Sunday, July 22, 2012

Canadian Lawsuit Against Church and State Withdrawn; New Campaign Initiated (Update)

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Update issued by ITCCS

The Council of Elders of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has unanimously decided to withdraw from the alleged lawsuit in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) brought by Jason Bowman on behalf of our Tribunal and our representative, Rev. Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice.

This withdrawal includes Rev. Annett, and is effective immediately, as of 9 pm GMT or 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.

We have terminated our involvement in this alleged lawsuit after learning from FCC officials in Toronto, Canada that no such case has in fact been filed with them by Mr. Bowman.

This decision of our ITCCS Council arises from our resolve to bring about a genuine, competent and effective legal assault on the Crown and the Vatican, and other institutions, for Crimes against Humanity.

Our nine-nation Tribunal represents the hopes and efforts of thousands of victims of crimes by Church and State to bring these institutions to trial and ultimate dis-establishment for their ongoing Crimes against Humanity. Our first obligation is to these victims, and we will let nothing and no-one impede their goal of genuine recovery and justice.

Our Tribunal has decided to withdraw from the Jason Bowman action for three reasons:

1. The failure of Mr. Bowman to file the case in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) or to exercise proper care and professional diligence, after his public announcement of the case at a press conference held by Mr. Bowman in Toronto on July 4, 2012;

2. Mr. Bowman's failure to respond to our concerns or to communicate his reasons for not filing the case, or to explain his strategy or actions either to our Tribunal or to his co-plaintiff, Rev. Kevin Annett, and

3. The fact that to proceed with a case in the Federal Court of Canada is to operate within a court that is not of competent jurisdiction to address the matter of crimes against humanity by the Crown itself.

That is, to pursue an action in the FCC would be to recognize the jurisdiction and legitimacy of the very institution we are confronting and naming as an agent of Crimes against Humanity, and would thereby negate and sabotage our own case, specifically by violating Article 25 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which is a foundation of our case.

Our Tribunal wishes first of all to reassure all victims of crimes by Church and State that, rather than representing a step backwards, our disaffiliation from the Bowman action is a step towards a genuine and professionally competent attack on the church, state and corporate agents of genocide and other crimes.

That is, the ITCCS and Rev. Kevin Annett intend to proceed now with many other plaintiffs to take the same evidence and case against the Crown, the Vatican, the government and churches of Canada, and pharmaceutical companies to jurisdictionally competent courts of law not under the authority of the Crown of England or so-called "canon law". These courts will include those based in other nations as well as de jure Common Law courts within Canada.

We are already working with legal teams in several nations to commence proceedings in such courts.

To clarify, our original aim in supporting the Bowman action in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) was compelled by the requirement under International Law to "exhaust all domestic legal remedies" before bringing a case into a non-domestic court of law such as the International Criminal Court. We saw Bowman's efforts as a way to do so.

However, this aim has been irretrievably compromised by Mr. Bowman's behavior and the fact that proceeding in the FCC will violate Article 25 of the Rome Statute, which compels all citizens to refrain from supporting or colluding with agencies of regimes guilty of Crimes against Humanity – such as, in this case, the government and churches of Canada and the Vatican.

Let us also clarify that, ever since May of 2012, when Mr. Bowman first approached our Canadian representative, Rev. Kevin Annett, and offered to launch a lawsuit with Rev. Annett as a co-plaintiff, the entire process of proceeding with this lawsuit has been completely in Jason Bowman's hands.

Our Tribunal and Kevin Annett have been forced to rely entirely on Bowman, his word and his judgement, in this matter. We proceeded to do so in good faith, despite having had no previous contact with or knowledge of Bowman or his organization, the Association of Citizen Prosecutors, which after inquiry appears to have no identifiable history.

Neither Kevin Annett nor any member of the ITCCS has been in a position to affect Mr. Bowman's actions or the process of filing this case in the Federal Court, and we have consistently been kept in the dark by Mr. Bowman about his daily actions and ultimate legal strategy. Such a defective modus operandi by Bowman is self-destructive and bodes poorly for the success of any joint legal action with him against our wealthy corporate oppositon.

Clearly, Mr. Bowman's negligence and unexplained delay in filing the case has provided great aid and ammunition to our powerful opponents. They, and various misinformation agencies and internet operatives, have used and are using Bowman's delay in filing the case to attack and destroy our credibility, and undermine the legitimacy of our years-long campaign against genocide and crimes committed by Church and State. We cannot allow this destructiveness to carry on.

