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Big Pharma and Collaborators Resort to Underhanded Tactics in Push to Ban Homeopathy

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Ever since I released my book Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom and began speaking out about the coming destruction of access to vitamin and mineral supplements inside the United States and the rest of the world, I have been met with the tired response of “it won’t happen here.”

Of course, saying “it won’t happen here” is generally a guaranteed method of ensuring that whatever you are claiming can’t happen will happen.

Nevertheless, the historically naïve masses - even those who are aware enough to seek out natural supplements and healthy food - still believe that the supplement lobby and the natural health industry are too large to be brought down by restrictive laws. The people, they say, would never allow it.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to believe in the power of the people, that power is seldom, if ever, truly harnessed. Take, for instance, the case of the European Union.

After the passage of the European Union Food Supplements Directive (EU FSD) in 2002 and its full implementation on December 31, 2009, the access of Europeans to vitamin and mineral supplements has been significantly reduced. For some supplements, access has been denied altogether.

A clear example of the expression of international guidelines at the national level, the EU FSD is a virtual carbon copy of Codex Alimentarius Guidelines.[1] As a result of the EU FSD,[2] it is now illegal for even moderate levels of many nutritional supplements to be sold to the public in the whole of Europe.

Available supplements are restricted to those on the positive lists provided by the EU FSD, meaning Codex Alimentarius.

In the UK, however, as is the case in much of the rest of the world, the assault on natural and alternative therapies is not confined to one front. For instance, in 1994, the Medicines (Homeopathic Medicinal Products for Human Use) Regulations 1994 was passed and amended again in 2005 which allowed for the increased licensing, regulation, and restriction of homeopathic medicines.

Guardian writer, Martin Robbins, summarized the restrictions the law placed on homeopathic practitioners in his article, “Homeopaths offer to rebrand products as ‘confectionary.’” He writes,
Under current UK law*, it is an offence for a lay homeopath to supply or sell unlicensed homeopathic medicines for which they do not hold a certificate of registration from the MHRA. Unlicensed remedies can only be supplied by those with prescribing rights - medical doctors or registered pharmacists - and then only after a face-to-face consultation with the patient. Since very few homeopathic products are licensed, this means a huge swathe of Big Sugar's products are, in theory at least, not legal.
Robbins’ reference to “Big Sugar” is actually a clever aside regarding a possible attempt by the leading homeopathic manufacturers to get around the nanny-state regulation policies of licensing choice and healing practices by labeling their products as “confectionary.”

Robbins’ statement is ridiculous in the sense that he labels an industry “Big Sugar” that is miniscule when compared to “Big Oil,” “Big Pharma,” and “Big Agra.” Of course, Robbins is aware of this fact and is only engaging in a silly game of semantics in order to convince the average Guardian reader, who is inherently uninformed, that Big Corporations like homeopathic product manufacturers are using scam terminology for the purpose of forcing their products on the public. This rhetoric is Orwellian in the sense that this type of behavior is exactly what we see coming from major agricultural and pharmaceutical corporations on a daily basis.

Apparently, Mr. Robbins has no problem with giant monopolistic corporations cornering a market and forcing him to use their products to the detriment of his personal health and finances, so long as the individuals who wish to use homeopathic products are unable to do so.

Indeed, in yet another example of Orwellian doublespeak, Robbins even suggests that the reason it has taken so long to produce and enforce regulation of homeopathic products is because of the British government’s “fetishism of free choice.” At this point, there is really no need to go on criticizing Robbins’ conclusions.

Because the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) is the agency tasked with regulating homeopathy, it is also “obliged to enforce the law if they receive complaints” regarding a homeopathic product.

Predictably, complaints were then lodged against the homeopathic manufacturers. Of course, these complaints did not come from consumers, doctors, or victims. They came from the Nightingale Collaboration, a self-proclaimed “skeptic campaign” organization.

Obviously, in place of “skeptic campaign” one can insert the phrase “smear campaign.” Indeed, organizations such as the Nightingale Collaboration largely exist only for the purpose of serving the major pharmaceutical companies who are becoming more and more discredited as time moves on. Thus, they must rely on underhanded tactics like snitching and outright lies in order to maintain their current grip on the healthcare system.

