Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Melinda Gates: Family Planning Means Sterilizing Women in Developing Nations

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are hosting The London Family Planning Summit (LFPS) where they will purvey their depopulation and eugenics agenda in the name of women’s rights.

Both governmental and private sector representatives will be in attendance; where not only will lucrative deals for provision of contraception will be made, but the BMGF will secure donated funds to bring their brand of depopulation to third world nations.

The BMGF assert that by 2050 “the global population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people” and this is unacceptable to them . By applying pressure to social programs and resources, the BMGF want to use family planning as an investment for all national governments globally.

Delegates at the LFPS will team up with non-governmental organizations like The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA) wherein they have pledged to make sure policies and political leaders are properly swayed in the direction of support their campaign.

The Department for International Development (DID) claims that as women die from unwated preganacy, those victims are prime candidates for their depopulation agenda. By simply controlling their ability to be fertile, the lives of countless women will be saved. Andrew Mitchell, aide to the DID said: “It is a shocking fact that pregnancy can be a death sentence for many girls and women in the developing world. What is all the more devastating is that many of these pregnancies were unintended.”

Mitchell is working intimately with Melinda Gates as she makes family planning her “top priority”. Gates hopes that the LSFP and her work with the DID “will galvanize a global movement” to sterilize and enforce contraceptives onto the majority of the under-developed nations populations; thereby ensuring that conception cannot take place.

BMGF have already been part of the UN’s land grab efforts in Africa, and now have given donations in coerced acquisition of African dairy farms. An $8.5 million dollar grant was extended through governmental channels in support of the East Africa Dairy Development project (EADD).

The NGOs associated with the UN in usurping lands from African farmers is also involved in the clever imitative with the BMGF to takeover profits and infrastructure of small dairy farms.

These groups are Heifer International (HI), who received $8 million in funding from BMGF, is in partnership with TechnoServe, The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), World Agroforestry Research Institute and Africa Breeders Services.

In London, Gates has had her rhetoric prepared in response to the supposed controversy surrounding contraceptives.

Speaking with CNN, Gates gave her diatribe on how she justifies her position as part of the global Elite who are actively seeking to depopulate the planet by 90%; starting in the third world nations.

Gates, who spends quite a bit of time with under-developed nations like Africa, says that the LSFP is “a partnership of national governments from developing and developed countries, foundations, the private sector and NGOs is launching a groundbreaking effort to make sure” that those in poorer nations do not have the expressed ability to procreate, but rather will be inundated with forced sterilization under the guise of family planning.

By supporting this effort, Gates believes she can prevent 40% of people who would otherwise have been born, there by justifying family planning as a scheme to make women healthier who have “families are more successful and their communities are more prosperous.”

Simply put: the BMGF has classified “unwanted” pregnancies and they are focusing on eventually eliminating this number to reduce the world’s population. Africa, a big focus for the BMGF is being targeted along with Muslim nations.

In Senegal, Gates explains the BMGF “are investing in a pilot project to ensure that health clinics are always stocked with the full range of modern contraceptives, including implants, injectables and IUDs” to make sure their depopulation agenda is secure. The more sterilized women in poorer nations, the faster the overall human population will decrease.

BMGF has partnered with drug corporations like Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals in China to develop implantable fertility controls that will be used in over 20 developing countries to curb population growth.

Gates has created a propaganda cartoon where the campaign to sterilize millions of women with Depo-Preovera is celebrated. She also remarked at a TEDxChange conference that Depo-Provera is best because it enables women to receive a shot behind their husbands' backs. Gates says: “Unfortunately this year a billion couples will have sex with one another . . .” and Gates’ only contention is that sterilization by way of contraception would “give them the right to decide” whether or not to have a child.

In the propaganda cartoon, the depiction of brown and black women as disfigured potatoes having much more fun because they have fewer children is not only offensive, but telling of how these global Elite view the people they purport to be “saving”. By preventing births, the film says that 600,000 people would not be born. Contraception as a first step in the global Elites' plan to depopulation by appearing to help save lives of women could be quite effective.

The racial slurs in this “promotional video” are offensive to even supporters of the BMGF, who said that it is “condescending, inaccurate, and racist to imply that only dark-skinned people need our (white-skinned people’s) help,” and “loses all credibility the way it is.”

