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How I Have Lived Fluoride Free for 9 Months, and Tips to Help You Do the Same

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Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to eliminate all artificially derived fluoride from my diet.

The decision to undertake this exercise was based on a number of studies that concluded ingesting artificially derived fluoride has limited benefits and is hazardous. Other more recent studies suggest fluoride ingested at high levels can reduce intelligence.

Considering that fluoride is added to drinking water supplies and is found in many products, the challenge I faced was not eliminating fluoride ingestion at home (that was easy), but trying to avoid it when eating out, visiting friends and when in places that don’t provide fluoride free options.

However, I have been successful living fluoride-free for nine months. Here are some tips for how you can remove fluoride from your diet.

It was at least three weeks after committing to eliminate fluoride from my diet that I finally got myself into a routine.

As I have discussed below, the hardest part was not trying to avoid fluoride at home, but avoiding fluoride at work, while visiting friends and family and while eating out at restaurants.

After 9 months of trying to avoid fluoride, I found that the best way to avoid ingesting fluoride is by sticking to the following 6 principles:
  1. Taking Control of the Water You Drink: Considering that fluoride is added to water supplies, by controlling what you drink, you can eliminate 90% of your fluoride intake. Therefore, drinking bottled water or making sure your office water dispenser is fluoride free are the only ways to do this.. I’m based in Australia and buy bottled water made by Pureau. There are many affordable bottled water brands that also do not add fluoride to their water. Usually, if they add fluoride to their water, it should be stated. Those that don’t add fluoride usually highlight this fact as a selling point on the bottle.
  2. Simple Foods to Avoid: Whenever you go out, almost everything you drink and eat will contain fluoride. I recommend avoiding soups, coffee, casseroles and anything else that is prepared using water. There are plenty of alternatives available, and these alternatives don’t have to be the healthy options. A problem you may face is when consuming products that are preserved in a bottle or can. Most manufacturers won’t label that the water they have used contains fluoride. I recommend sticking to the basics (food not processed).
  3. Tell Your Family and Friends about Your Commitment: Be open and honest about your decision to avoid consuming fluoride. If your family and friends are aware of your initiative, then they will do everything they can to support you (especially when you are visiting for lunch or dinner).
  4. Fight with Facts and Don’t Let Bullies Push You Around: On occasion, you may get resistance or even harassed. Over the last 9 months, I found that facts always quash the emotive nature of people trying to put you down. If someone says “Your wasting your time”, I usually respond with a couple of facts about the risk I’m trying to avoid. This usually shuts people up.
  5. Try Not to Make too Many Changes: Try not to drastically change your diet or routine. Just like dieting, most people (including myself) don’t stick to diets very well. At home, because you can control the type of water you use, there is no real need to change anything. The problem lies when you go out. One tip that has worked well for me is to stick to the basics (meat, vegetables, etc.) when ordering food or eating at a friend's place.
  6. Don’t Try to Convert Others: Don’t go around forcing your initiative onto other people. Most people don’t like being told what to do. Instead, lead by example and the others will follow. This initiative is relatively difficult and you will be better off focusing on your own efforts, rather than other people.
Results, Observations and the Future

Although 9 months is a relatively short time, since I made the decision to remove fluoride from my diet I am now much healthier, feel more alert, and my general well-being has improved.

Overall, my oral health and hygiene is just as good as it was before I started this initiative. Because I now have to watch what I drink and eat, I have virtually eliminated all sugar-laden drinks from my diet, which has the added benefit of reducing the risk of tooth decay.

One other observation I have made is that I feel much more alert. I can’t scale exactly how much more alert I feel, but I can say that now I don’t rely on coffee to achieve the same sensation.

Ultimately, the foolproof way to completely eliminate fluoride from our diets is if the government is pressured to stop adding it to our drinking water. Unfortunately, for many countries and districts, this probably won’t happen in the short to medium term.

I hope my experiences with removing fluoride from my diet inspires you to make the same decision I did 9 months ago.

To be honest, it was pretty easy; and if you take note of the above 6 principles I learnt, your journey to a fluoride-free life will be much easier.