Regardless, the complaints have centered around homeopathic kits manufactured by Helios Homeopathics Ltd., which were marketed only to licensed and registered homeopathic practitioners . Out of the Basic kit, Basic Plus kit, Accident & Emergency kit, Child Birth kit, and Travellers kit, only the Basic kit was determined to be marketable according to the standards set forth by the MHRA.

The MHRA then directed Helios to “’discontinue the sale and supply’ of the rest, on the basis that the kit names are not approved by the MHRA, and ‘the kits contain remedies that are not registered or authorized.’”

A Nightingale Collaboration spokesman is quoted by Robbins as saying:
Even though they knew about the clear guidance that was issued in March last year by the MHRA, it took a complaint from a member of the public in September to finally make it clear that their kits of homeopathic products were not allowed under the regulations because some of them were unlicensed.
That is, except for the fact that it was not a “member of the public” per se who made the complaints. It was the Nightingale Collaboration.

As a result of the complaints filed by Big Pharma-friendly Nightingale Collaboration, Helios and many other homeopathic manufacturers are being forced to make a decision whether or not to attempt reclassification of their products or to cease producing them altogether. However, as an act of sheer desperation to stay in business, Helio has, at least at some point, considered a more novel approach. Namely, reclassifying their homeopathic products as confectionary.

In a correspondence cited by Robbins, Helios stated the following to the MHRA:
If necessary we could revise the manufacturing method, the labelling of the bottles and kit box to present them as non-medicines and non-homeopathic and market them as 'confectionery'. Customers who have an interest in homeopathy would still know how to use them and would continue to purchase them despite limited labelling. There would of course be media repercussions and uncontrolled sources appearing and confusion among the public and MPs who would demand a full explanation for the change.
This is an option which our customers would support if it ensured a continuation of the supply of kits until they are fully licensed.

But while Robbins and his ilk use this suggestion as an arsenal for mockery, the truth is that it is the British government, regulatory agencies, and media that should be mocked. After all, it is these organizations that have forced and cornered legitimate healthcare manufacturers into the position of using ridiculous classifications for the purpose of selling their products to willing and ready consumers.

It should also be noted that, in conjunction with the EU FSD which separately attacks the availability of vitamin and mineral supplements, the EU also has a directive which allows for the registration of Homeopathic products.

All in all, the forced registration and licensing homeopathic products and practitioners, regardless of the level of government, is a precursor to the denial of licenses to sell and practice homeopathy. While Martin Robbins may believe that the UK government has a fetish with freedom of choice; the fact is that the English have lost almost every remnant of freedom they have ever had.

Unfortunately, the police state tyranny and nanny state control system that the British are currently living under is only a precursor to what is coming to the United States in short order unless the American people suddenly grow a backbone and fight back.

[1] “Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements.”
[2] Directive 2002/46/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 10 June 2002 on the approximation of the laws of the member states relating to food supplements. “Codex Alimentarius: Global Food Imperialism.” Ed. Scott C. Tips. FHR. 2007. Pp. 237-243

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) 


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John said...

If homeopathy worked, a drop of sea water would make you immortal. It's at best delusion, at worst fraud.

There are many problems with capitalist pharmaceutical companies, but at least some of their products actually perform better than placebo.

Anonymous said...

and John proves his ignorance, and when has homeopathy claimed you could be immortal? It has not
The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine

In late 2011, the Swiss government's report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland's national health insurance program.

Anonymous said...

MADELEINE Ennis, a pharmacologist at Queen’s University, Belfast, was the scourge of homeopathy. She railed against its claims that a chemical remedy could be diluted to the point where a sample was unlikely to contain a single molecule of anything but water, and yet still have a healing effect. Until, that is, she set out to prove once and for all that homeopathy was bunkum.
But the Belfast study (Inflammation Research, vol 53, p 181) suggests that something is going on. “We are,” Ennis says in her paper, “unable to explain our findings and are reporting them to encourage others to investigate this phenomenon.” If the results turn out to be real, she says, the implications are profound: we may have to rewrite physics and chemistry.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to convince the gullible that homeopathy is slightly less credible then voodoo. Don't waste your time. The good news is when they get ill they will be removed from the gene pool by their belief in homeopathy.

