Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alarmists Cover Up: Geoengineering Causing Climate Change

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and eco-fascist, predicts that the warming of the Earth is happening and his “projections about increasing global temperature have been proved true. But I failed to fully explore how quickly that average rise would drive an increase in extreme weather.”

The alarmist scientists claim that the global temperature has risen an estimated 0.8 degrees Celsius because of recent extreme events that are occurring with more frequency.

The study, headed by Professor Richard Muller, physicist with the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) was startled by the findings and commented: “We were not expecting this, but as scientists, it is our duty to let the evidence change our minds.” Muller, once a skeptic, now claims he is “converted”.

The team of scientists at Berkeley used data provided by NASA, NOAA and various weather station records. Funding for the project partly comes from the Charles G Koch Charitable Foundation. Another $100,000 in monies was provided by the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research which was created by Bill Gates.

The most startling “evidence” in favor of man-made climate change is funded by many globalist organizations who are also heavily investing in geoengineering projects to alter the weather of the Earth in support of their false claims.

Andrew Weaver, professor and supporter of Hansen, calls his study excellent “and re-frames the question.”

In his paper, Hansen says “some additional warming will occur over the next few decades. However, we can slow, halt and reverse global warming over a period of several decades. The key requirement is to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and to begin to collect a fee from fossil fuel companies in proportion to the amount of carbon they are putting into the air.”

Carbon dioxide, being monitored in the Arctic by alarmist scientists, is being measured at 400 parts per million of the heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere.

Klaus–Ekart Puls, physicist and meteorologist, has analyzed the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claim that regulating CO2 will “regulate climate change.” Puls found that the IPCC’s assertion is based on “speculative model projections, so-called scenarios – and not prognoses. Because of climate’s high complexity, reliable prognoses just aren’t possible.”

Puls agrees that sea levels have risen, however “it’s important to remember that mean sea level is a calculated magnitude, and not a measured one. There are a great number of factors that influence sea level, e.g. tectonic processes, continental shifting, wind currents, passats, and volcanoes. Climate change is only one of ten factors.”

The American Geophysical Union commented on research into the melting of ice sheets that: “It turns out that past studies, which were based on computer models without any direct data for comparison or guidance, overestimate the water temperatures and extent of melting beneath the Fimbul Ice Shelf [in the Antarctic]. This has led to the misconception, Hattermann said, that the ice shelf is losing mass at a faster rate than it is gaining mass, leading to an overall loss of mass. The team’s results show that water temperatures are far lower than computer models predicted . . .”

In response to climate change, the UN, governments and private corporations have collaborated on geoengineering projects claiming to combat the effects of global warming. However, a team of European scientists are saying that geoengineering will cause serious global droughts. The artificial reduction of sunlight on the planet’s surface will create the problems that alarmists are claiming is being caused by human expulsion of CO2.

The authors of the study say that their computer models are not “meant to give realistic ideas about potential applications of climate engineering . . . [but] possible adverse effects that could come of such designed changes to the Earth’s climate.”

Bill Gates and Daniel Keith have joined forces to support the spraying of thousands of tons of sun-reflecting synthetic sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back out into space. Although scientists are asserting that this action will alter earth’s natural weather patterns while environmental groups decry that geoengineering nullifies their efforts to purport their campaigns to convince the public that man-made climate change is directly causational to human emissions of CO2.

Keith manages the million-dollar geoengineering research that is funded by Bill Gates and the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research. These monies come directly from Gates’ personal funds.

Mainstream media reports that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at an exorbitant rate, which will free 240 billion tons of fresh water into the oceans annually. The IPCC is focusing on this as a cause for more alarm. Havoc will be realized as New York City will see seas rising which may displace residents and cause massive damage.

However, Danish researchers have studied archival photos to compare current claims of rapid melting. Kurt Kjaer, led author of the study and professor at the University of Copenhagen, stated that the glacier is melting and reforming at a normal rate and therefore “it’s wrong to use the current melting rate to make predictions about sea level rise in the coming century, as some studies have done.”

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Anonymous said...

