Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Exponential Power of Internet Information (Infographic)

Dees Illustration
Activist Post

The fact that the Internet is a revolutionary tool of communication is indisputable, which is underscored by the fact that the establishment is spending an inordinate amount of effort to control the free flow of information. Everything from piracy to cybersecurity threats are being rolled out to stack the deck against the free market of ideas that is the wrecking ball to the New World Order.

The infographic below puts the exponential power of this information into perspective. We rightly should be skeptical of the idea that social media has actually started physical revolutions, such as those we saw within the "Arab Spring," as there are other geopolitical maneuverings to consider (and we must know the true origins of the Otpor fist of "people power").

However, the central point of the graphic is spot-on. Knowledge is power, and if all information is revealed to the greatest number of people, then widespread freedom is guaranteed to be the result, as the truth will always prevail.

However, rather than become more responsive to the concerns of the public, as Mark Zuckerberg says in the graphic's citation, governments headed by globalist controllers are profoundly irritated by the need to respond at all.

Nevertheless, the genie is out of the bottle, and the power of information will continue growing and expanding exponentially until the mass awakening so feared by Elites is fully realized.

From the infographic creators,
Where were you when news of the tsunami hit Japan in 2011? How about when Michael Jackson died? Probably online, according to many experts who claim that social media has become the main media source for hundreds of millions of people. Not just in the U.S., either; Facebook alone has more than 900 million users spread across the globe as of 2012. Other social media giants like Twitter have facilitated revolution against unjust leaders and warned people of impending natural disaster. In fact, so many people regularly interact online that if the Internet were a nation, it would exceed the Americas, Europe and the Middle East combined in population. No wonder more than 13 million members of the online community used Reddit and other media platforms to protest SOPA, a proposed Internet censorship bill. Keep this graphic in mind next time you log on, because knowledge is power — and a little knowledge goes a long way in the Internet Age.

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dogismyth said...

sorry...but I think you have it completely backwards.

Since the advent of the internet, there has been nothing but mistruths, propaganda and speculation clogging the pipeline. Blogs are filled with stories that are unverified and unsubstantiated. Those that write the stories are uninformed at best since they typically speculate from a single factoid, or a series of unrelated factoids to produce their conspiracy theory.

Just look at the past headlines from blogs over the years.

The US will collapse. Financial devastation.

Going to war with Iran (how many years has this scare story been on blogs)

Earthquakes are on the rise. A disaster is in the works...and soon!

Solar cycle is ramping to high. Look out...devastation to earth.

Banks will collapse. Hyperinflation is on the way.

Lizard people (Icke) will be returning soon.

It goes on and on. Its all unadulterated BS that blogs print over and over without reservation since they want to have the latest and greatest "news". But its all propaganda and doomer speculation. Nothing is confirmed by bloggers. They do absolutely nothing to validate a story, and never conduct the necessary research to help us understand.

No the internet is the demise of us all. You have it completely wrong. Are you asleep? What do you see in the blogosphere? Is it truth? Does it have any true basis of fact?

Seriously....the information on the internet is different than the garbage we receive from major media TV. You just want to believe that we will be saved by this great information tool called the internet.

That's a joke. And so is 99% of the news on the internet. Its all bullsheet. All of it.

DAVY632 said...

There is SOME info on the net that is speculative BS but the NET is hardly exclusive domain of BS. Just tune in to whatever or whoever is being said by politicians. Nothing but BS there but the lamestream media would have us believe it is all gospel/truth.

Many times when you hear a story on some topic from the media it doesn't take a lot of research to discover it is just another pack of lies.

What I've found over the years is that the more you read ... newspapers, the NET, magazines etc etc the easier it is to spot the BS. Much of that comes from having some knowledge of history or WHY something happened rather than the out of context paranoiac ramblings that some reporter is regurgitating without ever finding the facts or the REASON why something is happening.

Again, yes, anything CAN be said by the bloggers but if anything they print is NOT accurate there is about a hundred readers who will write back and post why it is an idiotic post, a lie or that the author is almost criminally negligent in discovering the facts before posting such drivel.

This clearly does NOT EVER happen with our media. Time and time again some comment or story by the media is discovered to be completely false or presented out of context and NOTHING IS EVER DONE to right the wrong or to explain how the mistake was made. Retractions and / or apologies are never volunteered but come after a threatened lawsuit. Most people never read the retraction and are left sttill believing the original story was factual. That NEVER happens with a blog. False posts or flawed logic is torn to shreds by dissenters.

AND BTW several of your mocking examples of bloggers nonsense are a mathematical certainty. Old an idiot would hold the opinion that ANY country and banking system can survive for long with a $212 TRILLION DOLLAR unfunded liabilities and a $30+ TRILLION national debt. So, like your opinion of blogs and info on the net your post IS BS but the difference is, again, the fact that people who know better can call you on your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can go out into the internet and find garbage. In the old days, you could go out into book stores, magazine rack shops, etc. and find plenty of garbage. But you could always find excellent reading material, if you so choose to be discerning. You are free to choose with the internet.

