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Trying to Force Everyone on Statins & Where Big Pharma Can Shove Them

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Heather Callaghan
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A renowned UK professor is calling for all people over 50 to get on statins – cholesterol lowering and heart disease drugs like Lipitor and Crestor. Actually, Sir Rory Collins wants healthy and younger people on them too and wishes that “safety watchdogs” would stop accentuating the side effects.

Not only does this call come after more negative resulting studies on statin drugs, but this isn’t the first time a strong suggestion has been issued. Not too long ago an AMA mouthpiece suggested adding them to the water supply! And he wasn't the first one to want them in our drinking water. Mainstream media quickly jumped on the bandwagon to echo such a "Communist plot." A strong call to make that change appears in a video here. Before that, the American Journal of Cardiology wanted statins added as condiments with fast food items – to conveniently continue eating heart-damaging foods. They already are added into polypills automatically given to people who reach mid-life.

The CDC already reported that approximately one in four people over age 45 take statins compared with one in 50 as of just 15 years ago. Another widely published study implored the same "everyone over 50 on statins, healthy or not" message back in May. As early as 2008, doctors were wanting children as young as eight on them - wow, they really want us on these pills! Is this how a Brave New World begins?

Collins held a large study (but for how long?) with 130,000 people. He called statins remarkably safe, lamenting those with "misguided safety fears" about side effects scaring people away. He claims the trial prevented a lot of death. People didn't forget the reported side effects, though, and are either stopping statin use or refusing to take them in the first place. But Collins, a new ambassador for the pharmaceutical and medical cartel, dismisses those fears and wants people to start treatment earlier and for longer. Most who are placed on statins remain on them for life.

It appears that messages about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs have spread - Prof. Collins expressed his frustration and overemphasized the "benefits outweigh the risk" line. He admits that muscle pain affects 1 in 10,000 patients. But what are other studies and doctors reporting? What are patients themselves reporting??

The liver processes fats and produces cholesterol, hormones, handles toxic loads and does so much more. Statins are meant to block an enzyme that sends the "bad" cholesterol LDL to line heart arteries - but obviously there's a reason why the liver would do that.

Telegraph reported that nearly three-quarters of those on statins gained no value at all - but added a lot of value to Merck. About $26 billion to statin companies annually. A JAMA study claimed that they do not prevent heart death. Millions are on them needlessly which causes more damage than benefit.

Some of the side effects reported include muscle pain/soreness and damage (the heart is a muscle), kidney issues, type 2 diabetes, exhaustion and fatigue, memory loss, cataracts, depression, weakness, mood swings, liver dysfunction and more. An extensive list of 300 health problems associated with statin use can be read here. It really does lead to an early death, but doctors treating the fallout symptoms would not make the connection. Adverse effects are often excluded or downplayed during trials. (Source)

What's sadly ironic is those with diabetes are often automatically placed on them due to the assumption that obesity signals a heart problem. Two recent articles at delve into the alarming eye damage and statin use leading to accelerated arterial calcification! They've even been cited for causing autism.

Women, especially low risk women, fair poorly on the drug with intense exhaustion. Hey, maybe that's because "many hormones, including estrogen, are also metabolised by the liver and it’s thought statins may interfere with this..." Estrogen, by the way, protects a woman's heart!

A knee surgeon wrote an interesting plea to stop them:
What does a knee surgeon know about statins' side effects? Plenty, after seeing scores of patients improve their memory, strength, vigor and sex drive after stopping these popular drugs.
He goes into how statins deplete coenzyme Q10, necessary for muscles and heart integrity.

The FDA acknowledges the side effects but makes their drug approvals based on trials similar to Collins'. The JUPITER study, cited above and pro-adding statins to water, "was supported by AstraZeneca, the makers of Crestor, and its lead author, Paul M. Ridker, MD, is a co-inventor of patents related to the use of inflammatory markers in cardiovascular disease, including the use of CRP in the evaluation of patients’ risk of the disease." (Consumer Reports)

Another great article by Sayer Ji at GreenMedInfo clearly explains the cholesterol myth: that it is an effect of heart disease, not the cause. Information from Weston A. Price suggests that the SAD diet packed with hydrogenated oils and trans fats, sugars, and refined flours cause nicks in the arteries - which is why the liver sends cholesterol as a lining, a type of bandage.

