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Woman Stuns Researchers by Overcoming Cancer with Turmeric Spice

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

While expensive cancer drugs linked to premature death and mega-tumors are pushed by many mainstream doctors as the only option outside of chemotherapy, a growing number of informed individuals are consistently opting to instead utilize natural methods that are known to conquer cancer cells and effectively negate the disease — without harsh side effects.

One such person, Vicky Stewart of Britain, chose such a path when she refused mainstream medical cancer treatments and instead began consuming powerful turmeric spice.

Despite excessive warnings from MD’s who insisted that Vicky would surely not recover using superfoods that are commonly touted as ‘woo’ and ‘ineffective medicine’ by pharma-backed doctors, Stewart found amazing success by altering her lifestyle and taking in extra amounts of superfoods like turmeric each day.

Stewart recalls to The Telegraph how her doctor repeatedly voiced concern over switching to a healthy diet full of turmeric to fight the cancer (one of many turmeric health benefits), telling her that it would do virtually nothing: “The doctors absolutely will not say that the diet is going to do anything to help the cancer in any way.”

Four years later with absolutely no mainstream treatments, she is still cancer free with no signs of it coming back. At the age of 44, Stewart is now the center of a major research project led by scientists who are downright fascinated by what she has done.

Research Shows Turmeric Spice is a Natural Cancer Fighter

While it is indeed fascinating, it should come as no surprise that Vicky healed herself naturally using turmeric and other lifestyle changes. In fact, copious amounts of research highlight the anti-cancer properties of turmeric (in many cases due to it’s active compound curcumin), and countless individuals have used it to aid themselves in the fight against many diseases.

Not only has peer-reviewed research by the UCLA shown that turmeric can naturally block the growth of cancer cells, but in more than 9 studies it was revealed that turmeric can reduce tumor size by a whopping 81%. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

So why is it so fascinating that a spice that has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by many South Asian and Middle Eastern countries as a ‘heal-all’ substance can actually stop cancer naturally?

As Stewart explains, turmeric has a unique ability (along with other great superfoods) to essentially cause cancer to regress in a number of ways. As she puts it, it essentially caused the cancer cells to ‘commit suicide’. Stewart explains to The Telegraph: “Turmeric kind of makes cancer cells commit suicide and ginger and garlic are great to cook with.”

Mainstream Health Organizations, Doctors Continue to Ignore the Evidence

Even in the face of such overwhelming evidence (whether it be studies that have been available for decades, stories like those of Stewart’s, or the prominent role of turmeric in multi-national cultures), mainstream health organizations and traditional medical doctors continue to cling to radiation and dangerous cancer drugs as the only possible option to ‘treating’ cancer. Just as Stewart’s doctor warned her that diet would do virtually nothing, despite saving her life and eliminating cancer from her body completely, these individuals will continue to assert that all alternative medicine is a joke.

In the same vein, cancer researchers will continue to be paid by charity walks and expensive non-profit events to ‘find the cure’ through invasive surgeries and pharmaceuticals. Turmeric, a dirt cheap alternative along with other nearly-free superfoods, are blatantly ignored as they cannot be patented and sold through Big Pharma’s proverbial commodity gates.

Thankfully, millions worldwide are waking up to this ‘old paradigm’ of health full of pharmaceuticals, surgery and sickness. In turn, they are utilizing life-saving techniques and foods to further their health without sacrificing both their finances and their health.

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Anonymous said...

A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Given a year without chemo, possibly 2 with. Told them that in that case I was going alternative. Got ridiculed even though they could do nothing for me. Tumors are gone and I'm in better health than I have been in years. Have gone through 3 protocals and all 3 of them have given benefits. The medical establishment is worse than the nazies in that they are responsible for the suffering and death of 100's of millions!

Jiberjabbers said...

FDA to ban turmeric sales in America. Claiming TURMERic will cause TUMERS. lmao.

Patrick Jordan said...

Technical critique: On stories like this there is never any mention of the source of the turmeric, the amount and kind used (raw, cooked, etc) or the frequency and duration of use. For the serious researcher and people seeking to get well a story like this is of no practical value.

