Friday, August 10, 2012

Cop: 'When the President Follows the Constitution, I will'

Apparently bad leadership trickles down the chain of command...


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Anonymous said...

That's a dude with a rare mixture of balls and intelligence. Even if both sides of the argument are flawed, he illustrates the fact that even though we are all expected to live under a brutally enforced law, the law itself is not respected. The message I get is that officers are now illegally compensating for defective laws, thus overextending their duties and violating that which they are employed to uphold. I think this is a real problem. The legal system is a mess. Maybe time to reform it, instead of letting it fester beyond repair.

Enlightened Rogue said...

These pigs are SO stupid.
How many criminals, intent on harming someone, open carry their weapon??

Anonymous said...

pigs? They seemed like comparably reasonable officers who were told to do something that they probably should not have done in the way they did. But "pigs", nah. Just average officers doing their job, which is a little bit more than "law", apparently.

If they were "pigs", they'd have been arrogant, vulgar, and might have used anything from their tazers to their shotguns.

I have for a long time suspected that level-headedness will get us much further than anything else.

Mark Henderson said...

"Do you have reasonable articulable suspicion that I am committing a crime?"

"Yes, we don't know who you are."

Last time I checked, anonymity is NOT a crime.

Anonymous said...

In the Cops defense, and I actually can't beleive that I am defending them due to my own experiences with PIGS, they were fairly cool with the guy. PIGS today are all up in their with tazers and 3 / 200+ pounds of Pig per 1 / 150 pound dude, just crushing the life out of him while repeating "Stop Resisting" like it is some sort of Cop Mantra now. These guys were careful yet cool, and the guy kept his cool as well. Dis the video camera have anything to do with that? I don't know. But I have seen and experienced MUCH WORSE myself. Dude knew the law, but Dude was also Way Lucky as well. Any number of other cops would have Blown his head off and just fiddled the paperwork later. FACT.

Angel said...

Wow. I learned something new. When you're prohibited from conceal carrying then you have to open carry if you want to carry a gun at all. Man. That's opening yourself up to a lot of potential harassment BUT!!! I do have to agree with the guy in the vid: he does have a right and he should indeed carry a weapon. And just because he is (legally) carrying a weapon and it makes someone uncomfortable doesn't give police the right to harass him.

Good for him! I'm glad he stood up for himself and made this video available. We need more examples of people behaving rationally when confronted with the fascists we rely on to respond to our emergencies.

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