Sunday, August 19, 2012

Palm Scanners To Pay For Lunch At Louisiana Elementary School


KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Anonymous said...

As usual, pick the weakest argument and messengers to opose your point of view, there are plenty of other non biblical arguements that will do just fine. When is the last time a 'report' looked for a comprehensive rebuttal that would let people weigh the evidence?

Anonymous said...

Lucifer and his minions thru out America are constantly moving faster and faster with there diabolical inventions and ideas see what happens when we gave up god are true god given gifts and let hundreds of sell outs tell us in Washington what is best for us hold on it is only beginning this will mushroom quickly thru out

Lee Maynor said...

The bible you are taking literally as the "word of god" SPECIFICALLY tells of people "TAKING" the mark, not using the identifiable patterns formed by the veins god created. If this is the mark of the beast, god is the antichrist that gave it to you. Make up your mind what parts of the text you wanna be all hyper-holy about, and then shut up when your infallible "logic" proves you wrong with your own words.

Anonymous said...

Player says video is unavailable

Anonymous said...

Lee Maynor; according to your hateful comment clearly states you don't know your bible & or have a strong leader at your church. It may be helpful if you tune into some world wide news on current events that align precisely to biblical prophecy. I only say this in love & peace to all christians to hold us together not in division. The devil works overtime to create havoc & discord within our homes, churches & nations. And it's time we acknowledge this. We need to encourage one another christian or not. To inflict hateful words is bitterness & ego in the heart. I am not perfect. I work daily keeping these things in check & close to God keeps me humble & grounded. God bless you & yours!

Duncan said...

this is acclamation to get kids used to the idea of purchasing things with out physical currency and by a scanning device for the future implementation of a chip/marking system.

Jock Doubleday said...

One more reason to homeschool.

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