Mark McCandlish said...

Patrick Jordan: From a scientific standpoint, you are correct. But to the person desperate for a solution (other than) radiation and chemotherapy, this provides hope. About seven years ago, I was told the same thing about Almonds, Onions and Garlic. It turns out that an Italian study confirmed this claim, demonstrating through a statistical analysis why, Italians (as a population) had a lower of incidence of certain cancers. It was Onions and Garlic in their diets. The flavenols, isoflavenols and flavenoids in these vegetables are the natural counterpart to the COX2 (Cyclo-Oxygenase 2) re-uptake inhibitors in drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex. Then I used it to cure my 12 year old lab-shepherd cross of the incurable Hemangiosarcoma that was spreading through his body. In ten months a tumor the size of a Cantaloupe was reduced to the size of two golf balls next to one-another. I used this regimen on myself and reabsorbed a golf ball-sized tumor in my shoulder in under four months. More recently, a friend told me that his cat had bone cancer in its hind leg and the vet wanted to amputate. She was going downhill fast. I suggested Turmeric and Corral Calcium mixed in with her food each day. They had X-rays before and I'm about to see the set they took recently. The cat's health has returned to normal and the bone cancer is gone. I plan to post the images on line in the near future.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick Jordan .. Exactly. And it would be nice to know the details.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and that's why there's no cancer amongst anyone in the middle east or south asia.

Anonymous said...

Without details on this woman's recovery, I'm afraid many will walk away from what little information has been given here, and the mainstream medical society can easily debunk this article because of it.

Roland.T.Flakfizer said...

Every time you see a study claiming Substance X cured my cancer, ask yourself one thing. What it substance X? Because really, we just don't know.

Many cancers simply remit on their own. They just for some unknown reason stop growing. That is why we have something called "double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled" studies. Because how do we know it was tumeric? What was her "lifestyle change"? What if her cancer spontaneously remitted? Why do other people who take tumeric still get cancer?

NaturalNews- home of the medical ignorant.

Anonymous said...

The point is to find your own protocol now if you need one. That it worked should be of some comfort to those terrified by the hopelessness of the diagnosis that all too often exacerbates the condition of the recipient of such news. The industry will attack it anyway, with or without the details.

Anonymous said...

stop being so lazy, people! what? you expect the research to be done FOR you as well? good grief! maybe you should look at this from the angle of "whetting the appetite" so to speak...ok, here we have a lady who has tried turmeric to CURE herself of cancer! .....and now you want the size, doses, and weights all done for you also? Get up off your lazy derrieres and go look at naturalnews FIND and begin typing. oh my god, want the f/k'n cure HANDED to you on a silver platter, but you refuse to type in cancer cure on a safe web browser? wow, totally unrealistic!

Anonymous said...

Tumeric is good for pain, circulation, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders etc. I take it every day.

Anonymous said...

I chewed tobacco and smoked for 7 years/12 years respectively. I was having major issues in my throat and neck, with my tongue swelling to twice it's size, pain in my glands, occasional shooting pains in the sides of my tongue, pain under neath my jaw, swelling on my neck, post nasal drip that never went away, etc. The pains started gradually, but persisted for at least 2 years, with the symptoms getting worse. I bought some biomor curcumin online, and noticed immediately that it reduced the swelling in my tongue and neck, and reduced the pain. After several months of continued tobacco use, I felt the curcumin was no longer as effective, so I quit tobacco completely. After two months of not having any tobacco products, my symptoms had not improved much, but the curcumin still was helping to reduce the swelling and pain. I decided to add apricot seeds to my regiment after reading about their properties. After ingesting a fair amount of alcohol at a wedding one night, i got sick, and i assume it was cyanide poisoning from the apricot seeds (also, probiotics seemed to make me feel sick as well, with the apricot seeds). Needless to say, I quit drinking completely, and continued on with the apricot seeds, and I have had great results with the combination of curcumin and apricot seeds. My throat feels much much better, and my symptoms continue to improve. Recently I added Astragalus tincture to my regiment, which also seems to help me, although I can't explain how exactly (i think it is helping my liver and/or kidneys). I weigh about 170 lbs, and am a 5' 10" male. I take 3 curcumin capsules daily (500 mg), about 35 apricot seeds daily (taken each hour, divided equally between the amount of hours I am awake), and 1 ML of Astragalus three times per day. If you weigh less than me, you should probably be careful and research the amounts that are suitable for your body weight.

