Wednesday, October 3, 2012

America Has Already Collapsed

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

Many of us in the liberty movement find ourselves searching for a distinct root cause of the trials and tribulations of American culture — the Holy Grail catalyst that, if unraveled, would save this country and heal the septic wounds covering the landscape of our hobbled society. The obvious answer would be to remove the global elites who are poisoning the well from the picture entirely. Yes, this has to be done eventually. However, we must also identify how those elites have been able to so thoroughly con the masses of this nation for so long.

What inherent weakness has made us susceptible to manipulation? For this question, there are NO easy answers. But, if I had to choose a single frailty of our collective psyche as paramount to our downfall, I would say that Americans most of all are confounded by their own patriotism. We often embrace the ideal without knowing what it really means.

There are in fact two kinds of patriotism: the concrete, and the imagined. Many Americans fall haphazardly into the fantasy of being patriotic. They define patriotism upon the exploits of the mainstream and of the government in control at the time. They become cheerleaders for the establishment instead of stalwart champions of their country’s founding principles. In fact, true patriotism is NOT about blindly defending one’s nation or leadership regardless of its trespasses; true patriotism is about defending the philosophy that made one’s nation possible and prosperous in the first place — even if that means standing against the power structure in place today.

I often hear the uneducated and unaware claim that America and its principles have been a bane to the rest of the world. They say America is at the center of the vampire squid, flailing its vicious tentacles against innocent foreign civilizations. This is an oversimplification at best. The crimes that these well-meaning but naïve activists scorn cannot be attributed to “America” because the American ideal has been completely abandoned by those in the seat of power in our modern era. We do not live in “America” — at least, not the America that the Founding Fathers and authors of the Constitution created. Therefore, the original philosophy that gave birth to America is not the issue, the abuse and neglect of that philosophy is.

America has been ransacked and deformed into a hideous lampoon of its former self. This has been done for the most part through the destruction of the guiding principles we pretend we still hold onto as a culture, but in reality have cast aside. If we are ever to undo the damage that has already been done, we have to rediscover what the original design of America was. Wailing and growling about the inadequacies of the present does nothing unless we also establish where it is that we have fallen from grace. What is America supposed to be? What did the Founders truly intend?

America Is Supposed To Be Controlled By The People

The concept of a Republic revolves around a reversal of the traditional narrative of power. Throughout most of history, government stood at the top of the pyramid, where the hands of a few dominated the destinies of the citizenry. The future was a matter for the elites, not the peasants, to be concerned with. The American Republic, as designed by the revolutionary colonists who defeated the old oligarchy (at least for a time), flipped the role of government to servant rather than master. The goal was to make government tangible and accountable rather than abstract and untouchable. The America of today has no such accountability anymore.

We have a two-party system that pursues the mechanizations of globalism in tandem, not in contest. When both parties have the same desires and goals, when both parties collude to remove civil liberties rather than protect them, and when both parties are funded by the same corporate backers, there is no such thing as change through the process of elections. Anyone who claims that government corruption can be punished through the ballot box hasn’t the slightest clue how our system really functions. They think we are still living in the original “America,” one that values the voice of the people.

When the government decides to push through banker bailouts, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc., all while ignoring opposition by a vast majority of citizens, it is clear that the paradigm has shifted and the American value of representation by and for the people is lost.

America Is Supposed To Prosper Through Free Markets

One of the first acts of the American Revolution in the fight against British tyranny was to decouple from British economic dominance. They stopped relying on goods produced in England and peddled by the European merchant class and began making their own. From homespun clothing to homemade rifles, Americans created a legitimate free-market environment. Free markets are systems controlled by the people, thriving on the natural functions of supply and demand. They are not administered by bureaucracies or corporate hierarchies that manipulate the economy to fit preconceived political and social ends.

Free markets are decentralized markets. Corporations, which obstruct decentralization, were never meant to exist according to Adam Smith, the architect of traditional free markets. Today’s framework operates on centralization and the removal of options and choices, which is facilitated by the imbalance and lack of accountability in the corporate legal structure.

