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New Call of Duty video game reveals villain as “leader of the 99%” in new trailer

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Less than a year ago I wrote an article about pro war propaganda in video games which was sadly one of my most controversial articles for that whole month, despite the fact that I covered some very important topics during that time. Even if you doubted that the popular wartime first person shooters were propaganda before, you are going to have a hard time not being suspicious after hearing that the villain in the new game is described as the “leader of the 99%”.

It has become blatantly clear that a political message is being sent by the ruling class to the rest of us using these video games and other media. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with video games; we all need time to relax every now and then and if that’s how you decide to do it that is great. However, this specific series and others like it that glorify war and demonize activists are highly suspect and can now quite confidently be identified as outright propaganda.

Just this week a gaming website even compared the the villain to Julian Assange saying "The game’s main villain is Raul Menendez, described as the 'idolized'".

Messiah of the 99%”—a Julian Assange-like character who’s old, experienced, and hellbent on starting a global insurrection against the status quo. He hands Sgt. Frank Woods, the protagonist of the first game, a necklace at the end of the trailer which symbolizes a connection between the two characters.”

You can take a look at the trailer for yourself below:

Even if you don’t believe the subliminal and chemical implications of surrounding yourself with this media as I discussed in my article last year, you must at least admit that this storyline is crafted from the perspective of the ruling class where activists should be shot at with elaborate weapons, while it is noble to fight for the aristocracy. It is possible that this is the result of the ruling class controlling the media, or maybe it can just be chalked up to the mainstream political narrative being so deeply entrenched in the minds of the programmers, although I highly doubt it’s that simple.

Regardless of the cause, we should take this as another example where mainstream art and culture reflects the desires of the ruling class. This is extremely dangerous because art and media has such a profound impact on the minds of those who come in contact with it. In so many ways our opinions and outlooks are formed and manipulated by the information that we consume, especially if one has not trained themselves to think critically. Luckily this kind of propaganda is highly ineffective if you are aware of it and are able to critically assess what your being exposed to.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the future generation is playing these games now and do not have the critical thinking skills, or the desire to read about current events, or the ability to analyze, or a media willing to analyze, or even parents who understand what is going on. Result? Plenty of future recruits who already are motivated to see or engage in "whatever" you want them to do.

Anonymous said...

I think video game propaganda is backfiring in a lot of ways. I play video games, not mouth breathing in the dark for 10 hours, but I play video games for probably a half hour-hour a night. I play the new war games like Battlefield 3 etc, and in talking to people online, sometimes I'll randomly type Ron Paul 2012 to see what people do, and in games of 64 people its amazing to me how many people playing the game are aware. I think the realistic nature of war games, does the opposite of encouraging people to sign up for war. I'm sure there are some people who are turned on by the violence, but most people just think they are video games and are aware of horrifying realities of war. The anti-social, 'indoorsy' kind of kids playing video games are not going to be coaxed out of their basements when they can safely "fight terrorism" at home on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting, what company puts out this mind-poisoning trash? I for one play none of these videogames, but a boycott and denunciation are in order.

Joe said...

They are playing catch-up with Ubi-soft rainbow six patriots, which has had the concept of patriots as bad people going for over a year now. Clearly we are being told to fight on the side of our monyed masters rather than the real 99%.

And Julian Assange's rapidly manufactured persona is about as real as these games are.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be the fact that we have gotten used to vain ego driven quixotic madmen like Julian Assange claiming to be populist heroes in spite of the fact that most of their claimed constituency doesn't actually support them. It could also be the realization that, while much in the world is dysfunctional, it is also true that most activist leaders are the vain ego driven moron I described above. Therefore it follows that this is a good recipe for a fictional villain. No need for propaganda hear at all, and if you think there is any real propaganda, you sir have never met the average game designer.

Anonymous said...

You can "fight terrorism" anywhere in the World these days flying a drone and its just like a video game, perfect job for a talented couch potato gamer.

Anonymous said...

let them have their sick ****ing psychopathic games!

Stay on target.

Local City Council's + ICLEI / Medical Cannabis
State CAFR (city CAFR too for the broke ones)
Federal Election

Expose the foreign and corporate influences, and ignore the mother*****ng political party. Our candidates

Obey their oath
Know basic math, and exponents
Prosecute the ****ing banksters!

No Substitutes!

Anonymous said...

They're all over the COD franchise.

Anonymous said...

Actually Raul Menendez is every boogie man wrapped into one. He is a 99% Leader which fits that movement, He is also a Hacker to cover the anonymous people and julian assange, he is a third world i.e. south and central american drug cartel guy to represent that threat, and he is also a terrorist which needs the least amount of indoctrination since that is already widely accepted as a boogie man. It makes me laugh, propaganda and bull sh!t is always obvious that's why it only works on slaves.

