationhood, that we are all created equal and that when government turns from liberator to oppressor, it justifies the right of revolution. History shows that only non-violent revolutions succeed in instituting their goals. Even the American Revolution was betrayed by the anti-democratic design of the Constitution, which led to a Republic in which only 1% were allowed to vote and hold office. That was the original 1%, a far cry from the universal egalitarianism of the Declaration. Today, nearly everyone has the right to vote, but voter suppression,a crime against our human right to vote, is tolerated and
since money controls 94% of all elections, the wealthy have drowned out the voice of the people.

The people want a public option in healthcare, legalization of pot and gay marriage, tax hikes for the rich, cuts in defense, etc. The political system, corrupted by corporate wealth, exists to thwart the popular will. Therefore, to change things,k we must first change the system, and step one is banning all corporate money from the political process and step 2 is democratizing (ie making all votes equal)the Presidential and Senate election process. Why should a citizen of Wyoming, likely conservative, have 70 times more power in his vote compared to a citizen of California? Why should 35 million Californians have the same 2 Senate votes as 500,000 Montanans? Why should Wyoming and Montana, with perhaps a little over a million people have twice the voting power of California, with over 30 times for actual citizens with "equal rights."?

And why should 41 Senators typically from these sparsely populated conservative states be able to block the will of 59 Senators, represented over 75% of the people? Why should one Senator, secretly, be able to block action on a bill. That is literally tyranny, the rule of one secret
official over a strong majority?

The Constitution is explicit about which matters require a supermajority (amendments and treaties). But it endorses, in all other matters, a rule of simple majority, as evidenced by the fact that in the Constitution, a tie (ie 50/50) is broken by the vote of the Vice President. 51 votes rules. Any other scheme violates the Constitutional rule.

Oppressive governments operate on two principles: make common human activity, including exercise of rights, illegal...and secondly, by giving ultimate power to the minority, which of course is always a minority of wealth and power.

Thus, everyone is subject to control, and if that does not work, a small minority (as in one secret Senator, who likely receives vast sums from special interests)can block any attempts to impose democratic reform, which liberates people from unreasonable (as in search and seizure) prohibitions, whether it is gardening or smoking weed or reporting war crimes.

Anonymous said...

First Amendment cases supporting exercise of landscaping in front yards, do your research.

Anonymous said...

The 1% psychopaths who are truly running this earth, need to be disposed of & removed once and for all. There are only about 10000 of these entities. They are purely evil.

John Trainor said...

And we call ourselves a free people!

Anonymous said...

"Helvingston keeps backyard chickens which don't seem to be under contempt."
Here in Simi Valley, CA... this isnt the case. Got notice that two pet chickens... Mr Pickles and Miss Kitty were illegal and to cease and desist or else. Land of the free... not so much.

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