Thursday, July 26, 2012

MI5, CIA and TSA at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The UK government has deployed an extra 1,200 more troops to aid in protection measures at the 2012 Olympic Games.

The lack of confidence in the G4S security firm has prompted the use of military forces. The opening ceremony will provide an estimated 18,200 UK military personnel. Another 5,500 troops will be stationed outside the venue.

Jeremy Hunt, Olympics Secretary released a statement explaining:
On the eve of the largest peacetime event ever staged in this country, ministers are clear that we should leave nothing to chance. The Government continues to have every confidence that we will deliver a safe and secure Games.
The armed forces will be soldiers formerly stationed in Afghanistan.

Security at the Games is beginning to be referred to as “the biggest peacetime security operation in Britain’s history.”

Surveillance at the Games promises to rival any other Big Brother monitoring as of yet. More than 4.2 million CCTV cameras will be used to watch the general public while the Games commence.

Licensed software used for spying has been provided by the CIA, FBI and TSA. In fact, TSA cronies will be monitoring airports in London to aid in the search for terrorists scheming. At London’s Heathrow airport the TSA will be molesting British citizens. The TSA is scheduled to assist US and British airlines; however, they are supposedly restricted from screening passengers, conducting inspections, or go beyond the gates, but this promise will most likely be broken at some point for security’s sake.

Lt. Colonel Brian Fahy, senior army officer, seems to believe that it is “feasible” that unmanned drones equipped with poison could be flown over-head at the Games and used for biological warfare in London. Fahy explained:
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can be put in a backpack. They come in all sorts of sizes and it’s feasible they could be filled with something noxious and flown by remote-control.
Threats of the spread of infectious diseases looms as the Europe Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) reports that global mass gatherings are rife for bacteria and viruses to infect thousands of people at once due to proximity and exposure. The ECDC and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) will be monitoring spectators and provide “risk assessment” of the potentials with regard to public health and communicable disease.

According to the ThreatMatrix, an integrated cybercrime prevention software program, mobile phones (including smartphones and tablets) are a significant threat to the Games.

Andreas Baumhof, chief technology officer, ThreatMatrix, says:
With such a large audience seeking information on the Olympic Games, cybercriminals will seize this opportunity to attack PCs, mobile devices and even tablets. Cybercrime today is so advanced that in many cases users are completely unaware they are being attacked. 
The Olympic audience needs to be vigilant when browsing the Internet and researching the games. Whether you are searching for Michael Phelps or real-time medal count updates, make sure you are using sites that can be trusted – mainstream news sites, or better yet the official Olympics website.
The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, in preparation for cyber threats, has allocated an estimated $3.1 billion to spend on technology securitization alone.

Terrorists using blended attacks, which is the application of simultaneous destruction of physical targets, could be carried out as an attack on the Games and London. The security agents and military forces may be pulled in opposite directions to mitigate damage.

MI5, British internal counter-intelligence and security agency, will collaborate with the Secret Intelligence Service to focus on minimizing foreign threats.

Mainstream media is claiming that MI5 may have to worry about:
  • Organized plots hatched by al-Qaeda or affiliated jihadist groups.
  • An individual with an Islamist background intent on carrying out a “lone wolf” attack.
  • An attempt by a rogue Irish Republican group to do something attention-getting on the mainland.
  • Dissident groups from other countries who see an opportunity to strike at the head of a hated government while he is in London.
The “lone wolf” is being touted as the biggest threat to the Games. Islamic extremist, plants of al-Qaeda or other Irish dissidents could, according to Will Hartley, defense specialist at HIS Jane’s, who warns that the lone wolf “by definition, they are unpredictable and could be potentially motivated by any number of causes.” Hartley refers to “chatter” that specifies a target at the Games that militant Islamic online forums have revealed points to anarchists who represent a clear and obvious threat to the Games.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot about Mossad; they are practically running the London Underground and managing the plain clothed MI5 and armed police crawling all over tube platforms.

Anonymous said...

One of 'em should be able to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

And if one of 'em doesn't make it happen, something's gone wrong!

Anonymous said...

‎"Radiation and rockets at the London Olympics you ask? Yes, more than 7,000 tons of radioactive debris pushed just to the side to build the Olympic stadium and anti-aircraft missIes anchored on the rooftops of private London residences. War games, military and private security forces patting down the throngs at a cost of £1 billion ($1.54 billion) just for “security” alone, this is the straw which has finally broken the camel’s back for my lifetime of Olympics watching."

Anonymous said...

Make what happen...?

Anonymous said...

Occult sybolism surrounds the timing and place of this event.

Remember that 9/11 is the emergency number of the US police? The London Olympics have chosen 999, the emergency number of the British police: 9pm start, Friday 27 July 7+2=9, moon in 9th astrological house.

The olympic site is long associated with Masonic occult practice.

The entire event appears to be staged as a (sacrificial) ritual offering to dark forces.

But where there is an energy vortex so is the force of light also present. It is people who decide how much emphasis is put on one or the other - and this decides the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Olympic site will be bombed at 4:11. Watch attached Utube to find out what happens next

Don said...

TSA will have a lot of fun if they get to "screen" athletes! They LOVE a hard body!

Anonymous said...

That video and the woman who made it are crazy.

Entropy said...

There are definitely shades of the 1936 Berlin Olympics here.

Anonymous said...

...this sounds like the perfect cover to set up and distribute war-time martial law...with plans to leave it in place after the games...surely..
...especially... if they have an incident to begin is like reading a bad book...they cannot even come up with a new we come...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

We should have just left it alone and let security be lax. Maybe if they had been more vulnarable the world could have called them out for allowing whatever cheap charade they are planning. Now we have to spend more of "the people's" money on this big orgiastic farce called the Olympics in order to promote Humanism and the Worship of Idols. Yay! I want my money back.

Anonymous said...

The CIA, MI5, Mossad, TSA, and all other agencies and intelligence communities working together with them really and truly want an attack. Their mentality is showing by their deep fear and paranoia and their need for control and power that they have to engineer a plot and sometimes do not follow through because they get exposed and people are catching on to their repeated modus operandi. They eventually have to put off their agenda for another day. After awhile, it gets so old that we already know who is behind all the hoopla. This war on terrorism has been blown out of proportion and these sick pricks are so desperate and always have to keep coming up with something new and creative to keep the atmosphere from being dull and monotonous. All this over extra security is so unnecessary. All this time, effort, and money should be used for the good of humanity and heal other countries that these agencies so wrecklessly destroyed.

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