In closing, we wish to make it clear that:

1. By this statement and our withdrawal from the alleged Bowman lawsuit, we are not implying anything about the motives or personal character of Jason Bowman; and

2. At no point did our Tribunal or Rev. Kevin Annett aid or conspire with Jason Bowman or any other party to mislead or defraud the public or the court in this matter, but at all times we acted only in good faith, and with trust in Mr. Bowman and his declared efforts.

We regret that our trust and faith was, in this case, misplaced.

Despite these events, we remain even more committed to pursuing the legal prosecution and eventual dis-establishment of the Crown, the Vatican, and the other named defendants as conspirators in Crimes against Humanity, in de jure common law courts and other public arenas. We will not be deterred in this effort by any momentary delay or unprofessional disruption.

We call upon concerned citizens everywhere, and all survivors of church, state and corporate terror, to rally behind our efforts and to contact our office or Rev. Kevin Annett at to join our legal campaign.

Original post begins here:
Toronto, Canada – History was made yesterday when a legal team headed by Jason Bowman of the ACP was granted the right to proceed with its filing of a criminal conspiracy lawsuit against the Vatican, Crown of England and other parties.

A Federal Court judge in Toronto examined the material and granted leave for the full application to be filed and presented in court next Monday, July 9.

Bowman holding papers July 4
but never formally filed
According to Bowman, who acted on behalf of both the ACP and ITCCS,
We expected to simply file a motion … Instead, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application a full week earlier than we were expecting. Naturally, I was elated.
A crowd of supporters accompanied Bowman to the Federal Court where he secured a preliminary hearing and approval to proceed from the on duty judge.

Afterwards, the group held a press conference nearby and was harassed by security guards and at least one agent provocateur tried to incite violence and discredit both Bowman and ITCCS founder and co-applicant Kevin Annett. He has since then posted a derogatory and untruthful YouTube posting about the event.

An attempted livestream broadcast of the event was inexplicably disrupted, although blog media activists who were present reported the news extensively on the Internet.

None of the “mainstream” media in Toronto attended the press conference.

The ACP-ITCCS lawsuit is the first of its kind: a class action aimed at so-called heads of state, including the Pope and the Queen of England, on behalf of victims of alleged crimes against humanity committed by churches, governments and corporations.

Also named in this suit as defendants are the government of Canada, the United Church of Canada, the Church of England, and pharmaceutical companies, all of which are charged with crimes against humanity and criminally conspiring to obstruct justice.

Kevin Annett, who is named in the court application as a plaintiff against the Crown, Pope and other defendants, commented,
As usual, the corporate media ignored us and paid operatives tried to discredit and stop us, but this time, we got our foot in the door of the court system. Wherever that leads us, we’ve taken another step towards forcing criminals in power to do time for their crimes. Whether it’s in this court or in a common law de jure one, the tables will be turned.
Stay tuned for you tube postings, and more updates after the July 9 court appearance, at and

For videos and other footage see:

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at

Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film Unrepentant on his website

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Anonymous said...

Finally, it's about time this genocide was brought to full public light and those responsible held accountable for their sins.

Hopefully it gets somewhere and isn't buried later on.

Spread the word to everyone you know, it's time to start holding Power responsible for it's abuses and outright crimes.

Great work by those involved in this.

Anglo Saxon said...

I honour and applaud those (like Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett, plus colleagues) who are prepared to 'fight' in the front line of this ongoing war against criminals pretending to be 'royalty' or 'religious' leaders.

Doing what they did takes gonads. Something most American males apparently don't possess. They'd rather continue to live a life of being henpecked by their notoriously overbearing, garrulous, and self-destructive women.

Those criminal scum bags are trying hard now to destroy Syria. But the one country that most deserves "creative" destruction and total transformation, is England.

That way at least, its native Anglo-Saxon and Celtic populations could be freed at last from the Jewish yoke imposed upon them (approx.) 350 years ago.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Excellent news! I have reposted this article... as with so many things, the word must get out since our mainstream press will ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Genocide by the Catholic church? Am I understanding this correctly? As in all the children of Jews and others during world war two which the Catholic church saved by risking the cloak? You guys.. I dunno about you anymore. Your history lessons are based not in reality of historical times... I enjoyed this blog a long time but it seems your are quickly turning the way of " conservative talk shows" of the USA. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Try to get this to the Drudge Report, it will go viral after that. It has the headline to catch attention on the page.

david llewellyn foster said...

