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Voter Fraud Inevitable from Digital Elections

SARTRE, Contributor
Activist Post

Technology changes, while human nature remains constant. Voter fraud is a repetitive part of the election experience. The lack of integrity in voting procedures, and more importantly the ballot counting process, causes the gravest concerns and casts substantial doubt on the legitimacy of the entire political system. Eight years ago in a different presidential cycle, the article 2004 - a time to go fishing, asks why do people tolerate this tainted and pseudo-election process.
So what should we expect for 2004, a presidential election year? First off, the misnomer that presidents are elected must be dispelled. They are selected. Any reasonable and sensible person must conclude that Thomas Jefferson could never win the nomination of a major party.

Political parties have always hated the Republic. Their purpose is to confuse and distort politics in order that their organizations can manage the process of sham elections. The fraud that there is a real difference between the DemocRATS and RepubliCANTS, should be apparent to even the most obsessed party activist. So why do the masses continue to act as asses? Why do they still vote? The only answer that potentially explains this discontent from sane reality is that voters believe they get something out of supporting a politician.
As the twisted notion that one’s vote actually alters the establishment status quo, persists in the shallow minds of naive benefit spongers, the harsh facts testify to a different outcome.

The essay Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility, laments the actual results.
After every election, the system continues to grind citizens into the ground. The privileged few continue to accrue their vast sums of booty, as the debt soars to heights that only a super computer can calculate.
The introductions of marvelous digital ballot computing devices are a programmer’s arena and a politician’s dream.

The Daily Kos in the article, ELECTION FRAUD: It's the Voting Machines, Not the Voters, points the finger at the digital device.
How can we rely on voting results when the cases of voting machine problems are so hugely widespread?
There are over 200,000,000 million registered voters. It would take a huge amount of voter fraud to tilt an election. However, an entire county's votes can be compromised by voting machine problems, and they have, many times over.
The GOP is yelling about Voter Fraud, when the real problems are the well-documented problems with voting machines? You never hear them yelling about this reality.
The political machines of the duality party monopoly work the 0’s and 1’s to game the system. The idea that a true competition exists pushes the limits of reason. The elites behind the current political selection, keep the appearance of a cutthroat race, when the administrators of the vote counting codes program the agreed upon results into the outcome.

Pat Shannan in the American Free Press cites Black Box Election Fraud Alleged in GOP Primaries and introduces the activism of Bev Harris. Her book, Black Box Voting—Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century is now available at no charge at It details the numerous election computer "breakdowns" that seem to follow almost every questionable situation.

In the Post-Election Audits Necessary for Electronic Voting Systems article, Fahmida Y. Rashid argues improvements in the vote counting system.

The primary way to 'safeguard the integrity' of the vote was to mandate statistically meaningful post-election audits, instead of setting security standards for each voting equipment, researchers from California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology wrote in the latest Voting Technology Project report.

The problem with this approach does not secure protection from intentional tampering to the operating system code. Mr. Rashid cites a flagrant example.
It turned out DREs weren't all that secure. Several researchers examined the copy of the Diebold voting system software and found 'egregious security lapses,' such as incorrect use of encryption, that put it at 'high risk of compromise.' If the voting systems had been tampered with before the election to incorrectly record the votes, there was no easy way for election official to verify the votes had been recorded correctly.
David S. Levine in a column, Can We Trust Voting Machines?, provides evidence of more skepticism.
Do we want the source code that tells the machine how to register, count, and tabulate votes to be a trade secret such that the public cannot verify that an election has been conducted accurately and fairly without resorting to (ironically) paper verification? Can we trust the private vendors when they assure us that the votes will be assigned to the right candidate and won’t be double-counted or simply disappear, and that the machines can’t be hacked? As a September USA Today editorial described, all of the above have either been proven to be potential risks or have actually happened.
The thesis against centralization of counting ballots results argues that the method to fix a national election is far greater with the use of electronic voting machines. The expense of a billion dollar campaign is a mere payoff to the media moguls to gain favor in the contorted psychological wasteland of the media message. Substance and sincere engagement on issues and policy are virtually unknown in the staged combat of diversion and subterfuge.

