Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Experts Now Blame Parents Who Discipline Their Children for Future Cancer, Cardiac Disease and Asthma

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

A new study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine has concluded that parents who discipline their children place them at greater risk of developing health related problems later in life.

Researchers from Plymouth University in the United Kingdom based their study on the parenting styles of parents from Saudi Arabia and discovered that there was a link between parents who used physical punishment and insults as a means of discipline and the incidence of cancer, cardiac disease and asthma of their children later in life.

It was also discovered that parents who discipline their children by smacking them only once per month significantly increased the risk for developing cancer, cardiac disease and asthma.

The lead researcher, Professor Michael Hyland, was quoted as saying:
This study shows that in a society where corporal punishment is considered normal, the use of corporal punishment is sufficiently stressful to have the same kinds of long-term impact as abuse and trauma.
The researchers examined a total of 700 children, of which 250 of them were considered to be healthy and the other 450 had been diagnosed with asthma, cancer or cardiac disease.

Frequencies of participants in each group who experienced different levels of beating and insults:

Frequencies of participants in each group who experienced different levels of beating and insult

Most disturbing of all the results was the fact that the researchers discovered that there was evidence to suggest that there is an increased risk of children developing health problems if they were only physically punished once every 6 months. The research suggests that even infrequent beating can have pathogenic effects.

In most Western countries, corporal punishment has been banned. However, the results of this study essentially suggest that parents should be banned from punishing their children.

Society by and large does not tolerate anyone who physically abuses children, but to suggest that even a smack once per month could increase their child’s risk of developing cancer, cardiac disease and asthma is going to be virtually impossible to convey to parents struggling with disobedient children.

The researchers acknowledge that there are limitations to the study. They acknowledged the "possibility of participants who have recalled childhood experiences incorrectly, the non-randomness of the selection of the different groups and the possible omission of confounding variables from the models used to construct our propensity scores."

The researchers also acknowledge that there are other aspects of general parenting styles that may also be associated with increased poor health. This could include the child’s diet, genetic traits to develop these diseases and the environment in which they were raised.

I as a parent have never smacked either one of my children; but as a parent, I can assure you that when children misbehave, it’s understandable why some parents feel the need to smack their children.

What are your thoughts about this study? Were you smacked as a child? Do you think that as a society we are interfering too much with how parents choose to raise their children?

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Anonymous said...

This is moosepuckey !!
What 'health problems' result from children running wild with no discipline at all? Wasn't that 'studied'?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Of course daily doses of microwaves, pollution, junk food, gmos, vaccines, public schooling, antibiotic overload, artificial sweetners, etc. have no effect what so is just that 6-monthly scolding that causes all those problems. DAMN YOU, PARENTS!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous pointing out about the various toxins in our air, food and water... that's the problem, not being yelled at!

Mad Angel on FB said...

THE "Journal of Behavioral Medicine" HAS SUNK TO A NEW LOW......


Mad Angel on FB

Jordan said...

This is bologna! I got spanked frequently coming up. Wanna know why? Cuz I was bad! Some children need to be struck. Some parents definitely take it to another level when its uncalled for and that is abuse. If you have a child that doesn't respond to time out, getting grounded, or getting their allowance suspended, how do you punish them? If those kids aren't disciplined in ways that correct their behavior then we're asking for more criminals on the streets in the coming decades. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

...this is bad headline editing....the story actually says the study compared the style of discipline, and found a correlation between physical discipline, combined with what is known as the "parental-ego-state" type communication style...which equals belittling, name calling, judge-mental mindset)...

So... I would have to agree with this POV ...keeping a child on alert for daily beatings or emotional manipulations is just as damaging to the health of the child, as those other items..(microwave, etc.) some have said,...I don't know if there is a direct link between a specific illness (PTSD..?) and abusive disciplinary actions...but what these folks are that it is not healthy to grow up being beaten, afraid of being beaten...or being humiliated by your parents to the degree of low-self-esteem and confidence, perhaps even a lower immune system!