The statins of course are preventing the liver from sending out the band aid, which doesn't take care of the original arterial problem, nor address malnutrition. Statins damage the liver (our lifeline) too.

Most doctors are very well meaning, but they only receive one or two classes on nutrition in their 8-year education - that is a big puzzle piece to have missing when trying to treat wide-ranging cause and effect. Their nutrition takes a back seat to info from pharma reps, and a cure gets lost behind "treatment."

The body has to use a lot of resources to neutralize trans fatty acids and damage caused by processing pharmaceuticals. That depletes the organs of its minerals – magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, aka electrolytes. Electrolytes keep the heart going, and the constant leeching of minerals leads to – heart disease!

And at around $5 a statin pill? Why not smoke for five dollars a day if we need to kill our hearts and NOT live longer.

After forty years of the "fats are bad" myth, lard is finally making a comeback; another sign that people are abandoning the gospel of doctors and experts. Why does it take generations to come back to the same conclusion: that nature and the body know how to work? Probably because you can’t patent natural fat.

I cannot give health advice with any official registered authority, but shouldn't we be the final authority of our bodies? When counter-propaganda campaigns fail (like the pink slime public relations attempt, or the amount of vaccine refusals), the next step is force through a mandate "for your own good."

If they haven’t forced us on statins or other pharmaceuticals yet, then why is it worth talking about? Think about fluoride in the water, or the pressure to get vaccines. Slick campaigns create the frenzy that causes people to rush out and take Bayer's aspirin every day like it's a supplement.

But of course, if we add statins to the water supply we could just pay for it through Obamacare and drink up. The concern here is that more prominent “experts,” or, God forbid, “philanthropists” like Bill Gates will influence the public until it becomes a part of global policy mandates through Codex Alimentarius, or forced into our treatments through the new healthcare reform. Things like that start out as a good idea, or maybe they even sound kooky until America is subjected to it repeatedly (think: “fat is bad…”) until one day we don’t have a choice.

So I think you can guess where Big Pharma and their mouthpieces can shove their heart-killing statins. But it shouldn't be in our water supply, condiments, or forced on us “just because.”

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Anonymous said...

Hear me you average Americans.

After ten years on statins, I went blind. Look at thenew statistics on blindness and how is has gone.

Hellooo, I am serious.

Never take statins for so called high colesterol. What more can I say?

Love ya

Take no drugs. No drugs, do you hear me? never mind your doctor is a sweet guy. Forget it.

Anonymous said...

I was on Lipator and complained to the Dr. about the side affects so he put me on Simvastatin instead. That was no better so I told him that I was going to quit them and take 800 mgs. of no flush Niacin a day instead. He wrote me a letter later and told me to stay on the Niacin. I feel better and the cost is MUCH less. I also quit taking Coumadin. (it's warfarin in rat poison) because it causes severe bone loss. I now take Turmeric instead. It's a natural blood thinner without the side affects.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharm pushes POISON as meds and mom & pop splits a dubie in the evening to take the edge off arthritis pain. They go to jail while Big Pharm worries about a profit margin. You just can't make this sh*t up!

Anonymous said...

I am RAW VEGAN = NO CHOLESTEROL, no artheriosclerosis, no hypertension! Thus, I don't need any medication!
Now - any statin would be a poison to me!
We are ruled by psychopathes who care only about the profit! That's why we need HORIZONTAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE without leaders:
-plant free wiki-trees, wiki-vegis... FREE FOOD =first step toward independece, ABUNDANCE to all
-use&create FREE STUFF at all levels

Anonymous said...

Modern medicine in Amerika: genocide by doctor.

Anonymous said...

I told a doctor he is an Arztloch!!!

Anonymous said...

After ten years of statins, I developed Type II diabetes. I went off statins which my doctor didn't understand why and explained why everyone 50 and over should be on them. My lab tests came back with better numbers (I have changed my diet and started exercising)... I am of firm belief that Big Pharma is definitely involved and blieve you should be your own health advocate in most cases.

Rick Tufts said...

The makers of prescription medication do so with two objectives in mind: To make profit and to kill you. These companies are owned by the Rothschilds & the Rockefellers, those wonderful people behind The New World Order the primary goal of which is reduce the worls's population by about 80% by whatever means. Don't take my word for it. Do some research

ss said...

