Friday, September 14, 2012

This is Your Murderous War Policy on Blow(back): Any Questions?

Activist Post

For those still confused about what the term "blowback" means in regards to America's despicable foreign policy of preemptive war, violent regime change, and sponsorship of terrorist groups to do their dirty work, perhaps the two images below can clarify what many peace activists have been warning about for some time.

NATO cheered Gaddafi being murdered and dragged through the streets
by terrorist rebels sponsored by the West.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, murdered and dragged through the streets
by the very same terrorist rebels sponsored by the West
What you do to others is exactly what you're doing to yourself. Will the imperialists ever learn this eternal truth?


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Anonymous said...

Funny how the rebels were 'freedom fighters' yesterday, but today they are 'terrorists'.

Ayelyah said...

Libyan "rebels" (as they were initially called) in Benghazi formed their own central bank within a few weeks of the initial uprising. They announced that they had designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya, appointed a governor to the Central Bank of Libya with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi...with mainstream zionist media backing all the way..then changed their name to the NTC
A "revolutionary" group creating a central bank suggests more than a bunch of rebels with sophisticated influences. The zionist globalist banking cabal emerges backed by NATO henchmen.
Gaddafi knew the powers really behind NATO, not the"humanitarian, peace keepers" the people of the world have been force fed these LIES through zionist owned and controlled media. Now with the collapsing of their media people are seeking truth, knowing they have been lied to, by their Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Military leaders who are all in collusion.

Anonymous said...

What's happening isn't blowback. It's the CIA and Mossad orchestrating events as they did on 9-11.

How many times are we going to fall for the same trick?

Anonymous said...

can anyone translate what the red ink in the bottom picture says?

citizen ron says you need to f*cking wake up said...

confusion at activist post.

this is not blowback. if it's the thugs (the 'terrorist rebels') who killed gaddafi that have now killed stevens, well they were hired by the same people most likely, were they not? the real terrorists are the people who hired the thugs to do the killing, right? blowback is unintended consequences. are you implying stevens' murder was unintended? beg your pardon, but murder is never unintended. stevens was murdered...not accidentally...not unintentionally...what you have to first get straight in your mind is WHO (and WHERE) THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE. hired goons are only the fists of the real terrorists. they do the dirty (ie, bloody) work, for the most part. western "leaders" (politicians) are terrorists, by definition and deed. a culture of terror-- at every level, all the way down to the local schoolyard bully-- breeds terrorists.

stevens' murder was an archduke ferdinand moment. the real terrorists don't give a shit who they kill in order to fulfill the demands of whoever they answer to. no one is safe. stevens was coughed up and sacrificed on the altar of american imperialism. THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHO THEY KILL. these are TRUE PSYCHOPATHS. killing an ambassador every once in a great while- or a senator or representative or a mayor or a tourist or a movie star or high-profile scientist or a ship full of sailors (or 3,000 everyday people on the street)- is NOTHING to them, as long as they meet their goals.

real blowback would be washington dc's middle eastern citizens suddenly rising up, swarming the white house and tearing joe biden apart with their bare hands, filming it all the while and posting it to you tube, which would encourage middle easterners elsewhere to do the same (like what sort of seems to be happening already).

real blowback is about to explode everywhere. watch and see if i'm not right. but stevens? stevens' murder was part of the plan if it was the same batch of people who killed him that killed gaddafi.

the red ink at the bottom of the picture of stevens says: you are all f*cked.

RVinID said...

Whats the cost of one ambassador and a few staff murdered when next you get to roll in your warships and spread a little democracy- M.I.C. style! Gotta keep those orders for more weapons of REAL mass destruction coming. (if we don't use 'em they might try to cut our budget)

Anonymous said...

Blowback?? your kidding right?
This is once again a Psy-op and it seems you fell for it AGAIN!
What a shame that these so called alternative news sites just follow their media masters to spin the web of deception and play on the fear and anger of the herd.
My 10 year old daughter when hearing of the Stevens killing looked up from the TV and said CIA and you are spinning blow back OMG!

Seems the whole patriot movement is nothing more than a marketing ploy.
Be very afraid....And buy our shit.

and to all the 2012 Doomers shit better start to happen real soon so far 2012 has been pretty lame as compared to the hype of the mass destruction and mayhem which was to be happening all this year.
You have only 107 days left for all the predicted chaos to happen... good luck with that
all of you who fell for the 2012 "trial run" Y2K.

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