Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bringing Her Back

Craig Dutton
Activist Post

I have great concern at what the mainstream news outlets are touting as the "fiscal cliff". Most of us that absorb our knowledge from alternative news outlets are aware that economically, we are past the event horizon and currently descending rapidly into a global monetary collapse.

I'm of the opinion the federal government has (at some point in the past) became self-aware and they have put forth great effort to erect "lawful" barriers to protect their own lawlessness. The time is at hand where like-minded individuals must gather to discuss strategies to influence local governments at the city and/or county level.

The goal for a lot of these smaller municipalities should be to prepare to sustain their own communities with the basic necessities of life (water, food, safety and shelter). A big disadvantage to overcome is that most of the population is preoccupied with this-or-that and consider themselves aware of current events because they watch Fox News, CNN or MSNBC every so often. So how do you educate the self-perceived "educated"? This is the challenge for patriots.

I feel the strategy with the most promise is to initiate a grassroots base in your own respective community. Run an ad in your local paper inviting locals to a venue to discuss current political events and trends indicating specifically the topic agenda. The ones that show up may have opinions and insight, or may just be curious. Through a constructive format, allow your neighbors to articulate their personal beliefs with regard to the direction and the destination of this country. They will tell their friends and so on.

The passion I feel from people who are "awake" is something we mustn't underestimate. The passion is how we can ignite the brushfires in the minds of our neighbors. Now you have a base of passionate patriots from all walks of life capable of influencing members of local government. What to do with the influence?

Imagine if (for whatever reason) the electricity used to power your town suddenly stops arriving through traditional means and you can no longer can heat your home. Now imagine that town being able to flip a breaker and repower your home by a couple of windmills they erected last year.

Imagine if (for whatever reason) the water, which normally arrives to your town through a pipeline, suddenly stops flowing. Now imagine that town being able to provide drinking water to your home due to a series of wells dug the year before, and are able to pump that water using the electricity generated by the windmill.

Imagine if (for whatever reason) the US dollar becomes worthless. How or why would merchants in your town sell their goods (i.e. food, clothes, etc.) if the the money obtained for their product in demand is worthless? Now imagine a town that has in place a system that would allow the transfer of goods whether from their own monetary system or bartering. Your town is full of doctors, farmers, skilled tradesmen, mechanics, hunters, preachers, accountants, etc. able to bring their respective expertise and experience to their fellow townspeople that need it.

Imagine (if for whatever reason) the cellphone and TV signals that support your town quit broadcasting. There would be no way to communicate to your friends and families from within your home. Now imagine a town with enough foresight to have erected a radio tower capable of broadcasting and receiving signals to and from other communities with the same foresight.

Our corrupt government has let us down. It is now time to stop expecting they will have some magic fairy dust that will turn things around. Change will have to come from us, the people. The true owners of the United States.

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Anonymous said...

A good read. Even if the cliff was avoided you would be living in a self sufficient community. Peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Worth serious consideration and presenting to other like minded Patriots. This got the wheels turning on my brain, without the doubt that it might meet with derision.

Anonymous said...

The problem is they want anarchy and mass confusion etc which is why things are the way they are. The protocols of zion states they want to hit people with 1 big thing after another....war, famine, lawlessness and push people to the point where they scream for the governments to do something! Then they will say ok, we now have a one world government, and you must do what we say or it will go back to war etc. What people like yourself are trying to do is prevent that part of it from occuring, others are trying to stop the war part. We must succeed.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to freeway blogging?

Anonymous said...

I'd think twice before I'd trust a "preacher" for anything.

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