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Nikola Tesla's Lab Saved After 18 Years of Activism

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This is an update to the ongoing progress of trying to save Nikola Tesla's lab at Wardenclyffe. 

A campaign issued by the well-known comic creator of The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, was established to raise enough money to purchase Nikola Tesla's laboratory. It ended with incredible success. As we originally reported, a non-profit sought to raise $850,000 in order to match a grant of the same amount by the State of New York to secure the $1.6 million property and keep it out of the hands of a potential real estate developer who had put in an offer that might have erased the site and legacy of a genius whose inventions transformed our world.

The Guardian reported that $500,000 had been raised in just the first few days of Inman's effort. The final amount donated surged to $1,370,511 by the end of the 45-day campaign.

The attention that this campaign has generated is nothing short of incredible . . . especially since it's a battle that has been going on for 18 years.

Following the extraordinary success of the campaign to save the site of Tesla's lab, Matthew Inman had this to say about the rapid success experienced right out of the gate:
In 9 days, we managed to raise over 1 million dollars to go towards buying back Tesla's old laboratory, and with the $850,000 matching grant from NY state this puts us at 1.85 million bucks. At its peak, the campaign was raising $27,000 per hour, crashing Indiegogo, and probably setting some kind of land speed record in awesomeness. Indiegogo put together this infographic showing some interesting data points behind the campaign. 
So what happens next? (Source)

A subsequent update was posted to The Oatmeal which showed that including the grant of $850,000 from the state of New York, there was a little over $2 million in the coffer. According to Inman:
The non-profit behind this project is beginning the phases of putting in a bid on the property.
Excellent, yes? YES.
The campaign even attracted the attention of a distant relative of Tesla's, Dusan Stojanovic who matched donations in the final days. Inman adds:
Mr. Stojanovic is an angel investor who would like people to be inspired by Tesla and be part of innovating for the future by continuing Tesla’s work, particularly towards solving global energy problems . . . 
The campaign successfully exceeded its goal.

Now, after 18 years being sought by a non-profit called "Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe" to put the property back into the hands of the public, campaign creator Inman is reporting the happy news that it has officially been purchased with the funds raised. Inman stresses the significance:
This campaign wasn't about crowd-funding a video game or financing a start-up or creating a fancy new gadget. It was about righting a wrong. It was a way for everyone to collectively say, "Mr. Tesla, we're sorry humanity forgot about you for a little while. We still love you lots. Here's a Goddamn Museum." 
Representatives of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe organization voiced their amazement and appreciation for the outpouring of support:
"I'm grateful. We're still absorbing the reality of it, but we're delighted," Alcorn said. "We're certainly excited, and our next job is to start planning the next order of business." 
"Here we are almost a hundred years later, and now the property has come back into the sphere of influence of Nikola Tesla," said David Madigan, a board member of the Tesla Science Center nonprofit. "It's a satisfying feeling." 
"We have evaluations yet to do, decisions to make about what buildings to adapt," Alcorn said. "There's a long process ahead, and a lot more money to raise." (Source
What’s next?

The property is secure, but the work to build the museum has just begun. As stated on the campain site:
The remainder of the money from the campaign will be used to clean up and begin renovations on the property, but actually turning it into a museum is going to cost quite a bit more. 
The non-profit behind this project has a site plan to turn the land into a science center. They don’t want this to become a stagnant museum where you visit once and then never go back. Instead, they want it to be a place with rotating exhibits, classes, and working space for entrepreneurs, researchers, and students. 
Unfortunately, the land is covered by a derelict, asbestos-laden factory space that was built by a photo processing company who previously occupied the property. Building the museum would require either renovating or demolishing all of these structures and preserving the original Stanford White structure that originally housed Tesla’s laboratory. 
This is going to take time and a lot more money. Furthermore, there are believed to be tunnels underneath the property that were built by Tesla and may still house some of his equipment, and we want to be able to examine and excavate these underground chambers before building anything on top of it. There are rumors of a huge underground resonance chamber, and although I don’t know what an underground resonance chamber is exactly I’m fairly certain it’s both terrifying and awesome. 
When can I visit the museum? 
Although the actual science center is going to take a lot more time to finance and build, in the interim we’re planning on having an event in Shoreham, New York hopefully this summer. We’re still figuring out the details, but this would be a two day event and will have musical performances, lectures, interactive exhibits, and guided tours of the property (I’m going to be one of the tour guides). The event will focus on science, technology, and innovation. If you're interested in speaking, please contact us. 
Also, I own a fully functional Tesla coil cannon and I plan to BBQ some Sriracha-bacon sandwiches by shooting them with its 20,000 volt electric arc, so the event will be both scientific and delicious. Again, we're shooting for this summer but we haven't pinned down a date yet. I’ll post the details about the event as soon as I have them. (Source)
It appears that donations are still being accepted at The Oatmeal's DONATE PAGE. Or you can contact the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe non-profit directly HERE.

Please watch the video below for some recent news coverage, and consider donating if you have it in your budget to help reinvigorate a very important part of the history of technology, and present a new repository of information for people to learn more about this largely forgotten inventor, his amazing work, and his tragic story as he fell prey to corporate power brokers.

A big thank you to all of those who so generously donated to this endeavor.

Here is media coverage of the initiative to save Tesla's lab:

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Keep it out of the slimy hands of developers. Like we need more real estate in this crap economy. We need culture and to realize that everything we need is around us -- and it's FREE. Tesla was the perfect story of how the corporate scum creates a product out of what we already have, then sells it to us. It's a joke. This is great to see that people have stepped up to the plate for something that is actually important.

