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Climate Change: Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?

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Kate Johnston, Contributor
Activist Post

On July 1st 2012, Australia joined nations around the world in their move towards a carbon economy through the implementation of a Carbon Tax, which will become an Emissions Trading Scheme in 2015. Yet the underpinning justification for this move, the science behind man-made global warming, is not even close to being settled. In fact, an increasingly large body of scientists and researchers are telling us the exact opposite of what the United Nations and governments around the world would have us believe.

It is now evident that the science behind man-made global warming that dictates government policy is false, manipulated and corrupt and exists solely to meet a pre-determined political agenda whilst attempting to pass it off as credible science.

Central to this article is the role of the United Nations. Their treaties, summits and bodies have been responsible for providing the framework and political will that has moved the ‘environmental movement’ to where it is today.

This article seeks to go into more depth into current day science, which overwhelmingly suggests that global warming is not caused by human Carbon Dioxide emissions. Furthermore, I will outline the role of key players on the international stage that have worked tirelessly to convince us otherwise.

Finally, I will begin to look in more depth at what the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is and where it actually originated. As the article progresses it will become clearer that the Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme do absolutely nothing for the environment. Given this is the pretext used by governments for introducing carbon economy, I will attempt to convey some deeper social, political and economic influences at work here. In doing so, I hope to assist in understanding the reasons why we are moving towards a carbon economy and how this global movement abolishes our inalienable rights as human beings and basic freedoms – most of which many of us take for granted.

The United Nation Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC)

According to the UN IPCC’s website “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. It was established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) to provide the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of knowledge in climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic impacts.”

The UN IPCC’s findings are directly responsible for government policy being implemented around the world and this is carried out through four assessment reports produced in 1990, 1995, 2001 and 2007. There are currently 192 countries signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – an important international framework that commits governments to tackle climate change through a reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions. There are 194 recognised countries in the world.

Despite its global dominance, overwhelming evidence suggests that these powerful assessment reports that dictate policy and are directly responsible for the introduction of the Carbon Tax are false and full of misinformation. How is it that such a powerful tool as the United Nations with immense influence over world governments was able to progress so far in an agenda that was based on lies?

Key Players

One name that constantly comes up in regards to the global ‘environmental movement’ (Climate Change Industry) is Maurice Strong. Strong has been driving the climate change bandwagon since its origins back in the '70s. Having made his fortune in oil, Maurice became very involved with the United Nations and headed many programs and summits on climate change. Maurice Strong fled to China in 2006 after being implicated in a million dollar bribe to himself involving the Oil for Food Program. He has been there ever since and is still very active in the ‘environmental movement’ and Chinese politics.

To further understand how we got ourselves to where we are today, we have to understand where the myth of man-made global warming really gained traction. Al Gore’s book and ‘documentary’ - An Inconvenient Truth - was a hit worldwide, it even received not one but two Oscars! Reminds me of when Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize – what a joke! Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, was highly successful in instilling fear around the world that imminent climate cataclysmic events would soon follow all because of human-produced Carbon Dioxide. The documentary spread like wildfire and found its way into classrooms across America. The fate of humanity was sealed; disaster would fall upon us and entire cities would be under water, unless we acted now.

So what else do these two powerful men have in common besides being strong proponents behind the ‘environmental movement’? It’s called The Chicago Climate Exchange, and it is North America’s sole carbon exchange centre (think stock market). Yes, that’s right, these men are raking in massive profits from the global Emissions Trading Scheme. Conflict of interest? I think so! The same men that sold us the myth of man-made global warming are the same men that sold us the ‘solution’ of a Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme and now they’re profiting off their lucrative investments which are based on lies.

Dr. Vincent Gray senior climate skeptic and UN IPCC expert reviewer

Dr. Vincent Gray is an internationally eminent retired scientist with a Phd in Chemistry from Cambridge, who enjoyed a long career as a coal industry researcher before spending the last 22 years of his life in climate science. He lives off his pension and receives no funding for his climate research work, hence his interest in the climate debate is not influenced by any financial ties or interests.

He has published hundreds of scientific papers spanning many topics with several on climate appearing in peer-reviewed publications. But due to the institutional corruption and politicisation surrounding the Climate Change debate, much of his work is censored. He also authored two books; The Climate Change Delusion and Confessions of a Climate Skeptic.

