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Top Survival Items At The Supermarket Besides Food

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Previously we have written about the best survival foods found at your local grocery store. But food is not the only thing in supermarkets that can be useful for surviving potential crises. In fact, since large supermarkets have a huge selection besides food, they can provide most survival essentials outside of tools and weapons.

Here are just some of the important survival items to buy in bulk while grocery shopping.  Please add any items we missed into the comment section below.

First Aid Kit: Most grocery stores these days will have pre-made first aid kits which are usually worth buying because they're easy to store and have diverse items.  However, picking up extra bandages, antibiotic creams, band aids, bug spray, aloe, and other items will be helpful.

Medicine: If you have prescriptions, it's best to have at least one month's worth on hand. Over-the-counter items like Ibuprofen or Tylenol, Benadryl and others are also wise to stock up on.

Vitamins: If you're in a deep survival situation, the selection of food will likely be less nutritious than you require. Therefore, to stave off illnesses and infections, having a good supply of multivitamins will come in real handy.

Baking Soda: Baking soda has over 500 practical uses from deodorant, to toothpaste, to soaps and so much more. If baking soda is not already put to use in your household, add it to the rotation and buy in bulk for your survival cache.

Toiletries: As mentioned above, in a pinch, baking soda can be used for most bodily car products. Yet, if you'd prefer your normal brands, then you better stock them as well. In addition to personal care products; toilet paper, cotton balls, feminine products, Q-tips, and hydrogen peroxide are must-have bulk items.

White Vinegar: White vinegar can and should replace every household cleaning product in your home.  It is great for windows, bathrooms, floors, counters, and nearly everything else.  It's cheap and environmentally safe and and offers an easy way to minimize toxic household chemicals.

Bleach: Chlorine bleach also has many uses, not least for purifying water. Bleach will also take care of anything that can't be cleaned with vinegar, like mold or heavily stained surfaces.

Baby Wipes: This item could go under toiletries, but it is so important that it gets its own category. Again, the uses are too many to list, but they can primarily serve as a dry bath if water supplies are limited during a survival situation.

Household Fuel: Lamp oil, lighter fluid, and small propane tanks can all be found in grocery stores.  Each have their own unique purposes in survival situations.  Be sure to have a few extra containers of each in your survival bank.

Candles: Candles are important for obvious reasons. It wouldn't be much of a survival situation if the power was on. Therefore, plan for the worst and stock up on various sizes of candles for lighting and other needs.

Batteries: Batteries of all shapes and sizes are one of the first things to disappear in a disaster situation.  Make sure you have plenty of batteries for flashlights, radios, and other essential items.

Garbage Bags: Plastic garbage bags are incredibly useful for lugging things, keeping items dry or as an emergency parka, making a water purification still, storing food and many other uses.

Duct Tape: This marquis item with a 1000 uses was invented as a result of military requirements during WWII, making it a must-have survival item. You won't regret having extra stored in your preps.

Barter Goods: All of the items above will make terrific barter items should there be a sustained crisis.   However, other items found in the supermarket that are excellent for barter are booze, cigarettes, lighters, spices, safety pins, and crazy glue.

Stay tuned or our must-have survival tools article coming next week.  Don't forget to add to this list in the comments below

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Anonymous said...

These are all really good. There's a few that I would add:

> Shortwave radios with a solar cell or crank powered.

> stockpiles of antibiotics - these are some of the best barter items you can get.

> potassium iodine - you can get these at places like

> travel friendly duffel bag or backpacks in case you ever have to evacuate an area or leave somewhere on foot.

> to add to the above point: hiking boots or gear. Not necessarily "essential" but can make a very big difference IF you ever need to get away from where you are.

> escapist literature or books of interest. Most war survivors will tell you that you rarely need "survival books", although a reference guide to treating ailments is extremely useful. Instead they say that there's a lot of "downtime" and simple books or games can make a big difference in maintaining your sanity.

Anonymous said...

Paper plates, bowls and disposable utensils

Unknown said...

Also add a water purifier. Steri-pen, which is solar and doesn't need filters, is my choice.

Unknown said...

Matches or lighters

edward said...

I get really tired of seeing so-called preppers show off their shelves packed with can goods and even glass jars sitting, side-by-side touching each other, on the very edge of their shelves without a retainer bar for each shelf.

The glass jars will break each other or fall on the floor and break when an earthquake or bomb concussion hits. Many survival scenerios include earthquakes, meteorites, astroids or bombs.

