Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ron and Rand Paul Were Never Going to Save Us

Editor's Note: We love the message of peace and liberty, and respect Ron Paul for educating the masses, but we'd be naive to think the Pauls are exempt from an utterly corrupt political system.

Anthony Freda Art
Paul Adams, J.D.
Activist Post

Many people believe that Ron and Rand Paul are the only hope to save the United States from becoming a totalitarian fascist police state. After all, for decades only congressman Ron Paul exposed the crimes and consequences of the private Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, fraudulent war on drugs, wars and coups of aggression, the growth of government and dependency on it.

Many Ron Paul supporters believed that Ron’s son, Rand Paul, would promote the same polices as his father after being elected to the U.S. Senate. Yes, Ron and Rand appeared to be the last Jedis of freedom, battling and exposing the empire of bankster monopoly occultists.

Let us now examine whether Ron and Rand Paul can be trusted to save us and how effective their efforts have been.

Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty PAC are great at fundraising. During the 2011-2012 election cycle, Ron Paul raised $40,909,878 and spent $38,934,716.

We may not get liberty because of the Ron Paul campaign run, but it sure looks like Ron Paul campaign manager, Jesse Benton, got the big bucks
Benton's total income from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign and PACs, in the 2012 election cycle, is at least $586,616, EPJ has learned. 
According to Open Secrets, he has been paid $322,577 in the 2012 election cycle, by Liberty PAC. His total income directly from the Ron Paul presidential campaign 2012 is, to date, $264,039. 
Benton is married to Ron Paul's granddaughter Valerie Pyeatt. 
Many Ron Paul supporters have become unhappy with Benton because of his suspected contacts with the Romney campaign and his overall handling of the Ron Paul campaign.” 

Furthermore, the average donation to Ron Paul is $61.92, meaning that the individuals that donated have little to spare. One could argue that Ron Paul and his family, through excessive payments to Jesse Benton, have embezzled donations from loyal supporters of liberty.

According to renowned researcher Webster Griffin Tarpley, Ron Paul is a master in nepotism and employs approximately 61 of his family members. Granted, Ron Paul could argue that it is necessary to employ family members to avoid COINTELPRO infiltration, but how can he justify paying his grandson-in-law nearly $600,000 in one year?

Strangely, Ron Paul and Mitt Romey were very friendly during the Republican presidential primary campaign. Romney is the antithesis of Ron Paul and supports everything Paul claims to oppose, such as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which authorizes the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, socialized medicine (eugenics against the elderly with death panels that deny care), endless wars of aggression in foreign countries, unlimited financial aid to Israel, the fraudulent war on drugs, and Romey is a vulture bankster like those that run the private Federal Reserve. One would think that Ron Paul, “The Champion of the Constitution,” would find Romney and his CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral/Neocon associates repugnant.

Yet Ron Paul is considering voting for Mitt Romney. With his political career at its end, why won’t Ron tell the people the truth about voting or at least clearly refuse to support vulture-bankster Romney?

Webster Tarpley persuasively argues that Ron Paul served as Romney’s wing-man to ensure Romney received the Republican presidential nomination (attending Bilderberg likely helped as well).
Paul and Romney were generally friendly throughout the primary election. During the slew of Republican debates, the two saved their most withering attacks for other Republican contenders on stage, sparking rumors that they were somehow in cahoots. 
In February, Santorum accused the two campaigns of working together to undermine his presidential bid, a charge both camps denied at the time. 
It appears that Ron and Rand Paul, either knowingly or unknowingly, are being used to keep millions of Americans invested in corrupt political system that is beyond repair and the false left vs. right divide-and-conquer paradigm, dominated by eugenics loving Wall Street Banksters since at least 1913.

According to one researcher, “of the 620 measures that Paul has sponsored, just four have made it to a vote on the House floor. Only one has been signed into law.” Because the Audit of the Fed occurred, it appears that only two of Ron Paul’s many measures have been made into law.

Ron Paul has given hundreds of great speeches and written hundreds of important articles; but was he able to stop any of the following: NDAA, Real ID Act, Military Commissions Act, Patriot Act, TSA groping and expansion, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Bankster bailouts, clergy response teams, CIA drug-running, tyrannical executive orders, Council of State Governors, covert acts of war against Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iran, or Fast and Furious?

No. Why not? Because even if Ron Paul is legitimate, Congress and the President don’t work for you, don’t represent you, and they never did.

During his 2008 campaign, Ron Paul said that he wanted to “end the Fed” and the I.R.S. In 2012, for some reason, he softened his tone to we should “audit the fed” and rarely mentions the I.R.S.