Anonymous said...

ignorance is wonderful! I cannot explain why it is working. Therefore, it is not working.
To misquote Shakespeare, "There are more thing than are dreamt of in your philosophy"
I have been a captive of allopathic medicine for 2 years (WTU-if you know what that means, you know what I mean). I have waited and hoped for the time when I was relieved of the burden of allopathic "care", so that I would have a chance of healing and eventually- health.

Does all of homeopathic medicine work? NO. But, does all of allopathic medicine work? NO. They are for different problems, and together create a workable solution to medical problems.

Grethen said...

Oh I am sure NONE Of it works (sarcasm)- and this is ironic because all of Royalty have a personal homeopathic at their fingertips. So if it is good enough for Royalty, gee - there must be something to it. (also I am aware of the Belfast study which was done to discredit homeopathy, but could not)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to address the Ennis paper directly. Firstly, Ennis explored if the homoeopathic principle of dilution worked, not the healing effect. Secondly she got results that when analysed statistically demonstrated that it was unlikely (not impossible) that her results occurred through random chance. So, as good science dictates, her experiment was repeated using larger numbers of samples and extreme rigour. The results were unable to disprove the null hypothesis that homoeopathy had no effect. Once again, this was not a proof, merely a demonstration that it is unlikely that homoeopathic dilution works and unlikely they would get the results they had by chance.

Issues of patient choice are important, but at the moment there is no credible evidence for homoeopathy's efficacy. As a result the legislation is not about stopping consumers from buying what they want, more about stopping people innocently or deliberately conning the sick into wasting money on remedies that don't work. We can't break this argument down into the good guys and the bad guys. Neither homoeopaths nor "big pharma" have any claim to any kind of moral high-ground. But the truth of the situation is that medically, scientifically tested medicine will make you live longer and treat your illness more effectively than homoeopathy.

Anonymous said...

"The results were unable to disprove the null hypothesis that homoeopathy had no effect. Once again, this was not a proof, merely a demonstration that it is unlikely that homoeopathic dilution works and unlikely they would get the results they had by chance."
I don't follow your logic here. If it is unlikely that they would get the results they had by chance, then surely that makes it likely (not unlikely) that dilution was having an effect. You can't have it both ways.

Johan Hauptmann said...

Its too bad.. We really need Homeopathy..
I do belive that some times things have to turn bad before people wake up, and things get better..

Yours Truly Johan Hauptmann..

Johan Hauptmann said...

Sometimes things have to get bad before people wake up and make things go better..
And if you cant get the good herbs in the shops why not go and pick them fresh in nature. Thats what i do..
Yours Truly Johan Hauptmann..

Anonymous said...

The one pivotal point that is missed by science when trying to understand homoeopathy, is that it is ENERGY medicine. First science and medicine have to open their mind doors and confront the fact that humans are ENERGY beings experiencing physical life through the physical vehicle which is supported by an ENERGY field, otherwise called 'aura'.
ENERGY is on a higher frequency than physical matter, and homoeopathy is therefore 'stronger' the more it is diluted.
Correct choice of remedy will affect the human energy field with the required frequencies of energy, which will balance the field, and this then has a balancing effect on the physical/emotional/mental aspects of the person.
If this basic concept could be grasped,then it is a small further step to understand that the cause of all physical imbalances have their roots in the energy field, which is influenced by thoughts and emotions.
Homoeopathy is non-invasive and can be profound in its effects, which is why there is the attempt to contain it! ignore the waffle and spin about protecting users, what efforts have been made to protect users from chemical, toxic, invasive Big Pharma remedies??
This fight is just one section in the bigger battle!

Anonymous said...

"Does all of homeopathic medicine work?". You are clearly missing the point. No homeopathic medicine works and it can't work because it isn't medicine. It's "hope" and superstition and voodoo. It was designed by a scam artist to fool people and take their money. It was created in the 1800's when the medical belief system leaned towards bleeding sick people and leeches as a cure. It is based on a belief that people are stupid and will believe anything.

Allopathic medicine may not be perfect but it is based on science. The problem it faces is some things cannot be cured, some illnesses in some people will not end well. We are all destined to die, everyone of us will die. We will die from something and that something will be considered a disease/illness. Commonly we call this dying of old age but in fact for 95% of us we will die from the big three: heart disease, cancer and stroke. This frustrates us, we see our parents die and when we get old we suffer from one of these diseases and we face death. It is understandable that we would reject allopathic medicine which cannot "cure" us giving us eternal life and embrace a superstition that promises to cure anything/everything. If you just take some of this magic water and pray with me and hope you will be well and live forever... But surely at some point we understand that we have been sold a fraud a voodoo by a quack who has never cured anything.