The future has no fathers, according to Gates. Only one child, only one woman.

The focus of BMGF on third world nations is clear. They are the most densely populated areas of the world. Their governments are able to take more advantage of their citizens than in industrialized countries. And they are less educated as to the real dangers posed by these NGOs, the BMGF and makeshift medical clinics where surgical procedures to force sterilize their countrymen and women.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

Does Melinda Gates have any children? If not - why not? Sounds to me like maybe she is jealous - that she cant have kids.

Was it her choice to not have kids? Was it Bill's choice? If it was her choice, then why did she even bother to marry a geek like Bill Gates?

If she just hates kids, then she should NOT have gotten married. According to her any woman who does not have children, also does NOT need a man.


I don't have problem with sterilization... but I believe it needs to start with Chicago... then Detroit... then Philly.... then my relatives... then all pets.... and ANYONE who signs up to receive welfare money on a long term basis, or who has been on welfare for over a year.

Anonymous said...

It's Dale again:

Posel puts words in Melinda Gate mouth to make the case that funding for contraception (unwanted pregnancy complications is the leading cause of teenage girls' deaths in many countries and 100,000 die yearly), which is a form of family planning, as we all know, but is demonized as a way of cutting the world population by 90% through forced sterilization.

Posel asserts that forced sterilization is being planned but that is unsupported. And calling contraception coercive population control is absurd. This view sounds like the both the Catholic bishops who disapprove of contraception and the far right conspiracy theorists spreading the myth of a "globalist plan" to wipe out 6 billion people.

Note in this sentence how Posel turns Gate's fragment of a sentence into a an evil plan by finishing her sentence for her.

"Gates.. says that the LSFP is “a partnership of national governments from developing and developed countries, foundations, the private sector and NGOs is launching a groundbreaking effort to make sure”that those in poorer nations do not have the expressed ability to procreate, but rather will be inundated with forced sterilization under the guise of family planning.

Please note where the quotation mark ends in the middle of the sentence, with Posel adding the evil conclusion. Go back and take a look...did you notice? Doesn't this seem deceptive (if you appear to quote someone, you don't have to provide a source?

Here is what Gates actually said:

"This week at the London Summit on Family Planning, a partnership of national governments from developing and developed countries, foundations, the private sector and NGOs is launching a groundbreaking effort to make sure no woman has to ask herself that question (What would my life have been like if I hadn't had been able to use birth control?)

Our goal is to make modern contraceptives and family planning information and services available to an additional 120 million women and girls in the world's poorest countries over the next eight years"

"to make...available" becomes, in Posel's distortion an evil plan of forced sterilization.

HOw hard is it to understand that women everywhere want access to contraception, just as 99% of American woman do? But it's a conspiracy to kill 90% of the world's population, starting in poor nations. Access to healthcare: it's not a right, its a death sentence. Where have I heard this idea?

It's easy to miss the quote marks and just accept the fabricated lie that Posel tacks onto her unfinished sentence. If Gates actually said this, why not just finish her sentence? Putting words in someone's mouth is a form of fraud and a false flag intellectual creates a straw man of your own creation to demonize a reformer and look like a hero in so doing. check out her speech.

This is paranoid far right conspiracy theory lunacy, parading as journalism. Posel does 2 articles a day and her reports are full of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and sources which often contradict the claims she attaches them to. I suspect that she is a plant as her ideas in no way have anything to do with the Occupy movement, as she advertises herself as Occupy Corporatism. She may be a false flag "lefty" assigned to push far right lunacy.


Anonymous said...

I can only think of throwing up after reading what these horrible people are up to. I wonder what their excuse will be to their maker when they are judged.

And they will be judged.

Anonymous said...

Giving women choice in when to birth their children is the least we could do to improve global poverty cycle. I live in the 2nd poorest country in the americas, Nicaragua. And most women here wish that they could get decent contraceptives and stop having children and start making money for their family, not just the raising small children that requires all of their time and reduces their lives to the most basic tasks.

Anonymous said...

"...countries like Africa..."?

Africa is not a country; Africa is a CONTINENT--and a big-ass one, at that.

apeman2502 said...