Mark McCandlish said...

This is wonderful! And I would suggest that they go up to and try some cloud funding to close the gap!

Anonymous said...

if tesla had been a jew- Congress would be showering the site with millions in holohoax preservation money.

Fred said...

@ Anon That was my sentiment exactly

Anonymous said...

They never seem to mention him which is ashame. I mostly heard of Edison but not Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla sounds like a really unique inventor. It was last year when I first heard of him when I had spam posted in my inbox about free power and now when I looked at all these websites like this one he seems like a legend.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible, but yes where are the specific plans for this??

Anonymous said...

Saint Nikola. Christmas. Word Association. The Association. 60's music. Ladies and Gentlemen, The BEATLES! Oh yeah I.... tell you something. Belief. Belief in happiness.

Anonymous said...

This is so great, can't believe they raised that much. I can't wait to see the plans for this. Keep the updates coming!

Anonymous said...

Tesla's work is just part of the proof that free energy technology is there to look after all of humanity.

However, a greedy few elite families made sure the rest of us couldn't benefit from Tesla's work.

These liberal lefty idiots who think there are too many people on the planet and there are not enough resources need their heads rewiring; there are enough resources but they are controlled by so few. That's what happens when you put so much power in so few hands.

Anonymous said...



Free energy for all. Bring back the Tesla tower and clean energy solutions will flourish.

Anonymous said...

now that the lab is paid for - do you think we can get any of his inventions re opened? or did the us gov/military take all his papers?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - "or did the us gov/military take all his papers?"

Most of his papers and works were seized by the FBI when Tesla died but a large portion of that work was then sent to the Tesla museum back in his home town.

So most of it is available to the public, it's just certain types of research and development that the U.S government has held on to and kept "above top secret".

But things don't need to be secret to be under control - the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator being a good example. After being banned as a medical device and reduced to one of those "sci-fi" devices everyone and their mother are selling fake versions of online it has been completely disconnected from the spirit of the original research and development behind it.

It still undergoes testing for other purposes such as agricultural uses(stimulating crop growth, resisting diseases and parasites/pests, etc.) but it's original development as a medical device has been almost completely lost without any real secrecy but simply with legislation prohibiting it's use in the original intended manner and the standard "conspiracy theory" MSM dismissals.


Anonymous said...

Thanks too all that donated and made this a museum instead of a development!

Anonymous said...

What really happened when bankers were allowed to takeove technology with government control here:

Mikey Freethinker said...

What everybody is NOT seeing here that this has now become another piece of controlled opposition. At first, when I saw the headline, I was elated -- I'm a big fan of Tesla, and through Eric Dollard I'm learning about Steinmetz and the other greats...

The controlled opposition part is that it is being turned into a MUSEUM...a cool museum, but a museum nonetheless, when instead the site can be cleaned up, and electrical engineers, like the above-mentioned Eric Dollard, can come in and complete Tesla's work. There are, oh, 6 billion of us or so that would be absolutely thrilled at the completion of Wardenclyffe tower...

I'm been to many hands-on science museums, and they are always cool, but they don't teach a damn thing (although adding a spark to the imagination is not necessarily a bad thing).

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I don't see why anybody that wants this to be simply a museum thinks that this is a good thing.

Peace and love,

el wad said...

Sweet lord... you guys are falling for this?

This press conference was a big joke, all a bunch of spoiled nyc trust fund babies smoozing. Now we know that Wardenclyffe will NEVER be completed! Once one of these people take over the site it is OVER.

Eric Dollard, the only scientist to redo Tesla's work offerred to give them the gear to reactivate the entire site for FREE!!!! They refused.

their job is to make sure no one ever gets access to the site. Just like Greenpeace and Commonweal did to the RCA KPH station in Bolinas CA.

The tower is gone but the real secret is under the ground. The ground antenna is the real structure, the tower was just a transformer to convert AC into teslas special impulse electricity and pump it into THE GROUND, where it would transmit thru the earth and be picked up by receiving stations worldwide, the power would then be magnified by the earth for "free" hence Tesla called it his "magnifying transmitter" <--- read this for the full scoop.

STOP believing these guys they are all liars. They got 1.3 million to further surpress Tesla and want another 10 million to build a kiddie museum that will have NOTHING TO DO WITH TESLA.

Catherine Bath said...

The wardenclyffe site should not be a museum. It should be resurrected as the powerful telluric transmission system it was conceived to be. Do the right thing, Matt Inmann and let the great minds of today complete the work that Tesla started. You can build a museum near it, not on top of the earth antenna! Duh! Activist post: do your homework and report the REAL story, please!

Anonymous said...

this whole thing is a huge scam.

a museum for Tesla out in the middle of nowhere Long Island...

they forget to tell you that the antenna that is critical to a real telluric transmission station is below the ground and that is their goal, to make sure no on ever gets access to it again.

instead a bunch of kids in long island will get to see some stuff that never reveals what Tesla was really up to, while the rich charity trust fund crowd has party after party, laughing at us for giving them our money.

real inventors who have gone even farther than Tesla are living out of their cars on scraps because their labs got shut down while we fawn and ooh and ahh over this BS.


Support Eric Dollard, Jim Murray and all the other REAL inventors fighting to finish what Tesla began. sweet lord 100k and they could do the job! 1.3 million.... and they want another 10 million..... to further surpress Tesla.


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