Monday, August 6, 2012

The Sikh Shooting: DoJ and FBI Warned of Planned Terror Attack in April

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Police in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, are calling the shooting at a Sikh temple an act of domestic terrorism – although no details or other possible motives have been mentioned by the police chief John Edwards.

The “lone gunman” killed 6 people and critically wounded 3 before he was killed himself by law enforcement.Hindustan Times reports that the gunman was a white male, “with a 9/11 tattoo.”

The police department arrived at the scene in tactical gear, armed with assault weapons in armored vehicles; including the police bomb unit (which Milwaukee County sheriff’s spokesperson Fran McLaughlin said she was not clear as to why they were called to the scene).

Eyewitnesses to the shooting say that a team of four men dressed in “dark clothing” were responsible for the killings. These initial reports completely contradict the official story by the police that a “lone gunman” was the suspect they shot and killed.

More initial reports stated that the local hospital was told to expect anywhere between 8 – 20 people. At the time of this call-in the suspect was “still at large”.

Edwards relayed that the FBI was handling the investigation because the shooting was being treated as a domestic terror attack. Tactical units converged on the temple, preformed a sweep through the interior and exchanged gunfire with the suspected gunman outside the temple.

US Attorney James Santelle, who is analyzing the case, stated that he cannot determine if this is a case of domestic terrorism, although reports are claiming it is, justifying the quick FBI involvement.

Kurt Weins, a resident who lives in an upper flat in a cordoned off area close to the location of the shooting, was told by law enforcement not to speak to the press after they conducted their interview of his summation of the events.

Seven victims died before police arrived on the scene at 10:25 am in Oak Creek. The mainstream media is pointing to this incident being “the second mass shooting in the US in less than a month” while also mentioning that this tragedy could be related to the House of Representatives requesting that FBI monitor hate crimes directed at Sikhs in April; nearly 2 months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Muller were warned to watch for this exact type of incident.

Naming Sikh-Americans as possible targets for “hate crimes” the letter to Holder and Muller commented on the Sikh’s “distinct identity and common misperceptions with respect to their attire and appearance” saying that this group is often erroneously believed to be “affiliated with extremists and were somehow responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks.”

It was arbitrarily mentioned in an MSM article that the gunman had a “9/11 tattoo” possibly making the tie between the attack and 9/11 retaliation.

Joseph Crowley, House Representative wrote in a letter to Holder and Muller that:
Numerous reports have documented how those practicing the Sikh religion are often targeted for hate violence because of their religiously-mandated turbans — i.e. because of their Sikh identity, regardless of whether the attacker understands the victim to be Sikh or not.
In June, Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to various federal agencies including the US State Department, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, warning them of the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ties to key members of the Obama administration; including Huma Abedin, top aide to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. In that letter, Bachmann mentioned the possibility of Sikh “hate crimes” being carried out under false pretense of ignorance for the religious ideals of the Sikhs.

According to the Indian Embassy, the US National Security Council and the Indian Consulate are watching the progress of this case. An embassy official was sent to Oak Creek.

Muller and President Obama have spoken about the shooting, as well as White House chief Jack Lew and Homeland Security adviser John Brennan.

The latest gun grab seems to be centered on the use of guns in “hate crimes” as anti-government activists are being tied to this incident with the letter to Holder and Muller. While the Batman shooting began the national debate over whether or not to have stricter laws concerning gun procurement, this latest incident is specifically being billed as a “lone wolf” with a directed motive to commit domestic terrorism against a religious group who may be somehow tied to the 9/11 truth movement.

Is the FBI seeking to target 9/11 truthers in their latest addition to the ever-growing list of terrorists to watch on the FBI “Communities Against Terrorism”.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

10 Facts Revealing Conspiracy Behind Aurora Shooters

Anonymous said...

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Anonymous said...

This comment has relevance, because many things are interrelated during the Election Campaign, because if Obama is reelected, then the America Voters need to be certain that the Election was Free and Fair.

It is quite amazing how the Left’s Paul Begala Defends Dirty Harry Reid’s Mud Slinging Slanders Against Mitt Romney.

We see how the Honest and Clean Dirty Harry endorsed Mitt Romney as the next President, because he saw the Dirty and Dishonest actions of Dirty Harry Reid.

Prompted and ordered by Obama and Reid, Paul Begala made unsubstantiated Slanders that Mitt Romney has a long and incredible history of tax avoidance, with the Shell Corporation in Bermuda, with the Cayman Islands, with Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and a Corporation in Bermuda.

