Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Poses as Cops, Democratic Party to Deceive Voters

Anthony Gucciardi -
Activist Post

After previously enacting numerous dirty tricks to deceive voters into voting against the labeling of genetically modified foods through California’s Prop 37 GMO labeling bill, the No on 37 campaign has now sunk to a new low. While previously being caught fraudulently using the FDA seal along with a fabricated quote attributed to the FDA in order to propel their campaign, reports the the latest scam involves using phony front groups to push their agenda.

Sending out flyers that are labeled as ‘voter guides’ for democrats and police officers, it has come out that these organizations are actually headed by No on 37 campaign members. The best part? None of them are actually qualified, with the head of the ‘COPS voters guide’ group being listed as a ‘political consultant’ — not a police officer. And as for the ‘Coalition for Literacy’? It turns out this is the same front group used by Big Tobacco several months ago to avoid the tobacco tax presented in Proposition 27.

See the flyers below for yourself:

The reason for this deception is the simple fact that the No on 37 campaigners simply could not sell the public on the reality of the bill. Upwards of 95% of the United States public is in favor of labeling genetically modified organisms present in food. If the public were aware what this bill would really do, it would have no problem getting passed. You will notice all of the No on 37 campaign ads and materials never actually mention GMOs. Instead, they spit the rhetoric that it will ‘cost you big’ and that many ‘prominent’ members of society are opposed to it
They would never tell you that GMOs have been linked to tumors, organ damage, and much more. That would be telling the truth. The only way these individuals can draw voters is through literal fraudulent behavior and outright deception.


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Anonymous said...

When the people finally realize their health and the health of their children has been destroyed by Monsanto's GMO technology, no amount of government protection and corporate lobbying will be able to protect them from the consequences. Monsanto will fail ! Monsanto's executives along with their coconspirators in government will be prosecuted and convicted for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Monsanto's executives along with their coconspirators in government will be prosecuted and convicted for crimes against humanity.

You really believe that? We all saw how ignorant and stupid the Californians were in this election, do you really think the country as a whole will actually prosecute Monsanto? Never happen. Food is the weapon of choice by the corporations to destroy the American people, there is only one way to stop these people. Tar and feather the traitors. Like I stated in another post today, Californians betrayed their country. No mercy for that state EVER again. I just wish I had the power to turn off all of our good Washington water that we provide to California. Grow your GMO crap, just leave the rest of us alone.

Boycott time!


I dread to think about the consequences of long term GMO consumption. these parasitic murderers are as evil as you can imagine and even worse. They know exactly what they are doing and people are asleep or in denial and will be too sick to do anything about it when they do wake up.

JCII said...

We KNOW they used dirty tricks on massive media fraud. Their dirty tricks on massive voter fraud hasn't been exposed yet. The media fraud ads were only cover for the voter fraud to make it look in any way plausible. If the voting machines were honest 37 would've passed in a landslide victory.

Anonymous said...

What do serrated adenomatous carcinoma cells in colon cancer victims have to do with GMO products? Pigs, cows and HUMANS CHILDREN fed either milk with GMO bovine growth hormone or GMO corn GET serrated adenoma type intestinal wall cells. The serrated cells are a KNOWN cancer precurser to polyps that grow into malignant tumors. ALL colon cancer victims have these types of cells in their tumors.


GMO will kill you AND bankrupt your family with health care costs. THINK! Protect yourself and your children. You can no longer relax in a supermarket thinking anything you buy there is safe. That's OVER!

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