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Did Cervical Cancer Vaccine Kill a 3 Year-Old Boy?

Cassandra Anderson, Contributor
Activist Post

In June 2012 Chace Topperwein, an adorable 3 year-old boy from New Zealand, lost his battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Chace was accidentally given Merck's Gardasil HPV when he was 6 weeks old; a vaccine that is intended to prevent cervical cancer from genital wart infection. A nurse mistakenly used the wrong syringe filled with Gardasil when she had meant to give the baby a meningitis vaccine.

Chace was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia at age 2 and died just last month. His devastated parents suspected that the Gardasil vaccine was to blame for his illness.

Merck does not list leukemia as a possible side effect of the Gardasil vaccine. However, Merck has failed to test its vaccine for links to cancer.


Carcinogenicity is the ability or tendency to produce cancer.

Merck admits in their Prescribing Information for Gardasil that they perform zero tests for carcinogenicity.

In addition, Merck's clinical studies were skewed because they compared Gardasil against an aluminum adjuvant additive, instead of a plain water and saline/salt placebo. Merck's Prescribing Information (section 13) document shows that they ran 7 safety studies on the vaccine; 5 of those tests compared Gardasil results against an aluminum vaccine additive (Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate or AAHS) instead of a harmless saline placebo.

In other words, Gardasil was deemed "safe" when it was compared to an aluminum additive that is neuro-toxic. The true risks of the vaccine are unknown because both substances showed adverse reactions.

The remaining 2 studies included an impure saline solution with other additives as the placebo while the other one had no placebo control group.


Genotoxicity is the ability to damage DNA which can then cause cancer or other mutations.

Merck admits in their literature that they skip testing for genotoxic mutations. This is odd because Gardasil is a recombinant vaccine, which means that it is genetically engineered (GE) in a lab. GE materials embedded into host cells are notorious for producing unintended mutations.

The vaccine industry claims that the Gardasil recombinant vaccine uses isolated proteins that don't contain genetic material from the virus.

However, SaneVax tested Gardasil samples from around the world in 2011 and all of the samples were contaminated with recombinant HPV virus and residue, even though it was supposed to have been purified to remove the DNA. Both the virus and residue were found firmly attached to the aluminum additive.

This is important because it means that either mutations ARE occurring or Merck is producing a contaminated product. Either way, the impact of the contamination on humans is unknown, which is very disturbing.

Gardasil Does Increase Cancer Risk

An FDA document from May 2006 shows that girls and women previously exposed to the HPV viruses that are the same as the ones contained in the Gardasil vaccine increase their risk of developing precancerous lesions by 44.6% if they take the Gardasil vaccine. Merck fails to warn about this risk.

Gardasil Deaths

In addition to causing death, thousands have reported severe side effects from Gardasil that include paralysis, Guilliane-Barré Syndrome, seizures, blindness, and more.

No one knows the exact number of deaths and serious side effects caused by the Gardasil vaccine because the data is ignored, hidden, unreported or written off as a coincidence. The reported Gardasil-linked death toll in the US appears to be 75 people.

This figure includes Judicial Watch's discovery of 26 unreported deaths linked to the vaccine. Judicial Watch had to resort to filing a Freedom of Information Act request in 2011 to get this information from the FDA.

Gardasil Profits

The medical establishment's bottom line is greed and drug companies receive heavy profits from vaccines. Merck raked in over $48 billion in sales in 2011; Gardasil sales alone were $1.2 billion worldwide, a 22% increase from 2010.

The FDA is complicit with the pharmaceutical industry in neglecting safety because the FDA receives as much as one third of their funding from "user fees", with a majority being paid by big drug companies. Most user fees are collected for pre-market drug trials. In other words, FDA paychecks are underwritten to great degree by the drug companies that the FDA is supposed to be policing.

Merck's Cancer-Causing Vaccines

According to a video featuring Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck has a history of pushing dangerous cancer-causing vaccines.

Read the transcript here.

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Anonymous said...

Louis pasteur was doubtful that all of his vaccines were useful to prevent thye diseases they were meant to combat . He confided to his daughter that good hygene and plant based remedies worked better !

Ever said...

I am a Gardasil Girl who has followed Chace's story for a long time. He recently passed away but his foundation is still running. PLEASE find it on Facebook and help out.

Anonymous said...

As long as the FDA is run by former pharmaceutical executives and funded by those companies, we will never get unbiased data from them. It's all a money game. The FDA is the avenue big pharma uses to market their drugs, no matter the consequences. They produce drugs that have such severe side effects that another of their drugs is required to cover-up the symptoms, which carry their own side effects and the chain goes on. They are the cause of the world's addiction to prescription drugs, all in the name of greed. I dearly hope, when Romney or Dr. Paul get into office, they disband the FDA, totally. New staff selection policies and test procedures must be made if one is to have an effective FDA.

Anonymous said...

How is it listed on Facebook?

Melissa said...

So hard to even read...our children are being murdered for money.

Lisa said...

yes, it has killed and has been proved. HPV

Anonymous said...

As long as good people do nothing, this will continue. Having said that... what can good people do?

Anonymous said..., link to SV40 Letter to Congressman Dan Burton at top of home page. A family who lost a two year old to brain cancer researched the vaccine link to children's cancer after the fact and presents their research in this letter. It is incredibly sad.

Desiree Rover said...

My son was killed 3 weeks before his 4th birthday by the chemotherapy that he got for a cancer induced by vaccines.
That was in 1983.
Cancer can be cured, it is only the white coats that do not (want to) know that!
This is a song I wrote inn honor of my very wise son Philippe:

God’s special children
Music & Lyrics: Désirée L. Röver
© 1995

tiny white heads
in tiny white beds
childrens’ hospital
courage and fears
laughter and tears
they have got it all

children, these children
helpless, yet so strong
God’s special children
barely hanging on

a new day’s light
is a new day's fight
weeping no one hears
deep in their eyes
I’ve seen arise
wisdom beyond years

children, these children
helpless, yet so strong
God’s special children
bravely hanging on

they live on love
so give them your love
love will set them free
tomorrow’s day
is aeons away
it might never be…

children, these children
touch you in your soul
see how these children
gravely teach us all

feel how these children
teach us to be whole

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