Patrick Jordan said...

In reference to Mark's comments: Like this article they are welcome as an insight as to what might be available as an alternative. New sentence: Those who have known of my work on radio and in print are aware that I try to find fault with concepts not necessarily the people behind them, so I am not critiquing you as an individual but it is important to outline here that although your picture documentation will be useful, still you yourself have provided no details on the source of the turmeric, the kind, the dose and duration, so we are back to ambiguous anecdotes. When you understand rate-limiting factors in chemical equations then you understand why my simple question is the only important factor in this whole discussion. Even the 5000-year-old pharmacies in China measured out weights and ratios to their intricate formulas. The total lack of milligrams per kilograms of body weight on this and other 'miracle' stories that circulate the internet shows gross immaturity in the providers and consumers of such data when gauged against a System that PRODUCES cancer on an industrial scale.

Anonymous said...

How much can one take of turmeric per day if you have breast cancer? And does it makes effect if you are taking Chemo. I much appreciate to have some answers please. This is my email address.

Anonymous said...

visit: for honest natural health information ! Dr. Mercola has the #1 natural health Web site in the world.

Nina Mideast Journal said...

As much as I appreciated reading this post, I must also add that I agree with Patrick. Turmeric is also helpful in IBD diseased, and I am sad to say that I dont have details to share here with you. If it is of any solace; cancer rates are very high in the Middle East too - so elaboration on best way to use turmeric for healing would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

@ Patrick Jordan: Thank you. I took no offense, but I can say what worked for me. At the time I was knocking on the door of 200 pounds, 6 feet tall, male caucasian. I consumed about three dozen raw Almonds a day and had at least one salad a day with diced up Onions or Garlic. Quantity wise, I would say the equivalent of three teaspoons of raw diced Onion was typical. I also took two 1000 MG capsules twice per day of Corral Calcium. (Total: 4000 MG per day.)

The process by which it worked was explained to me thus: The malignancy excretes a messenger enzyme, called Cyclo-Oxygenase 2 (COX-2 for short) and this enzyme tells the blood vessels in its proximity to grow a blood supply into the tumor through a process called angiogenesis. This helps in the tumor's accelerated growth. The object of the regimen is to cut off the tumor's blood supply and starve it to death.

It was explained that the iso-flavenols, flavenols and flavenoids in Onions and Garlic "disrupt" the COX-2 enzyme's reuptake thereby defeating the message saying "grow me a new blood supply." As a result, no new blood vessels will grow or continue enlarging the blood supply to the tumor as it gets bigger. This will eventually cause the tumor to outstrip its nutritional supply.

The second part of this strategy is to cut off the blood supply to the tumor completely. The blood vessels that grow in response to the COX-2 enzyme reuptake have two characteristics that make them vulnerable: 1) they grow very quickly. 2) they are extremely sensitive to changes in pH. Now these blood vessels also happen to be a problem in another respect: They grow so rapidly, that the wall thickness is like Cellophane. This is the primary reason why so many tumors are "inoperable". Because the blood vessels grown to feed the tumor are so flimsy a surgeon cannot tie off or cauterize them in order to stem the flow of blood once the tumor is excised. The patient could essentially bleed to death.

Now the way to exploit their vulnerability as fast growing and pH alkaline sensitive is to raise blood serum pH. That was the purpose behind the Almonds and Corral Calcium. The blood vessels feeding the tumor constrict in reaction to the presence of higher alkalinity and because the tissue they are made of grows so rapidly, when the walls make contact with one-another, the tissue sticks together and closes off the blood flow. Rapid scarring occurs shortly thereafter and the blood flow to the tumor is cut off in a matter of weeks.