Dr Vincent Gray is an expert reviewer of all four UN IPCC assessment reports and is responsible for thousands of comments on the reports - most of which were ignored. The blatant disregard of contrary scientific findings by the UN IPCC conveys the UN IPCC political agenda at the expense of the science. Dr Vincent Gray’s comments were not peer-reviewed; an essential method used in the science world to ensure consensus and accurate scientific findings.

In an interview with Dr. Vincent Gray, I asked him about the UN IPCC’s credibility and track record.

“The 1992 Rio Conference endorsed a legally binding definition of ‘Climate Change’ that the climate is largely controlled by human-produced trace gases.”

“They wished to show that the globe is warming, but this cannot be done as it is impossible to measure the average temperature of the earth.”

I delved further, questioning the system that governs the Climate Change Industry where Dr Vincent provided some further interesting insight.

“The whole system is supported, supervised and financed by the governments who signed the Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

“They intimidated editors of scientific journals to control the ‘peer review’ process in their favour.”

“They took control of many university departments, National science organisations and media outlets.”

“People who tell the truth are intimidated.”

Dr Vincent’s comments on the UN IPCC reports conveys the inherent institutional corruption that occurred, which allowed inaccurate science of ‘man-made global warming’ to infiltrate society’s perceptions, thus forming the foundation of government policy.

Science – The Facts

The next section of this article will be concerned with the science underpinning man-made global warming, specifically human Carbon Dioxide emissions and whether or not humans are responsible for a rise in temperatures, Global Warming and/or Climate Change. This key point is at the heart of the entire debate because it is on this false and misleading science that a global re-structuring of the economy, politics and society as we know it is occurring. So if the science that justifies the Carbon Tax, Emissions Trading Scheme and other massive global transformations are in fact based on lies, wouldn’t you like to know?

Firstly, the world hasn’t actually been warming since 1998, it’s been cooling. This explains why ‘Global Warming’ has been re-branded as ‘Climate Change’. UN IPCC’s underpinning science purports that a rise in man-made Carbon Dioxide emissions is responsible for a rise in temperature, but this simply isn’t true. It is the other way around. It is temperatures that dictate Carbon Dioxide levels. Dr. Tim Ball a prominent speaker on Climate change and climate skeptic outlines this in a radio interview with Alan Jones.

UN IPCC temperature data, from which their conclusions on man-made global warming are drawn, is fundamentally flawed for several reasons. The data is taken from weather stations around the world and then assembled into computer models which frame our understanding of Global Warming today. Yet in 1990, when over 6000 weather stations worldwide were being used, three quarters dropped out which left a clear bias towards warmer temperature recordings from the remaining active weather stations. This suggests that the recent warming that we know of is connected to the methods of recording and not an actual increase in temperature. More details about how this crucial data is flawed can be found within this report from Science and Public Policy.

Dr. Vincent Courtillot, Professor of Geophysics at University Paris Diderot formed a research group with other established scientists from around Europe to determine the cause of temperature fluctuation. After requesting UN IPCC’s data that forms their theory of man-made Global Warming, he was denied, therefore he and his group had to re-collate the data independently. His research found that temperature change is determined solely by Solar activity. Yes, that’s right the sun dictates temperature, not Carbon Dioxide levels of which humans have a minuscule influence compared to what is produced naturally by nature. Their scientific findings are well documented and can be viewed here.

And what about the global rise in sea levels devastating coastal cities around the world? Well science around the world shows no change in Global Sea levels, with Tidal Gauge stations recording an average of 18cm Global Sea Level Rise every century with no variation recorded during increased temperatures. That’s 1.8mm a year. This information can be viewed from a joint report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change – A consortium of independent scientists established to analyse published and peer-reviewed literature available on global warming from around the world producing a report that directly responds to the UN IPCC’s reports. Another excellent research paper on sea level rise around the world can be viewed here.

A group of 1000 international Scientists who dissent and disagree with man-made global warming speak out in the Climate Depot Report. One scientist, Dr. Leonard Weinstein who worked 35 years at the NASA Langley Research Center said: “Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!!”

The information is available for anyone to read. We have been lied to. Global Warming is a scam. But why has the United Nations gone to such great lengths to have us believe otherwise? Is an Emissions Trading Scheme so important? Or is there something else going on?

The Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme

The initial step of the Carbon Tax in the move towards a Carbon Economy is underway. If left unchallenged, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will be introduced in 2015, paving the way for the new Global Carbon Economy. This integrated global economic system is based on trading and control of carbon emissions. This is how it works; companies are designated with an amount of carbon credits in line with the government’s cap of carbon emissions that they’re allowed to emit. Companies that emit less are left with carbon credits which can be sold for a profit. Alternatively, if they use all their credits they purchase more carbon credits from companies around the world on the carbon exchange market. The idea is to give an economic incentive to polluters to reduce their carbon footprint. As the world moves closer to their goal of reducing emissions as outlined at the United Nations Kyoto protocol, we are told that we are helping the environment by limiting pollution. But again, the incentive for polluters only occurs if it is profitable. There is much criticism about the effectiveness of this system where it is currently implemented in Europe and has nothing short of failed. Fraud and corruption are rife and emissions have not yet been reduced – and even if they were it wouldn’t actually have any effect on the climate change anyway!

Eventually the Emissions Trading Scheme and carbon credits will be transferred to individuals in the form of a carbon card, much like a credit card we use today only it is for our energy consumption. Individuals will be designated with an annual carbon allowance to meet their energy, fuel and travel needs. The concept remains the same as the Emissions Trading Scheme, only the individual is designated carbon credits to be exchanged on the Carbon Stock Exchange markets. Plans in the UK for the carbon trading credit cards are well underway and will follow around the world soon enough. As nations attempt to meet their emission reduction goals, individual carbon allowances will also be capped and decrease over time.

This system of carbon trading and carbon economy is in the hands of the major banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. Personally, I don’t feel too good about handing over the reins of control of many aspects of my life to be regulated by banks and governments. How do you feel about that?

Social Transformation

As we slowly move into a carbon currency, we replace our current price-based system with one that deals with energy, which will essentially lead to a cashless society. We are already seeing this happening voluntarily around the world. As people increasingly start to use their credit cards for all their transactions, money in circulation will eventually be replaced with purely electronic transactions and energy allowances or individual carbon credits. This was on the Bilderberg 2012′s Agenda with the move towards electronic I.D. cards already happening – an essential step towards a cashless society. Every detail about us is recorded on these cards through microchip technology. But, keep in mind, individuals in a cashless society hand over all their rights to the governments and banks that control the system.

Another worrying aspect of the ‘environmental movement’ in the name of ‘saving the planet’ is the United Nations’ Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development, adopted by more than 178 governments around the world at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Agenda 21 is a detailed global action plan already adopted and being implemented by governments around the world which openly calls for population reduction, abolition of property rights and a complete re-structuring of populations around the world into high-volume smart cities. This is not a joke; it is a United Nations international treaty and a working document that governments are already implementing on both national and local level. I will dedicate an entire article to this issue in the coming weeks.

But probably of most interest about the Emissions Trading Scheme and the move towards a carbon economy is its startling parallels with Technocracy. Technocracy is a social movement and alternative political system that gained quite a bit of traction in the US in the 1930s during the Great Depression. It is a social, economic and political system based on individual’s energy consumption and is controlled wholly by experts and scientists – not elected leaders like the system we live in today. Instead of people being rewarded with money for their work, they would be given energy allowances. One key aspect of Technocracy is the Energy Distribution Card. Sound familiar? Well it should, the idea is being rolled out around the world now all in the name of fighting man-made Global Warming, yet the idea originated long before man-made global warming even existed. Are we moving towards a Technocratic society?

Central to Technocracy is a system that allows for the measurement of energy consumption of both individuals and households. The political system cannot be implemented otherwise. This may sound familiar to some of you as the Smart Grid and Smart Meters currently being rolled out around the world. This technology is being hooked up to households around the world and infrastructure is being designed that will allow Smart Grids to be integrated into a much larger global system of measuring energy production and consumption.

A brilliant question has been posed by Patrick Wood: “Who is orchestrating this?”

So now what?

All of the ‘solutions’ I have outlined in this article are being sold to the world via media and education in the name of ‘saving the environment’. But the very same entities responsible for creating the ‘solutions’ are the ones responsible for the problem to begin with and pose a serious threat towards truly sustainable solutions. The state of technology and resources existing today to transform our society towards a truly sustainable global community are infinite. All that stands in our way are the political, economic and social systems currently in place. But we must remember that they only exist because we allow them too.