This is a superb precedent. A time to applaud the example of those who are prepared to fight for the victims of institutionalised atrocity. This should be a salient lesson for us all, that truth and courage still have a place in civil society. Bertrand Russell once referred to the "harm that good men do." Those who intend well but are misguided may be instructed, but those who masquerade as sincere and practice iniquity, must be named, shamed and prosecuted, no matter how grand their estate.

Anonymous said...

"Genocide by the Catholic church? Am I understanding this correctly? As in all the children of Jews and others during world war two which the Catholic church saved by risking the cloak? You guys.. I dunno about you anymore. Your history lessons are based not in reality of historical times... I enjoyed this blog a long time but it seems your are quickly turning the way of " conservative talk shows" of the USA. Pity."

Apparently you've never heard of the Inquisition, the Christian Crusades or the Middle Ages aka Dark Ages - together they've allowed "good" Christians to murder more people than any other religion in history.

It must be nice to live in a delusional world where Christians are supposed to be 'good', eh?

The only thing Christians are good for as per the church I grew up in is beating their wives and children, scamming people out of their money and declaring anyone who disagrees with them as being 'evil', as long as they can go to church once a week and be 'forgiven' for it all(forgive themselves, God never would accept that BS evil).

That and discovering that their Christian school principle was a pedophile abusing children so they force the families involved to be 'hush hush' and then pass him on to the next school without any warning so he could abuse more kids.

4 Christian schools and 3 churches and dozens of abused children later he finally got arrested, and got a slap on the wrist that was a spit in the face of his victims - all because a bunch of Christian pastors testified on his behalf that he wasn't really a bad person.

And just to save face for the Christian church.

Who cares about all those innocent victims, it's the image of the church that matters most, as in this case of mass-murder.

Of course the Catholic Church is well known for it's pedophilia these days.

But of course people like you can just completely ignore all the bad stuff because your belief in God allows you to have no conscience when it comes to crimes of the church.

Please go away and stick to the BS Christian websites that only talk about the stuff the church wants to talk about and ignores any uncomfortable reality they don't like.

As a matter of personal faith I have great Love for Christianity, but you are a perfect example of why organized religion is pure Evil.

Organized Christianity is a cult of brainwashing, nothing more.

I still remember being shocked when I hit public school and discovered something called the 'Middle Ages' and the 'Crusades', which my Christian elementary school pretended didn't exist... just like the pedophiles, wife beaters, etc.

Anything Christians don't like just doesn't exist... total brainwashing.

Enjoy your serfdom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
July 5, 2012 10:44 PM
"Genocide by the Catholic church? Am I understanding this correctly? As in all the children of Jews and others during world war two which the Catholic church saved by risking the cloak? You guys.."

Please tell me you aren't serious. The Catholic church committed genocide against all those in the Middle East in the Crusades: against "heretic" witches in the Middle Ages and during WWII they SAVED the Nazis and helped them to escape. Then there was the genocide against the Cathars...want me to go on?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it isn't the Christians, particularly the Catholics, here who are brainwashed. We are where we are, collectively, today not because of religion but because we've spent the last fifty (or a hundred or two or five...) years removing religion from our lives as thoroughly as possible, especially in Europe and America. We don't have to imagine no religion; we're living no religion and all its wonderful consequences.

Anonymous said...

I was at that same press conference and at no time did Greg or anyone even remotely try to incite any sort of violence. I recall him asking a few tough question that were not answered , or answers delayed. I think the time would be better spent getting the answers to the serious questions asked and raised as opposed to trying to discredit a person who is clearly doing his research to expose people and events that are questionable.

Anglo Saxon said...

Here we go again. For the 1,000th time plus one, yet another idiot [Anonymous, 5:23 AM] has felt the overwhelming need to make reference to the 'Nazis' in their comment here at Activist Post.

Truly sick. A helpless victim of Jewish brainwashing. Can I ever hope to get through a week, or even just a day, without having to read yet another stupid American mentioning the god-dammed 'Nazis' on the Internet????

I have heard rumours you like to put ketchup
onto everything you eat. Is this a similar affliction to you seeing "Hitler" and "the Nazis" every time you engage two brain-cells?