This process then causes the rapid death of the outer-most layers of the malignancy, basically sealing it in a layer of dead or "necrotic" tissue, through which any new excretions of the COX-2 enzyme will not pass. It cannot regrow its blood supply and the tumor begins to die.

Meanwhile, the white blood cells (Machrophages) begin to consume the dead tumor's exterior carrying the waste out through the urinary tract and the tumor begins to shrink in size. In the instance of large tumors, staying well-hydrated will prevent one's kidneys being overloaded by this process.

I imagine that curcumen/turmeric has the potential of working in a similar fashion, but that's a discussion for another time.

Anonymous said...

still nobody has said what format one takes turmeric...............

Anonymous said...

Blacky best,
If you have breast cancer, please read Am I Dead or Do I just Feel Like It ? You will find that research has shown that 100% of all breast cancers have an oral pathology on the same side as the affected breast.This can be silent [no pain] but systemic and unless addressed cancer always returns [IF you can get it to go away in the first place] Author suggests Thermography [face & breast which you can get many places cheap] and I would follow up with a Cavitat exam [more precise] and Cone Beam Radiograph [mainstream dental offices-panoramic is old school & does not show infection]. Root canals, old crowns and old wisdom tooth extraction sites are often the culprits. Sometimes other illnesses resolve when treatment is given as well. Go to to find a biological dentist near you.

Marysdottir said...

I am taking both turmeric and ginger every day for arthritis. I take 1 tsp. of organic ground ginger in a small glass of water - just stir it and drink it down. You can mix a little honey with it if you want but I find it's fine without. Then I wait about 10 minutes and take i tsp. of organic ground turmeric, but with the turmeric, it is important to take some fat or you won't absorb it, so I combine 1/2 or 3/4 of a cup of 2% plain yogurt with a tablespoon or so of ground flaxseeds, add a teaspoon of EFA oil, a few slivered almonds and maybe 5 or 5 organic (no sugar) dried cranberries, and eat it while I drink my turmeric. My Naturopath endorsed this regimen after a friend studying homeopathy told me about it. My Naturopath added two caveats: use organic spices (to reduce exposure to pesticides), and eat some fat along with the turmeric so it will absorb. After a day or two of following this regimen my arthritis in my hands was noticeably diminished. Now I'm encouraged to keep it up for all the other benefits that I'm learning about, especially with turmeric.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible pile of stinking bull shit! Can you really be that stupid to believe tumeric will cure cancer?

Anonymous said...

p.s I swear I'm not an oncologist! Pinky swear!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty skeptical. Some lady says she cured her cancer with turmeric and I'm just supposed to beleived it. With no real evidence other than hearsay? 'I know someone who knows someone who heard that a Lady cured cancer...' etc etc.
Even if it is true, put all the people whose cancer was 'cured' by natural supplements against those whose cancer was 'cured' by chemo/radiotherapy I assure you the latter group will vastly outnumber the former.

onogur said... better stay "anonymus"!!

onogur said...

Anything is great to hear about cancer cure..!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing. My sister had been batteling cancer for 3 years. she went through radiation treatments, Two rounds of chemo., and several sergeries. The cancer started in her liver and spread to her abdomen. She had a neighbor who also struggling with cancer. He showed her a book he had on fighting cancer with diet. After reading the book she started using tumeric. She purchased empty capsules from a heath food store and filled them with tumeric. She took one capsule every day. after only three months of taking the tumeric capsules her doctors can not find any cancer in her. She was in stage four cancer and considered terminal. Her neighbor who shared this information with her, is also cancer free. There are a lot of crazy claims of mirical cures out there, and i too am skeptical of most. I personally know of two cases where cancer has been treated with tumeric with amazing results.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Turmeric works or not I got a swollen inguinal lymph node which refuses to reduce in size. no amount of medicine works, tried many oncologist with no proper diagnosis, No Cancer detected in FNAC, so oncologist ruling out cancer, I hope Turmeric helps in swollen Lymph nodes, FYI lymph node has enlarged to 5 cm in size. I have started taking one teaspoon of turmeric thrice a day. will keep updating ....

Monica James said...

