Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HRW Report on "Syrian Torture" Nonsensical, Hypocritical

Careless readers might think report covers Western atrocities committed in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

The Western press leapt into action, promoting and sensationalizing a recent report on alleged "torture" taking place in Syria. The report, put out by convicted criminal, Wall Street specular George Soros' Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch (HRW), is based solely on 200 alleged victims of the abuse including opposition members and alleged defectors interviewed either by phone or Skype, or in terrorist havens inside NATO-member Turkey along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Image: US torture and abuse in Iraq was photographed, not based on "activist" hearsay. The US as a matter of foreign policy has been torturing and arbitrarily mass-murdering on a global scale for at least a decade. The latest from the West's self-appointed international arbiter on human rights, Human Rights Watch, is perhaps the most desperate and feckless attempt to secure a "moral high ground" over Syria as global opinion shifts decisively against the West's neo-imperial and increasingly aggressive agenda. 

The dubious nature of the sources the conveniently timed report is based upon is only surpassed by the level of acute hypocrisy exhibited by the West, who not only has been accused itself (and admits openly) of maintaining a policy of torture, but carries out said policy on a global scale, and have been doing so, by their own account for at least a decade.

Readers perusing the HRW report might mistaken it as a throw-back to America's occupation of Iraq, where US soldiers were photographed raping prisoners, torturing them with battery acid, and indeed torturing and sexually abusing minors. Readers not carefully examining the report may also be confused as to whether or not the report concerns the Syrian government, or the so-called "Free Syrian Army" which HRW has already conceded is likewise carrying out widespread torture, kidnapping, and mass murder.

The report, in reality, is the latest chapter of a nefarious, premeditated propaganda campaign aimed at perpetuating the violence and instability in Syria in hopes of finalizing the West's long-planned "regime change" and the installation of a Western proxy-client state. Such war propaganda is a crime against world peace, as determined by the Nuremberg precedent.

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Anonymous said...

Where was Human Rights Watch when global elite armed "Libyan rebels" were butchering black Libyans in a genocidal killing spree? Hypocrisy doesn't even cover it and more people around the globe are catching on.

Another good analysis from Cartalucci. Tony is one of brightest beacons of truth and sanity to emerge in the last decade.

Anonymous said...

HRW reports could NOT be even used as toilet paper. HRW reports are official ROTHSCHILDS' news network.

Anonymous said...

The western press is like a well trained dog, ready to perform (usually at a cue from zionists), in exactly the way they're programmed. Dog tricks are like the western press, totally predictable, according to the cues. Rob

Anonymous said...

From allAfrica.com:

"Despite commitments by Libya's transitional government to stem abuses, Human Rights Watch has documented ongoing killings, torture, and forced displacement by militias. "

Should I believe they are lying about Syria but telling the truth about Libya? Or telling the truth about Syria, but lying about Libya?

I am confused. I no longer know who to believe, including Tony, whom I have lavishly praised as the Orwell of our age....but doubts are creeping in. Can someone, without distorting the truth, explain?

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe tha abuse of those prisoners in Iraq was "torture"? Are you so clueless about what Syria is doing to these poor people. Anther point, the prisoner abuse was a crime, that is those who did it committed criminal acts and were punished for their crimes. It is not the same thing as the government sanctioned torture going on in Syria.

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