Dale comments:
As usual, Posel speaks in contradictions. Climate change denier Koch brothers (with Gates) helped fund the study which converted skeptic Muller, but Posel asserts that studies supporting climate change are funded by globalist geoengineering parties. Does that include the Koch brothers and the Berkeley formerly skeptical scientists?

Does one scientist with a different opinion trump the tens thousand who have formed a consensus that climate change is real and getting worse?

Anyone who has been outside this summer may have been converted by the sheer unprecedented heat.
Posel must be holed up in an airconditioned cubicle cranking out her 2 articles a day defending Michelle Bachmann's attacks on Muslims subverting the government and promoting many far right paranoid fantasy conspiracies about imminent employment of NATO troops to go house to house in the US taking away your guns.

This lady fakes left, pretends to be an occupier and is even published by leftists like globalresearch but her agenda is the far right paranoid style of calling environmental scientists eco-fascists, of calling 98% of climate scientists "alarmists" and accusing the global elite (mostly Bill Gates) of seeking to kill 90% (7 billion) people to solve the problem of overpopulation.

Now she is telling us that a proposal to use a spray to reflect heat out into the atmosphere is already causing the global warming she claims is not happening. Reader, beware.

Anonymous said...

Protecting and restoring rainforests (and all forests) is also very important in fighting against climate change. Trees help by consuming carbon dioxide.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get the memo, Dale, but the Koch brothers speak out at least two sides of their mouths. Sometimes they feign to be Libertarians or even paleo conservatives when, in fact, they are heavy global fascist Kool-Aid drinkers.

We don't know with scientific certainty yet whether human activities are significantly influencing any signs of climate change we have observed. There are too many variables and the data generally have a stochastic pattern making interpretation a matter of guesswork. You will find many more scientists then "one" who hold this position, they just don't happen to have a platform on the mainstream media.

What we do know for certain is that TPTB are engaging in geo-engineering to spray micro particles of aluminum which are known neurotoxins and have altered soil pH. (How convenient that Monsanto is patenting seeds for plants that can withstand the altered soil conditions, huh?) These actions are entirely out of the public purview, with no congressional oversight.

What we also know for certain is that TPTB, using their control of their fiat money machine, greatly expanded the developed world's high consumption patterns, aggravating what they themselves thought would be problem when reasonably accessible quality oil would become too scarce for their endless growth model. They like to create a problem and then offer the "solution" which is global fascist technocracy. And if scarcity isn't really a problem, they'll make sure it is.

So, how is it also that the boogeyman of releasing too much carbon from energy production, and too much pollution in general, is the enemy the globalists must slay when it was they themselves who created hyper-consumptive globalism in all of its glorious forms? Looks like more of the old game create a problem to provide the "solution". Funny how the neocons love the term "creative destruction", but then they and the neolibs are two sides to the same coin, n'est pas?

What does Bachmann have to do with manufacturing consent on the climate change issue or the price of eggs for that matter? Sheesh.

Maybe Posel is too evolved to consider herself part of the faux left vs. right paradigm and merely counts herself as one who attempts to speak truth to power.

Finally, I hope you don't think I am being paranoid by asking if you noted that trillions of taxpayer dollars were handed over to the banksters; or that the NDAA in concert with the Patriot Acts effectively abolished habeas corpus and our civil liberties (or did you like the "free speech zones"?); or the illegal wars; or that the TSA hasn't limited its groping to airports, they have also been practicing at train stations, bus stops, and even at two high school proms in New Mexico.

Nice chatting with you, I have to go feed my pooch now.

Anonymous said...

Turns out that climate change is being caused by billionaires who believe they have become gods. If Billy-Bob Gates had been stopped from monopolistic practices and properly taxed, he wouldn't be stuffing millions into various schemes that the rest of us have no say over. Rich people should not be allowed non-profits that give them too much "voice" in government and too much ability to run their own agendas and policies from education and vaccinations to weather and climate control.

MajorityRfools said...

There are many times more scientists who disagree with global there is a consensus...there is no man made global warming. Yes I went out this year, I also noticed solar flares which started three days before our heat wave. That is something that all the promoters of man made warming choose to ignore (ignorance).

Anonymous said...