What dear Melinda does not yet grasp is the hole left by a decrease in population of locals as always will be filled with hypocritical catholic and jesuit resource rapers living in Africa and having as many children as possible.

Anonymous said...

Melinda, and/or Bill, are probably already sterile (I hope so). Anyway, "Eat the rich!". Rob

Anonymous said...

Silence, slaves. The rich filth will decide who lives and who dies.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you have money and lots of it, anything you do is OK, if I did this it would be considered murder, who would I be to even consider killing someones children? If I had money that would change. They are already giving forced abortions in India, Bill Gates admitted he likes that method. These are sick people. On a trip to France along with other wealthy like minded idiots , Bill gates spoke of using the food to depopulate, especially kids, he said he has already taken care of all of the staples, meaning Bread milk rice and the like, and he has. Azodicarbonamide, which is banned in every country in the world, you will go to jail if you put in the bread or pay a huge fine but we now have it in our bread, it is a plastic expanding filler that puffs up the bread and it is dangerous ot children, lays in their colons and intestines until they get good and sick, you are better off buying organic flour and making your own. This is what bill gates is doing, we didnt' have this in our bread a few years ago, now it is in every loaf you buy. Who is Bill Gates to get this into our bread? what pull does he have that would make it OK for him to screw around with our food. Funny, if you ever saw his two children they are so skinny and white and Bill Gates Father was an abortion advogate, too bad he didn't use it on Bill, he owuld hav einadvertantly saved a lot of lives Check the bread before you buy it,if this is in it don't buy it and complain to your supermarket, email them too. Tell them Bill Gates is not the owner of the food industry and if your kid gets sick because of thios additive you will be back with your lawyer.

rosie said...

I loathe the Gates and people like them and all they stand for but in this they are right.
We should give all women the right to family planning and we must restrict the human birthrate.
We are destroying the planet and destroying other species as we take their territories.
However with increasing technology and other factors there will be less and less for the poor including work.
And take a look at the way billions now live. I wouldn't want to bring a child into a world of filth, flies and hunger.
What is the alternative given that water will be a problem - not to mention food.
Just let these women have child after child and watch the famine take them all.
Get some sense folks.
Just stop your prejudices because those promoting this concept are evil.
That does not mean it isn't a compassionate idea in the bigger picture and it is fundamental to the well being and survival of all life on earth.

Anonymous said...

The Gates' have 3 children, maybe they didn't have access to Parenthood Planning. Or were too deranged to understand. I think it's safe to assume they are not sterilized.

Both of them have completely lost a realistic sense of their own limitations and their own braindead mistakes in the past, the most notable being "Microsoft Bob", the dismissal of a prototype e-reader in 1998 or thinking that internet was a "passing fad" in 1993. Who gave them the idea that they are now gods; Satan?

However, the explanation for this seemingly inexplicable madness comes from one of Gates' partners in their morally and mentally sick projects in Africa:

"Africa is now the last frontier in terms of arable land,” said James Nyoro, the Rockefeller Foundation’s managing director for Africa. “With the population growing to 9 billion, the rest of the world will have to depend upon Africa to feed it.”

There it is.


Anonymous said...

Who in the world do these people think that they are to lord over others and kill free will? If they think that their fortune gives them that right they are severely mistaken.

Nemetron 2000 said...

Notice how these "plans" are always suggested for poor countries that just so happen to have tons of untapped natural resources.

'Depopulate and loot the land' is the name of their game. Shame on those that support it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Notice how these "plans" are always suggested for poor countries that just so happen to have tons of untapped natural resources.

'Depopulate and loot the land' is the name of their game. Shame on those that support it."


Anonymous said...

"And they will be judged."


Anonymous said...

"Does Melinda Gates have any children"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But where are the people helping these children, women, men who live in the most devastatingly poor areas?

Where is the reference to Melinda Gates wanting to sterilize?

I think more people should use birth control. If you don't think so, don't bitch about paying taxes for welfare and aid, then.

Anonymous said...

I agree that while the Gates are certainly up to no good,as women we need to control how many kids we have.
Bringing another child into the world that you can't take care of is not right. These kids suffer terribly. Deprived of the basic necessities, forced to watch their parents struggle even to feed is tragic. Unfortunately many women are not allowed to get contraceptives by their husbands.

