Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Insane Clown Posse Sues FBI over Gang Classification

J.G. Vibes
Activist Post

Every year the FBI releases their annual National Gang Threat Assessment, an official memo that lists and describes the gangs and terrorist organizations that the agency has their eye on. The list is usually a mix of legitimately violent gangs, as well as nonviolent activist groups, local community militias and generally anyone who the government doesn't like. Last November the most recent edition of this list caught the attention of the alternative rap group The Insane Clown Posse because their fans were actually featured on this list.

The Insane Clown Posse has a large cult following which refer to themselves as “Juggalos” and wear the merchandise and colors of the group. This is similar to concept behind the “Dead Heads” that followed the Grateful Dead in the '60s, or the “Kiss Army” of the 70s.

The vast majority of these people are just music fans who have found acceptance in a social group, and while most of them are far from mainstream there is absolutely no reason for them to be classified as a violent gang. The apparent reasoning behind this classification is that since there have been incidences where people identifying with this group have committed crimes, that means that there is a calculated and organized effort behind these crimes. 

This sort of collectivistic reasoning is typical of government, but it is very dangerous to judge whole entire groups of people according to the actions of individuals. The FBI has recently had problems distinguishing ordinary American Muslims from terrorists, so it should come as no surprise that they cant tell the difference between a social clique and a terrorist cell.

On August 24, ICP’s legal team filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding the FBI release whatever information led the organization to label Juggalos a gang. After getting no response from the agency the band’s representatives filed suit against the FBI in the U.S. District Court for “its failure to produce any documentary evidence in support of the FBI’s classification of the groups’ fan base.” 

The lawsuit was not simply motivated on grounds of professional slander, this classification has created serious life problems for the groups fan base. Earlier this year, one Albuquerque Juggalo ended up on New Mexico’s Most Wanted List after skipping probation specifically because of his ties to the Insane Clown Posse fan base.

Last month ICP’s label launched, a web site where Juggalos who believe their legal rights have been violated can submit their stories for the label’s legal team to review at no cost. The company has also set up a booth at the Gathering where Juggalos could share their experiences with the Detroit lawyer who’d be building the case against the government. The plan is for more suits to be filed based on all of the new evidence that is being collected.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion is any motivated group during Riots / Martial Law is a "threat" , just as Gangs / Biker Gangs , militias , oath keepers , Especially during oppressive martial law , any motivated group not adhering to State orders will be viewed as " threat " . While not generally armed their numbers , their opposition to authoritarianism present a sufficient obstacle in certain areas of the Nation , mainly cities .
Throw in Retired military , those who refuse to fight and you have a large number of people either seriously trained in fighting or potential of causing problems . Hopefully none of which will not happen and I advocate Non-violent protesting .

Anonymous said...

The government fears them.
This group fears no violence.
As anarchist conformists of non-conformity, a mass awakening amongst the juggalos would get out of hand quickly. Retaliation is courage. Non violence is the elites greatest victory. While the elite wield force indiscriminately, the weak and powerless cling to their brainwashed ethos of non violence.
We will be as violent as we must be. For no human deserves to be enslaved and powerless.

Jacqueline Butterworth said...

Big Brother has definitely taken over

LadyRavenhaire said...

Non-violence is the elite's greatest weapon. This is why they spend so much money making films like Gandhi that have nothing to do with reality. If I hear one more person on the left or right talk about Gandhi or MLK, I think I will puke. India got its independence not because of Gandhi, but because the Indian communist party was fighting the English tooth & nail. Gandhi was not a nice, moral man. He believed in apartheid, was a sexist, and he believed in the class system. He didn't care about the lives of working-class Indians at all, except how the upper class can profit from them. England made a deal with Gandhi whereas they would grant independence to India making him a hero in exchange for slaughtering all the socialists & communists while Indians were celebrating their so-called "independence". The English had no choice, India would be independent, but they had to choose between Gandhi who believed in the capitalist class system& who would allow England continued economic control of India and the Indian communist party, who believed all men should be equal & wanted complete independence both politically & economically from England. The English chose Gandhi and this is why all are jobs are going to India, I.e. globalization. As to MLK: remember that this was also the time of Malcolm X & the black panthers( who were communists) were advocating violence. Big business decided that it was to their advantage to support MLK like as they did Bayard Rustin. They felt they could destroy white unions & white privilege in this country as blacks are always paid less and at the same time get black army recruits to fight in Vietnam for rubber. When MLK started talking about a poor people's campaign that included whites as well as blacks & advocating in the name of Jesus ending the Vietnam war it was time to kill him. The point I want to make is that the whole subject of non-violence is historically incorrect. Only violence threatens the system to make concessions. The creed of non-violence is only a tool spread by the elites so they can control us & slaughter us without resistance when the time comes like the Jews in the camps. Keep in mind more Jews survived the uprising of the Warsaw ghetto violent as the Germans were than any camp, except Soibibar which also had a violent uprising. So much for non-violence.

Unknown said...

The links in this article redirected me to some search page that looks like it was coded by a 12 year old. The e-mail to the author of this article also did not work.

Hannah Robertson said...

Personally my husband and myself are classified as Juggalos. We spend time with other Juggalos and our children also Identify themselves as Juggalos as well (from 3 to 13). We are a strong. hard working, family and we would do anything to help our FAMILY either truly related by blood or FAMILY as in our Juggalo Family because thats the message we have taken from our Juggalo following. Just because a few stupid people have caused a bad name for THEMSELVES does not mean we are all bad. That is as ignorant as some one classifying peoples actions by race, or religious preferences or sexuality. It is bigotry plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Insane clown possie is like weird al yankavich, it's just funny rap music....but how can you have a jugalo family? Their music is not for kids, it pretty graphic music. I'm no saint, but wouldn't encourage my children to listen to ICP!!! There drug addict clowns who rap and talk with filthy language and degenerate parades. They are funny thOugh.

Anonymous said...

Agree ICP definetly not for children, but to each his own. BTW they've been doing this to rap artists and fans for years. Its been highly publicized even books wriiten on it. A whole police unit strictly to investigate rappers and fans. Noone ever really makes a big deal about this sort of government behavior until white people start becoming victims of it, then crap hits the fan

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