To Ron’s credit, the Fed was audited and we learned that the largest banks were bailed out with over 16 trillion dollars as they foreclosed on millions of homes and gave their executives bonuses.

By now the criminal cartel of usury known as the Fed should have been abolished or nationalized but Ron Paul says only that we should audit it again? What happened to “end the Fed?”

Ron’s son, Rand Paul, raised money from Ron Paul supporters and was elected to the U.S. Senate on his father’s platform. However, rather than endorsing his father’s policies, Rand shocked the world by endorsing Mitt Romney for president on national television, who is the antithesis of everything Ron and Rand claim stand for. Even a blind man can feel the sting from Rand’s slap in the face to his campaign donors and “Ron Paul Revolutionaries.”

Do you think Rand Paul was allowed to use Ron’s political machine (Campaign for Liberty) to get elected to the senate and then endorse Romney without Daddy Ron’s approval? If so, you can get a great deal on some oceanfront property in Arizona.

But one slap in the face wasn’t enough as Rand appears to be a Neocon in Libertarian clothing. In 2010, Rand met with war lover William Kristol of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a so-called Neocon think-tank that published a paper one year prior to 9/11 stating that transforming the U.S. into a military-state would require a “ catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor." Dick Cheney, who gave the stand-down order on 9/11, was also associated with PNAC.

Additionally, when reporter Abby Martin questioned Rand about his decision to endorse Romney, Rand showed his support for freedom of the press and the First Amendment by attempting to get her arrested and stripped of her press credentials.

Ron and Rand Paul often brag about their Christian Values, yet Rand is a member of the NoZe Brotherhood at Baylor University and claimed to worship the “Aqua Buddha” (idolatry). George W. Bush of Skull and Bones and Kenneth Star are honorary members on NoZe..
The NoZe Brotherhood, as the group was called, was formally banned by Baylor two years before Paul arrived on the grounds of 'sacrilege,' the university president said at the time. 'They had 'made fun of not only the Baptist religion, but Christianity and Christ,'  President Herbert Reynolds told the student newspaper, The Lariat. 
The group hardly denied the charge. One 'brother' told a reporter from the Lariat during Paul's sophomore year that the group was raising awareness of an abundance of both 'hot air' and 'dangerous and even toxic levels of Christian atmosphere on campus.' 
In conclusion, Ron Paul and Rand Paul may give good speeches, they have even educated millions of people about important issues. However, they cannot be trusted to save the United States from becoming a totalitarian fascist police state as they get practically no results yet provide patriots reason to believe in a system that is beyond repair in its current state. Representative government in the United States is a fast-fading illusion and it makes no difference which mass-murderer occupies next Whitehouse as he or she is merely a puppet.

Ending the police state (it’s already here) and planned democide is the responsibility of every individual. We must not consent to the criminal bankster state. We must refuse to vote in rigged elections or for candidates associated with political parties. We must not take any actions contrary to our conscience.

Rather than cheer for Ron and Rand Paul, we must do everything we peacefully can to stop the planned shooting war from occurring in the United States.

Paul Adams is your humble servant.

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Anonymous said...

Great art from Anthony Freda by the way! Yes, for all of Ron's great work, he has never really taken on the Israel Lobby, he nor could anyone, without getting a bullet, literal or figuratively, square in the forehead. But Rand is another story and I have no confidence in him, he has clearly gone over to the dark side, alas. Thank you for this excellent article. - Richard Wilcox

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just curious......what have YOU done to SAVE us???

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of reason to support Ron Paul even given all the above being true. This struggle which has just begun is/will be fought from various angles. Just as in the first American Revolution, the colonists tried every single avenue available to them before resorting to war. And it will be that way this time as well. Many people are going to have miserable lives due to what's coming. It will be especially hard on the women and children. So we owe it to them to try the civilized way first, such as voting for Constitution candidates. I believe those avenues will eventually be exhausted, but they must be tried.


Anarcho-Capitalist said...

Some good points are made in the article and the salary to the campaign manager is atrocious.

However, expecting anyone to "save you" is not the way to individual liberty. Ron Paul is only one person and no one should get too attached to any politician.

As stated, Ron Paul has been instrumental in awakening many people, and more than any one person, he has brought the Fed to the forefront.

However, Tarpley, a brilliant analyst, is a hired gun for the unions, and spreads disinformation about Libertarianism, stating that it is some sort of modern-day conspiracy, thus ignoring its rich roots, going back to the likes of John Locke et al.