One way or another a fundamental transformation of our global society is underway. The only question we need ask ourselves is do we want to be a part of the alternative and co-create a sustainable global community together? Or do we want to let the bankers, politicians and technocrats do it for us under the guise of ‘sustainability’ whilst moving towards a world where all aspects of our lives are governed and controlled. Freedom as we know it will no longer exist, and along with our freedom will go the mechanisms that are now available to us to protect it.

Things are moving fast, faster than we can comprehend. It’s time to make your choice. By doing nothing, you are complicit to their plan. By remaining indifferent you allow this repressive and controlling global system to be built right in front of your very eyes. But by saying no, educating yourself and beginning to actively participate in opposing this system you make room for the new fair, equal and just paradigm. A world to be built by the collective, by all of us. An alternative system that we can all be proud to call our own. We don’t have much time left; we must act and we must act now.

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Kate Johnston is an independent journalist and activist originally from Melbourne, Australia. www.discerningkate.wordpress.com




Anonymous said...

Having children is the surest way to send your carbon footprint soaring, according to a new study from statisticians at Oregon State University


My wife and I chose not to have children, do we get a credit ?

The whole system is a joke if it doesnt address this aspect, if they just hand out carbon credit cards to each new person as the population continues to grow.
The net effect for the environment continues to be increased carbon.

Its a scam

Anonymous said...

"It is now evident that the science behind man-made global warming that dictates government policy is false, manipulated and corrupt and exists solely to meet a pre-determined political agenda whilst attempting to pass it off as credible science."

Good grief. Another idiot denialist. Aren't you people paying attention yet? How can anyone still believe this claptrap?

The science is well-established, well-documented and well-proven. Climate change is a fact, and in widespread evidence all over the world.

Why does the Activist continue to promote such incredible nonsense? This article is clearly another ridiculous attempt to deny what is being documented all over the world. Temperatures are increasing, not decreasing. Talk about misinformation -- the author is clearly clueless or in the pay of Big Oil.

Anonymous said...

if it kills democracy i'm all for it

Anonymous said...

I consider AGW to be a reality but am suspicious of carbon tradiing schemes such as the one that Australia is introducing. They're all variations of financial casino scams that will enrich corporations and impoverish people.

Instead of AGW supporters and opponents retreating to extreme positions and bludgeoning each other with facts, facts and more facts, we should try and look at the other side's point of view, acknowledge where they are right and we are wrong, and try to find a common ground. We will find that the Earth's biggest problem is governments, corporations and their agencies polluting the planet and trashing its resources.

Anonymous said...

Scientists paid by Oil and remnants of "The Crooked E" to publish 1 in 1000 to rebut abound in your rant. Study for your self. Carbon dioxide is 400 times the average content of atmosphere if I recall correctly. We are living the results.
Be well neighbors.

Zym said...

Wow this site is officially as bad as Fox News. Questioning man-made climate change? Really? 98% of the world's climate scientists are all part of a huge conspiracy for a one world government. Give me a break. I used to think this site was a place for critical thought.

LadyRavenhaire said...

Global cooling? You must be joking! It was 109*F about 2 or 3 weeks ago in New York City. Never in my 40+ years have I ever experienced such temperatures. Im sad to see the Activist Post selling themselves so blantantly to the oil companies. Are there periods of cooling, sure. If you put an ice cubes in hot cup of tea, the tea will be cold but once all the ice melts the tea will no longer be cold, but warm. Anyone leaving iced tea out in the summer sees this. It's the same with the climate, as blocks of ice the size of Rhode Island break up in the artic, they cool the sky & water, but eventually the rising heat of the ocean will melt it all. Anyone who thinks burning abnormally high levels of coal are not going to effect the environment, is either stupid or paid off. Anyone who smokes or knows a smoker notices that their homes stink of smoke & notice the carpets & walls are brown from the cigarette smoke. Imagine what coal-burning plants a gazilion times a cigarette do? We don't oil, nuclear energy, or coal - burning plants. Tesla showed us this back in the 1930's. The problem then & now is about these companies making money & trying to own us by controlling energy. Activist Post should be teaching us how to make us free of these banksters & energy vampires, not justifying their continual existance, continual polluting, and our continual slavery by being forced to pay for what the earth gives freely or the sun.

discerningkate said...