The main option we have to change the very way we live on this, this is of course will happen, we will be sold propaganda from all sides, whether they are right or wrong, the truth is that everyone has to change the way they live. For without a revolution in out thoughts, and our spirit, all of us will fear death itself, worry endless about something we can not change. If you die, or I die, our bodys must go back to the earth in which we came, make sure your not pumping it with toxins and burying it deep in the ground for the next poor bastard to dig up and eat.

We are all the same, energy is and endless source. We aren't killing the earth, we are killing ourselves, that is the only truth. Create life by loving life, being life, having babys, and manifesting truth, life, and being one with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Turns out that climate change is being caused by billionaires who believe they have become gods." Hear Hear!! That is the truth, how ironic that they blame us and get even richer in doing so!!!
Also ironic is that the whole thing is one big lie and scam, the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years, the last 10,000 years of relatively stable climate is not the norm, the norm is a chaotic climate, who are we to think, demand even!!! that the climate must operate in a way that we see suitable for US, that is the height of idiocy and delusion, we are only here because our less intelligent (debatable) stone age and prior predecessors ADAPTED to radical swings in climate.
Anyone who believes the propaganda and the funding driven shill scientists are dumber than a box of rocks, and when they finally have the "doh" moment they will be living in a society that resembles the former Soviet Union, Mao's China, and Kim Jong Ils Nth Korea all bundled into one, its not about climate, its about freedom, AND culling 90% of current population, that IS their goal, they have already convinced many that in order to survive we must die, yeah, so they can have it all for themselves, wake up morons, youve been had.

John Wernz said...

interesting how global climate change is probably indeed real...BUT... interest groups are able to promote unproven reasons for this,,,, to enhance their nefarious, horrific, and inhuman agendas.

Any normal, subnormal, and genius could agree that we had an awful drought this summer, and some strange weather in general. Finding the reasons so reasonable approaches to this would be the reasonable approach. What as happened is that unproven but media supporting "human caused global climate change" is promoted. Then the media throws out untrue statements like, "almost all reputable scientists accept global warming as fact," or equally untrue statements like, "reactionary, ignorant, and conservative groups don't believe in global climate change," or some blanket insult which is obviously a falsehood like, "Only a neanderthal idiot would oppose the concepts of global warming." I and almost all people I know on this subject don't accept human caused global climate change because of one thing.... it is overwhelmingly supported by the same entities that supported swine flu epidemic news, SARS epidemic news, ozone depletion news, etc. That IS the smoking gun. The people we don't trust anymore are the people who tell us we are the reason for global climate change.

Anonymous said...

First let me say, this issue of global warming and Chemtrails is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It effects all of us irregardless of your politics. There is Global warming, but it is caused by Harrp which is fully capable of heating the upper atmosphere and thereby causing global climate change. I believe the drought is being caused by our own Government. You say, why would they do that? Because the people in charge of our country are a bunch of Luciferian Freemasons. And they want to bring down America to get us into their NWO. They just have to finish off America and her freedoms. Oh yes they will use any kind of calamity they can muster. Financial, Terrorism, Climate Change. You know Al Gore runs in this crowd, so I'm sure he knew that this drought was coming, maybe he thinks people will see him as the savior now? Anyway all of this in conjunction with the 11th 9/11 coming up, soon will be used to push the US further into the NWO. That is the plan for 2012, World change, the Elites Hunger Games sort of change. That's right they want you dead, they only want 500 million people left. As a Christian this is all part of the great deception that is coming. But the rapture will happen soon and then the Tribulation will start. The first half as seen in Matthew 24:3-14 are all man caused until the midpoint when the Lord has his Angels pour out his wrath. So that's pretty much where we are. Throw in a couple of Middle East wars and we are at the end of The Day of Grace, not the world. The world will still go through the 7 year Tribulation. Call on Jesus while you can accept his salvation, time is short.

Anonymous said...

To all those using consensus of opinion to justify their belief in any hypothesis: Consensus is a political word, not a scientific one. Consensus as a word in science, does not exist. If you use consensus as a point, you have been reading too many political propaganda articles on behalf of the raving looney party. Just so you know. ;)

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