Thursday, October 4, 2012

GMO Study Broadcast: Russian GMO Rat Experiment to be Broadcast 24/7

GMO rat experiment. ( from RT)
Lisa Garber
Activist Post

Russian researchers will stream a live experiment to show the effects of GMO feed on rats. This comes after a French study found GMOs to have negative effects on rats, which lead to a provisional Russian suspension on imported Monsanto genetically modified corn.

Russian Scientists Condemn GMOs, Plan a Unique Experiment

French scientists at the University of Caen sounded the alarm on September 19 after publishing images from their study of tumors on rats fed American GM maize. The National Association for Genetic Safety (NAGS) researchers in Russia have publicly condemned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and have declared plans to conduct an experiment which members of the public can see, allowing the latter to formulate well-informed opinions about GMOs themselves.

These researchers will install web cameras in the cages of four groups of rats.

  • Group 1 will be fed a diet high in GM soybeans and corn.
  • Group 2 will be fed a diet low in GM soybeans and corn.
  • Group 3 will be fed a diet with no GMOs.
  • Group 4 will be fed a diet with standard rat feed.

To ensure integrity in the experiment, individuals assigned to tend to the rats will not know what food they are feeding them.
This is a unique experiment, says project Elena Sharoykina, who is spearheading the project. There hasn’t been anything like it before—open, public research by opponents and supporters of GMO.

Project to Cost $1 Million

If the rats survive (those in the French study became infertile, just as many before them), the experiment will go on for five generations. The public will have to wait until March 2013, however, to see the effects of GMOs while the scientists work out the finer details, such as funding. The research is projected to cost $1 million, which the scientists hope to find in commercial sponsors, government grants, and even public funding.

Sharoykina thinks it’s money well spent. “We will have a chance to understand in what direction we should move,” she says. “If this research proves negative influence, and supporters of GMOs accept it, the next step should be a moratorium on products with GMOs in Russia.”

Obstacles to Natural Food and GMO Labeling

With Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in bed with Monsanto and Dow—as evidenced in a number of political and economic maneuvers, not least of all the removal of 1 million signatures for a GMO labeling campaign—it’s uncertain how easily the United States will end genetic modification practices. Researchers across the world have already provided ample evidence of GMO’s harmful effects, including weight gain, organ disruption, infertility, tumor development, and the development of resistant weeds and pests. The push for change to natural, organic food and GMO labeling must come from the public.

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Anonymous said...

bravo rusia

Ernest M. Trionfo said...

Waste of money.

Poor experimental design suggests these Russians are trying to skew the results.

Soybeans which are not are not GM have been shown to cause infertility in mice.

Soy again linked to male infertility: Mouse

The DARK Side Of Soy - America's Favorite 'Health' Food By Kaayla T. Daniel

Ernest M. Trionfo said...

The experimenters are compounding variables. If the point of the study is to smear GM food then they have designed a good flimflam. Under their protocol the soy will cause infertility and health problems in the mice which can then be blamed on the genetic modification.

But if the point is to really find out whether genetic modification per se can cause health problems then a

A GM soybean fed group should be compared with a non-GM soybean fed group with both the GM soybeans and the non-GM soybeans grown in the same soil receiving the same insecticides, herbicides, and plant nutrients.


A GM corn fed group should be compared with a non-GM corn fed group with both the GM corn and the non-GM corn grown in the same soil, receiving the same insecticides, herbicides, and plant nutrients.


Just the sound of eating GMO Roundup and glyphosate, a proven toxin should make any body run. Common sense tells me to stay away. Knowing their depopulation agenda, it only makes sense that these frankenfoods will reek havoc on the planet and mankind.

Anonymous said...

Ernest shills like you are so obvious, after you pass from this life your deceptions for the sake of greed will exact their price, too bad for you!

9ke9 said...

Ernest M. Trionfo

wow what truly stupid comment :

there are 4 groups , if there are differences then the experiment is valid , wow , did you take your Meds today?

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