May I start by saying a big thank you to all who read, especially those who disagreed and voiced as such.

Firstly, in response to Anonymous' comment, I am neither clueless nor sponsored by Big Oil. I took three weeks day and night researching and writing this article and was not a paid a cent. I did it because I care about the realities we face. I spent a long time on the science research, how long have you spent? I never said temperatures weren't rising, I merely said that temperature fluctuation is not caused by man-made carbon release. Does this mean I'm pro oil? No. Does this mean I want to see the environment destroyed? No, on the contrary. I'm simply following the science. I have a feeling you didn't read the entire the article...

If you read the article you would have seen how I discovered that the science being fed into the mainstream debate is corrupted and false and I outlined clearly why this is.

I am not a denier of anything, I am a seeker of truth. And most importantly I am seeker of solutions, true alternative. And while precious time, resources and money is wasted on the so-called solution of the carbon tax, we are only making the environmental challenges we face worse.

Look deeper, look fast the climate skeptic/denier vs. climate change believer paradigm that they intentionally use for us to miss the real point.

My intentions are sound.

Zym: Where did you get this 98% of world's climate change scientists from? This is false. And no, the scientists are not part of a conspiracy they are influenced by something much more subtle. It's called funding grants, and advancing their career. Sadly, Scientists who challenge the official line simply won't receive either hence why it's hard for scientists to speak out and when they do it's when they're at the end of their career.

Again, thank you for opening the debate. This is why I write.

Kate Johnston.

Anonymous said...

Icannot find any empirical evicence showing CO2 having any measurable impact on global temperatures in the real world. Climate models are just computer programs, showing exactly what the programmer wants it to show, nothing more nothing less.

Of course the climate is changing! Always have, always will! Rising temperatures are not proof it's caused by CO2. Besides, global temperatures have been stable or slightly falling for the last 10-17 years depending on what dataset we're looking at.

That this is all about World Government is hardly a conspiracy theory. It's official: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2012/03/17/effective-world-government-will-still-be-needed-to-stave-off-climate-catastrophe

Anonymous said...

"I consider AGW to be a reality but am suspicious of carbon tradiing schemes such as the one that Australia is introducing. They're all variations of financial casino scams that will enrich corporations and impoverish people".

Thanks commenter above, this with the rest of your post makes me optimistic. I am on the skeptic side, but could work alongside anyone with views like yours. So I agree, rather than argue and insult, why not look for common ground? Both sides could surely agree we have trashed huge swathes of the planet. Once agreed, have a look at a vid on utube about the Loess Plateau. Only 5 mins and it will give you hope for the future. What would happen to global temps if we 'went large' on this scheme?

anonymos said...

the power of thought police is incredible, independently if man mgw is through or not (which i personally doubt after following the research), it is incredible that even people who read free speech websites get so upset with different opinions and views! free thinking is what has given us the greatest advances, not following the established trend of the day. i think we all know about Galileu, whit out him the sun was still turning around the earth, a pancake carried by turtles... theories supported by supposedly great thinkers and noted persons of the time! be courageous and think out of the box... science is the new church, propagating some incredible bullshit even more non sensical than for instance catholic doctrine, if you don't stick to what is truth now you will be crucified, how many scientists have lost there jobs and credibility for not being simple followers and yes sayers but true scientists!
many of the great thinkers where first condemned by their peers as lunies. think for yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it is! Tptb- but will soon NOT be- have been putting the word to the Lamestream Media, to threatening us with the Fall of the U.S.$...for some time now.

And the fall of Democracy?

I hope it does Fail. It's been failing the needs of the People, for a long time now.There are better Systems..starting with a Republic...and continuing with Local Councils, more Manageable tothe Needs of Human Beings.

To begin with, a System that removes a criminal from leadership, IMMEDIATELY, not wait to vote them out.

Anonymous said...

I live in British Columbia Canada. As far as I know we are the only Province in North America if not the world that has a carbon tax. Gordon Campbell our premier at the time, was in attendance of the Bildeberger that year. We also received a hastily(so he says) agreed upon harmonized sales/gst tax and the bill from the winter olympics. His reward, High Commissioner to Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

What a pile of... Another right wing nut chosing to avoid reality in order to make her case of tripe. All the while our planet and our future grow dimmer.

Anonymous said...