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Linda Faith said...

just wondering even with all the research I have been trying to do in a timely manner to help my mother I was told the using the turmeric (aka) curcumin that in some cases it will cause the tumors to get bigger before they shrink just trying to fined more info on this any help would be great just not sure were to start not much time and if this is the case it was cause death quicker because we are fighting squamous cell carcinoma in the throat and they can't treat it so we will try any thing with the time we have left thanks

Anonymous said...

My Brother in law has stage 4 cancer with lots of pain on his bones. He has started drinking one half of tea spoon turmeric with honey in a cup of warm water four times a day . His pain has already reduced 70 percent after couple days.

Anonymous said...

I have come across some scientific evidence for all you close-minded people too lazy to do your own research (hopefully these links work; if not a simple google scholar search of "turmeric and piperine cancer" will do).

*N.B. Combining fresh ground organic black pepper and curcumin in a fat, like organic cold-pressed olive oil increases its bioavailability. By itself, curcumin is difficult for the body to absorb!*

"Targeting breast stem cells with the cancer preventive compounds curcumin and piperine" (Springer is a very renowned peer-reviewed journal)

"Curcumin for chemoprevention of colon cancer" (Cancer Letters Vol. 255)

"Curcumin inhibits proliferation, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis of different cancers through interaction with multiple cell signaling proteins" (Cancer Letters)

"Pharmacological basis for the role of curcumin in chronic diseases: an age-old spice with modern targets" (Trends in Pharmacological Science)

"Chemopreventive efficacy of curcumin and piperine during 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene-induced hamster buccal pouch carcinogenesis"
S Manoharan, S Balakrishnan, VP Menon… - Singapore medical …, 2009 - (this one is a PDF, so I can't post the link. Try the search yourself).

The list of research articles stating the efficacy of curcumin goes on and on... and on...

"Curcumin Inhibits Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis in Ovarian Carcinoma by Targeting the Nuclear Factor-╬║B Pathway" (Clinical Cancer Research)

"Curcumin nanoformulations: a future nanomedicine for cancer" (Drug Discovery Today)

"Curcumin Inhibits the Proteasome Activity in Human Colon Cancer Cells In vitro and In vivo" (Journal of Cancer Research)

I know these articles aren't free to read, but this is to show all of you that the research is happening, and it is showing positive results. Also please note the recent dates of publication of these articles! This is new knowledge.

So, you'd better get used to that unpleasantly bitter, spicy taste of curcumin + piperine + olive oil! ;)
Warmth from Hull, Quebec.
-Bradley Marleau B.Sc.

Sharon Holden said...

What a negative lot a lot of u are. Surely if it gives people hope to try taking turmeric it cant do any harm. Im a glass half full person i guess you lot are definately the opposite

Tammy Coffin said...

So glad to hear this! Here is a great story of how Karen Long overcame cancer too!

Cinda S. said...

I find the comments from Bradley Marleau regarding laziness and people wanting to be spoon fed very insulting and negative. I have been researching websites and cancer studies for over 2 years and find the work very tiring and time consuming. I concur with the earlier male poster who gave input on the technical merit of the article. Too few articles or testimonials provide dosage information to help cancer victims or their family members who may be researching for them.
And as cancer is so deadly, time may not be on the side of the cancer patient to allow time for research. Plus many sites and articles are just duplication I have read elsewhere.

I prefer to buy turmeric in a powder (from Whole Foods Market of Central Market, Dallas, TX ) to avoid the fillers from capsules, adding 1 tsp of black pepper to help its absorption into the body. I have used it previously with other herbs for lung cancer, but have not had great success curing my cancer due to stagnated circulation and blood clots in my lower extremities.

I finally tried turmeric alone 2 days ago, based on research I did on Galectin- 3, a protein that cancer uses to help itself spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. I never thought it did much to help me or I would have never stopped taking it; I never got worse, but I never significantly improved.

My Blood clot was beginning to break down over last week releasing cancer cells into my blood stream which travels and appeared to settle into my abdomen (which became sore) and lower right leg (which began to itch with a telltale rash). Both lower legs were itching, notably around the bones.

