Thursday, August 2, 2012

Empirical Scientific Data Continues to Discredit Climate Change Alarmists

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Based on a new mathematical reconfiguration of the false claims that CO2 is affecting the earth’s temperature, a call for a “carbon deinvestment campaign” has been made.

By making carbon taxes a global and integral part of the “fee-and-dividend approach”, these climate change alarmists want to redistribute wealth from country to country as the globalists at the UN have outlined in various eco-terrorist manifestos.

However, real scientific data from real-world observations, and not the IPCC’s falsified computer model projections, are painting a different picture of what is actually happening with our weather and what the true effects of climate change actually are.

Anthony Watts, former television meteorologist, has conducted a study into the reliability of weather stations in the US Historical Climatology Network. According to Watts’ analysis of the position of the weather stations and their spoiling of assumed empirical data, results show the planet warming at just 0.155 degrees Celsius per decade, rather than the 0.309 C per decade cited by the government.

Watts believes that the reality of global warming is that it is not as “catastrophic, or as bad as it’s been portrayed.”

During the 2012 UN Earth Summit in Rio+20, a new global climate treaty was first and foremost on the agenda to force all the world’s nations to be bound by international mandate to follow the regulations of the UN with respect to climate change policies – which ultimately gives the UN control over each nation’s internal structures.

Alarmists are using efforts like the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) (pressuring Capitol Hill) to reintroduce this bill in letters to elected officials that use fear-mongering of man-made climate change as the purpose of such legislation.

The CCL claim :
As evidence keeps mounting about the dangerous trajectory of human-induced climate change, it becomes clear that Earth’s natural systems are rapidly approaching tipping points for global warming. Failure to act now will doom future generations to one cataclysm after another –shortages of food and water, displacement of millions from rising sea levels, more frequent and severe weather disasters, and the breakdown of civil society.
The hijacking of the environmental movement has produced non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and “green groups” that are able to raise funds and influence nations' global warming policies for the agendas of the UN. By lobbying with fear-mongering they are successful in making overblown assumptions about the extreme weather, ocean acidification and melting glaciers.

Ocean fertilization, the use of plankton to push CO2 into the depths of the ocean, is a scheme invented by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) that approved ocean fertilization as a “preventative” measure of sequestering CO2 in the deep oceans. One of the most devastating effects is the increased acidification of the oceans.

Bill Gates and his colleague David Keith are funding alarmist scientists from Harvard University to spray thousands of tons of sun-reflecting chemical particles into the Earth’s atmosphere to artificially cool the planet. This solar geoengineering seeks to replicate volcano effects by shooting sulfates into the stratosphere using synthetic sulfate aerosols to reflect sunlight back out into space.

Solar geoengineering will directly amplify specific areas of study, as they have chosen sulfuric dust that mimics the emissions of volcanoes. An intended consequence of solar geoengineering is the whitening of our skies because of the nano particles being released to reflect sunlight. Sulfate aerosols cause whiter daytime skies, and sunsets to glow brighter.

And further amplification of our atmosphere with the use of solar geoengineering will directly affect immediate weather patterns across the globe. Effectively, the global warming effects alarmists are complaining about and blaming on man-made CO2 are actually causation of the UN’s various restructuring of the Earth’s atmospheric chemical elements into something more toxically sulfuric.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, folks! AGW or 'global warming' is a non-starter scam, funded by CENTRAL BANKERS. Get it, yet?!

America is systematically being destroyed, by Central Bankers, but, hey let's stand by Israel (created in 1948, by Rothschilds -) whatever the cost in American lives, $$, and liberties lost. Oh, and no need to prosecute the very banksters who intentionally wrecked the economy so that they could be bailed-out, with TRILLIONS in American tax payer $$, because we are in a 'recovery', and Netan-YAHOO! is going to start a war on Iran, to BLAME FOR the coming economic crash, and ensure either zionist-kiss-a** Obama or Romney get "elected" in Nov., so that Amerika will continue in lock-step with Israel, right into OBLIVION. Bye, bye Ron Paul, Bye, bye Bill of Rights, Bye, bye, U.S. Constitution, hello global corporate police state slave plantation.

Paul Panza said...


Anonymous said...

Dale observes:
This article is pure propaganda. A former tv meteorologist? Vs the entire consensus of actual climate scientist? Vs decades of scientific research?

