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A Cancer Answer

Cancer is a word...not a sentence.

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

It's been said that a good book lets us know about the author, but a truly good book knows you. A reader of Catherine Frompovich's new book A Cancer Answer will understand why.

Hers is a real-time story of her empowering battle with breast cancer when she opted to take the road rarely traveled - a completely natural holistic treatment. Even though it focuses on breast cancer, what's truly amazing about her work is a truth that profoundly resonates with the following readers:
  • Women who have just received a diagnosis.
  • Breast cancer survivors - the amount of recurring cancers after allopathic (what we are trained to call 'conventional') treatment is staggering.
  • Men with breasts and breast cancer (Yes, that scene in Fight Club was true - there are over 2,000 new cases of male breast cancer each year).
  • People struggling with any type of cancer.
  • Those recently or currently undergoing Western med treatments (chemo, radiation, surgery) and would like a better chance of healing.
  • Women and men of any age with health issues.
  • Anyone who wishes to reach their family and friends with both  holistic and allopathic solutions so that they have a fighting chance and better life.
  • To support and understand a loved one during their fight.
  • All ages and genders who want to be armed with the truth about the faltering modern medical paradigm, food and drug complex, and actual solutions to both fight and prevent cancer.
This book is set up so that you can read it in whole or first skip to the chapters you need in a dire situation to start healing now. It contains steps, suggestions, meal plans and a vast array of research. It is also a springboard, launching one into other resources and quickly connecting you to help in your locale. You will see why body chemistry and your immune system play important roles. Threaded throughout, her real-time writing makes for a compelling read with a surprise at the end.

Reading the first part is akin to G. Edward Griffin's Creature from Jekyll Island except instead of the money system, it's like a medical mystery thriller, connecting all the dots, misconceptions, and deceptions, tracing it to the top.
  • Pink Money is infinite and talks with a megaphone and how it controls Congress and steers Western Med.
  • Why is it that we are only presented with mammograms for a diagnosis when they don't detect pre-symptom cancer, and lead to cancer with ionized radiation and squishing the breast with 60 pounds of pressure likely to break open tumors? 
  • If billions have gone into the "Cure" and the "gold standard" treatment, then why have global breast cancer rates gone from 614,000 to 1.6 million annually in just 30 years?
  • Why is there fear surrounding holistic treatment when you are 20 times more likely to be killed by "conventional" medicine than being killed in a car accident?
  • Why does modern med destroy the immune system and attempt to "poison one into wellness"?
  • Up to 91% of oncologists would never try chemotherapy if they had cancer.
It sets the perfect backdrop for what comes later.

These words do not come from Catherine herself - she is presenting words from the medical community's mouths, their studies, their admissions. She covers GMOs, chemicals, chemtrails, food ingredients, Pharma drugs and more. It's enough to make the average Joe or Joan walk away in disgust from modern medicine and the food and chemical complex. It is in no way a medical bash either.

In fact, did you know there are three allopathic methods of detecting cancer safely and years before a ionized radiation-inducing mammogram? All could be covered by your insurance. After reading this book you won't even want to look at the word mammogram ever again and won't have an issue saying "No" to a doctor or societal pressure.

It plainly shows what a dizzying and topsy-turvy Western med world we live in where cut-burn-poison are presented as the only options, and the only ones supported by insurance companies. What's called "quackery" has been tried and trued for millennia. She presents information in a way that flows, but also reaches out to the reader with understanding about the pressure to cave to predatory medicine - it induces so much fear, but her words offer profound courage with knowledge.

Just like a holistic approach to cancer, Catherine’s book builds you up. It becomes a comfort, even exciting, to change paths and try a new way - which is actually an old way. Ways that only seem unconventional now because we've been barraged by Big Pharma, the AMA, WHO, and corporate media pundits for just the last century - but enough time to grow up with and buckle in the pressure and fear.

Your immune system and empowerment are what's needed most to fight cancer, but the modern medical establishment is taught to tear both down. The body is truly amazing when it finally dawns on us that people survive despite modern treatments, certainly not because of them.