In order to gain a keen insight into electronic voting abuses watch the videos.
Black Box Voting - with Bev Harris - Voting Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Elections Part 1
Black Box Voting - with Bev Harris - Voting Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Elections Part 2

A key criticism is that any system that consolidates the tallying of votes or presents a surreptitious method of distorting or fixing the results should be discarded. The imperfect paper ballot practice of precinct vote counting had a greater degree of a safeguard then an electronic centralization count.

Nevertheless, the proposition that direct elections can be designed to reflect the reliable will of the electorate is a false objective and a frightful abandonment of the fundamental purpose of America.
The Republic is severely crippled, when direct democracy replaces representation.
The intention to inculcate the vote among (theoretical) equals to affirm the rule of (elite) unequals, is an offense against all humankind. A representative government that excludes political partisan careerists is essential. A populist infusion of citizen responsibility into local civic life is indispensable to a just society. During this latest quadrennial election season, the political foreplay surrounding the coronation of the next tyrant in chief is sickening.


The total ballots recorded for president in the 2008 election was 131,393,990, of which Barack Obama received 69,498,215 votes. The estimated voting age population was 230,872,030. The obvious inference is that any candidate would be a minority president, when selected. The perception that the majority rules America is patently absurd.

A major theme of the "TC" series of essays is that the federal government is illegitimate. During this current electronic pageant "reality show", the promise of righting the ship of state is an elusive fantasy. The valid replacement political system to the profane oligarchy that subjugates our fellow Americans is the model of The TUN - a true representative council. Read this Inherent Autonomy article for the background and full explanation for real representative republic.
For those who favor and prompt a state or national constitutional convention, it is necessary to have a true representative alternative to the nuisance of direct democracy or the fascism and cronyism of two-party tag team elections. Is it possible to apply this method through the current political establishment system? Most unlikely; however, the importance of the exercise and future debate is to have an alternative when the current unconstitutional system collapses.
The most rabid Utopian statists want to abolish the Electoral College. Many of these same collectivist egalitarians favor early balloting, Internet voting and oppose providing proof of registration before casting a vote. The extent of their ignorance rivals the deceit of the phony party divergence.

The campaign circus hardly fosters confidence in political leadership or honesty. In addition to the partisan torture of countless lies and corrupt tactics, the public is subjugated to the insult of doctoring the ballot count. Over a hundred million of our compatriots will sit on their hands and stay home for this next presidential election. The fictitious claim that the people provide consent to the ruling class is offensive.

After the suffrages are processed, it would come as no surprise if the results exceeded those that were actually cast. When will Americans wake up to the surreal exploitation of their natural rights? The Black Box Voting junta is the new Tammany Hall. This level of corruption brings the greatest insult, The United Nations will monitor the election; do you feel 3rd world?
Is this an imposition on U. S. sovereignty? Do we now trust the United Nations with securing our individual liberty? Is our national government supreme, second only to God, or are we now 'earthers'? Have you surrendered being an American?
So much for the Grand National experiment, RIP for a once great nation.

Romney's Corporate Ties Point to Election Fraud on November 6
Original article archived here

SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce.  SARTRE is the publisher of BREAKING ALL THE RULES. Contact


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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but the real fraud has already occurred. The entire election process is a sham. At this point what difference does it make which puppet wins, whether due to vote fraud or not? They might as well just flip a coin, it's all the same shit.

Anonymous said...

Any election official who certifies this vote-rigging software should be physically seized and hanged right outside their office door.

Anybody who votes on these machines should be pinned to the ground and sterilized with a soldering iron.

My credo:

1) Democracy is gang warfare for cowards who take no personal responsibility for the violence they inflict on others through the criminal syndicate they lovingly refer to as "government."
2) Politics is for criminals.
3) Voting is for chimps.

However, I prefer George Carlin's take on voting. To paraphrase:

Go out and vote. Have a great time. I'll just stay home and do what you're doing. The difference is, when I'm finished masturbating, I'm gonna have a little something to show for it.

Anonymous said...

The author lost me with this unexplained demonization of those who think that the Presidential election should be democratic, with all votes being equal:

"The most rabid Utopian statists want to abolish the Electoral College. Many of these same collectivist egalitarians favor early balloting,

Gee, 3 emotionally loaded put downs in a short sentence...and it's not enough to believe, to quote Jefferson, that all men are created equal, it is "collectivist" How so? What is the argument (not presented here) for NOT counting all votes equally? Why is this simple demand, which is the foundation of democracy rabid, Utopian, statist, collectivist.