Big Pharma and its surrogate, the medical profession, have to put as many people as possible on to statins, and as fast as possible, before the class action suits make it clear the drugs are not only useless but poisonous.

Anonymous said...

Statins hasten the exit of the meek, stupid and the gullible from this world I dont see people with a brain cell or two taking them.

usor said...

They can stick their pills where the sun don't shine. A recent medical study found that these statins cause hardening (calcification) of the arteries and threy said that they are worse than the cure!! Exercise and diet are the way to go. God made us so that everything we need is available to us without these finks inventing all their crap as a money making scheme.

Anonymous said...

If they really cared about people developing heart disease, why in the hell would they be spraying us down with chemical aerosols?? Try going to work without breathing.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with no flush's useless. Regular niacin is the way to go if you can put up with the flush.

Anonymous said...

hello all,iam type 2 diabetic and was on simvastatin,secretly gave it up and have been taking cinnamon in its place last 2 years with better results and dr says simvastatin working well,lol,dont trust your dr,i told him i cut down on metformin and he got angry and told me id live longer if i took 3 daily insted of 1.

Anonymous said...

Dr Malcom kenderick ( has long been a light in the fight against stains. He also has a web site: I recomend any one interested in finding out the truth about these poisons to follow up the links.

Heather Callaghan said...

Thank you all for the thoughtful comments - keep them coming, tell me what you think!

Anonymous said...

While I understand your, and the commenters skepticism about statins, I think that your view is wrong. Doctors are recommending that you take statins because there is REAL EVIDENCE that they work. They are the best medicine out there to prevent high cholesterol. Yeah, there are side effects, but they are relatively rare and the risk/benefit ratio is favorable. Do I think 'everyone' should be taking statins! Of course not. But many people over 50 would benefit and possibly see a prolonged and healthier life if they took them. Many people who need to be taking these medicines are not. Same thing goes with high blood pressure. Many people who need to to be treated for this are not, and see potentially deadly effects down the road.

As for big pharma...I'll be the first to say they do some shady stuff. People don't see, to realize that for every medication that comes out tons and tons of money goes into developing it, trials, FDA approval etc. that's not even counting

Anonymous said...

That's not even counting failed trials, which also costs tons of money. The company's have to turn a profit and that means recouping money on certain drugs. It's a free market system and in order for YOU to get new and better drugs, these companies need to profit.

One of the worst things phara does is remove certain effacious drugs from the market (ex chemo drugs) and replace them with new, expensive drugs. Or just not replace them at all which often leads to shortages in life saving drugs. I realize they do bad things but the economics of making money off a good drug is valid.

Child of the Trillion dollar wasteland. said...

Working in an ER we see our fair share of people who are sickened or simply lose so much quality of life due to the medicines they take. It's a hourly occurrence to see med lists with 15-20 daily medications. If these pills work so well, why do these people need to be treated over and over for the same issues?

Anonymous said...

my Doctor put me on statins and I wa on them for over 10 years, through this time I suffered very badly from this poison but didn't realise it was the statins causeing my symptoms, I kept going to my Doctor but they just kept ignoring me even when I was using sticks to help me walk, They never even looked at my notes to see if any medication was causing all my problems the only reason I found out was because I couldn't get help from my Doctor I turned to my health food shop, I told her what was happening to me and asked for something that would not affect the medication I was taking from my Doctor, she asked what medication I was taking and as soon as I mentioned statins she knew why I was in such pain and had all these other side effects, she gave me Q10 and the very next dat my pain started to ease, I went and told the Doctor but was dismissed again, My problems are many from the pain tiredness gout arthritus swelling around my middle area, cataracts, heart missing and that is very frightening, my memory is affected and that is not showing signs of improvment so I could forget something but I have been off statins for some time now and don't know if other problems will come as a result of these poisons, I'm scared of Doctors now and only go if I have no choice i.e. I needed a knee replacement and had been left about 10 years the only reason I got it was because I got angry about the statins and there lack of care and reported it to the GMC, they sent me back to my Doctors instead of helping me, but the Doctors had me in hospital within just over a month and my knee done, now that was fast

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