Friday, October 5, 2012

Thousands Protest for Peace After Turkey Declares War on Syria


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Anonymous said...

It's great to see these mass demonstrations in Turkey. Unfortunately, though, from the video clip it seems the Turkish people don't understand the power structure of the global elite, nor the fact that Obama (or any American POTUS in the last several decades) is a puppet following a larger agenda.

Some alternative news websites have reported an ongoing power struggle in Turkey among those representing the original Turkish population and others who emigrated to Turkey many years ago ideologically favorable to global fascism and Zionism. The Turks are said to refer to the relative newcomers as the Donmeh, apparently stemming from a meaning that conveyed someone in disguise. The bottom line is those of us in the western world seem to know very little about the power structure of Turkey's political and economic system.

Anonymous said...

Erdogan even looks like Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Again. Americans have no clue of history. Who writes the history books? So of course, we sit here dependant on lying politicians telling us what is going on and whose side we should be on.

We need to go back thousands of years really to understand this world. Fat chance of getting that truth today.

It's all in the bible though which is why they attack the bible. The bible is a history book they cannot tamper with people.

Pavlov said...


ThomasT said...

Anonymous said...
Erdogan even looks like Hitler.

So what? Hitler spent several months in Wiltshire UK with Brit intel pre WW2. He was was financed by Brit. bankers through Warburg Bank US. His tank engines were by Ford US. His prewar propaganda movies were made by Fox Movitone News. Fuel to extend the war was by Standard Oil US. He let 300K Brits go home safely after trapping them at Dunkirk.

Guess Erdo. is much the same, just a plant.

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