Tarpley is more of a bedfellow to socialism, than he is to individual freedom. He is married to the idea that the entity (the state) that has stolen from us, is the same entity we should now trust to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

I can't get with this "never trust the government" mentality. With all it's flaws and they are many... There are still things the government has been relatively good about... Like safety nets for the poor and elderly. ( from the depression until now) and to be frank .... We can't bitch about what corporations and private interests are doing because they are running for office... and getting seats. The civil rights movement was grassroots. We have more mobility and technology than they did.. Wanna make a change. Stop bitching and do something. Actions speak louder than words. Be the change you wanna see in the world -Gandhi

Anonymous said...

GOP represents less than a majority, much less, of voters...Ron Paul would lose votes if he was left to GOP...but write in votes he can have Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, independents...other or no party and be President.
The GOP voter fraud count and criminality did not win the war...it won or may have won a very small minded battle...the large battle is for Americans to be strong enough not to bow to brainwashing..vote their conscience...write in Ron Paul...and if he is on a ballot the federal election board will not have to count the votes by hand? Diamlake2009

Anonymous said...

Any politician that promotes the official 9/11 story is a traitor. Ron Paul is no exception. He was the good cop in a good cop/bad cop routine. He should be arrested and prosecuted for treason along with every member of Congress and the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul avoids lobbyists...President Obama and Mitt Romney are supported by Goldman Saks...Goldman Saks and the other bankers have no fear of the consequences of their widespread fraud and cheating with Obama nor Romney...they are using our ignorance to try to rip our Constitution from our dying hands...NDAA, the Patriot Act...I am writing Ron Paul in and I don't get nervous because there are many voters who will not be brainwashed into giving up, giving in...or thinking their vote won't count...Vote Ron Paul..write in Ron Paul...if you are looking for a hero...that hero is you....Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe there are still people out there who think their vote will do anything. Does anyone actually believe a corrupt election can deliver an HONEST result?

Be a patriot and stay at home in November. Don't allow your "vote" to be directed to the candidate already chosen for you. Choose not to be a participant in our criminal system.

Paul Panza said...

I was correct about Ron Paul from the beginning. He does say good things that I like to hear. I have been harden by forty years of on the street activism against this corrupt non-system. I believe it was Mark Twain who made the comparison of "politicians" to "child molesters", he observed no difference.

iamlightagain said...

Paul Adams, who do you work for? and who would you vote for to save this country? Perhaps you think Obama or Romney would be your choice. The very thought of it makes me want to PUKE!
If Americans give up their weapons all would be lost, but don't get your hopes up, the majority of Americans are not spineles, yellow bellyed, no balls wimps that would give up their guns because they value their freedom from tyrany and their individualism more than a reprisal from slave masters.
Go stick your head in the sand!

Anonymous said...

It's time to stop giving the Paul's the benefit of the doubt. The only legitimate action Ron Paul could have taken was to take his campaign fight all the way to the convention to expose Rommey as a globalist puppet. By not doing so, Paul assures the continuation of government as usual, and does a disservice to the country. Demand your campaign contributions back from the Paul's as being offered under false pretenses. Demand that Rand Paul be exposed and never be elected again.

Anonymous said...

This is a painful topic for those of us who are stalwart defenders of liberty, and Paul Adams' honesty and clarity on this subject is much appreciated.

Face it, the system is irrevocably broken. The few political champions of liberty and transparency that reach levels of prominence are boxed-in, harassed, or eliminated like JFK, RFK, MLK, and Paul Wellstone. Our federal government exists in a state of DEEP CAPTURE.

The few remaining effective tools we have are to educate others in an effort to reach critical mass; work on the grassroots level to fight local and state corruption; and vote with our pocketbooks - living by example as best we can.

For those who are apt to criticize Paul Adams, he isn't telling you can't have your "protest vote" of writing Paul or voting for a third party candidate, he is simply asking us to not allow false hope to cloud our vision and we may even send a stronger message if we don't vote for any of the lesser of evils by staying home. Don't shoot the messenger.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much the sheep defend their champion when somebody presents facts to show he isn't as he is cracked up to be(shows how pitiful Americans truly are).
Just like with obama ron paul just says what you like to hear and you fools fell for it hook line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

We are the "white knights" we've been waiting for (to come swooping in and save us.) We've got to accept that no one person is capable of saving us or anything else.

Leaders give us HOPE-- a vision of a better future. Now, even if we don't have leaders, we must continue to hold onto our hope (and our reasons for hope) and spread it to everybody we come in contact with.

jbvtme said...

RP is controlled opposition or he'd have been wellstoned long go. his role was to introduce the notion of a gold backed currency and to organize the dissent into polite (non violent) constitutionalist advocates.

Joe7000 said...

The world is as it is because the majority of people believe in religious fiction. Ron Paul is a Christian and Romney is a Mormon. Christianity began as fiction and became legitimized after a few hundred years. Mormonism is a neo-christian religion that is trying hard to become legitimized.