Andrew Puhanic is the founder of the Globalist Report. The aim of the Globalist Report is to provide current, relevant and informative information about the Globalists and Globalist Agenda. You can contact Andrew directly by visiting the Globalist Report

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Anonymous said...

The first tip is silly. It's much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to buy a large reusable container and refill it weekly with reverse osmosis water dispensers from most major supermarkets (particularly health-oriented ones). Also, some bottled water still has fluoride in it (from their water source, or as an addition during production).

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous (September 9, 2012 6:20 PM) Where I live, no major supermarkets have reverse osmosis water dispensers. Wish they did!

At the end of the day, Governments should stop adding fluoride to water.

The experiment must end.

Anonymous said...

Okay how can this happen in the state of Washington?

Anonymous said...

Here, we can rent a reverse osmosis for our kitchen sink for only US$25 a month, which includes annual maintenance and filter changes. Definitely worth it, plus you avoid drinking out of plastics. Also, I happen to be lucky enough to live in a town where fluoride is NOT added to drinking water ... lol, when I called and spoke with village water guy, he APOLOGIZED, saying it was too expensive ... naturally I thanked him profusely for NOT adding poison to our water supply :) So coffee at local shop is safe for me!!

Anonymous said...

i use british berkefeld with fluoride filter at home. bottled water only when you cant do otherwise

Anonymous said...


PLEASE do not suggest people buy bottled water! we don't live on a planet with unlimited resources that automatically cleans pollution from the air, ground and water. it takes OIL to make plastic and OIL to transport bottled water and fossil fuels to supply the electricity to refrigerate it. at least some, if not most bottled water companies, get their water right from the city water supply which may contain fluoride, as you mentioned, however i believe i recall seeing water labeled as "no fluoride added" which is not the same as "fluoride free" yet is likely to lead people to believe it is fluoride free. they may well not add any, but what if it is already present in the water supply they're using?


1) find a spring where living water comes from the earth. have it tested if you don't trust the source. you want to pull water as close as possible to the source (where it exits the ground).

2) filter your own water and always take some with you.

3) in my area there are filtered water dispensers (currently $0.35/gal.). you bring your own reusable containers. there is one outside of the grocery store that is available 24/7/365. they clearly state the type of filtering they use, as well as that all traces of pharmaceuticals are removed.

Please people, do not buy bottled water. these blasted bottles are everywhere and it is an environmental disaster. there are large areas in the ocean that are so full of PLASTIC that nothing can live in them.

Anonymous said...

get a distiller

Anonymous said...

Yes, name brands such as Zephyr hills and Dasani have .8 ppm fluoride, a recommended amount by the American Dental Association (mercury is safe too!). The best option is to save up for a powerful and portable slow filtration system and in turn you will save money on water!

Anonymous said...

1. Reverse osmosis will not remove fluoride because the molecule is too small so just about any bottled water will contain this poison.
2. How much fluoride does our skin absorb while taking showers or even worse, baths? Kids love to slosh in the tub for hours. And swimming pools?
3. Fluoride is used as an insecticide on most of our produce. Lettuce being one of the most highly polluted vegetable. Organic produce should not contain fluoride IF the plants are not watered with fluoride contaminated water.
4. Tea is one of the few plants that uptake fluoride. High quality tea will have less of the toxin and poor quality tea will have higher fluoride levels.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention using fluoride-free toothpaste either.

Andrew Puhanic said...

This is in response to Anonymous (September 10, 2012 6:32 AM)

You are right, not using bottled water is the better alternative. However, many of your suggestions are not available to everyone.

There are no local natural springs in my local area and no filtered water dispensers (I think this only occurs in the United States).

Many readers above recommend filtering the water yourself, and I agree that this is the best alternative. At present, I can't find a decent water filter that is available (Based in Melbourne Australia) that filters all fluoride.

As I mentioned in my article, the best solution to this problem is for the government to immediately stop adding the poison to our water.

Imagine the health risks of drinking 2lts of fluoridated water everyday? Children, Adults and the Elderly are all suffering because of this experiment.

Controlling your fluoride intake at home is the key to success. Give it a try (eliminate fluoride from your diet) and I guarantee you will benefit from it.