Anonymous said...

all the naysayers of natural medicine either work for the pharma cartel or are shills for them. Or never was sick for any leigh of time.. I used conventional medicine trying to get well, it just made me worse . then a light bulb went off. Gods healing foods! detoxing the pharma, chemical crap out of me... whoo whoo life is wonderful on this side of the ground! Allopathic medicine wasnt in the US until The medical mafia took over Rockefeller and Carnegie. follow the money..

Physician, heal thyself

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

Anonymous said...

Amazing that someone would think that rejecting allopathic mediSIN is due to a wish for eternal life. What a strawman!

Allopathic care is very important but limited. It is great for sudden traumas, such as broken bones for example. What it is not good at is the care of the whole person. Because it sees the body as specific parts to be treated and not the whole. It does not consider nutrition or energy flow through the body as factors for health management.

As to the oft quoted "based on science", what hooey! It is based on money and sadism. (look at the actual history of medicine-it's frightening) And the people who throw time and money at allopaths, in an effort to extended their lives, are more often than not subject to the quackery and false hope that those who practice homeopathy are accused of. But, with the added joy of poverty and pharmaceudical effects(there is no such thing as "side" effects).

Anonymous said...

"Gods healing foods". And what, exactly, are they? What you seem unable to comprehend is this theory you propose is based on superstition and nothing else. Worse, None of the believers believe in the same healing foods. Haven't you noticed that everyone who thinks foods are either good or bad have decided differently on which foods are good or bad?

"Energy flow"! You put your faith in some ancient Asian religious belief? Today the average lifespan is greater then at any time in history and this is thanks to science based medicine. In the 19th century more then half of children died before age 5 from diseases that today we have vaccinations to prevent. There is greater then a 50:50 chance that the reason you are alive today to practice your superstition and ignorance is thanks to a vaccination you and your peers received in your childhood. But safe because of modern science based medicine it is popular and "cool" to reject it. All the movie stars with sub-100 IQ's are rejecting it and they certainly look cool and are beautiful so why not. And look, no pandemic yet so what could go wrong. So just like the man who jumped off the Empire State Building and was heard to say as he passed the 10th floor; "so far so good" you are free to think what you like.

Anonymous said...

"Big Pharma and Collaborators Resort to Underhanded Tactics in Push to Ban Homeopathy"... Of course they do. Homeopathy actually cures people and does NOT make DRUG PUSHERS any money.

Christopher Freeman said...

Homeopathy had better success with pneumonia in 1928 than conventional doctors do today.

Today, pneumonia is the leading cause of death due to infectious diseases in the United States. In 2000, pneumonia/influenza was the eighth leading cause of death in America after heart diseases, cancer, iatrogenic diseases (diseases due to medical treatment or drugs), strokes, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents and diabetes (1). At the current rate, one in every 25 Americans (3.9 percent) will die of pneumonia/influenza (2).

Untreated "lobar pneumonia has a mortality of about 30 percent." With antibiotics, fatalities are reduced to a varying extent, depending on the underlying condition of the patient, but in persons over 12 years the mortality is at least 18 percent and in immunocompromised persons it is much higher." (3) The reported mortality rate for community-acquired pneumonia is on average 12 percent (4,5), and for hospital-acquired pneumonia is 50 to 70 percent. (6)A survey conducted in 1928 among homeopathic physicians reports a death rate of 2.8 percent among 11,526 patients with pneumonia who were treated with pure homeopathy. (7) The venerable Dr. P. P. Wells of Brooklyn commented that a death rate of even 2 or 3 percent is till too high under "right" homeopathy.


1) A. M. Minino, et al. Deaths: final data for 2000. National Vital Statistics Reports 2002; 50 (15): 1-120.
2) Sherry L. Murphy. Deaths : Final Data for 1998. National Vital Statistics Reports 2000; 48 : 1-106.
3) Kenneth F. Kiple (ed.). The Cambridge World History of Human Disease. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993, 938-939.
4) M J Fine, et al. Meta-analysis of community-acquired pneumonia. JAMA 1996; 275:134.
5); Samuel Louie. Hospital-acquired pneumonia. 2000.
7) E. Rodney Fiske. A survey of the statistics of the homœopathic treatment of lobar pneumonia. Homœopathy 1933; 2; 2-5

See also the case of the New Zealand farmer Alan Smith, who's life was saved from certain death by Vitamin C.

