Monday, July 30, 2012

You Think GMO Is Scary? Nano Tech is Here, In Your Store

Anne Gordon, RN, Contributor
Activist Post

Nanotechnology is measured in billionths of a meter, encompassing all aspects of life from food to medicine, clothing, to space. Imagine hundreds of microcomputers on the width of a strand of hair programmed for specific your body. Sound good?

Engineering at a molecular level may be a future corporations' dream come true, however, nano-particles inside your body have few long-term studies especially when linked to health issues. Despite this new huge income-generating field there is a growing body of toxicological information suggesting that nanotechnology when consumed can cause brain damage (as shown in largemouth bass), and therefore should undergo a full safety assessment.

It is possible for nano-particles to slip through the skin, suggestive of a potential unnatural interaction with the immune system, or when micro particles enter the blood-stream. Some sunscreens on the shelf today, for instance, have nano-particles that might be able to penetrate the skin, move between organs, with unknown health effects. Nano-particles in cosmetics have few regulations done by FDA.

Thomas Faunce, of the Australian National University, who holds an Australian Research Council fellowship that looks at public nanotechnology health issues, said study's findings are significant and strengthens the case for mandatory labeling, and that stringent safety data should be required from manufacturers.'' Research is showing that nano-particles have the capacity to damage living cells and the precautionary principle should be applied,'' he said.

In 2005, The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Group, global leaders in pro-nanotechnology, stated that about 300 nano-food products were available on the market worldwide estimating that market alone was worth 5.4 billion dollars in the USA. That was then.

By 2015, (just a few years away) they predict that nanotechnology will be used in 40% of the food industries. According to these consultants, by 2040, nano-produced food, with correct nutritional composition, maintaining the same taste and texture of organically produced food, will be commonplace, the norm.

It is clear that nanotechnology is already in the in some food and cosmetics, (including anti aging products and sunscreens). 'Smart' packaging and tracking, is ubiquitous. Invisible, (to the naked eye and some microscopes), edible nano-wrappers, complete with bar codes can track not only early spoilage, but improve the taste of food, or, whatever is called food. Manufacturers are excited because the availability of food would no longer be affected by limited resources, bad crop weather, water problems, etc. A modern way to feed the world.

Oh, don't expect an informative label on nano-particles in your products. Although marketers are thrilled to present benefits to make wrinkles vanish, or illuminate skin flawlessly, there are health and unknown downsides.

Where is the public debate, on the labeling of nano particles in your foods, or cosmetics, or the risks? Probably no where...Political leaders are still arguing on requiring GMO (genetically modified) labeling, it seems.

When lab rats are starved, and given a choice to eat organic potatoes or GMO, they go right to the organic. When only given the GMO potato they will eat it, or starve to death ... (studies have shown severe damage subsequently). What do rats know?

So the next time you reach for something that say's 'smart'...think about what that means. Learn what you can about the source of what you put in, or on your body. Smart mini micro computers to control your skin and body fluids?


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Anne Gordon is an RN, an Author, Researcher, and a computer artist. Fascinated with societies, and the future, she is drawn to medical health trends of tomorrow. What will health look like? Will we be more mechanical than spiritual? These are some of the concepts she is looking at. Many of her articles like her art, are slightly outside the mainstream box, aimed towards thought stimulation. She is also extremely curious about how the ‘business’ of healthcare, and wellness intertwine today. Her artwork, is a combination of photography and painting, and is publicly shown. In her spare time, she teaches in a local community college.

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Paul Panza said...

How about radioactive nanotech, don't forget Fukushima. It would be nice to know which companies have already proceeded with usage as well as the military applications such as mind control, surveillance and cross over usage with drones. Thanks Ann for the good reportage.

Anonymous said...

Scarry thought we breath in 10 trillion nanos a day If we only knew part of the story.

david llewellyn foster said...

Unregulated corporatised pseudo-science is a curse. Bravo to Anne Gordon for flagging up this urgent concern. One wonders what sort of biological understanding these industry "consultants" consider to be adequate. Perhaps the Dysfunctional Hollywood University Toys "r" Us Faculty for Science Fantasy and Delusional Socio-economic Studies fits their bill..

Anonymous said...

How can it be that a nation is so paranoid if someone lights a cigarette and on the other hand extremely ignorant when it comes to food, and what is in the food. I am not saying here smoking is good, but there is no balance in the reactions towards things that matter.