Who spends their lived looking after these kids? Mommy of course. Unfortunately women are also the poorest in the world.

If we want to reduce the number of abortions and starving children we need to only have the kids we can actually take care of.

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody give a rat's ass about anything this degenerate bitch thinks in the first place?

Anonymous said...

After their strong support of Monsanto, I question these people. Will they be forcing this on women - either knowingly or covertly? They had no trouble forcing vaccines on third-world kids. Will they address the side-effects of drugs like Depo-Provera? Do they hold stock or have other financial dealings with the pharmaceutical companies - as they had stock in Monsanto, etc? Nothing noble or compassionate about these phony "humanitarians".

Anonymous said...

i think that this is the best idea i haveheard so far, they have these children like rabbits and then they cant feed them well done, get the job done. said...

People should not be allowed to procreate unless they have written permission from the Bilderberg Group.

Anonymous said...

"Why would anybody give a rat's ass about anything this degenerate bitch thinks in the first place?" Precisely!!
"U KNOW, RETARD, THATS WHY INTERNET IS FOR, TO FIND INFO.." ..That should be "what" the internet is for, hilarious! An illiterate imbecile who can't use punctuation or grammar correctly, calling others retards?! Oh the irony of YOU advocating depopulation, ROFLMAO IDIOT!

Lowenstein said...

Sterile women are better slaves since they can provide service without getting pregnant.

We don't more people as we can just cull the herd for the best slaves and dispose of the rest. Small populations are easier to control. We can't let the slave population get too large because a revolt could then be successful.

Mind control and sterilization are necessary. We'll start with the women and then move on to castrating the males. Emasculated males make better servants.

Anonymous said...

Sterilization sounds more like non-family planning to me. Let's start wiyh Melinda.

Rady said...

If we really do need to depopulate a substantial portion of the human race, let's start with the billionaires and all their progeny.

The first and most immediate effect would be the cessation of planetary ecocide. That might stop a lot of problems right there. It would certainly stop wars dead cold.

Then move on down the economic ladder as far as we need to go in order to save the planet from their franken-dinosaur technologies enabling corpo-gov to render vast swaths of land repulsive to life.

From depleted uranium and nukes to coal, oil and gas, mineral extraction, to the biowreck industry, modern commerce is taking out the landbase of 60% of all life.

I'm with the camp calling for pitchforks... it's long past time to realize we're fighting for our lives now, for our land base... regardless of whatever schemes they're pulling off.

ss said...

No African woman will accept to be sterilized to suit Mrs Gates' ideas.

As far as African men are concerned the idea will be tantamount to genocide.

Inthenameoflove said...

If the few super rich can kill millions if not billions at will (and they do it in many ways through food additives, chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride in drinking water, endless wars, chemotherapy, etc.), than why don’t the m/billions kill them? Wake up stupid, we out number them, a million to one. Its called justice.

jenab6 said...

What is unacceptable to me is for the white race to be less than 25% of the world's human population. It is currently about 8%. We're understrength by a factor of three.

Also unacceptable to me is the degree of penetration that non-whites have made into historically white countries. The rise in non-white demographics in Europe and in America, whether by immigration or by birthrates, must be reversed, and kept reversed.

Amanda said...

This article and some of the comments here are just hilarious. Preventing pregnancy where the children will live indefinitely in poverty and have very short, inhumane lives is murder? Or evil? God give me strength. Its not about choice for those in third world countries, allowing births of children who are basically born to die is child abuse. They are unable to nourish life or offer any kind of a humane life for a child therefore they should be sterilised to prevent a birth in the first place. This isn't evil or against women's rights its common sense. Unfortunately the existing people have been dealt, yes, an extremely bad hand in life and it is sad but what's more tragic is the genocide allowed by letting children be born into a death sentence when it could be prevented. People are crazy. We should let a child be born to starve to death infested with diseases just so women in third world countries can have the choice to have a child? They shouldn't have that choice they do not have the means to have that choice and any woman with an ounce of intelligence, moral or strength about her in a third world country would take the decision not to have a child for it to simply live in pain and misery before an inevitably early tragic death. Go gates! Full support from anybody with half a brain!

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