I have to laugh every time I hear someone attack “capitalism” and free markets as the source of all our ills. America has not had the pleasure of free markets for at least 100 years (since the construction of the private Federal Reserve, a collusion between banking and government interests). No one alive today has ever seen an actual American “free market” beyond community barter, so to blame free markets for our modern failings is rather thoughtless. To summarize, the U.S. economy is nothing like what the founders envisioned and fought for.

America Is Supposed To Have A Reserved Foreign Policy

The Founding Fathers specifically sought to keep America out of foreign entanglements and haphazard alliances. They knew from experience that the elites and monarchies of Europe often used wars as a means of consolidating power and keeping populations in relative fear. They were well aware of the methodologies of Niccolo Machiavelli and knew that forced alliances were a trap used to ensnare nations into unnecessary conflict and financial dependency while keeping the masses subservient through false patriotism.

Today, our government has utterly violated the original principles of reserved foreign policy, especially in the past century. The excuse always used is that “we are under attack,” yet we usually discover later that these “attacks” were actually fabricated by our own leaders. From the sinking of the USS Maine, to the sinking of the Lusitania, to the Gulf of Tonkin and beyond, for the past 100 years, Americans have been presented with false flag threats used as leverage to convince us to become entangled in foreign engagements. This strategy has become so common that elitists now openly admit their intentions to commit future false flags in order to draw us into yet another war, this time with Iran.

The current policy of “exporting democracy” has not only been a complete failure (just look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), it is also a total affront to the foundation of the American dynamic. Patriotism in the name of interventionism is foolhardy and decidedly un-American.

America Is Supposed To Respect Individual Rights

The Founders witnessed the extreme abuses of government firsthand: invasion of privacy, invasion of property, wrongful arrest and imprisonment, loss of representation, overt and malicious taxation, thuggish law enforcement, and the targeting of those who dared to dissent in their speech. The excuse used by the British for their tyrannical behavior was, essentially, national security. In the end, though, the elites’ actions had nothing to do with security for the populous and everything to do with what they saw as opposition to their hegemony. Our government has become a mirror image of the elitist power-mongers of Britain in the days of the revolution. Absolutely everything the colonists fought against has been re-established by the globalists in our political structure today, once again, all in the name of national security.

We have seen the enslavement of our money supply and general economy by the Federal Reserve; invasive and violent taxation through the Internal Revenue Service; loss of privacy through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and the Patriot acts; loss of property rights through multiple agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the Environmental Protection Agency, the IRS, the Food and Drug Administration, etc. (who claim their tightening fist is for our own safety, yet they constantly overlook corporate misdeeds that put the public in true danger while pummeling average citizens for minor or non-existent offenses); the militarization of law enforcement through the Department of Homeland Security and Federally dominated fusion centers; potential loss of Habeas Corpus through the NDAA; and even wrongful arrest against those who merely speak openly of their discontent (look into the case of Marine veteran Brandon Raub for a taste of what lay ahead).

What Have We Become?

Those who rally behind the modern concept of America rally behind a façade — an empty shell devoid of the heart and soul that gave life to this once great experiment. I do not support what America is. I support what America was and what it could be again if the truth is adequately smashed into the faces of the currently oblivious public. If this country is content to suckle from the putrid teat of globalism and forsake the moral force of conscience that gave it life, then it has become another place — an alien land.

I have heard the argument that America is meant to be a kind of chameleon built to change its stripes and adapt to the demands of the era. I have heard it argued that the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers are outdated and inadequate for our new age of technological wizardry and terrorist ideologies. This is pure intellectual idiocy. The principles of freedom never expire. Individual liberty is inherent and eternal. It is the driving force of every great accomplishment in the history of mankind. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights embody the spirit of that eternal battle of individual liberty. There is no adaptation. There is only freedom or tyranny.