Dr Bonnie said...

Your feeling better could be just as much from avoiding drinks with sugar and HFCS, as from avoiding fluoride. Also, plastic bottles may contain BPA and phthalates, bad for you and the environment.

JWuethrich said...

contrary to what Anonymous said, Reverse osmosis DOES remove fluoride. it wont get it all but it is known to be one of the best ways to reduce it. it compares very well to distillation.

a good under sink system costs 300-500 USD but minus occasional filter changes should last 12 years so it really isnt a bad amount. the site i found for you states "Delivered anywhere Australia Wide"

you will be hard pressed to find a filter that truly removes all of the fluoride unless you get your own distillation setup which will never be as convenient as turning a tap or opening a bottle.

RO gets 65-95% of it out... chances are this is how your bottled water is processed so why not do the same under your sink?

to the guy renting for $25/mo... you should seriously consider buying...being in the us i know you can find a good quality unit for 200-400 and 100-150 a year for filters. you are currently paying 300 a year, why not cut that in half the year after you buy it? (most come with a year of filters so the 2nd year u own it only costs u 150)

Anonymous said...

Guys, we should go protest outside Melbourne. My email is hit me up if anyone wants to organize an activism thing.

It MUST end!

Anonymous said...

This is a lot.. especially the commenters.. you guys really break this shit down. It's almost kind of creepy.

Anonymous said...

what about boiling large amounts of water?
would it completely remove fluoride? cause i'm sick of buying 10L drums of spring water (have the leaching plastic chemicals to worry about)and i dont have the money at the moment to buy a really good filter that will remove Fluoride and other chemicals.

Anonymous said...

daily meditation also helps your pineal gland cleanse -Namaste

Anonymous said...

Boiling water concentrates flouride!

Linnea Lavin said...

What about Calcium Chloride? Is it safe?

Nikki Sicks said...

Our water isn't safe, our food isn't safe, littering isn't safe... Plastic is everywhere, fluoride and other dangerous chemicals are too. There's no getting away from plastic, I can almost guarantee any food or drink you've ingested has touched plastic that is highly probable to have PBA and other phthalates. Plastics stay in our bodies and are released into the soil we're buried under when we die, certainly no getting rid of it. However, fluoride is stubborn as a mule but you can work on DETOXing it out of you via saunas, exercise and controlling your consumption of it.(Seriously, a filter for the water is best, buying water bottles is so killer on our already hurting planet.) A side note! Best fluoride free tooth-paste and is all natural, Jasons, it's probably on here in USA but man, it's so good and comes in metal container not plastic!

Anonymous said...

To get away from fluoride in the toothpastes, make your own.

1 tablespoon of bentonite clay
a small dash of sea salt
a small dash of baking soda
+ 6 tablespoons of water.

Mix it up, cover it up, and in 24 hours you'll have a tooth-mud that'll scrub your teeth up really well. I add three drops of clove essential oil to mine. Make sure you mix WELL!!!!

It takes 24 hours for the clay to soap up all the water properly. That recipe I gave will make enough toothpaste for one person for a week, brushing 2-3 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article!! I had know ideal about fluoride, chloride, aluminum, or any of this crap they are putting in the water here in the USA! Even here in North Dakota they are poison us with this junk. What the HELL!! They are going to kill us or control us by the use of these toxic chemical in are water. Over the past 5 years here in the USA the TV shows "Programs", ad's on billboards, commercials, magazines, and the hype machine make you feel like an outcast if you don't have a bottle of water in hand or drinking water of some sort. My wife & I received a letter last week from our kid's school about items that they need to bring to school with them for the up coming start of school. One item that is SCARY AS HELL is "bottled water" The letter said "All parents please ensure your child brings a minimum of 20 ounces (40 oz. preferred)of water. Water must stored in a plastic or aluminum container to be brought to school with them daily. The student is allowed to keep water/container on there desk during class instruction. They will also sell to students at a deeply discounted price "Sam's Club Bottled Water (.25 cents)". Heck they have water fountains all through out the dam school if the kids need a drink!!! Why bring more or buy it??
My wife thought that was very odd, but didn't think much of it. Told me about it two days latter and here I am after MANY web searches. Even the schools are trying to poison our children!!!Is this how the Jews felt back in the late 1930's?? I feel so screwed and lost!!
My poor boys! What world have we gave them?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you its a disgrace and people are powerless to stop it governments are so corrupt its all about money they .Make billions an billions of pounds buy creating these diseases an findin cures for them they know what causes things like cancer its whats in the food an drinks an water. They make so much money from medicating pepole for different things that they have created its a joke people should stop paying tax then they might stop it untill then its just goin to contiue. Money is the root to all evil an thats the truth an goverments are full of it.

