Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 Reasons the US and Israel are Lying About Iran

Repeated Lies Call for Repeated Truth Regarding Iran.

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls "for the US to establish a firm 'red line' that Iran's nuclear program can't cross without risking a military response," and the West is marched ever closer to war with the Islamic Republic based on tired and repeated lies, three important points must be kept in mind.

Image: Israeli Prime Minister has been granted air-time to dictate US foreign policy to American viewers in the latest indication that interests other than those of the American people drive American destiny. Make no mistake, however; Netanyahu is not in America to represent the Israeli people, but rather the same corporate-financier interests of Wall Street and London that created and sustain him politically. 

1. The US and Israel admit in their own policy papers that Iran threatens Western hegemony, not Western security (let alone survival):

The very engineers of US-Israeli policy to subvert and destroy Iran, detailed in the 156-page "Which Path to Persia?" report out of the corporate-financier funded Brookings Institution, admit that Iran threatens not the security of Israel or the United States, but the hegemonic geopolitical order the West maintains over the Middle East.

In March 2012's "Israel & US: Partners in International Crime," direct quotes from the "Which Path to Persia?" report, as well as excerpts from RAND Corporation documents and else where illustrate these admissions in their entirety.

2. The US and Israel already struck first: 

By using US State Department-listed foreign terror organization (#30) Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) , the US and Israel have been waging years of covert war against the Iranian people.

In March 2012's "US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq," the history of MEK as well as advocacy for supporting its terrorist activities inside of Iran is exposed through a series of Western-media reports, government testimony, and US foreign policy papers.

In February 2012's "US Implausibly Denies Role in Israeli Terror Squads," reports of both US officials admitting Israel's backing of MEK terrorists to carry out assassinations inside of Iran, as well as evidence of US support for MEK are exposed.

It should be remembered that political and military subversion of Iran by the West stretches back to "Operation Ajax" in 1953, where the United States and the British overthrew the democratically elected nationalist government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

This violent subversion played out long before the current political order in Iran came to power. Iran has been the subject of sovereignty-violating foreign intervention for over half a century - with the West long ago drawing first blood, and continuing to do so up to present day through admitted campaigns of political, economic, and military subversion.

3. Israel's current leaders have Wall Street-London hegemony, not Israel's self-preservation, at heart: 

Perhaps the greatest myth in regards to US-Israeli policy toward Iran is that it is driven by concerns for national security and the survival of the "Jewish State" of Israel. In reality, the overall foreign policy pursued by Israel's government has demonstrably run contra to both the Israeli people's survival and their own prosperity. The Israeli government's posture toward Iran is perhaps the most dangerous and unhinged manifestation of this.

In August 2012's "Israel's Netanyahu Attempts to Shame UN," it was reported that, "the Israeli government is the greatest enemy of the Israeli people," because:
Western corporate-financier oligarchs have done more to send both Americans and Israelis to their deaths than any combination of suicide belt-wearing, Kalashnikov-waving 'terrorists.' The 'War on Terror' is indeed a fraud, and Israel's government has masterfully played a pivotal role - maintaining a strategy of tension to keep its own people in perpetual fear, while keeping their perceived enemies in perpetual and absolute rage. When enemies are difficult to find, the government of Israel and its corporate-financier backers upon Wall Street and in the city of London create them, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (and here), and Al Qaeda
The result is a nation at constant war, with an inexhaustible supply of enemies in an unending conflict giving the interests of Wall Street and London - the very interests that created the modern state of Israel to begin with - an excuse to remain perpetually engaged in the Middle East with a military encampment the size of a nation at their constant disposal. 
Augmenting this camp are the Israeli people themselves, just as lied to, manipulated, and kept in constant fear as their counterparts in the West to keep the rank and file of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as full as Wall Street's American Armed Forces or Europe's NATO foot soldiers. 
The Israeli people are no less well-intentioned, talented, or full of potential as any other people on Earth, but they are likewise just as susceptible to being indoctrinated, misled, and terrorized into taking a course of action in no way beneficial to themselves or their nation. The Israeli government does not pursue a foreign or domestic policy conducive to its own self-preservation, let alone its prosperity as a nation. 
Its constant warmongering, meddling geopolitically beyond its borders, and the creation and perpetuation of its alleged 'enemies' have indeed killed more Israelis than any 'terrorist.' The Israeli government and the corporate-financier interests they represent are the Israeli people's worst enemy. It would be wise for both the Israeli people, and those who perceive themselves to be 'enemies of Israel' to remember that and make a clear distinction when moving forward.
Israel should be enjoying standards of living and prosperity amongst the highest on Earth considering Israel's extensive human resources, but is instead facing austerity and economic hardship as the collective talent and potential of the Israeli people are squandered in the pursuit of armed corporate-financier hegemony instead of peaceful progress. The same could be easily said of the United States, whose vast military supremacy and geographic location makes its narrative of "Iran, the imminent threat" all the more tenuous.