It is time for us to decide what kind of Americans we wish to be: the deluded rah-rah puppets of a desiccated totalitarian society, or the watchmen on the wall. Will we be the keepers and protectors of the vital core of the American identity, or will we be fly-by-night consumers of the flavor-of-the-day political carnival, eating every tainted sample from the elitist platter in an insane attempt to replace our free heritage with a sleek, sexy, rehashed form of top-down feudalism?

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marilyn said...

Excellent commentary..i am in full agreement.

Anonymous said...

They want wake up until it's to late, then they blame every one but themselves, so if they look in a mirror they will see the problem, freedom once loss to get a hand out has never worked!

Anonymous said...

Because most Americans are fucking idiots. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I believe we became so multi-cultural with not wanting to offend the hyphenated citizens.

Remember when we were only Americans?

Christine Hoeflich said...

The founding fathers came from a deep, real understanding of the sovereignty of the individual and the soul. Americans have become so shallow and have accepted the MSM's shallow views and commentaries. I believe that connecting with one's soul in a deep way and aligning with the wisdom and depth within will help activate and wake the people up. This is more than just spiritual mumbo jumbo, this is real and powerful and what "2012" is about: Connecting with the power within and shifting our consciousness for real change, for a world that works for everyone, not just the few. That's really what I blog about.

KenBrodeur said...

I agree Brandon, in fact the International Financial Cabal has regained the country in what I call the coup d'etat of 1913. The American Revolution is still at hand and the US Citizen is awakening. The only question I have is it too late to save the US as our founding fathers wished it to be?

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a patriot. Not because I was drafted and went to Vietnam. I didn't know what patriotism was. What it wasn't, was destroying a people that did nothing to me(or my country). What a patriot really is, is someone that will defend his country from its government.

Anonymous said...

Divided and conquered.

Anonymous said...

Nothing lasts forever in the physical world.

Anonymous said...

There are two realms. The physical and the spiritual which we cannot see.

Over centuries, Satan and his minions have convinced us that they do not exist. You get laughed out of town if you think so. The elites know so but dont' want you to know. They act on that truth but tell you a fairytale.

He does exist. He has made a mockery of the Old Testament. It is no longer cool. Satan deceiveth the whole world

It's a freaking history book people. 100% of it's prophecies have come true. Of course, mere men like us cannot do anything. It's a spiritual battle which was predicted and here we are.

None of us can do a damn thing about this. The idea now is get right with the Most High because the bible says the majority of mankind is not going to survive this.

Let's at least learn the truth and make it to the kingdom which by the way, is not up yonder but here on the new earth. These elites know they will serve the new rulers. It's not about money and oil but dominion.

What is behind all this is that the bible predicts the black man has dominion next. Holy Moly. Christ is coming to save them, not us. (We do have a chance though). These guys are freaking out but it will do them no good because God is going to let this clash of the titans play itself out. They will knock each other off.

All that will be left is the poor and the poor after this war will inherit the earth.

The last shall be first. Hello

God Bless you all and hope you are ones that can see in the end. Don't wait too long. It's close

Virian GV said...

So....when can we meet and start this revolution?

Anonymous said...

Don't blame "The People". Been going on since the beginning of time this time around. Same old "peoples" telling the same old lies. Kings, Queens, and High Preists.
The real "unwashed masses" ARE the elites.
The real "useless eaters" ARE the elites
The real "Heathens" ARE the elites.
The real "Goym" ARE the elites.
They're scared to death of US.
Keep up the great articles. When enough people wake up the 100th Monkey thing will kick in and then "they" are out of business.
They accuse us of their own guilt.

Anonymous said...

A good and accurate read.

Anonymous said...

We are controlled by the zionist banksters that create our money out of thin air and charge us usury on it.

Steven G. Berry said...

The patriots of the Revolution did not fight for the Constitution -- it did not exist! They fought for the Declaration of Independence -- that is the true founding document of the American ideal.