Did you know that a woman could live comfortably with a stabilized tumor for 20 years without losing her hair, suffering radiation burns and "chemo brain"? But, it's the pressure, fear and propaganda that tells patients to jump into cut-burn-poison methods. And yet, "Cancer" is written on the death certificates because it's accepted to be par for the course. It's not necessary to live with the tumor or the offered treatment.

How can one book encompass so much, leave no stone unturned? It was also heartfelt, like sitting down with a friend over coffee sharing the scoop. Most of our loved ones caught up in the corporate evening news will not listen to our words - but they'd be hard pressed to ignore Catherine's. She has gone through it and already has battled the confusion, pressure, and deception. She lights and shares a better path. So rather than tell loved ones what I've recently learned from reading A Cancer Answer: Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, I will let it speak for itself.

Think the holistic approach is too expensive because it's deliberately not covered by insurance? Then you'd be blown away to find out what percentage of the average cancer industry cost she spent following her protocol.

In case you're wondering, Catherine is doing exceptionally well. As an added bonus for those considering her path, everyone says "Look at your face!" incredulously when they find out her real age. She has been in the fight a long time and shows no signs of stopping. She didn't have to lose her hair or her sharp research and writing abilities to chemotherapy and burns. She didn't have to suffer or lose her burning drive to continue helping others.

Catherine’s latest book, A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

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Anonymous said...

Ihave been a vegetarian for 50 years, a vegan for 10 years and my diet is the gold standard of an anti-cancer cuisine. But 6 years ago, when I turned 65 and got my first check-up, it was found I had prostate cancer.

I tried supplements, oriental medicine, acupuncture and other natural cures. It only got worse.
So, finally, my urologist just took my prostate out, like removing a bag of poison. Since then, all my tests show 0 signs of cancer for the years since.

I have eaten and believed in an organic plant-based diet for 45 years. Yet, when the evidence was that my diet and natural cures were not helping, I was ready for the da Vinci, which makes 3 small punctures in your stomach and goes in and cuts the prostate, puts it in a little bag, and removes it.

I know for sure I will not get prostate cancer and the only negative is that (at 71), I can no longer cause a pregnancy. Like I care...........

Natural or conventional medicine are not always alternatives but sometimes work together. I assume if I were not vegetarian and living the healthy life (living in the forest for clean air, avoiding cities and sick people, working hard every day (I hate exercise; I prefer work)at physical chores, my cancer, which may have been caused by environmental stress (ie earlier exposure to pollution, etc) ir (?) genetics, might have been worse.

When disease is at an advanced stage, it is often too late for natural cures. Do not be afraid to
consider the many options in treating cancer of modern medicine. I think geting rid of a cancerous and useless organ like the prostate in older men makes a lot of sense. Now, something else will kill me but given my current robust health (I have not been sick, had a cold or flu, for many years, including when I had the cancer.)

In short, live a natural life, eat a natural diet, but do not dogmatically reject the options of conventional medicine. I am hoping for another 15-20 years to enjoy my old age (in good health) and to watch my grandkids grow up into adults.


Anonymous said...

The biggest block is the money needed to have the right foods & care the system will never offer the poor, I know I watched my sister so through hell even through she paid the insurance conpany $2000.00 a month, but as soon as they found a lump in her breast they dropped her & she now is dead & gone. She ate healthy, but GMO's is not the right foods, the big phama is a deadly cure!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful fantasy; eat a few herbs and say a few incantations and your cancer is cured and you are rich and happy for 100 years. But it is indeed fantasy and those who propagate this fantasy are liars and phonies. Years ago we used to tar and feather snake oil salesmen I think it's time to bring it back.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy, indeed is when one group can convince an entire population that eating organic, getting fresh air, and unpolluted water doesn't matter. If it doesn't matter then why are we denied all of these? You sound quite like the misinformation mouthpiece that the AMA. et al require for their survival. There are so many approaches to natural cancer therapy that it is ridiculous. I am a doctor and have studied many of these for the past 35 years and more is coming out every day, particularly with the evolution of energetic medicine combining with concepts of quantum physics. It is not fantasy!

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