Image: Jews conducting services in Tehran, Iran - Iran hosting the second largest population of Jews in the Middle East, next after Israel itself. (Photo: Vahid Salemi/AP) 

To depict Iran as an irrational enemy of Judaism, rather than simply a rational nation-state responding to and defending against the decades of provocations carried out by the West and its Israeli proxies, does not hold historical or social water. Iran hosts the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel itself, with an ancient and proud Jewish community that has both refused to leave Iran, as well as condemn it for the benefit of Western propaganda campaigns.


PM Netanyahu's latest propaganda tour of the US is nothing less than a blatant conspiracy against world peace - the premeditated fabrication of a war that puts at risk hundreds of millions of people and the survival of both Israel and Iran itself. Netanyahu and his corporate-financier compatriots hope that fear, terror, and ignorance prevail long before all the myths, lies, and propaganda wear off and the populations of the respective nations involved, Iran, America, and Israel, come to their senses and identify their real enemy - the corporate-financier elite who have driven half a century of conflict with the Iranian people.

When these myths wear off, it will not be wars and the pursuit of hegemony that guide the hands of each nation's respective people, but a drive to both free themselves from the monopolies of thesecorporate-financier interests, and the pursuit of progress on their own terms, for their own benefit rather than for a manipulative elite.

Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at 
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JCII said...

The synagogue of satan creators of the illegal terrorist state of israel would have israel nuked if they could and laugh about it if it would start WWIII.

Morgan said...

I'm afraid that I have to really take issue with this article. The leaders of Iran have repeatedly stated that they wish to see Israel wiped off the face of the planet. The president of Iran has stated that he believes that the Holocaust is a lie. Iran represents an enormous threat to the very existence of Israel. To believe otherwise is both ignorant and foolish. I lived in Israel many years ago and know this country very well. This land was given to the Jewish People by Almighty God and they will not be so easily destroyed.

Ben Marston said...

There are two forces of Antichrist that are in a thesis/antithesis struggle, that is designed to exhaust the human race, and pave the way for the ascendency of Antichrist. NWO and populists; Israeli Zionist and Islamic Jihadist will all rejoice in the ascendency of Antichrist. But the Creator is allowing evil to be outed that it may be done it. And part of its undoing is that the Christians will corporately undergo a sort of crucifixion that will eventuate in the return of Christ, the destruction of Antichrist and the reunion of heaven and earth.

Steve Southers said...

All religions are but prisons of the mind once the belief systems have crumbled only then can peace begin - whilst people remain imprisoned within these belief systems, whichever one it may be, only self righteous, blinkered opinions drive them on to prove theirs is the true belief - when this view is taken by all belief systems then only one outcome ever prevails, one of hatred for all other beliefs. Resulting in war and destruction.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Morgan. Just more anti-Semite Trash. Pray foe Israel !!!
Thomas House

Anonymous said...

Isreal could have been much better than Singapore... but instead live lives of misery and fear.

Stupidly smart ...

Essential Intelligence said...

3 reasons why Cartalucci is full of shit:
1)There are exactly 8,756 Jews in Iran as opposed to six million in Israel. The reason why Israel is the largest Jewish community in the region is because several million Jews have been ethnically cleansed from Arab states following the creation of Israel. He thinks he can get away with this demagogic abuse of pseudo statistics, but this will work only on readers with a single digit IQ.
2)The Fascist Mullah regime has repeatedly incited for the genocide of the Israelis as we have shown in the link below. To deniel of this fact just show how surreal Cartalucci's detachment from reality has become.
3)How can the Nazi regime in Tehran "challenge their hegemony" with what Cartalucci claims is just a "peaceful nuclear program" ? How stupid does he think we are?