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

notice that Never has the worst average

Anonymous said...

Oh look another murky gov't initiative to control parents and children raises it's ugly head.
No doubt this will dovetail in nicely with the new bullying initiatives we are hearing so much about.
It there any conclusion scientists can't come up with when grant money is at stake?
"Liars figure and figures lie."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. First: who's really sponsoring these "studies" and to what end? Secondly: it can't possibly be the dna-mutagens found in the chemical cocktails in literally all foods and beverages, BUT sure as hell the #1 culprit is parenting. Ha!!!!!! I can't believe there are people who advance this type of "scientific" trash. According to these "scientists" the rate of these diseases mentioned here should have been at epic levels in the centuries past where corporal punishment was the rule, yet cancers and heart conditions were literally unheard of until fairly recently.

Anonymous said...

I teach kids with several behavioral problems that never get resolved, because the administration does not support "punishment". Hence, the behaviors continue and I can see the slippery slope where pretty soon there will be no discipline ( I don't mean the physical, just setting boundaries).
No boundaries=trouble ahead.

Anonymous said...

Total Crap!

Anonymous said...

And parents who don't discipline their children increase their children's risk of dying of a gunshot wound in a street drug transaction or in the house they were trying to rob.

Anonymous said...

i would not take any notice of a study confined to saudi arabia.
secondly, the UK is controlled by the zionistas, journal of behavioural medicine is most likely controlled by same. just follow the control agenda, the intention is to weaken society. i'm sure they have a think tank to come up with new ways of subjugation.

stevor said...

could the Saudi Arabia connection be the problem?

Anonymous said...

Total NWO bullcrap. The in-your-face lying never stops.

Anonymous said...

UNCRC United Nations Conventions for the Rights of the Child .... this is yet ANOTHER way they're trying to dream up reasons why the USA needs to sign it. A sick way to justify it. Bastards. Stay out of our house and shit-- even off our SIDEWALKS! Don't wantcha and don't needja.

I have two kids with very different demeanors and yet they both drive me insane in different ways different days of the week. Threatening(and following through) with a butt smack or three is the only way to get through their thick heads at times. Otherwise they run wild. Take things away from them? HAHAHAHA. That stopped working when they were four. Stand them in the corner? yeah, for about a half an hour. Then they start singing. Or dancing. Or ten other things that make you want to strangle 'em. So yes, we smack butts in this house, so sue us. Oh wait!!! Those dumbasses in Washington state tried this same crap back in 1990! ROFL You'll NEVER guess how that ended up.

Kids dragged their parents into court over the most stupid shit you've ever heard of. "I don't want to go to church. I don't want to tell you if I have a dangerous disease or am using drugs. I don't want you to keep me away from a dangerous boyfriend because he's a bad influence. Oh and by the way, you have no right to keep me from using illegal drugs." OMG, who's endangering WHO here?! The UN wants all our kids to end up delinquents.

I kid you not. Those same kids are the ones who were in and out of foster homes(and rehabs) and so miserable growing up because why????? They had no boundaries. No one smacked their fingers or their butts and they thought they were just very short adults.

Children's brains are not just smaller than adults. They're not mature. That's the point of childhood and the point of having parents to teach us right from wrong.

My eldest can drive me batshit crazy on his worst days. And yet you know what? He comes up to me later and tells me how much he appreciates me being here for him and showing him good ways of doing things. He says I inspire him because we TALK about anything and everything he wants to so he knows what's going on in the world. I may whip his butt from time to time but he's a kid who is going to(once the hormones settle down)have a good head on his shoulders when he's grown and he'll know the difference between the sane and the insane. He's already beginning to see it.

We've actually discussed UNCRC with both our children and they're appalled that we do not officially have any rights as parents. When I informed them that under UNCRC the United States Government(or the United Nations) would be raising them with their own morals and we, as parents, would not be allowed to because it would be illegal, their eyes were as big around as dinner plates. It's the truth, peeps. Look it up. This is some seriously sinister shit.