I Bought Turmeric Friday, Oct 25, took 1 tsp on a spoon, chased with a glass of tap water at 7 pm. At 8 pm I felt itch easing. And it helped circulation. At 9 pm I felt clearing in my lungs. I have continued taking 1 tsp 3 times a day for 2 days and plan to increase dosage after I do some research to see how many grams 1 tsp is. (today is Sunday, Oct 27). The itching in my legs have almost ceased entirely, and only noticeable if I go to long between doses. I take 4 hours apart. The morning dosage I take turmeric alone to test it. I feel more energized and notice the soreness on right side of abdomen is almost gone. It seems to take about 2 hours before the full affect is felt throughout the body, based on the clearing effect in my lungs, a bonus as this was not why I was taking it initially.

Until I read the post tonight I realized I had forgotten to to add pepper to the turmeric, which means the body can use turmeric without pepper, piperine, or a fat like olive oil as I have read, but I plan to add it toget the full benefits of the herb.)

***Note: My method of taking Turmeric powder by mouth causes yellowing of teeth. And it is messy and stains if gotten on clothes.

Whereas I cannot attest to whether turmeric alone can stop the spread of cancer until i can dissolve my blood clot, I am confident it can control the spread of it cancer to other parts of the body. It has achieved in a 24 hours what other herbs have not been able to do in a week in a half and i have tried some nasty cocktails of powder mixes and teas (myrrh, periwinkle, chaparral, pokewood, wormwood, anamu, onion capsules, echincea/goldenseal, pau d'arco, blue violet, and others). I am sleeping through the night again finally and can now think again that I may have a future by using turmeric to protect my organs and buy myself more time

Anonymous said...

Read your comment. My father is suffering from advanced lung cancer . Could you please tell me what did you use to treat your cancer. I would be thankful to you and pray for you always.

Anonymous said...

chase said...

Excellent article. I recently started taking tumeric in tea form due to it's many health benefits. I did not even know about this one, but not surprised. I know that enzymes (which break down the protective wall of cancer cells) and laetrile (which then destroys the cancer cells) were an alternative cure. This one is good to know also. And very true about the pharm companies. It's unfortunate so many people are giving to charities thinking their money's actually going to find a cure. But instead it's just supporting Big Pharma which will not release a cure for cancer because they're making too much money (trillions of $) "treating" people with it.

William "Million DollarBill" Braddock,MortgageGuy said...

You do not mention dosage for your self or your animals either.

Anonymous said...

I had breast cancer in 2001, chemo, lumpectomy & radiotherapy & was in remission. I have had a lump return to same breast 7 years ago, confess haven't returned to doctors as I made the decision I don't want to go through the treatment again & would take my chance. The lump has grown steadily and was approx 10 cms across the surface of my breast. I started taking turmeric capsule 4 months ago to aid arthritis in my knee ( having read a lot about the great results turmeric has in horses ) not only am I walking so much better the lump in my breast is 50% of what it was. I use Swanson 720mg capsules taking 1 twice a day.

Nikhil said...

Hi All,

My Mom has Mestasis carcinoma esophagus cancer with brain and spine Mets, since last seven month. Also received palliative treatment completed before 20 days. since last 2 month we tried to maintain good diet (basically focused on antioxidant i.e carrot, green tea & decent amount of turmeric in food). Recently we took CT Scan of abdomen and chest surprisingly it found in only 2 location T5 of spinal and L2. Mostly T5 with tumor.

I AM thinking of Appling turmeric externally to the tumor (T5) since it is clearly visible from outside. Will that fine?

Also that would be great help if some can tell exact doses of turmeric can be given to her in a day..

Any suggestion would be great help to me !!

Anonymous said...

If you read the original article in The Telegraph you will see that she underwent conventional therapies and only refused the drug doctors recommended during her remission, this is when she switched her diet. Tumeric may have helped her remain cancer free but it did not cure her cancer.

Nikhil said...

Thanks for writting, Can you please help me with following question:

-What quantity of Tumeric will be help full in a to remain cancer free.
-Is freezes Black raspberries powder will be help full on these kind of cancer cell.
-Any spacific diet if you could suggest.

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