Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Death and Taxes' Takes on New Meaning in Australia

Activist Post

Beyond the fact that nothing is certain but death and taxes, Australia wants to be sure that even when you die you cannot escape your contribution to the corporate globalist State.

On July 1st, 2012, Australia became the latest among more than a dozen countries to implement a nationwide carbon tax, known as The Clean Energy Legislative Package.  Beyond the allotted price of $23.78 per ton of carbon emissions levied on companies, the real cost of the tax is beginning to be felt by homeowners and businesses.  According to Australian writer Andrew Puhanic:
Firstly, the immediate impact of a carbon tax will be felt by charitable organizations. The Salvation Army, one of Australia’s largest charitable organizations, has revealed that a carbon tax will cost them an additional $3.5 million dollars and that this could impact on the services they provide to about 300,000 people a year of which includes emergency accommodation and drug and alcohol counseling. Secondly, to make matters even worse for charitable organisations and ordinary Australians, electricity companies are refusing to tell struggling families and businesses exactly how much the carbon tax will add to their power bills . . . The Australian federal government estimates electricity prices will increase by up to 10 per cent when the tax kicks in on July 1, 2012, however there have been reports that electricity prices will in fact increase by up to 20% and more.
When Erica Maliki and her family went to bury their father-in-law in Melbourne, they experienced firsthand the economic impact, even to cemeteries.  According to the family, a $55 charge was levied for the burial plot, after which they were told that "even the dead don't escape the carbon tax." Springvale Cemetery officially apologized for the insensitive comment, while vehemently denying that there was any extra carbon tax charge.  However, they admitted that that their prices did increase - curiously on July 1st - due to "inflation." (Source)

Despite a 62% opposition by the Australian people, the Australian government has pushed full-steam ahead with a scheme that is sure to impede economic progress, while doing next to nothing to combat a problem that is debatable to exist in the first place.

Rather than encourage open debate, the government has attempted to implement draconian penalties and surveillance by "carbon cops" to thwart vocal opposition, including a purported $1.1 million fine for shops and restaurants if waiters or staff blame price increases on the carbon tax. Perhaps cemeteries received the same memo about the "tax whose name cannot be spoken." (Source)

Regardless of whether or not one believes the science and politics behind climate change; as the video below highlights, the solutions that are being offered come from the same cabal of central bankers that have devastated the global economy through their continued Ponzi-scheme economic model designed to benefit speculators, not the global economy or environment.

Worse, there is no upper limit to their latest scheme, which is set to go global by 2015 and supersede national sovereignty.  It is this element of control in the hands of morally compromised companies like JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs that needs to be resisted first, so that we can return to a more transparent and honest debate about the true effects of human productivity upon Earth's landscape.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent breakdown and focus on centralized banking as the culprit here. Great video. We have to come together to resist the solution, then we can fight about how we got here.

Anonymous said...

How to destroy first world countries into 3rd world world countries by reducing the standard of living from the middle class. Communism is alive and well in the guise of so called climate change. This is just another planned agenda for the Jew World Order.

Anonymous said...

Its not the carbon I worry about as much as the Mercury emissions continually bioloading worldwide with few studies on long term bio impact.

Anonymous said...

jewliar Gillard is head of the Alpha Lodge. Her satanic name being Bestia. She does not work for Australia but for the corporation (legal fiction): COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (0000805157)

Anonymous said...

im over 50yrs of age and australian .and never have i heard the public talk of an election to dismiss this pathetic labor government .....this government ignores the people ...I blame the greens party and labor for this stupidity , the next election will see a total wipe out of the greens and labor .

Anonymous said...

We are in all the Western world countries being taken back to surfdom, Either by the EU or Corrupted Governments and the leaches and hangers on who all play there part in the down fall of mankind.
Why on Earth the public cannot see it, or at worse not interested, is the main reason this is happening, no matter what these Parasites are doing to us, there is no response from the masses, we carry on, thinking it will noit effect us.
Why is it so hard to post on this website?
I use world press, but what a pain with being redirected.. losing all you write, a real put off

Anonymous said...

Beyond the fact that nothing is certain but death and taxes? What Zio-nazi banker dreamt that phrase up? Death is indeed a fact for everyone, but taxes are man-made and most are levied to pay off the International Banksters and their scam; with a not-for-profit monetary system, taxes would be completely unnecessary.

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