Compare that to the controlled and filtered major media news.

Anonymous said...

you should log out ! real soon's all bullsheet after all.


Anonymous said...

Davy you're right and dogismyth is exactly the kind of people soiling the Net.
I would like that dogismyth show us when or where Icke told lizards will be back.
He should also look at Island, greece, and look at the US economy to tell us how it is. Banks didn't collaspse because we had payed them billions to rescue them. Etc.
This kind of comment looks like coming from a little lizard brain.
But yes the net is all and sometimes anything ( dogismyth comments for exemple ), but just look at the facts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the second commenter and will add that as a result of the net many smart and well informed people have been given a voice to share their valuable views with the rest of us.
The net is right up there with the use of fire.

Roland.T.Flakfizer said...

I've always believed the opposite. That the Internet is the dream of the tyrant and the dictator. That an oppressive regime for ask for nothing better than an Internet.

Think about it. People "gather" on forums, chat rooms, blog posts, etc. They "meet" and discuss. They post online petitions. And they never actually do anything.

You see, the Internet is perfect for a government that hates and fears it's citizens. It gives the people the illusion that they are doing something. And it keeps them busy, preventing them from putting down the keyboard, getting into the real world, and actually changing anything.

If I was a dictator, I'd love the Internet. Free for all my citizens! And yes, you may have that online petition! Here, all the petitions you like! And I assure you, every single one of these will be treated just like a real petition. Honestly. And feel free to chat online about everything you like! As long as it doesn't translate into action, perfectly fine by us!

The Internet is both a blessing, and a curse. While it allows us to organize, it also let's us not organize- to pretend that what we wrote made a difference in the real world. It doesn't.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, why are riot police not armed with felt tips?

Michael Williamson said...

Many people believe what they want to, they cannot let facts get in the way? However, fact and factoid and conspiracy theory do not interchange. It is a fact for example that you can go to a law library and hold in your hand a 1822 copy of the 13th amendment that strips away Citizenship for someone that accepts a title of nobility. The theory comes in when people guess at how this was done away with and why many X-presidents and others are given KBE "Knighthood" after they are out of office. Why it does not bother those that call it "conspiracy theory" is also another matter. Some that cry conspiracy theory just do that as a cop out to avoid having to look for the evidence presented. There are big pockets of bunk and garbage on youtube and the blogs but there are also many links to legit reports that would be suppressed otherwise and in effect are buried or lost in the bull sheet quagmire as a way to hide or censor things. What is needed is a personal filter and a push or trend to get people to filter themselves .

Taylor, V. said...

Before the advent of the internet people were given information. All they could do was absorb what was authorized to be distributed. If the news said 80% of Americans wanted "A", there was no way for the public to vet such info - independently.

I'm not saying that governments don't use the net to their advantage, but it's gotta be more difficult for agencies to keep a single propaganda narrative alive when you have a growing community of folk who can engage information interactively.

If changing hearts and minds can be considered a revolutionary act, then the internet has provided the space for such actions to take place. Once a seed of doubt in our authorities is planted, their propaganda no longer has its previous, powerful, effect.

The Republic is better off WITH an internet, than without it.

Anonymous said...

It's up to the reader to be discerning and do their own research -- that is the point. Who is going to be the one to label something garbage or not -- why, Cass Sunstein and crew. I guess that's what some the commenters here want. Stop being lazy.

Anonymous said...

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

“The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted to be freely expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.”

"Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe."

Thomas Jefferson

Bodie Satva said...

I think the Internet is the greatest invention in my lifetime. Why, you can be having an argument with someone over something and within seconds find the correct answer...on your freaking phone! I've written articles on subjects I hardly knew anything about. After an hour of Internet surfing, I was an expert.

Sure, there are tales of zombies and lizard people on the Internet as well as the one about some bearded guy above the clouds who is about to wipe out the whole of mankind, punish the wicked and grant eternal life to the pious. There's even a conspiracy theory about 12 guys with box cutters bringing down two skyscrapers. Wow, can you believe that one??

My point is that the Internet makes you think. It makes you decide what makes sense and what is nonsense. The argument that people just network, complain about things but don't act could just as easily be applied to representative government. "Vote for me and I'll present your concerns to the government and affect a change." We all know how well that one works. That's just passing the buck to some crook who won't do anything for you but will line his own pockets, grant favors to the already rich and powerful and probably pass new legislation that will make your life even more miserable.

Probably the best thing about the Internet is that it has made us realize that we aren't alone in our concerns, that there are millions of us out there who want things to be better and that if we pull together we can make it happen. We will make it happen.

Anonymous said...

The Globalist Agenda would have been much further along had it not been for the internet and PCs. They never counted on computers being small, or inexpensive enough, that most people would own one. As a truth seeker all my life, I can tell you, research is easier on the internet than at the library. My personal truth, "Believe nothing. Do your own research."

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