Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Experiment in Mind-Controlled Assassination

Nicholas West
Activist Post

One of the grander conspiracy theories is that of overt and covert mind control. Covert methods include social programming such as our accepted educational institutions, advertising, propaganda, and other modern methods of mind control such as pharmaceuticals, and chemicals in our food, air, and water.  More overt methods have been uncovered that literally attack and/or rewire brain function; these are the electronic methods of mind control. The goal within these two groups generally is to create a docile, easily manipulated population that will be unable to critically examine and resist the lies spun by corrupt governments and their corporate media operations.

The video below presents an interesting experiment involving involving techniques that might have been used upon those believed to have been actual government-designed, mind-controlled killers, such as Robert Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan. As you will see, the evidence appears to be sufficient enough to continue exploring the very real possibility that the "lone nuts" we have seen paraded over the decades have been part of a sinister plan to create patsies that can be used to further various agendas of wider social control.

In the wake of recent events such as The Batman Shooter James Holmes and the documented FBI false flag patsies employed to further the War on Terror, it would be wise to keep an open mind about what dark science in collusion with tyrannical government has been working on, and where those who have been funding such experimentation are aiming to lead us.

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NEO said...

hi all, check this fan page out there in facebook. it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much standard procedure. Great video, though; very well done and really shows the selection process and the techniques.

Anonymous said...

Resistance is not futile grasshopper and the tactics can be reflected against the aggressor, same as judo of the mind, the more enlightened the mind the more dangerous for the aggressor.

Ayelyah said...

America has been hijacked, slowly and systematically, while the trusting population slept, while the churches slept, every facet of our existence has been infiltrated by an extremely highly organized global criminal cabal network that is operating efficiently in almost every city and town in the US (and other nations) and attached to paramilitary and mobilizing now. This is REAL and this is how they do it, generational mind control, fear and torture. This is a book written by an escaped mind control programmer, many would escape if they could get help to. This is how they “create” assassins , from infancy.

see also rare “interviews with Svali” conducted on January 18, 2006 by Greg Szymanski she explains how an infant of 2-3 years of age is made into an assassin, using elecroshock and torture until the child obediently kills small baby animals...see also Fritz Sprimgmeiers work with Cisco Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Way way too "showy" for me. It makes it hard to believe and to trust the source. While I do not doubt that there is truth in the words that the hypnotist says, I have a hard time believing that the hypnotism is so easy and that the people involved where not acting simply because they knew where they were and what they were a part of. If you work from an audience of people who like the type of show you are putting on, who wouldn't want their 15 minutes of fame, even if it means pretending like you are going along with it?

Not to say, that hypnotism does not exist and/or work. I just think the demonstrations were more illustrations of the types of things that could happen, through a different means than the manner in which it was presented. It's subtler, stronger, and more gripping.

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