Anonymous said...

follow the money- all media is owned by like 4 companies- the gaming industry is no different- the music industry- the banksters control it all- their influence is in everything to manufacture obedient citizen slaves- just smart enough to pull the levers and keep the machines running, but too stupid to complain about the hours worked away for the life force given- want a real mind blower- who the hell owns VISA? you never hear anyone raise complaints about this company but critically think about it who profits on every transaction on your debit cards/credit cards? push to going cash-less...I wonder why?

FunCoTech said...

I've thought how good these games are at training future cannon fodder since "Space Invador" days.
It just keeps getting more valid. I watched a bit of recorded game-play from a multi-user war game recently and was seriously impressed. Powerfull tool, but maybe there are "patriot" militias using them too...

Nemetron 2000 said...

The COD series and BF series have gone total psyop (in the case of BF3 one of the missions involves the invasion of Tehran), but when you think about it, what other gaming genre can the propagandists use that would allow them to shape the minds of the young towards a pro-war future?

Like another commenter posted, Rainbow Six Patriot is another game that vilifies those that don't support the status-quo. Also, another loose example of propaganda in gaming can be seen in the Resident Evil series which used to be about suspense and what is called "survival horror", but has now devolved into just another high-action series that focuses on the ever looming threat of "bio-terrorism", which in this case, is terrorism using biological agents that turn people into zombies and monsters.

Is there propaganda in the gaming industry? Yes. Just like there is propaganda in the motion picture industry. The thing with gaming is that the hardware has gotten to the point that the propaganda can be displayed in such a way that the average Joe will sit up and say "wow, that looks so life-like, and I can actually take control of the action instead of just sitting here and watching for 2hrs. like with a movie".

The graphics are increasing the sense of interaction, the sense of interaction is attracting the attention of casuals, the attention of casuals is forcing the propagandists to focus their efforts more on the gaming industry. With the propagandists come the money. With the money comes the high production value and huge budgets you're seeing in the COD series now.

Of my 35 years of existence I have been playing videogames for about 30 of those years, so I have seen the trends and the rise and fall of varies genres, and I can tell you there is definitely a concerted effort to drive people's opinion now. Games have become less thought provoking and more action oriented which is all about diving into a person's subconscious and activating their primal instincts while overstimulating their fight-or-flight response.

When you're young, the military action in games like COD can be a "thrilling" experience that one, at most, may actually want to experience for real; at least, become so numb to the concepts depicted that cries from the real world demanding outrage over the very real consequences of such actions will be meet with a blank stare and a shrug of shoulders.

Needless to say, when I play games now I'm very selective of what games I play, and military-style FPS's are not on my gaming list.

anon said...

I watched the trailer twice, and not once did I hear the words "leader of the 99%"

Anonymous said...

Let me remind that the ruling elite do not need your consent anymore. They don't need to make TV shows you will like, people will watch any insulting piece of garbage put before them, they OWN ALL THE CHANNELS, people, the elite have more to gain out of a sea of garbage than some wholesome shows that get high ratings. It is the same with video games, music, movies, magazines, across the board. THE SAME PEOPLE OWN IT ALL. There IS no "competition". They are rubbing people's faces in it and people go right along with it anyway, drumming along to sadistic messages, desensitizing images, crude humor at other's expense, overt fixation upon any kind of horrors within the population, disturbing fixation on celebrities. Do you not notice people talking nonsense to you about celebrities? They do not need your consent to the point they do not care if you audit the Fed and see what they do with your money. The sheeple are quite busy with their shoot em up movies and ball games. You are simply going to have to deal with it until you have sweeping changes to the monetary system that directs money this way into all these corrupt avenues. The best thing you can do is get informed and stick with the truth, because there ARE legal, non-violent solutions, if you can keep your conscience alive enough in this atmosphere you might just figure out what they are. Its obviously nobody's job to tell you, you wouldn't believe them anyway.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a written (propaganda) passage in an earlier version. I'm so glad my son lost interest in that stupid, mindless killing game. said...

an ovbious sysopp

Anonymous said...

This is how free publicity is made.

Anonymous said...

This is to be expected, after all the company of the "three-arches" (treyarch) used black ops 1 to tell everyone that "A. Mason killed JFK"..

All these games are filled not only with propaganda, the bastards spread their symbolism on every level, like tags from some graffiti artist..

Fuck the new world order

Anonymous said...

I keep.watching the trailer what does this have to do with the 99% I just see liberals whining

J.G Vibes said...

sorry anon, poor word choice on my part, it was definitely alluded to in the trailer but was actually specifically stated in the promo material for the game, check the sourced article for more information on that

Anonymous said...

Next step: Flight bomber games against the 99%. Only they hook you up unknowingly to the drones and the game is real.


Matt S. said...

Sorry, but I don't see any clear message to the trailer. There's a guy who the masses have decided is great, but the government believes he's deceived them and he is actually bent on violent revolution. I could do without the 99% reference, but I think this whole article is a stretch. Let's judge it when we actually can see how it plays in the context of a storyline.

Anonymous said...

The magazine pan shows that cordies die is for the 99%

no extra-citation needed.

Aside from that, this is how you get free publicity.

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