I wonder if Barack Obama, and Dirty Harry Reid, and Paul Begala, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats may use the services of the Democrat supporters who are Corporations in Bermuda, Establishments in the Cayman Islands, Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, to Cheat on their Taxes.

If Voters are to believe the ‘Incorruptible’ American Democrats, then People will think that Obama, Reid, Begala, Gore the Clintons, and other Democrats are just too ‘Pure’ to Cheat on their Taxes or to Receive Bribes.

Begala said that Mitt Romney is s a man of extraordinary personal morality, impeccable personal moral character, and he is just trying to show that the most logical explanation is that Mitt Romney is a Tax Cheat.

There are two things that are Illogical, and they are the Speech of someone with Mental Disorder, and the other thing that is Illogical is the words of Malicious Slanderers.

What this ‘logic’ is saying that every American Politician is corrupt, or is it that the Democrats are Only willing to Confess that Only Republicans could are Corrupt, and they are Exceptionally Pure, especially those who associated with the sewers of Chicago’s Mafia Politics, like Obama was.

This Democrat ‘logic’ says that everyone is Corrupt, and this is why Mitt Romney must be doing something Illegal.

The questions to ask each American Democrat is what is their Corrupt actions, or do they have Special Purity, because they have a Mental Disorder?

This should be a warning to all American Voters that there could be those who work at the Shell Corporation in Bermuda, with the Cayman Islands, with Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and a Corporation in Bermuda, could make up False Papers that will be released just before the Election, in order to have the Totally Unprincipled Democrats steal the next Election.

The Democrats want to steal the next Election, because that is preferable to having to set up a Military Dictatorship before the Upright and Law Abiding American Citizens are Disarmed, in order to Establish a Military Dictatorship in America.

If Tax Records are released, then it degenerate into a circus, where there would be no time to Debate Public Policy, because when it comes these matters, there are Slanders, Deliberate, and then there are the Democrats biased Misrepresentations of Taxation Legislation and Accountancy Figures.

I think that any American President should be paid Tax Free 1 Dollar for every American Citizen for a 4 year President Term of Public Service, and that is over 300 Million Dollars for each Presidential Term.

If a President decides to run for a second Term, then they have to donate half their Salary to their next Election Campaign.

If Americans cannot afford 1 Dollar for what is no longer a President, but for their Emperor; then, they need to become Britain’s Colony again.

If Wall Street sets up Mitt Romney, because Wall Street knows that Obama will set up their Military Dictatorship, then true Logic says to Vote for the one that will Respect and Obey the American Constitution.

It is good that Bill Clinton will host Obama’s Political Action Committee; because he knows that the main issue is that of the Economy.

Anonymous said...

Why would a 9/11 Truther target a religious group for anything 9/11 related?

Anonymous said...

The lone gunman theory is getting worn out. Oswald, Surhan Surhan. These are all false flag events and you don't need a lot of facts anymore to see the pattern.

EIA said...

I'm not sure if anything mentioned below is odd or not, but I'm mentioning it anyway:

Shortly after the DHS releases the Active Shooter video of a bald white psychopath ( going on a shooting spree, a bald white psycho goes on a shooting spree. Perhaps as is done for video-games, the DHS should be blamed for this?

Both the Aurora and the Oak Creek monsters were involved with cognitive psychology. Holmes was a neuro-science student, his father (allegedly) previously connected to DARPA, and his psychologist/psychiatrist a former military (Air Force?) doctor.

The Oak Creek mutant was involved in Army psychological operations before his discharge form the Army. Furthermore, while I make no case for the mentality of racism, I cannot yet imagine why he would target Sikhs, which are about as obscure a minority as I can think of, as well as peaceful. I am unaware of any controversy surrounding Sikhs in America. Their history with Islam is not pleasant either. Guru Nanak was known for his fierce resistance to the Islamic terror of the day, choosing to slowly roast over an open fire before converting by force to Islam. If this beast was intelligent enough to perform duties in the Army, in psychological operations, he certainly could not have confused -- as has been suggested by the media -- Muslims with Sikhs. Or could he?

I remain curious, ill, and skeptical.

- Admittedly Perplexed

Anonymous said...

For God's sake! Is there a campaign to criminalize all white men without hair: ? For all you hairless chaps, better get a nice wig or hat, else you're a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Think I'm gonna check out the movie called SIRIUS and see what all the fuss is about. Think Sihk.

In relation to another article posted on this website about Lakota Tribes land being auctioned off by the U.S. Gov. I noticed a reference to Sirius and the Pleidians which piqued my interest.

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