Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Millions are Tricked into Ingesting Harmful Statins

Elizabeth Renter
Activist Post

Are statins safe? When unknowing patients go to their doctor and are found to have high cholesterol or heart disease risk factors, they are usually given a pill rather than given instructions on how to reverse the conditions naturally. And that pill they are given is usually a statin. But, research is showing that these drugs do more harm than good—despite doctors doling them out in increasing and alarming numbers.

Are Statins Safe?

According to the Harvard Health blog, more than half of American men between the ages of 65 and 74 and 39% of women over the age of 74 are on statin drugs. That’s huge, and accounts for millions of older adults. What’s so frightening about this isn’t that these people might have high cholesterol and be at risk for heart disease (the cholesterol myth has been debunked, by the way), but that the statins they are taking could actually be making things worse.

A study recently published in Atherosclerosis found that statins actually increase the risk of calcified arteries. This doesn’t just mean a little plaque—it means the plaque has gotten so bad, it is in the latter stages of hardening of the arteries.

As reports:
Coronary artery disease is one of the primary risk factors for heart attack and cardiac mortality, and calcification marks the end-stage of atherosclerosis, the gradual plaque-driven narrowing of the arteries, as the lumen (opening of the artery) can no longer compensate for the obstructive build-up of plaque by expanding, once the calcification process has taken place.

The research showed that statins were associated with an increased prevalence of calcification by a whopping 52%.

What’s more, statin drugs have actually been linked to over 300 different adverse effects in peer-reviewed research, while pulling in around 25 billion dollars in annual sales. The dangers of these drugs are nothing new. Some of the issues triggered by statin use include cancer, liver disease, memory loss, diabetes, and most recently, arterial calcification.

“But don’t some people need statins?” Everyone will make their own decision for personal medical care. But, don’t you think taking a drug made to fight heart disease that actually increases the risk of one of the biggest causes of heart attacks might be a little backwards, slightly counter-productive?

So, are statins safe? What if you could reduce your cholesterol and heart disease risk factors without taking drugs and without the scary risks and uncomfortable side effects? Well, you can. It’s called proper diet and fitness. We’ve grown so accustomed to making bad health choices and them fixing them with a pill that many people don’t realize the wondrous, self-maintaining, and naturally healthy thing that their body is. But, it all starts with proper nutrition. So, rather than seeking out a magic pill, start looking into the myths associated with cholesterol and natural ways to keep it in check.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, but those that control our society have a stated desire to reduce the global population by 90-95%, and their time frame for this accomplishment precludes reduction through sterilization (which they are also hard at work at) so causing death by promoting deadly diseases is the major tactic. Heart attacks are on the rise... why? Cancer, even after mega-billions of research, has increased exponentially. Diabetes is out of control. Look to the deadly vaccine ingredients, the statins, the GMO food, all intentionally calculated to weaken and cause early death. Thanks to the sick Eugenicists like Bill Gates, and the psychopathic "think tanks".

If they are so keen on population reduction at any cost, I suggest they show the courage of their convictions and eliminate themselves first.

Anonymous said...

A little over a year ago, I was being abused in a job and a company that was supposed to support me for the commission split i gave them chose to undermine me on behalf of another former employer (travel agencies are doing what all businesses are doing: concentrating power in a few hands) and the moment the "game" was revealed to me, I suffered major chest pains and went to the doctor. She looked at my cholesterol and told me I needed to go on statins. My regular doctor was out of town so saw this awful jewish c88t. When I said, "If I start statins now, I will be on them the rest of my life." She said, "you are not someone who can correct this naturally." Not that IT could not be treated naturally, but she made a judgment call abot me. I walked out of the office, started eating organic, got exercise, stopped drinking alcohol and soft drinks, significantly cut the sugar and salt in my diet and lost weight and feel just fine. My numbers are near normal now.

This is a lesson: Doctors are people, and just like gay people, it can affect anyone. ANY damn person can be a doctor these days (if they are jewish and connected, especially.)

This doctor refused to argue with me, just exasperated, threw up her hands and walked away from me. I have since walked away from that practice.

It part of the UCLA Medical Group in Brentwood, CA. My original doctor was great, but I give doctors exactly ONE chance.

You should all do the same.

Anonymous said...

How about defining "statin" instead of assuming that it has something to do with cholesterol. Does this also include high blood pressure medications as well ?

Anonymous said...

LDL cholesterol (Orwellian speaking the "bad cholesterol") is the most effective failsafe that we have to wall off infection and inflammation. Early studies on cholesterol (which a friend of mine did) via the Framingham study indicated that a slow, insidious rise in cholesterol was the number one correlary with longevity. When I was in med school the normal values for cholesterol was 350 or less. Then a drug was designed for lowering cholesterol and normal levels were nearly dropped in half. It is simply a scam that fits neatly into crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

I fell for the statin thing too for a time.

They insist that of the two numbers they use to measure your colesterol, if one of these is over 100, (I forget which is which but follow me)you must get it back to that 100 by using their drug.

Same with the high blood pressure meds. You are on them for life and the side effects are awful.

Having that number 100 is the big lie. That number should really be 150. By telling you it needs to be 100, you believe you have high colesterol which you do not.

100 is too low and bad for your health. You need colesterol. Anything under 150 is in reality dangerous.

What a scam. I just read in the Apocrapha (bible)that they dressed wounds with wine and vinegar. Now I'm not recommending this for lowering colesterol but it makes me think, why do we need these medications.

These drugs are called synthetic. I stopped to think about that. They are made with chemicals and hormones and designed to mimic nature.

They are really potions. These white coats used to be the shamans and witch doctors of old. Look at the symbol of the AMA. A stick with a snake twisted around it.

I used to think they went out and got the herbs or whatever and put them into a pill. But no, they make this other synthetic thing.

Leslie said...

There's three things anyone can do to improve their health:

1) Eat real, unprocessed, fresh food as 90% or greater of your diet;
2) Do something physical for an hour every day--walk, run, garden--whatever;
3) Stay away from doctors unless you need a broken bone set or you're dying (that's what they're helpful with).

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with some of the comments posted here. I myself had Very high sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It was so bad that my doctor was going to start me on insulin. I drastically cut soft drinks, all sugar and started eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables cutting red meat all together and getting up from my lazy behind and starting walking.. now jogging.. for an hour a day. When I went back to my doctor three months later he could not believe my blood tests. Everything was normal and he had me do the tests again to make sure it was not a mistake. Please people, our body is so awesome. It can cure itself if you only take care of it. What you put in is what you get in health results. You give your car a tune up, oil change and maintenance...why not your body?

Anonymous said...

If you're going to bash statins, don't give a link to a Harvard Blog stating how good they are doing. Let us see a link to where you claim it is bad for you..."Atherosclerosis".....and I'm supposed to believe your fear-mogering?

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