Obama is pure fiction: He was created by a committee and pretends to be human and the world deteriorates accordingly.

The American political system is a religious fiction and the world deteriorates accordingly.

The NRA is a religious fiction promoting hunting as the sole reason for the 2nd Amendment and the world deteriorates accordingly.

Individual sovereignty is a religious fiction and soon political and economic enslavement will teach all of us the truth of this fact.

But, be of good cheer: after mankind is extinguished the world will be a safe place for non-intelligent creatures...

Anonymous said...

The whole system is corrupt and it has to go...

Anonymous said...

This precisely is the 800 lb gorilla in the room:

If Republicans really wanted to beat the &^%$ out of Obama in the election, they would bring this simple (and now obvious) point to the American people...that Barry S. is just another lying commie marxist who only wants to bring America to destruction (FYI - in a less than an hour searching the internet you can see this is true).

Obummer would lose in an heartbeat on that little bit of info coming to light.

However, the sad point is both parties are DIRTY, SCHEMING, and DUPLICITOUS (they don't care about this country and certainly don't care about you or me)...

And for that matter, in a manner of speaking, so is Ron Paul (although he is light-years away from the other ilk). Why? Because he also is not getting this crucial info out before the American people...and it is his duty to do so; besides, if he did he could make a real charge at the presidency; none of this soft-pedaling).

Bottom line...all these politicians come way short of ethics, honor, righteousness...and unfortunately, the American people are so dumbed-down they can't tell the sky from the daylight.

Anonymous said...

Article was good because it gave us factual numbers of money shenanigans of Paul campaign. I used to be a supporter of Dr. Paul but I just think the OKC bombing, Waco, and 9-11 have convinced me to not ever to vote again until the criminals who have taken over are executed or imprisoned for life, and that includes for sure the top banksters. All presidential candidates never will deal with the realities of those false flag terrorist attacks on Americans by "Americans."

There was an article in the Washington Times right when campaign started and Ron Paul praised Romney's ideas because they were consistently conservative, or something like that. Tarpley may be correct about some things, but he is in the hands of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit as his wife and daughter are employed with those entitied.

I really think if all of us would not vote, or at least not vote in the presidential race, that at least we could send a unified message that 'we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.' Voting and elections have been a crooked joke for decades. We need to stop believing in the delusion.

Anonymous said...

When Ron Paul first came to the cause of "the common man," I knew he was a ruse. His purpose was to be the "front man," for we "little people," giving us a false hope. Why did I know this? No one survives in Washington as many years as he without owing someone something, big time. They are all puppets, and RP is no exception. He played is role very very well.

R.Paul was interviewed right after the death care bill was signed. The interviewer was asking a number of questions, and then interjected if the above bill was going to be made null and void. Without missing a beat, and without any change in his tone or demeanor, he said that it wasn't going anywhere and then continued with the topic at hand. Very cool, indeed.

I am very glad someone has finally recognized him for who he really is. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Paul Adams,

Nice article, but give me a break.
'Facist Totalitaian Police state' ?

Facism is characterized by a Strong Ethnic and racial identity, such as seen in Spain, Italy and Germany ie Those who fought multi Cultural Marxism and Bolshevik Communism, in their respective nations.

Fascism Opposes a Central, a debt- Interest charging Central Bank, Freemasonry, Marxism and its 10 Planks in the Manifesto, Feminism, Societal Ills, Media filth and Degeneracy, Abortion,and Gun Control.

The USA is anything BUT Fascist. A Marxist Plutocracy in all reality is what we have.
In fact, 9 of Marx 10 Planks of Communism have been successfully implemented IN the USA, examples about on the net.
Please do your research before spouting off such lame, sophomoric writings that are awash in lies and half truths.

Don Was said...

Hope is useless without the Will to Enact it. No single Human can be trusted to "Save The Day". America WILL continue to devolve unless action is taken that does not yield "piecemeal" results that are little more than pushbacks by a few minutes on the doomsday clock. .

Anonymous said...

lol...finally an article that expresses my thoughts exactly.

Once again, americans are stupified into believing the "great white hope". How ridiculous. Ron Paul has done NOTHING for this country, and there's a good reason for that.

When you figure out what exactly this country is, and who the government really is, you'll understand your life as a patsy.

How many times do you have to be suckered before you get it.

Insanity. Pure insanity. And still comments above continue to NOT accept the facts and "see the light". Idiotic americans.

Anonymous said...

If there somehow were ad audit of the "Federal Reserve" you can bet your last dime that all the auditors would be picked by the "Fed" and would be jews.

Anonymous said...

It's disheartening to see that among the well connected (internet-wise), the ignorance about Ron Paul and his intentions are astounding!