Look at how certain countries have already made homeschooling illegal. They're despicable. But they want to make sure all their little baby comrades are properly indoctrinated and can't have the parents interfere with the process. That's the goal. Parents are becoming irrelevant.

If UNCRC passes and you piss a positive pregnancy test you might as well sign over custody of your child to the State. The State will tell you what you can and cannot discuss with your child and how to say it or not. The KIDS are bringing home information about 'talking points' for parents already!! It's sick, I tell ya.

Mike I. in Madison, AL, USA said...

Holy crap! At first I thought the headline was simply an attention-getter, media sensationalism.

Then I read the article, and the headline was NOT sensational enough! I despise sensationalism in all it's flavors as it's simply a way to open a person's mind to receive propaganda...

The headline should more properly have read, "Children, listening to your parents will make you SICK!" Ugh.

Biggest load of nonsense I've read since the idea of Darwinian evolution as its preached...

Sometimes no doesn't work. Time out...yeah, right, the kid gets up and walks away. Grounding? When I was grounded, there was no going outside to play, no inside toys or board games, and though video games and iPods were not yet invented, I would not have been allowed to use any of those items, either.

In addition, what if the child insists on doing something playing with matches? Sometimes the idea of "HOT" and "YOU CAN GET BURNED!" doesn't seem to get through the child's, do you let the child get burned, or burn the house down, or do you give the child a swift shot to the butt or slap on the hands? I vote for the latter...sometimes the only way to get an idea through is a quick dose of reality, and sometimes reality smarts!

Peace and love.

Irma, UK said...

As ever, research is never complete... it is only one tiny aspect of a truth. Science analyses in too smaller details and looses sight of the whole.
Of course a child that lives in fear will have a higher stress level, may feel unappreciated or unloved, which can cause a lack of confidence etc. Stress, or conflict in the brain can cause illness or imbalance... science has proved that the autonomic nervous system makes physical changes down the nerve endings. But ultimately, it depends on how the child deals with it the stress or conflict inside, on how they resolve it. These are just the growing factors of life - it will ever be so!
Unfortunately we live in a blame society and a litigation society - it is always someone else's fault. Take responsibility for yourself.
I see it as this: I may have been mistreated as a child, but I actually never stood up to my father... Later on in life I took responsibility for this and the conflict resolved and am happier and healthier.

Anonymous said...

The experts are paid propagandists. My son and I both suffered from Asthma. I threw out all cleaning chemicals from my house about five years ago and use only vinegar, salt, lemons, etc. to clean my house. It wasn't long after using these organic cleaning items that my son and I no longer suffered from Asthma. We, also, no longer have allergies of any kind. With the chemicals companies poisoning us, with floride in our water, mercury and formaldahyde in our vaccinations, GMO's in our food and our government dumping aluminum, barium and cadmium dust on us with their chemtrails, it is no wonder us Americans are getting sick with cancer, asthma, etc. It is our government that is killing us...not those spankings our parents gave us as children.

There is just so much lying that comes to us from our government and the EXPERTS (who are paid by our government). Keep in mind the EXPERTS that said the world was flat. Keep in mind when the Catholic Church said, if you ate meat on Fridays, you would burn in hell. Well...they changed that... so...which begs the question...those souls that went to hell for eating meat on Fridays, are they still there?

Always question authority...ESPECIALLY the EXPERTS!

Anonymous said...

I agree, this can not be the reason. So parents should let their kids run wild and keep them from health issues?? Only issue with that is, now they run the risk of health issues from the drugs they use, or other worse things. There is nothing wrong with keeping watch over your kids. Many parents have turned to Mobile Spy monitoring. This gives the child a chance to make their choice and grow while the parent watch their activity and step in when needed. This is a very good idea. Parents needs to do a little better at protecting kids.

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