The ignorance of the skeptics about homoeopathy could fill the Earth's oceans to overflowing. If they truly were that smart and could with 100% certainty prove the homoeopathy does not work, they should be lining up to win the Noble prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. But they haven't and they won't, because they know they would be laughed at.

Anonymous said...

Allopathic medicine has harmed or killed millions over the years. Who has died from homoeopathy? If you don't want to use alternative methods of healing, then don't use them. Homoeopathy is not widely practiced, so it will be the first and easiest to be banned. All other forms of natural healing and supplements and herbs, will be eventually banned as well. That is what at stake here. Do you want a Fascist country dictating what you can put in your mouth, or do you want a free country where you can make up your own mind?

Anonymous said...

Your pneumonia statistics are bogus. The death rate for pneumonia in this country is quite low until the patient is quite old. Again we all die and we all die of "something". When you get old many things can be wrong with your health and weakening you enough that you die from it. So dying from pneumonia at age 84 while not good may be the best you can hope for. In 1929 the year you think homeopathy was so wonderful the average life expectancy was 59 today it is 79 and that increase is thanks to science based medicine.

Science based medicine isn't perfect, some illnesses cannot be cured, some people have genetic health problems that hurt their chances of beating a disease. So clearly you can still die even wioth the benefit of the best health care in the world. But homeopathy is not medicine, not health care, it is pure superstition and voodoo. So it has never cured anyone. 100% of those who choose homeopathic treatment had outcomes equal to those who choose to ignore their health problems.

I don't have a problem with people making up their own minds. My problem is with those who make wild ass claims about their particular brand of snake oil. If the law forces them to be honest and if in spite of that honesty showing they are quacks someone still wants to use the homeopathy then I say let them. But do not ask the government or insurance to pay for it. If you pay for your own witch doctor then I say go for it.

Angel said...

I think a major point was missed here by most commenters. "Homeopathy" doesn't apply to the use of whole herb, straight, unadulterated, put in a pill or sprinkled on food or made into a tea. Big Pharma knows raw whole herbs are medicine, they're not denying it- that's why they want to attack it. HOMEOPATHY, because it is controversial, is the ONLY angle Codex can wiggle into the herb debate so that's where they've headed.

If they win with Homeopathy then no, it won't be too long before we'll be bartering herb seeds on the black market.

At this point, because we're half-way through the war already(and colloidal silver is illegal in Europe already. wtf?!) it really doesn't matter if diluted forms of homeopathy work or not-- if they outlaw the sale of herbs to make homeopathy concoctions then by default they've won because they'll have outlawed herbs.

It doesn't matter what your feelings are on homeopathy!! Don't let that distract you.

Anonymous said...

The debate about holistic vs. allopathic treatment could go on and on. The issue is that we should have the freedom to choose how we want to treat our own bodies. Loss of that freedom should scare everyone!

Anonymous said...

They aren't trying to outlaw the sale of herbs or homeopathy they are trying to outlaw the criminal claims that these things cure anything. If your herbs actually cure something then prove it!!

You do have the freedom to choose how to treat your body. What you don't have is the freedom to make the government or insuranced companies pay for this superstition.

Anonymous said...

Anyone, provide one documented case study of homeopathy ever incontrovertibly curing anything. In 200+ years there should be millions.

So all you homeopathistas. Where are these case studies of incontrovertible cures? How about referencing a few. Or just one will do if you're pressed for time. Not anecdotes though.

And, by the way, the argument about homeopathy isn't one of patients' choice. It's about the rights of charlatans to offer fraudulent medicine as if it were real medicine, without hinder or regulation.

Anonymous said...

Damn this article must've hit a nerve, the entire Strawman family is posting on this one "anonymously" of course. Pretty fascinating.

Angel said...

Agreed, Anonymous(about hitting a nerve + Strawman family out in force here) so I'll repeat:

Big Pharma knows raw whole herbs are medicine, they're not denying it- that's why they want to attack it. HOMEOPATHY, because it is controversial, is the ONLY angle Codex can wiggle into the herb debate so that's where they've headed.