The author expected a politician to show results, that's what they do in DC, they balance their compromises on the back of the American people.

The few commenters "read" RP's real intention by picking up a clue here and there in order to discredit him. This is akin to going for a job interview only to talk to someone who only pays attention to anything negative in order to disqualify the candidate.

People who aren't involved in the campaign shouldn't make comments because they just don't know.

It is the sheer deceptive power of the media that helped pick a candidate. When RP had just 90 seconds in a 2 hour debate, you know the game is grossly unfair. When NPR reports that such and such won first place, and such and such is right behind in 3rd place, totally censoring RP, you know you're on an uphill battle.

Mitt Romney's look and the ceaseless propaganda that he's a successful manager, plus the fact that he's viewed as a white candidate to beat a black man, all played huge roles in the minds of the electorates.

Americans are prisoners of their racial associations, victims of propaganda, and entitled individuals who look for someone to save them because they are desperate and short in memory.

No politicians can save us. All they do is to enrich themselves and stay in power. RP said he will not save us, and that's why they didn't vote for him.

There has always been a tradeoff between having things and having liberty. If the government gives you things, you have less liberty. Ron Paul said he would not give anything so people can have more liberty. The weak masses would not accept that.

lakristinita said...

THANK YOU!!!! I agree with the writer 100% What good is it to disagree and give speeches if we are still not changing anything or talking about the real truth. Our votes dont really count or it would still be illegal for most of us to vote. This is all one big game, chalk it up with the rest of the crap, vaccines, chem trails, fluoride, TV, we have been tricked and distracted. There are real things out there that we can make a difference with but we have distracted and have not been doing what we should be doing. We are not powerless but if you keep listening to the TV and mainstream news you will feel very powerless, like we need a savior like Ron Paul, but we dont, we just have to stop giving them our power, stop spending our money on their crap that just enslaves us. It is time to wake up, stop being tricked and stop being distracted. We need to love our families, who knows how long we will have them with us. Think good thoughts and live by our principles, NEVER sell out, do what is right, be flexible and dont hold on to past ways of life or believe in something or someone because of an illusion we hold, seek the truth!!!

I have become a better person since I have started learning about Ron Paul. I give him credit for that. In that aspect he has made major changes around the world. I will always be grateful to him for helping me become a better person. But I have learned enough to not support someone just because,, I have to have a valid reason. I see that RP has dropped the ball and does not want to be president, I dont blame him, I mean who would want the job of working for the bad guys,, not me. I will always love Ron Paul, but I will not continue this game. I am going to be doing my own thing, with my family. I am leaving all this behind me, with the knowledge of total corruption is controlling our lives. My final words are Thank you Ron Paul for helping me free my mind,, but farewell!!

Anonymous said...

When the dress up and play of politics is over they are all men who want power. None of these men will inform you of your strawmen, the UCC, and the truth about this countries corporate state and ownership of you via laws. They want you to believe in revolution, so you don't get down to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Stockholm Sybdrome is rampant in these comments. Pathetic !

Anonymous said...

How could any sane person support a man who advocates extreme austerity so the budget may be "balanced"; i.e., so the bankers will be reimbursed the money they have created out of thin air and loaned out at interest? In reality Ron Paul has always been the prophet not of freedom but of financial slavery.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT vote! Do not delegate your own personal power to others! BE THE POWER:
-plant free wiki-trees, wiki-vegis... create free food = ABUNDANCE TO ALL
-SHARE & GIFT as much as possible (it's not bartering but gifting)
-create & use FREE STUFF at all levels

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Webster Tarpley and the author above, saying that Ron Paul was never going to save us and/or has done NOTHING for this country is absolutely ridiculous.

Ron may not have had many cosponsors or much support from his "cohorts" over the years but that didn't stop him from his pursuit. He educated tens of MILLIONS and called out those responsible constantly and he had been doing so for DECADES. He walked a very fine line and I'd argue that if he were not so high profile he'd probably be kaput already. He is only 1 man, so the 2/3 majority is far from his grasp. He has been silenced and intimidated (as were his base and delegates... gee, I wonder why he toned it down), and when that wasn't affective he was smeared and slandered. And don't tell me Rick Perry was not trying to intimidate him. Sadly, it worked.

Anyone who says he hasn't made any difference or caused any change has obviously missed out on the course of events over the last 8 years. The Tea Party movement, OWS demonstrations, thousands of military veterans marching from the Washington Monument to the WH (on Presidents Day 2012, no less) then giving the POTUS an about face (even with threats of disciplinary action and conveniently ignored by the main stream media). No, he did nothing. He didn't plant any seeds, he didn't spark interest, he didn't help manifest ideas, he didn't get the creative juices flowing, he didn't get people to think, to reconsider, to question.