If someone can logically and rationally explain what the so-called 'Nazis' have got to do with this brave legal action in Canada (taken against BRITISH 'Royalty', the Vatican, and Corporations) then I am prepared to be amused.

Americans are totally obsessed with "AH" and "the Nazis". You are turning yourselves into a laughing stock. Get control of yourselves, for heaven's sake, and grow up.

Anonymous said...

@ Anglo Saxon - The simple answer is propaganda. Really poor propaganda at that.

Most Americans are pumped full of "Nazi this" and "Nazi that" everyday, especially on the Propaganda Channel... err, History Channel.

The sad thing is most of the American's I've talked to over the years don't even know the most basic facts about the Nazi's or the Holocaust despite that daily indoctrination.

Most of them think Auschwitz was 'Ground Zero' for the entire Holocaust and are completely unaware of the numerous other camps where mass-murder allegedly took place.

Of course that is probably for the best for the propaganda pushers since most of the other camps call the entire official storyline into question.

In 1944 the official death toll at the Majdanek camp was set at approximately 1.7 million.[Source: Anklageschrift gegen Hermann Vogel und andere, 26. Oktober 1944, Archivum Panstwowego Muzeum na Majdanku, sygn. XX-1, p. 100.]

Over the past 67 or so years that official death toll has shrank significantly.

In 2005 the official death toll was officially revised to approximately 78,000.
[Source: Tomasz Kranz, Research Director of the Majdanek State Museum, Gazeta Wyborcza, 12 / 23 / 2005.]

In case you are poor at math that means that 95.4% of the victims claimed in October 1944 at Majdanek NEVER EXISTED.

Did those victims rise from the dead and Walk away?

And since then revisionists have reduced that figure to about 8,831, or a 99.4% reduction from the original death toll.

But revisionists are questionable sources to non-revisionists so the official figures are the best ones to quote, and that stands at a 95.4% reduction from 1.7 million to 78,000.

If in 1945 6 million Jewish victims were alleged with 1.7 million at Majdanek and approximately 4 million of those at Auschwitz, how can the official death toll still be 6 million total?

Especially when the Auschwitz State Museum reduced the official death toll there in 1989 to between 1.1 and 1.3 million.

6 million minus 2.7-2.9 million minus approx 1.65 million = 6 million?

This is what I Lovingly refer to as 'Holocaust Mathematics', the same math that says it's possible to burn 2,000 bodies on an open fire in between 30 minutes and 2 hours - when a single body in a high-efficiency cremation oven today takes almost 2 hours by itself.

I'm always getting bashed for being a 'revisionist' and yet it's okay for the "Holocaust industry" itself to do revisions of up to 95.4%?

And nobody questions the official storyline still?

I mean no matter what the Nazi's committed genocide even if they didn't actually murder a single person as simply forcing people out of their homes and into prison camps is genocide(and I'm not saying they didn't kill people).

But how can people believe in the official propaganda so much and yet have no idea what the actual facts are and not ask any questions about something they hear about EVERY DAY?

Everything should be questioned in an Intelligent society.

But hey, dumb-dumb society Live we in. [/Yoda]

PS - ever notice how the claims of Jews burnt alive in Ovens have disappeared over the past few decades? Along with the pedal-powered brain-bashing machines, steam chambers, electrocution chambers, etc...

Yeah, most educated society in the world = dumbest society in the world that doesn't question anything they aren't told to question by the establishment.

This 'Canadian Holocaust' is far more evidence based rather than propaganda based and should be addressed on it's own without tying it into the Nazi Holocaust for propaganda value.

Anonymous said...

More specifically, some (not all) Knights Malta businessmen (that do include Roman Catholic Papal (Masonic) Jews in their enclave) or lower ranking Knights of Columbus who do not necessarily have the blessing of the Vatican ruling families nevermind the local diocese clergy. I personally know a Roman Catholic priest who does not approve of the actions of the Pharmaceutical Industry and would never approve of these detestful men behind cryptic pharmaceutical depopulation. I am sure he speaks for himself, not everyone, because not everyone can or does have the same opinion. The Vatican-Church of England-Pharma Industry is not all one hive brain in which everyone has the same thought and opinion at once. They sometimes collude with one another, but also at times directly confront and oppose one another. People have minds of their own, and free will to do good or evil even within institutions that ideally should be sacred and benevolent. It was never a secret before, now, or in the future: The Vatican, City of London, and Washington D.C. are the same Corporation. Sometimes people there do good things, other times they do not. There are as many (or more with a growing new generation) powerful good dissenters as there are powerful old guard evildoers who are shrinking in their ranks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea. Too bad it won't go anywhere.