So let's all remember to pad glass jars from each other, install retainer bars and refrain from too tall shelves and build shelves which are stabalized by shock absorbers and or elastic slings.


Anonymous said...

Guns, Ammo and seeds.

Anonymous said...

Okay seriously, I'm all for the guns/ammo "zombie apocalypse" scenario where everyone is a threat and we have to shoot to kill. But why seeds?

I've read posts arguing to stock up on seeds for years now and I can't think of a single reason how it would be productive. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here, but how on earth could you realistically feed your family (or even yourself) on food you grow yourself?

I mean really, unless you owned a pretty sizable property (read: a farm), or you had a legitimate hydroponics setup, which also has spacial constraints, there's no way you could produce enough food to sustain yourself (for at least 6 months) in a suburban home or an apartment. I mean, it's a nice novelty that you could grow food *in addition to* other food you might have, but not solely on it's own.

My solution: fungus! Mushroom spores can grow without sunlight, with little nutrients (rye seed), and you can grow racks upon racks of them in closet space all indoors. They're not loaded with vitamins or anything but they can keep your calorie levels up in almost any condition and you can make a lot of them real quick. Cheap + sustainable = win.

Coldbear said...

Hydrogen Peroxide - Cheap and easy to get now. Use it, not Bleach to kill fungus. Bleach doesn't actually kill mold, but does disinfect water.

Anonymous said...

Pet food,meds and supplies.

Extra walking/hiking shoes,hats against heat and cold, sunblock, extra socks,underwear,bras,sewing supplies,esp scissors, additional reading glasses,tea tree oil...

Lemurianhealer said...

magnesium key chain to start fire...thumb usb to scan all your info....
mercury dimes....into a belt you wear....

Anonymous said...

Pet food? In a REAL survival crisis, chances are pets will BECOME food. Or at least be left to their own devices. And I say this as the mother of "fur children". Mine will eat what ever I have to eat or starve with me.
And on the note of barter, regarding booze & cigarettes; what about cannabis? Seems that would be a highly valuable trade item in some areas.
Basic sanitizing agents, very good idea...bleach, vinegar, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, all good. No one's mentioned potable water storage; buy 10-15 5 gallons water containers, fill 'em, date 'em, re-fill 'em when possible. Get a third world water purification device, I have something like this...

Anonymous said...

Actually, seeds would be useful trade items. Also, check out to see what people do on very small parcels of land. Pretty darn amazing.

Anonymous said...

how about a small rod and basic tackle ,i also purchased a very small solar panel 5" x 12" great for recharging batteries .

Ed said...

barter item: Pocket New testaments and or Bibles . Hymn books . If your one of those sadly left behind , remember to refuse any mark or number on your hand or forehead. Your soul's salvation now will be allot more difficult . If you take the mark in order to buy or sell , then your doomed, and I mean horribly doomed . If you would like to miss all that and be safe now from the dreadful day , then please now , " Repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ. ( Acts 20:21)KJB. If you have questions , remember this web site. God( LOVE) became a man in the person of The LORD Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a perfect life then on the cross willingly died for our sins to make it a possibility for anyone to be saved from hell . Jesus arose from the dead and is coming back soon. He will meet us in the air.Please be ready . Turn to Him and trust in Him and what He did for us to save us . Please do it now . We may be taking off soon. ( I Cor. 15:51;52; I John 4:7.9; John 1:1-14; I Thess. 4:16,17; Revelation 22:20)KJB.

Ed said...

Bibles and hymn books . Don't be left behind . (Act 20:21)KJB. If you are left behind then do not take a mark ,name or number on your hand or forehead . If you do you will be doomed for hell. Trust in Jesus now and you will avoid all of that and be caught up soon to be with The LORD and all those who have repented toward God and placed their faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ. ( Acts 20:21)KJB.

Anonymous said...

Seeds are a good idea as a bartering item, or to later grow your own veggies. Pet food is good for your early warning system (aka, family pet), or as a last resort for your own food.

Anonymous said...

You all keep buyin, I be there by n by to take it from ya. My survival stash M4,1911, SOG knife and tomahawk, ammo and a huge pack to carry it all away.

Anonymous said...

Mr. M4,1911, SOG knife and tomahawk: is your name Satan?

Anonymous said...

Mr. M4, you're an idiot. There are millions of other gun owners here. Be careful which door you knock down in your childish attempt to gain provisions.

This was a good, thought provoking list. Thank you.

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