This is a well constructed and important article - thanx Kate !! I have known this AGW argument to be bogus from the start, and what surprises me is the amount of people who are prepared to give up their personal power of discernment and just go with whatever "experts" opinion is presented to them by the media !? It only takes a moderate amount of intellect to work out that the mixing of two Primary elements - Oxygen and Carbon - to make an essential gas which forms the symbiotic relationship between the plant and animal kingdoms, goes on NATURALLY by the hand of Nature ALL THE TIME.
To find out that CO2 represents just 2.6% of the atmoshpere requires one to do some research as it is never mentioned by the "experts" and to find out that the SUN is, has ALWAYS been, and always WILL BE the cause of global temperature and weather also requires one to do some research, or to cast the memory back to pre- CC days when they taught it in school!
There is a good reason why ALL the ancient cultures of history revered and monitored the SUN, as it is the force that both gives and can take LIFE away according to its cycles. Its electro-magnetic effects on EVERYTHING on our planet, from our own conception to the wobble of the Earth's core are all resultant of the SUN.
Climate change is definately happening and the impending Ice age should be becoming evident to those in the Northern hemisphere by now. The USA has HAARP to keep them a little warmer though.
Taxing Carbon is taxing Nature herself, as this is a Carbon based planet, accept the new paradigm at your PERIL.

Anonymous said...

Kate how is it that you can post so much information and get the usual brainwashed dolts who site rubbish like "The science is well-established, well-documented and well-proven"

What a load of BS. What is true is that the temp changes and that we have been warming since the Maunder but appear to be leveling off. Fixing data , losing data will always show climate gate uncovered the schemes and untruths of the leading mouthpieces of armaggedon. You want to worship at their temple, do so but without my money. Real evidence doesnt show any concern with CO2......but Al Gore got a nobel!! and its just waiting to be mega rich....why do you think he let George win!..just shows how corrupt the world is.

Anonymous said...

ah that old 98% of climate scientists quote:-)
98% of a few who replied to a survey and most of whom were NOT climate scienmtists in fact..98% of less than around 200? or so isnt exactly a great number is it?
but the truebelievers dont go look at that.
Not ONE form of so called green/renewable energy is either affordable, capable of baseload and will stand alone without massive subsidies.
eg in aus the hi payback for grid solar feed in tariffs already dropping under 50% of original paybacks and due to drop more, while every other user pays 2x more and rising to subsidise the ones who installed it again using govvy subsidies we ALL pay for via taxes,.
its THE biggest con job ever imposed on a society I think in history.
I use less than half the average power consumption, recycle, put one bin out a month and still cop increased power and rubbish costs, food and everything is due to rise again when the full cost of the tax starts to hit.
rising temps are a Faked planned scam by vested interests and the past heatwaves usa have been far higher and longer than present day while carbon count was HALF present day. greenland melt? a few hours meltwater and then ice and maore snow UNreported cos it didnt fit the scare agenda.
wake the F Up sheepies, its agenda 21 power control and removal of rights! Kates correct.
here look at this!

Anonymous said...

Are you under the impression that we have a democracy? If you think the 'right' to vote for Obama or Romney is democracy you need to do a lot more research before you write articles.

CDR said...

Very good article. I feel somewhat sorry for, but not completely, the anonymous twerps on here who still believe in global warming and can't yet accept the fact that the whole thing is a con by governments to control everyone.
They often say that in order to prove a point, people must be led to the very edge of a precipice, before they realise the danger. I just hope to God that the Anonymous wackos on here, who think carbon-tax is a good idea, don't drag the rest of us with more brains over into the abyss. I want a better life than being chained to a carbon-credit-card, thank you!

Peter Wolf said...

I have read article after article regarding AGW and god knows how many comments from the chicken little advocates of it.ONE THING is missing from all of those commenters and from official sources of pro-AGW science and associated articles and from Govts and from the UN/IPCC and all the rest.That is industrial grade HEMP.

Why is this you might ask ?

Why is the one viable renewable resource that could replace oil being ignored by the pro-AGW advocates + the UN ??If saving the planet and its climate was such an urgent matter then HEMP would be subject to investment and promotion as a clean resource and their would be clear policy to encourage its cultivation and to create an alternative infrastructure to process it.It could be grown throughout the Third World as a cash crop to provide them with a valueable resource which in turn would create a steady reliable income.