Anonymous said...

reverse osmosis doesn't remove fluoride. try calcium acetate or maybe active alumina filter. unsure if that one is also false advertising.

Anonymous said...

Active Alumina Filter is false advertising.

Reverse Osmosis does remove Fluoride. A Water Distiller will completely remove all Fluoride, Chlorine etc and also the nutrients too. There's alot of claims and information about distillation being bad for you as it doesn't contain minerals, but you can ionize it to restore the minerals and vitamins with an ionizer.

Anonymous said...

Disregard what I said about Reverse Osmosis. There's just alot of information out there. Get this, don't get this, get that.

Reverse Osmosis Filters depend on quality, and a good company. They remove it nearly about 97%.

But if you want a 100% removal of it, Water Distillation is the answer.

If you go here:

This website I found when googling shows stuff. I don't really know anymore, but Distillation is the one that will remove it. Since there isn't any clear tests or studies or comparisons, it's abit of a jungle out there, but I got a gut instinct that site could be useful.

Christine W said...

Yikes, you shouldn't drink bottled water either--unless it's bottled in GLASS. Plastic bottles leach harmful carcinogens into the water. These cancer-causing agents are estrogen-imitators that lead to breast cancer in women (and men) and breast-development in men. Boycott plastic bottles by purchasing a stainless-steel-lined thermos that you take with you everywhere. Remember, when plastic (or Styrofoam) is heated, even more of the chemicals enter whatever liquids they are touching. This means that soaps and coffees in Styrofoam are toxic, and water delivered in trucks that have been withstood the summer heat are also toxic. Don't let plastic bottles sit in a hot car or in the sun because doing so creates a toxic stew.

Christine W said...

Supposedly, tea leaves contain fluoride, too!

winterseafog said...

You live where the only pure bottled water is available.

Anonymous said...

I buy Purified Rite Aid water - reverse osmosis and it is very inexpensive. Unfortunately it is in plastic. To my knowledge and research ... reverse osmosis Does remove fluoride- now known to cause cancer and a wide range of diseases including 'dumbing down'.
The government has done this on purpose to control us. They know the dangers. Hitler did it - 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Really wide range of diseases including dumbing seems to be working with you.

Anonymous said...

Reverse osmosis unfortunately causes fungal growth in human bodies (which can be reversed by cutting out reverse osmosis water - takes a couple of months).

Anonymous said...

An exciting and new water treatment breakthrough has been announced that will now make the removal of fluoride from the drinking water supplies of the world’s poorest people more affordable than ever. Researchers from Rajasthan University in India have discovered that the Tulsi plant, also known as Holy Basil, can be used to significantly reduce the amount of fluoride in drinking water. At present, the most reliable methods used to remove fluoride from drinking water are too expensive.

The method discovered by researchers from Rajasthan University is safe, cheap and readily available, making it an ideal alternative An experiment conducted in the Yellareddyguda village. The researchers soaked 75mg of Tulsi leaves in 100ml of water that contained 7.4 parts per million of fluoride in the water. After only soaking the Tulsi leaves for eight hours, it was discovered that the level of fluoride in the water was reduced from 7.4 parts per million, to only 1.1 parts per million. the "World Health Organization" recommends that the safe level of fluoride in drinking water is between 0.5 to 1 parts per million.

Read more:

John Fisher said...

Congratulations on the sensible choice to be fluoride free. I'm sure you will face challenges along the way, as we all have, but keep the faith. You can do anything you set your mind to doing.

Aistob said...

The link for TIPS goes to an advertisement.

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