The Constitution is a mosh strewn together by the landed gentry and nearly did not include the first ten Amendments. It was America version 1.0

Rather than thinking the Constitution immutable, we should be finding ways to improve it based its inspiration. The Declaration is the true source document for the American ideal.

So, I guess I agree. America died September 17th, 1787. Time for a real founding document. Let us write something that cannot be misinterpreted to impoverish and enslave us.

Anonymous said...

America is no different than any other country in that they all have been infiltrated and taken over by the Roman Catholic Church. Go back and study the history and you will the same patern world wide.

Anonymous said...

WOW finally someone has the balls to lay it out as it is. Bravo!!
It is truly game set match for America CNN and Fox just haven't broadcast it to the herd yet.
There is no and will be no uprising. Americans are to dependent on the tyranny to be rid of it.
People just gotta have that Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, Food stamps , Government housing,Insurance, Bank accounts, Credit cards, lawyers, Priests, etc.. never understanding these are the very tools which keep you enslaved. And Freedom Ha! man that is the last thing an American wants because Freedom requires responsibility and there is not one American willing to be responsible in any way shape or form... been completely educated right out of them.
Americans are entitled and governments job is to provide the entitlements this is what we are taught from birth and until this view changes it's business as usual and you lose... but hey where else on earth can you find the amazing entertainment choices you find in Amerika to distract you from that big %$&@ up your backside.
Sadly here's the thing. Things are always the way we want them to be... if not they would be different.

Michael Patrick McCarty said...

Nicely done, and so much important information. I think I will print this up and tack it over the computer to remind me what I am working and writing for. It's not too late - and way past time to return to the course of action you describe.

Food Freedom!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Democratic Republic is no more. We have a Theocratic/Oligarchy now and it stinks! Hope I live long enough to see America take back all that the "New Right" states have taken away! Just hope, if we rebel, that the Vets who fought in other countries for Democracy, will fight for it here - With US.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....It was NOT taken over by the Catholics. Paul Weyrich recruited/groomed from the White Evangelical church. The "New Right of Paul Weyrich" doesn't like Jewish, Blacks, minorities, or Catholics.

Marion Hubbard said...

The problem is education which does not cultivate
natural intelligence and critical thinking skills. The result is people have brains which can easily be manipulated. So change the philosophical basis of the education offered to children.(see Holistic Education)

Anonymous said...

What good things did Plato have to say about Democracies?

Anonymous said...

For those minds, don't you think when we see thing that is only our reference to pursue? we have to remember when you see thing, please pay attention to your self that your mind, controlled by you not by your eyes or ears or even your nose, how will you foresee on what probable outcome (your are independent and you can do the same in your mind,those negativity it may used you don't let yourself dragged you their, and if you seek for a life you wanted or let say paradise then you have to think they are already existed of course it is already existed but you didn't pay to much attention and time to spend or appreciate things and spread to everyone if not we can do better things in our lives. and we should always remember once innocence mind vanished it will lead to worries or chaos and if this thing will happen, only one thing i am sure- either one of us will sit in the corner and say why did i end to this? will i can think before than this, i can think better before, there are better things than this and maybe i am not sitting alone here!

all we have to do is to set our mind and heart just to see and foresee these things already exist which we called gift by that gift you will realized the paradise already existed, i am not talking about fairy tales we are just seeing action movies, thriller,and i am good in sci fi of course or any bang! bang! don't get destructed or it may used you. Be Positive always! and let everyone feel no worries, no hate to anybody and even evil will no longer resides on us, and since before we had already this freedom there are no need of proof, but you are already the proof just only you need to choose.

if they are doing no good to anyone, let them know there are something better than that. we all can be together (No People no Government and the Government are the people that is the simple fact!).

speaking of religion we are the religion which take extra precaution in every actions and give hope to everyone, there is nothing to prove because you already doing it. By showing good deeds we can be anyone by Embrace the truth :)

Anonymous said...

The answer is in 2 Peter 2 - specifically verse 19

Jeanine Nahkala said...

