Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Serious Side Effects of Aspirin: Beyond Itching, Irritation, and Nausea

Elizabeth Renter
Activist Post

About 500,000 pounds of the active chemical ingredient in Aspirin was produced in the United States in 1998 alone, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Since that time, production and use has only grown. Millions use the tiny white pills for pain reduction and heart attack prevention. But, how many know the risks they are taking? How many people know the side effects of aspirin – those that go beyond minor itching or nausea?

Aspirin has been linked to numerous health risks. It seems that there are new studies being released on a monthly basis on the dangers of aspirin. Still the American Heart Association and doctors everywhere recommend it for heart disease prevention and more, all while serious side effects of aspirin permeate the body.

As described by GreenMedInfo.com, the inspiration for aspirin was nature, but like so many other traditional medications, science certainly didn’t improve on the original.

A bitter powder extracted from willow bark was used for everything from fevers to aches and pains as far back as the 5th century BC, when Hippocrates also wrote about it. Native Americans used the same bark for the same reasons. This powder is called salicylic acid and is found in many plants where it works as a hormone. Because of this, people who eat plant-based diets naturally have more of this compound in their blood, and likely reap the many benefits of the natural pain reliever.

But, when turning it into medicine, science may have got some things wrong. Aspirin is a synthetic form of salicylic acid and while it may very well have the nice anti-inflammatory properties of the real thing, it has side effects that the natural form simply doesn’t.
The chemical modification of natural salicylic acid with an acetyl group results in the acetylation of hemoglobin, essentially chemically altering the natural structure-function of our red blood cells and subsequent hemodynamics. In essence, aspirin, a semi-synthetic compound, makes the blood tissue itself semi-synthetic.

Some Serious Side Effects of Aspirin Include:

  • Intestinal bleeding - The most common of these is gastrointestinal disturbance, often causing stomach ulcers and intestinal bleeding.
  • Macular degeneration (age-related blindness) - There has been a discovery that after prolonged use of aspirin the risk for developing age related macular degeneration – or age related blindness – was significantly increased.
  • Flu death
  • Hemorrhaging, Strokes, Brain Bleeds - Numerous studies have been conducted on daily aspirin use for over two decades, with some shocking conclusions. Those on daily aspirin regimens had a twofold increase in hemorrhagic brain strokes, which cripple and kill.
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Hearing Loss - Aspirin has been linked to the development of hearing loss.

Are there safer alternatives? Absolutely. If you take aspirin for pain relief, look at the cause of the pain rather than a quick fix. If it’s muscle aches, try stretching, massage, warm and cold compresses. Also, try including more turmeric and ginger in your diet—both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

If you take aspirin for heart attack prevention—try changing your diet instead. Using aspirin for this reason is a little like putting a bandage on your hand so you can play with razor blades, it doesn’t make much sense. Eat right, get regular exercise, and treat your body well.

These are some alternative solutions so that you don’t need to experience the nasty side effects of aspirin.

Additional Sources:
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This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information.


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Anonymous said...

The Life Extension Foundation (lef.org) recommends a baby aspirin for most people as do life extension gurus Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. I will take their advice.

Annie said...

Most of Pharmakia is poison and must be shunned just like it says in the Bible (New Testament).

Anonymous said...

Regardless of belief or knowledge, ALL are merely tenants of/to their body. One reason why almost all treat their body as rented accomodation. Perhaps without one single exception. The eye-opener then is when one realises that one's body is merely a temporal gift Of Divinity, will there be any change? Realises and not merely knowing, understanding or believing. Perhaps it will be not be surprising to learn that many will not truly change. Why is that so? Because the realisation is not total much like when viewing a small part of A Complete Picture. This is where a little faith rewarded goes a long, long way on The Return Journey of Dust to The Source.

We cannot see our self and neither could we see what is happening to that of self. For this reason, most will only become conscious and then aware when/after there is/had-been some sort of an external input like the drama of being afflicted by/with "cancer" or when, say, "The Economic System" collapses because it was of Greed-Fear and never Of Benevolence. This is where the witnessing aspect [Of Divinity] comes in, one's Witnessing Aspect being located at The Cervical.

Once a human deserts Depth for Width, which usually happens at the age of 12 when he [masculinity for brevity and not some "archaic Islamic" bias] is dentified with his name and/or deed, oka The Thoughts of The Past and The Future, and becomes self-determinant, he could no longer be taught, he has to learn. Thereafter, to be taught usually meant being made addicted to the same lesson repetitively, usually through Anger-Guilt. Then, in order to learn, we need to witness. For us humans, witnessing is usually possibleafter we had witnessed a drama a or a dramatic event and even then, after the event, we will revert to one's norm.

Anonymous said...

This is where knowledge/information fails because without being able to witness [one's] self, we cannot truly learn. As such, how will we really learn? Reality is self/empowerment/the-kinetic/femininity whereas others' reality is merely one's relativity/knowledge/potential/masculinity. Within Reality/Divinity, Truth precedes Love whereas within Relativity/Humanity, Empowerment precedes Knowledge. For example, should we need to see, we do not need to read a manual, we merely need to open our eyes and see. This is, of course, apart from those who merely open their eyes to be memerised. But guess what we humans do? We assume Knowledge precedes Empowerment and this is why knowledge will merely be some passing fad for almost all.

For those trying to own as opposed to becoming-being, the above is not some Psy Zist und Zat nonsense, the "mental" department of that Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler, whose quest is Repeat Prescription. It is the reality, all realities from the human [recepients'] point of view being Simplicities which Elude. This is because knowledge is not the point if only because the knowledge of, say, the Infinity of Space or even Gravity has yet to be answered [and they'll never be answered without first referencing The Spiritual]. The point about the absoluteness of reality, Reality, is that those who are privy to a little of The Evolutionary Spiritual lack the means of relating it to another. It is like trying to relate the concept, let alone the principles, of colours to those born blind. It is impossible without the blind first having sight.

For us humans, the first step towards having absolute sight is via our witnessing aspect, to witness [which is not indifference but "non-Attachment" in scriptural parlance] means not acting-reacting in the manner of a saviour-worshipper, Religion & Religiosity being another Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement if only because His agenda is of The Devolutionary Spiritual. The way to devolve a human is to let him imagine that knowledge is the-kinetic when it is merely the potential, a religion being the knowledge which lacks empowerment/attainment. When you know something is wicked and is affecting you but you are unable to neutralise it other than believing/imagining that you had, is how one will be devolved, Devolution being something beyond animalism or vegetation. A fully thinking animal or vegetable. Conspiracists, oka the overly informed, and the wilfully ignorant beware.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful that it is available over the counter...the reality is aspirin is a very effective drug and big pharma would like nothing better than to control it, that's why this article is somewhat questionable...

ss said...

Considering effectiveness, side-effects and cost, aspirin probably the most beneficial drug known. It's main problems are that people tend to take too much of it and sick kids shouldn't take it at all.

Anonymous said...

everything in moderation...

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