Louis Barta said...

The Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Rome, founded on Peter by Yahweh (the Blessed Trinity) himself in the form of his Divine Son Jesus Christ, has done more to promote peace, advance learning and the arts, care for the poor and sick, and elevate the dignity of human beings than any other sacred congregation in human history. And after the coming tribulation, God's Catholic Church alone will, by the awesome power of God, emerge triumphant during the Marian Era of Peace.
That is what is written, and that is what shall come to pass.

Your Conscience said...

Why is everyone so upset? America is finally out of the closet and gays can openly serve in the military.The children love the gay parades and learning about alternative lifestyles and we are still fighting so gays can get married.We have made great strides in equal rights but we haven't yet won the battle on marriage rights.Let's not take our eyes off the prize.This lawsuit is a dangerous diversion that will only slow down the struggle for equal rights for gays.Stay the course on gay rights and forget these trivialities.

Anonymous said...

please don't paint all Americans the same colour - we are not all stupid, and it is offensive to think that we are. I don't live in America - got out 3 years ago, and trust me (I was a small organic farmer in the USA) there are a good percentage of Americans that know history. What you see on TV about Americans is only 10% of the picture and not reality. So you need to maybe meet a few educated people from the USA.

anne marie fagerstroem said...

This is great News ..! ..Finally its all coming out to the public ...! ...

Anonymous said...

Hi I suggest a site to called friends of maud'dib. films on you tube are The man mentions what happened to him and how he presented himself and walked free.

Lowenstein said...

Of course this will not be allowed to proceed.

The Catholic church killing people in all those Catholic inspired wars and the Inquisition, and the Crusades? Oh you weren't supposed to know, or at least you were supposed to be blind to it all or better yet completely brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 6, 2012 11:56 AM
Dude.. gazeta wyborcza?? Come on... have you once wandered to research that media? Ever maybe wonder why they have a red " kreska" in their insignia? Does it by any chance ring familiar when you read about Hegel Stalin or Marx? Maybe if your numbers came from quoting " Naszymi Dziennik" I'd take them seriously but to me and most educated amichnik and his media are to be Never quoted. You might as well look for yet smaller Holocaust victim numbers in der spiegel. Pay attention PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

@Anon July 7, 2012 10:39 PM -

The source is Tomasz Kranz the Research Director at the Majdanek State Museum(formerly I think now).

Gazeta Wyborcza is simply one of the only media entities that was willing to publish it since 99% of the media is owned by those who invented and continue to perpetuate the propaganda(and make billions of dollars a year on the "Holocaust Industry").

Confusing the actual sources with the media groups that report on them isn't very smart.

You have about as much chance getting a major/mass media outlet to give a fair shake to the 'Canadian Holocaust' mentioned here as you do getting one to dispute the official story of the Nazi Holocaust. "Taboo" alone would scare them out of it if they actually considered it.

Even most of the alternative media won't touch the Nazi Holocaust as they will be branded "evil, racist mass-murderer supporters", so it's only outlets that already have nothing to lose that will.

A simple email to Mr. Kranz will get you confirmation that based on his very knowledgeable perspective(he's one of the only people to ever have 100% access to everything) the total death toll is around 78,000.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the Canadian press have as many brains as the people who perpetrated these crimes. Why they don't think this news is important enough to publish and that people have a right to be informed is beyond me. Thank you for your insight and dedication in providing readers with news that lets people know just how evil all segemts of society can be including government and churches who do their dirty work in the name of God!

ro-jo-yo said...

The God that the queen and the pope worship is Jesus Christ.
The true Hebrew name of the Almighty is Yehowah, and the true Hebrew name for the Messiah is Yehowshuwa.
Jesus Christ is a false God.

Lowenstein said...

As I said, this isn't going to proceed.

Most of the paytriots for profit don't know what they are doing. They read some legal theory on the web and they go around repeating it as if it was fact, trying to sound intelligent. They have no track record of success in court but they are good at taking your money.

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