The concept of all votes have equal weight is statist? All I get from this is an implied demonization of democracy and equality, which are the foundational values of our nation, as presented in the D of I.

So the author lost me...........perhaps he thinks fewer people should vote, or none; or perhaps he thinks that democratic voting is a commie plot.

He doesn't make it clear why he attacks those who ask, as I do, why democracy and equality are not fundamental values. I understand that not everyone likes democracy, especially the fascists who abolished elections. And if God made us all equal, why should our votes not have equal value?

I don't get it, but it turns me off, as the alternative to democratic elections is what?

The great enemy of democracy was initially monarchy (against which America rebelled in the most important anti-colonial war in history, and later fascism.

So what gives? We vote for President, our representatives, our water district, our county supervisors. Those who stay home and masturbate will have no right to complain when the water goes off, for they were too smug to make a tough choice, often between deeply flawed candidates.

But if you don't vote, you have fulfilled the anti-democratic (this year run by Republicans) agenda of suppressing the vote and empowering the minority who do vote.

The argument from cynicism, all parties, all politicians, all viewpoints, are equally evil only allows the most evil to prevail. Choose the candidates who you think will do the least harm and he most good. Those who try to lay their cynicism on your right to vote should be reminded that all other rights, including the right to advocate boycotting elections, depend on the right to vote.

I understand that in 94% of elections, the party with the most money wins (ie the rich). But this is an indictment not of the sacred right to vote, for which so many have died, but of the plutocratic corruption of allowing unlimited secret funding of candidates and issues, with the extra deep corruption that these clearly self-serving partisan bribes can call themselves non-profits, as tho propaganda were education.

Voting is the solution, but before we can enable elected official to represent, us rather than the rich corporate donors (who outspend unions by 15-1) whose money is exchanged for favors, subsidies, and laws which benefit special interests. So to rescue voting, we need both to make all elections democratic (Presidential and Senate) and ban institutional money (90% corporations seeking special favors) in the political process

Wanting fair elections with all votes counted equally is neither statist nor Utopian, neither rabid nor collectivist: it is simply the fulfillment of the core values on which America was founded. Source: Declaration of Independence.

To say that letting the people choose their leaders is tantamount to a totalitarian schme is aburd. I am disappointed in the author, now sounding like an adolescent Ron Paul cultists rather than a thinker worth listening to. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is more than voting; it is a matrix of democratic institutions , without which voting a facade.

Deep (or genuine) democracy requires:

Basic rights which cannot be abridged (even by a majority)

Independent judiciary to settle disputes impartially and protect basic rights (incl he right to vote)

An informed citizenry

An open and free media (90% of US media is now controlled by 5 corporations)

FAir elections, both democratic (each vote is equal) and honest

A culture of tolerance, which can accept differing opinions and respects the right of free speech

The elimination of corrupting forces, such as intimidation or wealth.

A separation of the state and the corporations (their marriage is the Doctrine of FAscism, per Mussolini)

A separation of the state and religion.

Without these preconditions of democracy, elections do become a fare. Yet, we can, thru voting AND citizen activism, create democracy, a task first set out in the Declaration but never fulfilled completely.

Giving money to a politician or offering a job after public service...should result in a prison sentence, as was once the case throughtout the land.

We do not need more name-calling of those with whom we disagree, but more democracy, more equality, less influence of power and privilege, less fascism, ore a government of, for, and by the People (real people, individuals).

The task is to have a democratic revolution and realize our revolutionary values of democracy and equality.

Anonymous said...

Voting machine scam:

Tagg Romney the son of Mitt Romney, has purchased the vast majority of the voting machines in the country, and every single one of them are rigged.

..this morning on the Ed Show, they had John Nichols, and Dick Durban from Illinois, Democrat, and Dick Durban was astounding, his admissions first of all to who he is.

Rama: Right!
Tara: He said, 'I'm a member of the Bohemian Grove.' And first they all agreed that Tagg Romney has, you know the son of Mitt Romney, has purchased the vast majority of the voting machines in the country, and every single one of them are rigged. And Romney said it on Sixty Minutes a couple of weeks ago, and he said it a number of times in between, that he's going to win, with a great deal of confidence. What he's expressing confidence in is that the rigging that he is doing is going to make him win. He's letting people know that he knows something that people don't know.

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