There is an organized group which supports many of the issues mentioned here. Please do consider working together to make a positive change in our World. -

Anonymous said...

You can start in two very simple ways. Avoid the mainstream media in all forms and never aquire debt unless it is absolutely necessary. If the lifestyle you've become accustomed to isn't altered willingly than you will be a victim of it rather than a beneficiary.

Anonymous said...

I hear many people saying "living in America is like living in a third world country."

Anonymous said...

what made this country possible was genocide and slavery, refugees too
founding fatheres were already cynics, they realized colonialism would continue, they just wanted more of their cut, as white male landowners
every effort at freedom, which was not economically feasible for the elite, or a stop-gap against worse (for them) outcomes, has been squashed, our president assassinated

Anonymous said...

Only for conquers in political affairs, not accademic discusions. Wht good does it do if bablers have the right to babble. The political has nothing in common with the moral. A ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skillfull politician, therefore unstable upon his thrown, he must have reource both to cunning and make believe. The principle factor involved in the politcal is the secrecy of it's undertakings, the word shall not agree with the diplomat. Right is might! In the beginnings of the structure of society they subjected to bruatal and blind force, afterwards to law is which is the same force only disguised. I draw the conclusion by the law of nature right lies in force. A new right emerges that of the strong. The strong survive the weak parish. Freedom is not free. Freedom is the right to do that which the allows. If you wan't to change the system you have to form a grass roots movement. You do not have to cooperate with the enemy. It may come down to acts of civil disobedience to achieve your goals. Personal anitiative, especially if it has genius behind it can do more harm to the Elite Globalist Banking CABAL of the NWO that are members of the Illuminati and their political cohorts than the millions of people that they have sown discord among.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is already technically bankrupt. They are only floating on a sea of credit.

Anonymous said...

The founding fathers envisaged 13 sovereign states willingly uniting for commerce and defense.

Not the current behemoth, so huge that individuals have no voice and the states are subservient to the power of corporate DC.

Anonymous said...

Americans turned their back on G-d and now G-d has turned his back on us. Now we as a nation must suffer his wrath.


You guys should be posting some of these on these pro Romney blogs where people are really asleep. I take a beating there but they have got to wake up. Expose and dispose!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if people requires leadership,

but i prefer many options
-if you require leadership then choose a leader who wont let you be look like a needy person but will make you choose to see your best way out. Ask yourself and your leader on how you value things in so many different negative cases? and that's the time you can vote! and of course leader never make excuses.. rather solving problem to keep both parties can be hear-out, No one Side Mirror and most of all never put his people in needy.

-if you don't need leadership or no President to pick then don't vote so no more regrets and no expectations, but make it sure you will be a good man and will carry the constitution by you not the book.

I am not just saying this things because of this this faith, but we all believe even a Single cell can give causes & effects because simply we are in one place and a single cell requires other cells to witness they are living on one purpose and that is to live.

If we will seek for Enemy then you will see Enemy, if we will seek for family then you see family.
If we could ask a Favor, never do it when it is already repeated especially turning against each other or WAR!

Anonymous said...

Republic of the United States of America 1789 -1860 . With the Act of 1871 , the states were incorporated by the City of London Corporation , seated in the city of London U.K.
It then became a Republic for the rich .; olygarcy if you will , with a two party system that uses a pupet dictator ( remember that a true president of a prolitariatRepublic does not dictate >> as in giving "executive orders" to impliment the polcies linked towards an agenda as had done Abraham Linkoln !

Sher said...

This was a very good article but please people stop putting Social Security and Medicare down. We paid for this with many hard years of work and we pay monthly for our medicare. It is not a give away. What do you want? Do you want us to go back to the poor house. It really did exist and it was a terrible place to be. It can happen very easily to everyone of us. In a moment you can be penniless. That is why they created Social Security, so no one would ever be totally penniless. You all will be old someday if you live long enough. Think about it won't you?

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