The empirical evidence that smacks us in the face is 4000 heat records broken this summer, rising oceans forcing natives to retreat to higher ground, Greenland ice cover melting in a matter of days, the acidification of the ocean caused by warming, not the "fertilization" on which she lays the blame, which was done in one spot a decade the opposite end of the earth from suddenly GREEN Greenland, once covered with ice. How stupid must her fans be to believe such utter madness!

We are expected to believe that 98% of experts in climate science are lying and that the amateur study of a tv weatherman refutes them?

The Koch funded research proved that the government data was correct. The leading critic of global warming (cited in the Fox news source Posel provides) who was hired to prove that the government data was false has concluded that global warming is very real and that human activity is responsible.

To assert that CO2 does not effect weather is an ignorance worthy indeed of Fox news.

This is shoddy and fraudulent journalism; it is, in fact, propaganda for the energy industry, which makes profits by externalizing the damage it does, shifting costs of health and environmental and climate-related damage (extreme floods, drought, and storms) to the public.

Posel knows nothing of science, and has not credibility as a journalist. Note how she cannot say scientist without prefacing it with alarmist. This is Orwellian repetition and association, intended to overwhelm critical thought with constant conjunction. Science is not alarmist. Posel seeks to discredit real scientists (laughably with a tv weatherman) to serve the agenda of the energy elites. If she is not getting paid by them, she should.

Also, as she publishes at least 2 articles a day, there is no way a responsible journalist who researches their work can produce at that rate. This is just a rehash with an absurd source of "refutation" of discredited propaganda points, all wrapped up in her paranoid fantasy of a global elite seeking to destroy 90% of humanity. It will no doubt bring out the anti-Semites and the anti-science fanatics in the discussion forum.

Anonymous said...

Climate Change and Man Made Global Warming are both lies to hide the fact that Nibiru a dwarf star (sun) with seven planets will arrive near Earth about 20 million miles away and is responsible for all planets warming up, moon changes, sink holes etc.

The Illuminati have had decades to prepare for this with deep underground military bases paid with public taxation but we are not invited.

But the end will be spectacular with as mentioned on some reports on Nibiru, 3 mile high ocean waves (upto 100 miles inland), trillions of 70lb (35kg) iron rocks travelling 3 kilometres per second and some asteroids measured at 500 miles wide bombarding the surface of earth, poles shifting, massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, massive movement of the earths crust and winds and tornados over 200 miles per hour.

Looking up Nibiru or Planet X it is on an inclined orbit with our solar system on an approximate 3600 year orbit. Some ( say it MAY appear on August 17 or September 26 2012.

John Moore also mentioned that the Gulf Stream has stopped due to BP oil disaster.

John Moore on Planet X

BackToConstitution channel (Zetas may be controlled by Reptilians)

Insider Speaks Out About Nibiru, Planet X and ELEnin

Reptilians Shapeshifters be aware of them but do not take against them as it is too dangerous for humans:

The beings who control sone of the bases are Reptilians/Annunaki
Summary of what may be going on by Dr J Chiappalone MD:

Anonymous said...

Hollow Earth (what the governments are not telling us)
The safest place whilst on Earth is in Hollow Earth (Argartia) but even this is not really safe when faced against Nibiru and 500 mile wide asteroids.

Hollow Earth videos:

Anonymous said...

This article is pure garbage. Fox News and “Anthony Watts, former television meteorologist” as a source for (in)validity of Empirical Scientific Data? Please.

This isn’t journalism and it sure isn’t science. It’s a joke…a bad one and so is it’s contributor, Susanne Posel.

And...GOOD LORD would ya stop with the Niburu bullsh*t!? Gawd are you adults or 5 year olds who believe anything they're told by anyone who tells them, anything.

Hint: If you're focused on right-wing (in this case) or left-wing propaganda you're not helping and you're part of the problem.

If you're focused on sensationalist NONSENSE (like Niburu), you're not helping and you're part of the problem.

If you believe everything Alex Jones (a fine and well polished opportunist and hysteria perpetrator) tells you, you're not helping and you're part of the problem.

Good lord, you (no one specific) yell "wake-up! wake-up! while you're living in your own little dream world of fairy fire flies, rogue planets, and balk in the face of pure scientific data for the sake of perpetuating your own "conspiracy delusions."

You're delusions (no one specific) are not the issues. You're not helping, and you're part of the problem.

Wake the F up.

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