But yes, all the strawmen and dumbo's out there who don't realize that this is the whole scheme... well, those are going to be the same fools who are going to be crying when the Big Pharma crap that's killing them is ALL that's available.

True personal story: I have a chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, which I suffered with for years while taking all the Big Pharma crap(Cymbalta, Celexa, Lyrica, and finally Savella) and guess what? It all made me feel WORSE!!!! I had to take more pills to try to take the edge off the side effects from that mess. Nothing worked and I was almost psychotic in the end. But guess what I found finally worked? Guaifenesin. That's right. MUCINEX! Guess what Mucinex is? It's the extract from the guaic tree. AN EXTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. St. Amand of the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center( has been doing research for more than 30 years on guai and developed the guaifenesin protocol, which WORKS when all the rules are followed. Salicylates block guai and when someone gets retarded or lazy and refuses to get rid of all the salicylates in their skin and hair care products then no, the guai doesn't work. But when you follow the protocol then it does indeed work. I can attest through personal experience that laziness causes people to ignore what they need to do(I do it every once in a while and always re-learn my lesson) and then they want to blame the protocol as being flawed somehow. It's not flawed- you're just too fucking lazy to do what's needed and you want instant results. It takes months and years for your body to reverse the damage done. Patience is key.

Angel said...

I was bedridden. Now I am not and am able to take care of my kids, husband, and household. I have my life back.

Big Pharma didn't do that. A physician noticing a trend with his 'gout' patients dug deeper and followed his instincts. I'm alive today because of him. I would have killed myself three years ago if I hadn't heard of the protocol when I did. I had gotten into a screaming match with my 'fibromyalgia specialist' on the day when I finally reached the end of my rope. She'd given me every pain medicine, sleeping pill and tranquilizer you can imagine and then got snippy with me when I refused to take them but demanded real medicine because I had such horrible reactions to them. I didn't want to be a fucking vegetable! I wanted my life back.

Guaifenesin is not homeopathy. It's conventional medicine. But guess what? If Codex moves further mainstream then the ONLY reason I'd be able to get my guaifenesin is because a Pharma company slathers a special patented long/short release coating on the pills. I used to get compounded guai from a pharmacist but it was too expensive after a while. If Codex goes mainstream here those pharmacists aren't going to be able to give patients compounded guai if they find that works better for them than Mucinex. Some fibromyalgics don't tolerate Mucinex very well and do better on hand packed pills(compounded guai) but they won't have that option if Codex moves forward.

So who benefits from that? The makers of Mucinex. Drives all the business their way. As it is the price shot up by $4 a bottle in under 12 months this past year.

Besides the soft-kill game in play, follow the money and figure out who gains the most from Codex prospering.

I don't have any first-hand experience with the true diluted homeopathy but I do have first-hand experience with pure extracts and herbs. My husband takes fenugreek and several other herbs just to be able to have a bowl movement because his body got so hooked on the Rx laxatives he needed. So once again, herbs trump Big Pharma.

Why do you think Big Pharma tried to PATENT turmeric a while back?! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe Big Pharma tried to PATENT turmeric? Do you believe everything you read on the WEB? Have you been abducted by aliens?

Dr. Nancy Malik said...

By the end of year 2010, there have been 245 human studies published in 99 peer-reviewed international medical journals (81 integrative, 9 homeopathy and 9 CAM) including 12 meta-analysis, 6 systematic reviews, 1 Cochrane Review and 102 DBRPCT in evidence of homeopathy.

Angel said...

I believe in my own personal experiences concerning NATURAL medicine, big bad Anonymous. What I've gone through with doctors would make giving natural birth to triplets seem like a day in Disneyland.

I've had to TEACH my own doctor about the protocol so he understood what I was doing and why I disassociate myself with opioids, tranquilizers, and all the other harsh meds made for my 'condition.' Yes, me. I had to teach my doctor something he'd never heard of. They can't be expected to know everything. It's impossible to keep up with every advance.

Having such a misunderstood syndrome like fibromyalgia(which is actually a kidney defect, REALLY!!! yes. It is.)gives you a whole new perspective on those potential assholes in white coats walking down the hall coming toward you with papers to sign and pills to swallow. They don't want to heal you. hey just want you to Go. Away. Period. And that's what the majority of fibromyalgia clinics say but don't say in so many words. Here, let me dope you up and... here's the bill. Now be on your way.