Only 2 of his bills were signed, but what does that tell you after reading the content of those bills. After all, he is known as "Dr. NO." He never gets support because every one in the gang of 535 is bribed, paid off, given kick backs, etc. They SOLD OUT far more than you can every accuse Ron of; Rand is another story. The incentives for other bills are obvious, the incentives for Paul's bills... well, sadly his fellow congressmen/women would just rather have their appetites satisfied now. They failed to understand what he is really all about. How many on capital hill can recite the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, etc. How many of them understand the checks and balances as he does? He is a student of liberty, one that many of us who he reached strive to be like. In the end, our "elected" officials will all realize how foolish they were and what kind of damage they caused to the USA (except for those who have had an ulterior motive all along). Hindsight is 20/20. You cannot take it back. Sure, their coffers were stuffed and they got all kinds of "bennies," but at what expense? Ultimately, those niceties will be worthless and they will undoubtedly be stripped of those anyway.

As Jack Abramoff admitted, "He cannot be bought... He's so rare. He's the kind of congressman the founders had in mind."

I don't agree with everything Ron believes, but he is far more congruent with my beliefs and values than any representative I have seen in a LONG time.

Ron may not be the GOP candidate, he may not have been one of the popular kids that got his bills passed, but he DID present an idea which is perhaps the most powerful legacy he could leave. He did remind the country of what we USED TO HAVE and what we were built upon. What we were designed for. Whether or not you think he had suspicious acts, the finger print of liberty he leaves, the MESSAGE he delivered and the voice he gave his supporters are what REALLY counts; you know the rest.

Idiotic Americans? Don't, for a second, think you are immune to this and don't point the finger at us, as you are just another one of US somewhere ELSE in the world.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the suffering the animals in the water have to endure because of our pollution. The suffering from nuclear waste on the environment. The corporations make billions and destroy the earth.

Anonymous said...

They have to have someone in there that makes it look like they are looking out for us. Ron Paul if he went against them they would have had him kicked out a long time ago. He was just another Ross Perot. You know the thrid party candidates are shut out or we would have elected one of them by now.

iconoclast said...

Tx. Nice to hear some actual truth instead of the fake stuff.
The author attempts to enlighten those who have been asleep (many remain so) or willfully ignorant, to the fact that the electoral 'system' is a ruse.
Don't be afraid to admit you've been going down the wrong road, unless of course you're too proud; in which case you are hopeless and useless to anyone, even yourself.

Paladin said...

A few have claimed here that they "picked" Ron Paul at the outset as a ruse or a fraud, who was given a task by people not identified, to dupe us little guys with false trails like a return to the gold standard and ending the Fed and the IRs. Admirable hindsight back 25 years or so. But why did you leave it until now to tell us numbnuts?
So back to the future - do tell us now, using your infallible self-proclaimed foresight, what is going to happen in November, rather than waiting until after the event. I cant wait to know.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only ELIGIBLE candidate!


Andrew said...

From the UK - well-written piece and many perceptive comments good to see - For many years both our political systems have been jealously guarded against decent human beings getting amongst it and changing things for the better.
This has been done on a number of levels, from subtle coercion to murder.
Don't give up your guns.
Faith without action is a downward spiral.

ken bruun-olsen said...

I sort of Always knew that Ron Paul wouldn't make it, and if he did I didn't give him more than a year or two in office before they JFK'd the crap out of him. The Good news is that he DID in fact allow us to see that The Revolution was a way to point out what was and is So Fatally Wrong with our system but Truth be Told even on a Good Day he would have been little more than a Bobble Head as President, because THAT is What A President IS. I've always said that 'The Best Man' for the job will NEVER get the job because that would work against the Actual Bosses (The Bankers and Industry Moguls). And not to sound pessimistic but It Just Doesn't Matter WHO is Elected at this point. The Agenda is already in place and only in need of a Great Orator, and Obama is a GREAT Orator (That is ALL he is). I beleive that 'PEOPLE' (Us) think on the short term whereas these plans are based on decades of change. We look at the here and now in regards to 'Do I Have a Job', 'Will my Kid get an Education' and so forth, whereas THEY look at the Macro-World as they put their longterm plans into place. Fact is we DO NOT nor WILL HAVE the necessary information to make a choice to foil them. They are the Kings of their Illegal Rhealms for a reason, and we are simply 'Just Screwed'. The ONLY way to beat them is to starve them of their Powers, STOP USING THE BANKING SYSTEMS (Pay Your Mortgage if that will do any goo but remove ALL YOUR MONEY from their Banks). You can either Talk the Talk or you can Walk the Walk. Peace.

waypasthadenough said...

Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then piss their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering "How did this happen to me?" The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.

It's time to stop arguing over the culture war. It's time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It's time to start thinking Normandy.

If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.

What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?

Don't understand? Start here: http://willowtown.com/promo/quotes.htm

Then read my column ‘Prepping for Slavery’: http://www.willowtown.com/promo/blogfpprepslvry.htm

Anonymous said...

Tarpley is a socialist. He wants to be the Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky's "The Inquisitor", who distribute bread to the poor and at the same time take full possession of their freedom. The Inquisitor openly admit that the bread came from the poor.

It is the fight between the welfare and warfare state that's been conspiring against America. But democrats have learned they can do both welfare and warfare. That's why Obama continued Bush's foreign wars.

Look who benefited from the welfare state? Not the poor. Same as the housing collapse. It's the crony capitalists that benefited.

Ron Paul supporters are poor too and that's one of the reason we didn't do as well. Whenever we raised is just a drop in the bucket compare to the major candidates. But we have come a long way baby. We we labeled kooks but now we have upward 500 delegates in Tampa.

We won MN, ME, and many other places. We were cheated in too many places to count.

WE WON IOWA (ALL DELEGATES ARE BELONG TO US). But the media will not report this. If we had won the early primary states, the media would say they're unimportant.

It is the power of propaganda that got everyone believing in the illusion that we didn't win.

We had a real chance for a peaceful r3VOLution and we will be here for the foreseeable future.

To the people who say politics doesn't change anything, get out of the foxhole and start your shooting war. See how far you get to "change" things knowing the 2 billion hollow points bullets out there.

I'm disappointed in most of you, the supposedly informed, thoughtful people, who read Activist Post. You should'd known better. I expected you to be at a local liberty club making phone calls and donate. It seems the majority here didn't do anything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are ALL part of the dialectic; they are ALL members of the free-masonic brotherhood. Ron Paul is NO exception. Any candidate who exists in or participates in this satanic system is part of the dialectic. Obama was selected to introduce the fascist police state and Ron Paul is just playing his part in this charade. Any legitimate person who attempts to get elected and is a real threat is either discredited, marginalized or eliminated. They all participate in this satanic free-masonic conspiracy. It's all just theater for the dupes.

Anonymous said...

Webster Tarpley is not a socialist. He has said so on multiple occasions. He considers himself to be a supporter of the American School of economics. Look it up on wikipedia. He is also a fan/supporter of the New Deal (which lead to the LOWEST unemployment rate in the US) and the economic policies of Charles De Gaulle which did wonders for France.

The common denominator in all three is the use of government to strengthen real credit of a nation. So the answer is not to limit or cut out government, but rather to use it as a tool to reshape the country.

Tarpley doesn't hold back any punches, and sometimes his methodology of conveying his thoughts can be offensive. I don't agree with everything Tarpley says, but I believe his economic recovery plan is the best plan put forth in this day and age.

Anyways, just my 2cents...

Anonymous said...

Is there anything new ?

Anonymous said...

To all those like myself that invest time and money into the Paul's campaign: We've been had... again! Never trust another politician again. Pray that the peace holds out but be prepared because it's all about to come down.

messianicdruid said...

I'm gonna wait and see what happens at the Convention. Ron Paul might surprise all of us. He's not perfect, but I believe he is consistent, which NONE of the others can say.

Anonymous said...

To all the disgrunted commenters out there and the person who said Tarpley is not a socialist. He is a socialist because he has a weak spot for the poor. He wants to redistribute food and it ultimately means taking it from someone else at a gun point.

Every dictator ever came to power had had their support from the poor and the agenda of food distribution, and Tarpley is not one but he advocates the same principle.
He's a socialist.

RP argued that we all should be better humanitarians. If you want to save the poor, open your own wallets and do not do it through the government, at the point of a gun. It would be interesting to see the full disclosure of what Tarpley had done to save the poor, with his own money. It's too easy to argue the case for the poor if people just want to open the government's spigot.

If you don't agree with RP's intentions and you're the privileged leftist whites (by that I mean you smoke pot and don't get busted and go to jail for non-violent crimes as the blacks do), by all means join Occupy. You need to be cognizant of the fact that leftists shut down your shops (Jean Quan, Menino, the Chancelor of UCB..). Power exercised against non-violent groups are unjust whether it comes from the right or the left. Government's first imperative is to use force.

I'm not white. I'm for America. If you are white and feel angry then by all mean join Stormfront or some other group. I wish you luck because in my opinion, whites are losing and Americans overall are losing in the near term. We're all going to be slaves.

