Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Financial 9/11: Following the Money Trail Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole


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Anonymous said...

At 15:40 "time to what?". It's over folks. Nothing can or will be done concerning further investigation of 9/11. They won. I know this because 12 yrs. after the crime, all that we know, have seen, have heard, can prove, and all else related to this demonic atrocity we have accumilated, still nothing has been done. They ALL are on the same side- across from us- the average person. So, what to do? Hum... Oh, I got it. Why not arm ourselves like they have and at least shoot back when they come for us and they are coming.

mtwilson said...

I'm seeing this a lot lately. The "the whole this is hopeless, so let's attack" meme. Makes me suspect there are trolls out and about trying to provoke a futile spate of violence that will only result in a more forceful crackdown on We The People. Shooting back and suggesting violence is what will justify a more rapid deployment of the police state that is overwhelming the US now. Better in my view to call out the crooks and not let up. Refuse to participate in their rigged game and wake up as many as possible. If a majority wakes up, there will be no one left to shoot.

athbhreithathbheochan said...

the successful way to take out the political elite is through siege ... that would be boycott in today's terms ... once an imbalance occurs between the principalities they will start eating each other ... we can sit back and watch the show which has already begun ... suggest you get to know your neighbors

Anonymous said...

You are right. 40 years I have been trying to wake up friends and people. As Gerald Celente puts it so well. "Oh well, whats for dinner" "Americans have become snookie stupid". You can talk to some one from another country and the majority of them do not trust the press, bankers or govt. Not Americans, if there party gets in they go to sleep.

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