Big Pharma does not have good intentions. Never has and never will. If there is profit to be made then they are there in all their glory to scoop up the money with their forklifts. If not, then I guess you're just out of luck. Like I was. See how I brought that all around in a nice, neat little circle?

Can you do the same? Can you honestly explain exactly how, with homeopathy being made illegal, that our whole herbs WON'T be next? hmmm... I'm betting that you're not going to be able to.

Anonymous said...

"Who has died from homoeopathy?" Let's start the list (of hundreds!) with Penelope Dingle (whose homeopath, Francine Scrayen, is spectacularly failing to gag those who report her complicity in this death). If you want to add more names to the list, just Google "harm homeopathy" (without the quotes)

It seems that many previous gullible commentators equate "natural" with "safe". It isn't. Paraquat, tetrodotoxin and atropine are all natural; only a fool would deem them safe. Oh, and homeopathy isn't "natural" either, so the argument from credulity fails on two counts.

Can anyone cite a properly documented case of a homeopath who has been properly diagnosed with a normally fatal illness (e.g. metastatic cancer, rabies, CJD) but survived by treating him/herself solely with homeopathy?

Anonymous said...

fibromyalgia is a made up "disease" with no cause and no observable symptoms. At best it is psychosomatic and at worst it is used by those who are lazy and want to collect SSI. So given that fact that fibromyalgia is a phony disease it's no suprise that homeopathy (which is a phony medicine) can cure it.

Anonymous said...

I love full-of-shit articles like this one. It shows how much the quacks are hurting. :-)

Angel said...

HOMEOPATHY didn't cure it. Nothing cures it. It's managed by an extract pressed into a pill, you illiterate dipshit. Reread my posts.

A neurologist told me that I just needed 'to exercise more.' I nearly punched him in the balls.

FM is not a neurosis nor is it a gambit to make money off of. It is real and it nearly destroyed my life. My mother has it. My grandmother had it. It's genetic. My sister thankfully doesn't have it. She lucked out.

I don't doubt that herbs used to make a concoction of something can hurt someone. No one is saying it can't!!! If you take too much of something or take something that is contradindicated for your condition then shit, yeah, it's going to potentially cause a reaction in you.

For all those naysayers of FM let me just say this: I hope you never have it. I can't wish better of you if I tried. When Dr. St. Amand's research finally hits national level you're going to be smacking yourself feeling fucking stupid thinking back about this conversation you had. Because you don't know it all. And I am proof(and so are thousands of others!) that he's right. But Big Pharma hates him passionately so he's had to fund all his own research and it's been quite telling.

Did you know that we can now tell with 80% certainly precisely who in a family tree has or will have FM symptoms in their lifetime? Wow. So much for not having proof. It's right there in genetic markers but you're so proud to stand up and point fingers at someone telling them that they're WRONG that it can't possibly be TRUE that FM is a real condition that you've never bothered to look around for more than what you've already been told. Research is being done on this condition and it is definite: FM does exist and it starts in the mitochondria in the kidneys during formation in the womb. It's a genetic defect pass down through families.

And why haven't you heard from more guaiers(people who are on the guai protocol)? Quite frankly, because we're sick and tired of arguments exactly like this one. The research will tell the truth and then we'll be vindicated. His research isn't going to disappear anytime soon. He has a nice sized organization more than willing to continue in his stead even though the man's over seventy now. He's devoted more than thirty years of his life to this now.

The quacks aren't hurting, Anonymous. They just see the forest for the trees which you are obviously unable to do so. Homeopathy MAY BE questionable right now however this is the only way Codex Alimentarius can gain a foothold here in the US without riots in the streets. They know that if they jumped the gun and went straight to the herbs they'd have a mutiny of untold proportions.

I talked with my local GNC owner, telling him about Codex. We had a lovely conversation. He already knew what was going on, thankfully. He knew that all the supplements he carries would be illegal tomorrow if it was enforced the way it is actually intended.

Funny, I went in there for fenugreek pills originally. He said, "Ah, we get a lot of ladies in here wanting it for increased milk production." I had to unfortunately let him down that I wasn't nursing. lol. Hubby needed it for his kidneys. But you see? There are more people in the know about herbs than you can imagine. And that knowledge is not going to go away without a FIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...