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor, Morgan. Apparently, he's using the old Hasbara Manual, the one that doesn't tell him that even Isreal has finally admitting that such claims were their own invention. However, even if they hadn't finally come clean on that lie, it is plain and clear for the world to see that if anyone is hell-bent on the destruction of a country that would be Israel. And it's not just the destruction of the Palestinians but also Iran and every other country around them. But, hey, Morgan and Anonymous at 3:21 a.m., we understand that Terrorist Isreal needs the likes of you in order to attempt to sweep their crimes against humanity and their terrorism under the carpet with laughable claims of "anti-semitims" -- Again, both of you are using an old Hasbara Manual, you have made such accusations irrelevant. Move forward, dudes, the gig is up! Screw Isreal! Disband that illegal entity and send its squatters back where they came from: Europe, Brooklyn & Ukraine. Viva Iran! Viva Palestina!

Anonymous said...

"This land was given to the Jewish People by Almighty God"

i cant believe i read this... seriously...

Anonymous said...

Anon @0613

Spot on. Its amazing to me that people still trot out the 'Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map' canard. Any credible person will tell you that the actual statement refers to wiping the current Zionist regime from the pages of history. Wake up and do your own homework instead of relying on propaganda.

david llewellyn foster said...

Well said Tony Cartalucci. It's one thing to be a complete bastard, but altogether another to be a complete bastard with complete power. Look at what has happened to the Middle-east since the establishment of the Zionist state. They have poisoned the entire region with an ersatz culture that is terrorising the world. We should call for a completely nuclear free zone all the way to Pakistan. If this terrible mess erupts, it's mega bad news for everyone. Netanyahu and his kind should be permanently locked up, and the future of a multi-polar world secured through some kind of commonwealth of nations...ruled by law, not by despotic corporate tyrants!

Anonymous said...

A 4-troll, er... a 4-star article. Well done.

Ayelyah said...

US Military have criminals commanding them, at the highest levels they must break the chain of command on a given day and a given hour and stand down en masse, everywhere...demand to come home...for the sake of America and ALL humanity...I do not believe 'Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy' as Kissinger stated when US Secretary of State ..... right now USA is the most despised nation on earth and its military are a scourge to every nation they set foot in..... US Military could turn that around and become the hero's very quickly....we all have one common enemy globally and our fight is NOT against nations, or races or religion but the evil driving force behind this criminal global mafia network they call the New World Order

Anonymous said...

If ever we need proof that some people are so deluded that they will never the believe the truth when it hits them full in the face, we have it here in some of the comments that persist in stating the lie about President Ahmadinejad wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. He said no such thing, the canard arises from a mistranslation of his speech.

arthurdecco said...

We no longer believe those who type in support of Israel, do we? We all know they lie. Because that's what they're instructed to do by their Hasbarabot masters, ensconced in tel aviv.

"Morgan" and his/her "anonymous" supporters are obviously paid propagandists in the pay of Israel's worst elements.

What riles me is that they continue to think us stupid enough to believe their BS.

How stupid does that make them?!?

Anonymous said...

Almighty God gave Israel to the Jews. That is what the Torah abd Okd Testament of the Christian Bible state. But, who wrote ths Bible, the Torah? A Jew named Moses.
As for Arabs getting rid of Jews, not a word that the Third Reich ovens were in Europe, as were all the pogroms commited by who? Christians, that is who.
Now, after the end of WWII, Europe Christians have sent the problem to an arab state.
Let's get inclusive here. Who are the Jew killers? The same Christians that now want to protect Israel? NO the Christians that want to protect Christian symbols in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

where does it say that Jebusites or kazars have "property rights in palestine? Who are/is from the original house of judah? Are kazars of the original seed of abraham? Is there such a thing as a "middle east"? Is the talmud or the mishna a "holy book from on high"? Are those who call themselves "jews" the original tribe of judah from the bible?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong... I'm under the impression that Jew is NOT a race but a religion or belief, just like a political party or a minority group. If a fight starts I'll be looking quite seriously at politicians (after all, we the people 'employ' these non-productives to STOP the fights!) and bank managers (after all, these non-productives finance this rot without moral!) You're on notice!

Unknown said...

What did the american jews call thir merchandise in Central Park? Slave!
What does the american jew call his american slave-antisemite.It is time to recognizethe term antisemite as the ethnic slur it is.
Israel has been all abuzz with the revelation thet NETAYAHU himself is a nuclear terrorist.He stole nuclear triggers fromthe US. From Rosenberg to Efi Rytan, J. Pollard, R. Smyth and Miclhan the rape of american nuclear tchnology by Israel is a tragedy.
Is it any wonder that Israel has not signed the NUCLEAR nonprolieration treaty. They arm our enemies regularly.Read the 1993 CIA report where the religios cult of judism sold america out.
Why must our sons die for Israeli nuclear security when judaisn is selling us out to our enemies.

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