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7 Superfoods to Help You Live Longer (w / Infographic)

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As rates for cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes continue to climb, many people seem to be searching for a magic bullet to have optimal health overnight. It is this fantasy that Big Pharma preys upon with its ever-increasing array of pills that continue being pushed as cure-alls.

Optimal health is not an overnight guarantee. Experts in natural health point out the obvious: a solid balanced diet, moderate exercise, and stress reduction form the basis for longevity. Even corporate media is introducing articles that sing the praises of superfoods, although they normally downplay most natural health modalities.

Diet is perhaps the greatest factor in the above-mentioned grouping, as exercise and stress reduction can never overcome a largely fast-food diet, for instance. Yet, a good diet full of the fuel needed to make the body run will naturally increase metabolism and can help reduce stress, making any additional exercise and stress-reduction tactics that much more effective.

A diet rich in "superfoods" is absolutely essential. According to health writers at Natural Society, it is important to use targeted superfoods on a seasonal basis for best results; allergy protection, cold prevention, etc. A discussion of their findings, along with an infographic about the 7 key superfoods that should form the core of everyone's diet follows below.

Superfoods are aptly named. Each of them is high in the areas the body needs most: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, fiber and antioxidants. A balanced diet of these components can promote weight loss, prime the body for muscle gain, add energy stores, and provide mental clarity and acuity.

When consumed properly, these superfoods, such as chocolate (yes, chocolate), berries, green tea, turmeric, pistachios and garlic can even ward off cancer and help to fight it if it takes hold. (Source)

One item in the infographic below is Maca; this falls into the category of one of the ancient superfoods that has proven its worth since the beginning of time. For a full list of these ancient, indispensible superfoods click here. According to health coach, Margie King, this is at the top of the superfood list and has an interesting history:
Thanks to the efforts of a single Peruvian researcher, a neglected and little known ancient plant was saved from certain extinction about 50 years ago.  Today that resurrected root is considered a superfood that improves energy, stamina and libido, and can help menopausal women balance their hormones naturally.
Maca is a root vegetable (belonging to the Brassica family) that has been cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for over 2,600 years.  Growing at about 10,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest altitude crop in the world.
Back from the brink, maca is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as a result of the research of Gloria Chacon de Popovici, Ph.D., a Peruvian biologist, who conducted studies beginning in the 1960s showing that maca increases fertility in rats, dogs, guinea pigs, rams, cows and humans. (Source)
And this is just one of the many superfoods that can put us on the road to healthier living.

A final aggregate benefit to eating properly that is rarely emphasized is that the worse things get economically and politically, the stronger we have to be mentally and physically. The powers-that-never-should-have-been love nothing more than a dull, lethargic population that lacks the energy and will to overcome the obstacles to freedom and human potential.

Now is the time to start adding superfoods to your diet and become a true physical and spiritual force to be reckoned with.

Eat These 7 Superfoods and Live Longer! (Infographic)

Source by JES Restaurant Equipment

Please add your own superfood recommendations in the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent primer on the benefits. I've been using many of this, but didn't know about Maca.

Anonymous said...

Just eat a lot of fresh, local organic foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts and you will be healthy. The extra cost for organics (which are cheap in season) will be more than made up in health and productivity and lower healthcare costs.

MIx your diet in types and colors. The key is a balanced diet (with low or not meat) grown locally without chemicals. Nothing else is needed.

I am 71 and working fulltime: I have been a vegetarian for 45 years, a vegan for 15 years.

And the only way to avoid GMO foods is to eat organic. Grow your own; support your local farmers.

Anonymous said...

As always, good informative article posted here. Never knew about Maca, going to see what it's all about.

Rothschild1111 said...

I consume local raw dairy, raw milk, cheese etc, it's amazing for repairing teeth and reversing decay. A great breakfast is berries and unpasteurized cream. Got your proteins, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals etc.

biosuperman said...

Check out BIOSUPERFOOD at for a superfood that is proven to prevent and reverse cellular damage from radiation exposure!

Anonymous said...

I put a tablespoon of ground golden flax seed on my gluten free oatmeal each morning along with blueberries and honey.

Anonymous said...

Collard greens are by far the most nutritious of all foods leafy green foods. They make Kale look anemic by comparison of all the nutrtients. No other plant source equals them.

abinico said...

Pretty good list, but - misses mentioning the most nutritious of all: ocean veggies (i.e. kelp, irish moss, etc.) Oceans contain all 72 minerals; very few fresh water sources do. Include ocean based foods to get the full mineral spectrum you body needs.

Anonymous said...

All those above mentioned in the list are excellent foods no doubt.

But there's one glaring omission and that is QUINOA,(pronounced keen-wa) a SUPER grain that's only recently been "discovered" by the West. Like Maca, it is native to Peru and revered by natives (Incas) for thousands of years.
Oh yeah... and then there's organic dark CACAO from which chocolate is derived. Has the highest source of antioxidants of all the superfoods.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I put a tablespoon of ground golden flax seed on my gluten free oatmeal each morning along with blueberries and honey.
November 11, 2012 10:32 AM

I do the same with my oats, except I use the 'ground flax seed meal'. I find it's better for my digestion.

Ditto to the other anons with Collard greens & Quinoa. Quinoa's become a staple part of my diet as a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the QUINOA and CACAO earlier.

I'd like to add HIMALAYAN salt (pink salt) and
MANUKA (spelling?) honey to the mix.
I went from table salt (rubbish) to what then was thought of as the healthy alternative to table salt.

It now appears that sea salt is NOT the correct way to go. Unfortunately, I've tried neither pink salt nor manuka honey yet.

The purpose for contributing to this article is that my goal in life is to use proper diet (and exercise of course) as preventive maintenance and act as my own "pharmacy." I hope the readers do the same.

I'm so fed up with conventional Western medicine like my personal house doctor whose sole purpose is to prescribe synthetic toxins to treat the symptoms rather than attack the root cause of the health condition.

If all else fails they forward you to surgeons and if that ultimately fails they pass you to the morgue. I once read that the third (or fourth) leading cause of death in the US is from MD's
Be wise...don't be another statistic.

joey said...

This is a very interesting infographic. I have my own list of 13 Superfoods for a Long and Happy Life that I strictly follow in my daily meals.

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