The writer of this article has resorted to posting a bunch of lies about a consumer pressure group in the UK called the Nightingale Collaboration - a group which has successfully harnessed the power of the people to protest against the false and dangerous claims made in the promotion of various so-called healthcare therapies to the public. The Nightingale Collaboration has nothing whatsoever to do with Big Pharma - it comprises ordinary people who are sick of being lied to.

As I said, this article is full of shit and that is a sure sign that the quacks are hurting.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

Angel: You talked to your local GNC owner!!! You don't get it. GNC is not medicine it is pure quackery. Did you know that if your local GNC owner actually tells you that any of his products can cure, help, prevent any disease he could go to jail? Do you know why? Because he is selling snake oil and practicing medicine without a license.

FM is not a real disease. Most people who "have" it fully know they are faking and they have some serious mental issues. Almost all people with so-called FM are middle age to older women. They no longer have beauty to attract men and they are not interested in their husbands so they resort to whining about some mysterious pains for sympathy. Ironically (considering your post) most get very defensive when called on their symptoms and react with anger and threats. I will give you the best medical advice you will ever get from a non-doctor (better then your GNC guy who only wants to sell you expensive snake oil): Get a life. Get off the couch. Make love to your husband. Take care of your kids and grand kids. Quit yiur sniviling. Make a resolution to never again complain to your friends and family about mysterious pains; quit making yourself the center of attention. Your friends and family are tired of your crap and they hate even seeing you. Wake the hell up!!!

Angel said...

Funny. Since I did listen to a real medical doctor(Dr. St. Amand) I actually did get my life back. If I hadn't gone through the ordeal of the first two years of agony in the protocol and had given up as many times as I wanted to, or killed myself, I'd never be where I am at now: happy and writing this post. Hopefully other FM'ers will see it and understand that there is hope. They can have their life back but it's not an easy road.

Thanks so much for your easy dismissal, Anonymous. Your venom is only something I see every single time I open my mouth about the condition I have to manage every day of my life. I'm used to it. And it's also the reason why I don't talk to anyone about it except when I think it is warranted.

"Ugly middle aged to older women who no longer have sex appeal."

Niiiiice. So why'd I get it when I was 23? And I'm 32 now, btw. I was in university and had a very full, fulfilling life with a wonderful future to look forward to. Also, I'm not an ugly hag. My husband and I are happy together. Looks like you're wrong on all accounts.

Your ignorance on this topic shows itself when the only thing you can do is tell me that I must be old, ugly, and lazy. All you're doing is perpetuating the lies the old school doctors have been dragging along with them for years now.

Dr. St. Amand is not the only doctor doing research on FM. There are others in Europe who have also found their own interesting insights into the mechanism: right there in the mitochondria. So all these doctors are attacking it from different angles and they all say the same thing: it's not all in our head.

Real world medicine can help us.

No matter what the political agenda going on with the Nightingale Collaboration, it STILL comes down to whether or not it will give Codex a nice way to wiggle into the powerful position of making any and all herbs illegal.

Anonymous said...

The "others in Europe" is because European laws allow "doctors" to practice snake oil medicine. You can go to "spas" in Switzerland and for a mere $5000 a day get herbal rubs and colonics to treat cancer. Bwahaha. The very fact that they are researching this in Europe is enough said on FM.

Anonymous said...

Boy, anything at ALL to misdirect from the reality that positive research on this ailment exists, eh?

Anonymous said...

There is indeed research on FM. Most by the whackos who want to sell snake oil and magic herbs (GMO). But science has spent a lot of time and effort to conclude that this is a psychosomatic illness at best and pure faking at worst. Look up Munchausens syndrome. I prefer the catchy "Munchausens by Internet" to explain this and other fake illnesses. Munchausen syndrome is a condition where a person fakes an illness or disease mainly to get attention from with the medical profession or from their family and friends. Sometimes it is done to obtain sympathy, to act out anger or even to control the behavior of others. My advice is to get psychiatrict help.

Sarabella Gignac said...

man there's allot of anger on here! I hear adamant statements but no authority to back it up... hmmm I think there are some paid bloggers on here muddying up the brand for some ulterior paid-for motive???

If you're going to argue in a public forum please back your statements up with something... anything ...

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