Its not because of vested interests is it where viable solutions are being ignored with collusion between large multinational corporations and their servants in govt is it ?

Surely not !

I feel that it is not necessary to explain the ins and outs of industrial Hemp as a renewable resource as its plain obvious and there is plenty of info available and the chicken littles who are scared of the sky falling in should take the initiative themselves and look into it in their own time instead of supporting devious fraudulent schemes involving CO2 taxes which they are stupid enough to think will save the planet.

My point proves that the AGW agenda is a deception and is a trojan horse.NO argument about it at all.The arguments for AGW are weak in the extreme and very often offer no solution except for mindlessly appealing to authority and repeating weak science and dogma.They also frequently say nothing at all apart from "denialists" and "paid by BIG OIL" and views that are childish and politically polarised and parroted as cheap talking points*.Quite pathetic but the pro-\AGW agenda does seem to attract a certain kind of mindset.Very sad.Nothing original is added to the debate.

If you are concerned about AGW then you had better start talking about it and promoting it as a resource.

*A typical example of this is the short comment that is the 4th comment up from mine/There are one or two others.

Personally i dont buy into the absurd unproven hypothesis of CO2 driving climate change as its BS but i dont see that as a get out of jail free card either hence my comment about industrial Hemp as an alternative resource as there is clearly a need for it.

NO PAY from BIG OIL fro writing this comment either which is pretty obvious since i am challenging their monopoly of resources.

Anonymous said...

I see that the comentaters here gleefully constructing their own prison cells refuse to address the references and scientific studies provided by Activist
@Zym can you provide proof that 98% of climate scientists concur with AGW

Anonymous said...

Apologies Kate , I attributed this excellent article to Activist and not your goodself , keep up the fantastic work x

Anonymous said...

The fossil and ice core records indicate that temperatures have been both much hotter and much cooler during various epochs during the Earth's history, long before humans were here to influence things with their wholesale deployment of industry and technology. No doubt we are rapidly degrading the biosphere with widespread pollution, but to assume that our carbon emissions are responsible is laughable. When faced with the fact that daylight arrived 3 days late this year in Greenland, that the magnetic poles of the Earth are shifting, that the sun is producing huge solar flares, and that out solar system will shortly pass through the center of the plane of the galaxy, to think that a half a percentage point increase in CO2 is more influential than any of the aforementioned phenomena, you are living in a dreamworld. Of course we are seeing changes. But the earth has been changing for billions of years, WITH OR WITHOUT PEOPLE. So if folks like Al Gore who with the aid of inside information (NASA) knows that the climate is going to behave erratically, can then convince everybody that they need to pay more for the right to produce CO2 to avert some changes that were going to happen anyway, then stupid us for letting him get away with it. If you really want to panic about something, then why not focus on the fact that the percentage of atmospheric oxygen has gone from 21% two hundred years ago, to around 14% today, and that, dear readers IS probably attributable to man made activities. Funny the UN doesn't mention that.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article, written so the most uneducated and biased could understand and find the references. When will we wake up in this country to see how these few environmentalists are ruining our world, and slowly deteriorating our freedoms, fought for so hard by our forefathers. Unfortunately, these radical enviornmentalists have infiltrated our educational systems and brainwashed our youth, playing on their guilt for "destroying our planet". We must educate the teachers of our youth if we have any chance of saving our democracy. Again, Kate, you have nailed it and tied together the false science, politics and corruption that permeates this issue. Keep up the good work. I will send this article to all the schools in our area and hope they will take the time to read with an open mind. By some of the comments above, some people cannot see the facts even when staring them in the face.

discerningkate said...

Thanks guys for the support and those who disagree, keep going. At least you're taking an interest and voicing your opinions. It's those who remain indifferent that I worry about. I plan to do a bit of activism myself with this article and a second part I'm working on - Agenda 21's global implementation - by speaking with local parliamentarians, as well as local, state and national mainstream media. Even if they choose to do nothing with the information, just knowing and being aware and developing a curiosity still constitutes a win.

And of course we are not in a true democracy, the title was created to grab the interest of the majority who still believe we are.

Simon Adair said...

Listen. Scientist agree that there is issue here. So why don't we go with them and the environmental consultants? I'd rather take them than a community of people who get all their knowledge about global warming from fox news.

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