Anonymous said...

what do you think Chemtrails are all about if not to spray everybody with synthetic-nanobioengineered "life" that would turn people into humanoids/robots/zombies_part of their mind control.

Anonymous said...

And all of this has been going on behind our backs in secret labs. we seem to be stuck with 'fake' science. There is so much money involved that they fake their studies, throw out anything that would shed a negative light. At least that is what the pharmaseudicals are doing. They get fined a couple billion dollars but it is only a drop in the bucket and continue doing the same thing. This nano tech is even worth more. And they are putting it in food and sunscreen without proper testing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The water we use is is "contaminated" with nanomachines. We are all exposed via our environment every day.

Anonymous said...

Any morgellons sufferer can tell you that.

Anonymous said...

What can we do?

Anonymous said...

I thik you're exagerating a little bit, I'm studuying a Bachelor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and I can tell you that the toxicity of the nanoparticles depends essencially on what type of composites you use on the nanoparticles, they've to be biocompatible if you want to use for a type of medication and other stuff like that.

I've read a couple of articles of the application of nanotechnology in food and its very interesting to know that this technology enables added salt levels to be reduced by up to 30% in foods such as bread, pizza bases, pastry, savoury pie fillings, cheese and baked snacks, without loss of flavour structure.

This technology could be also the only hope with person who've terminal illness like cancer, diabetes, parkinson, I think society have to support the research on this field in order to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

My guess would be Wally World.

Anonymous said...

This is why we cannot stop the negative impacts of science and technology: MONEY - it is the blood of society and the economy is the heart that pumps it through society. Thus, social survival depends on the accumulation of MONEY by aquiring it from others through the sale of goods, products and servics, regardless of risks and benefits. Example: would you sell a defective auto to get MONEY for an essential medical treatment to save your life if you has no other source?

Anonymous said...


You just don't get it do you...or maybe you do.

I hear MONSATAN is hiring.

CINDY said...

Any substance smaller than 400 micron's IS TOXIC TO THE BODY - EVEN WATER! So much for MR. BACHELOR OF NANOSCIENCE!!

CINDY said...

Let's not forget about the nano self replicating machines!!

Alyssa said...

I actually do research in nanotechnology. I wish I knew how to do half the stuff you credit us with :S . I'm just trying to mess with fluorescence. It will take forever and a day to get approved, but I think the most likely application is a less toxic alternative to the gadolinium currently used for contrast in imaging studies. GMO, though, totally does scare me.

Anonymous said...

to MR.BACHELOR OF NANOSCIENCE: If I wanted to put this crap into my body, I would ask for it. But I don't. I see nothing wrong with the way food has been grown from the earth for all the centuries we have been on this earth....except for the last 4o years since the evil Monsatan and their cronies have taken over.

jayqpublic said...

Wow....Yay! More fake stuff to pollute our bodies and destroy our health one by one. What is wrong with these so called scientists?!? I wonder if they realize what they are doing to humanity and how this threatens the state of our survival. So, are they taking an antidote to counteract the effects for themselves and are they giving out them to the super rich elites who are telling them to create these harmful nanoparticles?

Also, I'm sorry....but the Bachelor of Nanoscience guy does not write like someone who is smart and educated as if he really is going to college to learn about nanotechnology and nanoparticles. His sentence structure is full of grammar errors and does not flow like most educated people's writing. I mean, really? Artificial ingredients that are super tiny inside our sunscreen lotion and our food sounds like a good idea? Okay....whatever!

Anonymous said...

"Artificial ingredients that are super tiny inside our sunscreen lotion and our food sounds like a good idea?"

Well, of course they do! Mister Bachelor of Nanoscience read a couple of articles on nanotechnology in food!

Anonymous said...

Bless the wise among us.
Straight up eat a nanotech enhanced dick all enablers of bullshit and deniers of truth.

Anonymous said...


Alyssa said...

Just gonna put it out there that Mon Santo and nanotech are two different issues. Mon Santo uses molecular biology, nano is not necessarily bio. So telling him that monsatan is hiring isn't likely to help him.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the water being contaminated, the morgellons sufferers and the self replicating machines. I also wonder as does johnqpublic if the powers that be have an antidote because they to are exposed!

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