Monday, July 16, 2012

Civil War Declared in Syria, Globalists' Formula for WWIII Begins

Bassma Kodmani
warmonger and Bilderberg 2012 attendee
Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Syrian opposition is doing a fine job as directed by the CIA. The connection between these “rebels” and the US government is uncanny. Mainstream media has downplayed the Western intervention into the Syrian conflict, referring to them as “pro-democracy campaigners” without admitting their political agendas or ties.

The same champions of former President G.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq are cheering on the sidelines, waiting for Obama’s unconstitutional declaration of war in Syria.

Speaking for the Syrian National Council (SNC) is Bassma Kodmani, who was an attendee at the Bilderberg Meeting this year in Chantilly, Virginia. The SNC have had the closest contact to Obama’s administration and called specifically for US forces to militarily strike Syria early on in the conflict. Kodmani has declared: “No dialogue with the ruling regime is possible. We can only discuss how to move on to a different political system.” She also has stated: “The next step needs to be a resolution under Chapter VII, which allows for the use of all legitimate means, coercive means, embargo on arms, as well as the use of force to oblige the regime to comply.”

The NATO forces or “armed peacekeepers” have been waiting in the wings for their direction to attack.

Over 10,000 men armed with “highly-sophisticated weapons, including anti-tank missiles” entered into Syria to assist in the conflict and bloodshed. These trained terrorists took up positions in the suburban areas while other armed groups attacked Assad’s military.

In Turkey, while the CIA trains oppositional forces against Assad, there has developed an element of instability within the Kurds against Erdogan, who supports the CIA operatives.

Through Palestinian Intelligence sources, Turkey provided evidence that Erdogan had direct involvement in the Gaza Flotilla killings. These murders aided the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood who was opposed to military action against Syria.

Could the same forces who have orchestrated uprisings in the Middle East as so-called “Arab Springs” be planning another in Turkey?

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has admitted involvement with the “ Arab Reform Initiative ” (ARI) and the US/Middle East Project that is a consortium of senior diplomats, intelligence officers and financiers that are directed to control regional “policy analysis” to ensure conflict while purporting stability.

To finance the forced regime change in Syria, the CFR have employed the Centre for European Reform (CER), while using advise from Peter Sutherland from Goldman Sachs.

Advisers to the project include:

  • Brent Scowcroft, former US National Security adviser
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski, influential to Obama’s rise to presidency
  • George Soros, providing monies from his Open Society Foundation
  • Charles Grant, former defense editor of the Economist

Now the Red Cross has declared that civil war is officially underway, as Homs and Hama are noted as war zones. This means that combatants are subject to the Geneva Conventions and possibly will be tried as war criminals in international court.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is beginning talks with Russia and China in an attempt to coerce them into supporting the pending military strike against Syria. The US, the UN and Israel are gathering up forces and making ready for the war they have been planning on for quite some time.

The UN has been frustrated with Russia’s continued blockade of resolutions with the ultimate intervention of UN NATO forces against Assad. An anonymous diplomat admits: “the problem here is Russia.”

By declaring civil war in Syria, Assad could, and most likely will, be charged and tried for war crimes. Mohamad Bazzi, adjunct for the CFR, remarked:
Most of the scenarios are really frightening and just lead to more brutality by the regime and more of a counterattack by the opposition. The regime still hasn’t been weakened to the degree where they can be overrun.
Bazzi claims the declaration of civil war will do little to change the situation. 
The regime already opened themselves up to that months ago, and they’ve been rather disdainful of any kind of international accountability for what they’ve done. On the whole, the observer mission has not been particularly successful. It’s something for the UN to focus on but it’s sort of a sideshow.
As the UN Security Council voices concerns that Russia will come to Assad’s defense if and when military strike occurs, the UN has stated that “we really need to decide if we are prepared to take action . . . We should be supporting the opposition, with weapons, ammunition, training and intelligence – now.”

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

If some of these people had been investigated and/or arrested for the lead up to the Iraq War, maybe we wouldn't be watching them start another war.

Peter Sutherland is the globalist who recently said that nation-states, especially the UK, should have their "homogeneity" undermined. Apparently he thinks the world can be better run by people such as himself. Qualifications?

Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, and we all feel confident about the state of global finance, no?

He was attorney general of Ireland, along with being part of Allied Irish Bank that went under, another feather in his cv.

He was part of BP, GATT, WTO, European Commission as well as the CFR, Trilateral Group and Bilderberg, so he is clearly qualified to replace mere national, elected government with what The Glob thinks is best.

They think overthrowing the government of Syria is best, no matter at what cost to the US. Notice the US government doesn't seem very concerned about economic recovery? Is that because the Powers are planning another war for us instead?

The State Department, currently being run by Henry Kissinger in drag, set up a fund in 2005 "to accelerate the work of the reformers in Syria." CFR set up a "project" and have selected Syria's future "legitimate" rulers. They've go the Arabs throwing down now with $300 million worth of legitimacy purchasing power.

When did it become thinkable, okay, not treason for these unelected despots to decide not just Syria's fate, but to replace ours and every other government with toadies doing the bidding of intelligence-finance billionaires instead of national governments?

Anonymous said...

When will the world stand up against this type of Western bullshit? It's about time some of the people who are in a position to damage the Globalist/NWO a@#hole once and for all

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Richard N. Haass

Anonymous said...

The CIA and the Pentagon need to stay out of the affairs of other countries under the guise of U.S. policy and manipulating the situation by stirring one country against another and fomenting revolutions. U.S. policy is in control of both sides and they will determine the outcome. Assad is playing their game against his own people. The U.S. will put another stooge in there to replace Assad and another leader, CIA's choice, will pick up where Assad left off to make it look like the Syrian people overthrew him like they did with the other Arabic countries. Ushering the Middle East into their Fascist/Communist one world government! Wake up Middle East! These international bankers who are financing both sides are hiding behind the scenes and destroying your countries and demonizing everyone as terrorist who expose them and refuse to play their game and they go onto to the next group(s) and pit people and nations against each other and destroying their economies. The international bankers are the real enemies of mankind. The could care less about anybody as long as they got your money and resources and they will suck you dry like a parasite and move on to the next group.

Anonymous said...

where ever there are muslims there is war, its all muslim related. nothing but trouble makers

Anonymous said...

Where have these Muslim invaders been these past one thousand years, Anonymous 12:11? They had the possibility of taking over the world while our leader-caste were burning witches, but didn't. Yet somehow, since the elite wanted to steal their land for what's underneath it these past eighty years, they're the invaders?
The US are the new Nazis, Muslims the new Jews, and unless we identify the real enemy we're the new cannon fodder. Mick McNulty. England.

Anonymous said...

You are all total morons

canobs said...

____ Does it mean that when civil war is recognized in a country, the country has to be bombed by NATO and destroyed, like did in Libya. ____Combattans subject to criminal court, Does it mean the pro-government combattants ONLY, like in Yugoslavia(Serbia) or also the mercenary rebels crimes _____ Typical USA-UK-Israel-UN-NATO-Soros,Saudi,Qatari CRIMINAL thinking ___ Hoping China and Russia will not join this killer minded politics as Turkey did.___ Read more at -

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