Since we don't own the media and the bullets, good luck with your little armed resistance because here's how I understand the effect of a HPB: It's like someone shaking a paint brush at you and if the paint stick to you, you're dead. They got 2 billion rounds so it's just like that, shaking a paint brush.

Anonymous said...

It would have been political suicide to address some of the issues the author complains about. Adams can kiss my ass.

Dave R said...

Paul: Thx for your comments on the Pauls. You will like my Forward-USA.org site. Tect of my Monetary... book is at parts 1 and 2 in the left margin. Click on all 8 parts. Comments?

muggles said...

Paul Adams is a stupid punk who manages to include every inuendo and slander about RP into this article. Yes, Benton isn't worth the $$ but that was Ron's decison, like it or not. RP has never claimed to be a savior or miracle worker. This is a half baked mush pie, which seems to blame Paul for not magically transforming the country all by himself.
Yes Rand is a disappointment but who ever said he was libertarian or like his Dad? And meeting w/ neocons isn't some crime, it is what he does that should be watched.
Adams has a not so hidden agenda to foster helplessness and hopelessness. Beware!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Obama told Syria's Assad not to dare use chemical weapons on their people before the United States' bribe taking congress lets in "Mon-sin-o" to poison the peoples' food first.

Anonymous said...

I've learned some things here but Ron Paul and Rand are only 2 individuals, you couldn't expect 2 people to change the system. I believe that somebody "said a word or two" to them - like we're going to shoot your daughters or something more subtle. A similar pressure may be involved in their 'endorsements' of Romney. A video of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney shows a decided lack of enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

This is such a transparent 'hit job' on Ron Paul that it amounts to an insult to the reader(s). This is mostly innuendo and conjecture from a very feeble-minded writer. How much did Obama (or his peeps) pay you to produce this drivel? Only an imbecile could attribute the corruption and deception that pervades our government to patriot statesman, Dr. Ron Paul. Go crawl beack under your rock.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon above. Paul is not our "savior" but his philosophy and adherence to the principals of freedom are our hope to turn this country around. Ron Paul has always fought against corruption and this is evident in his voting record. So, he hired his relative at a high price and many would agree that it was a poor choice, but certainly not evidence that he is is corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Emmanual Goldstiens' son Rand worshipped "aqua buddha!" What is that? A water bong?

Listen, if Ron Paul was the real deal like his voting record would indicate, then what you are proposing is that he has been in on this for decades. My guess is that someone very powerful threatened to kill him. Or he is the real Emmanual Goldstein. Either way, my Ron Pual beer cuzzy is keeping my favorite beverages cold.

Anonymous said...

The road to totalitarian, global, corporate feudalism works best using libertarian window dressing at the beginning of the road and all along the parade route to the road's conclusion. Some of you people just don't get it. Ron White is right, you can fix people's vision giving them 20/20 eyesight, you can fix their hearing, you can fix their knee and hip joints so they can dance like young people again. But there's one thing you can't fix.... you can't fix stupid. The three things that have destroyed the private sector middle class, possibly permanently, are: open borders, free trade and endless wars. No wonder the money changer tribe calls the vast majority of us stupid cattle. Ron Paul is being paid handsomely for his performance. Eat your heart out, Paul Revere! LOL.

Your Owner said...

Some of us realized this the first time that Ron Paul let the MSM walk all over him... Oh well. I guess some of us are just different...

Socrates: Know Yourself
Wisdom: Know Good and Evil
Metaphysics: Know Reality
Philosophy: Know these and Act Accordingly (aka, Religion)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul had no intentions of winning.
Common sense. If I ran for president and
received $10 mil in donations I would open
at least 1 campaign office in every state ! ! !
My supporters could hand out fliers and posters.

How many did Ron Paul open ? ? ? ?
None in Wisconsin !! I checked.
I was going to donate. I wanted to
hand out fliers and bumper stickers.
None in Colorado.
None that I know of except 1, in order to collect money donations.
Ron Paul has Has lead the real Americans to
a dead end because Ron Paul is one of them.

Ron Paul is a 'LIAR'.

Anonymous said...

And now, he wants to help Alex Jones start a revolution which will lead to civil unrest and martial law.. and the public can't see that they're sleepwalking into a death trap!

The constitution is a freemasonic document, written by and for freemasons, aka "the people", and not applicable to anyone outside the shadow government. Magna Carta was also a private treaty, between King John and Pope Innocent III. It never applied to unnamed, non-signatory parties to the document.

They're all in it together, and truthfully, only God's Kingdom will destroy this entire globalist system. The realm of politics/finance/religion all emanates from the bowels of Nimrod's Babylon, and the Bible exposes it all.. Satan rules the world via human complicit agencies and only Christ will put this right, before this counterfeit NWO kills the lot of us.

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