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China and the Outsourcing of the American Republic

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In a rare instance of real journalism, ABC news aired a report on the increasing number of foreign workers being contracted and imported into the United States for the purpose of rebuilding U.S. infrastructure.

It is part of a trend in globalization that sees an increasing Chinese presence in the United States, including everything from banking to outright purchase of U.S. cities to planting Chinese flags on U.S. soil to GM effectively becoming China Motors to buying up U.S. oil and gas deposits.

Indeed, ABC journalist Chris Cuomo of the Bringing America Back division of ABC News has reported that, out of the various different infrastructure repair projects being undertaken in the United States, a sizeable portion of those projects have been outsourced to foreign companies, particularly Chinese firms, who have then imported their own workers for the projects.

For instance, Cuomo cites a $400 million renovation of the Alexander Hamilton bridge in New York, a $7.2 billion California project to build a new bridge in order to connect San Francisco and Oakland, and a proposed $190 million bridge project in Alaska as examples of foreign firms and labor being imported in place of what should have been American workers.

Understandably, union workers in Alaska began airing angry television commercials protesting the granting of Alaska’s bridge project to Chinese Corporations. “This is not the time to send more jobs to China,” the ads said. “Our tax dollars will provide hundreds of jobs there. Not at home.”

Indeed, in many cases, U.S. firms state that they are able to and would have met the guidelines set forth by the state governments in regards to their infrastructure projects. However, the contracts still went to their Chinese counterparts.

Some Californians are angry at the outsourcing, In the case of the San Francisco-Oakland bridge, the outsourcing of contracts cost the state a rough estimate of 3,000 American jobs and a potential $1 billion boost to the economy as other industry and worker spending was expected to take place as a result of the project.

“It would have had a multiplier effect because it would not only have given thousands of Californians jobs but also the subsequent spending would have been reinvested back in our economy,” said California Assemblyman Luis Alejo.

However, when Tony Anziano of the California Department of Transportation was asked why Americans were not contracted for American infrastructure projects, his response seemed to hint that American industry itself lacked the skills and infrastructure to undertake the task. In fact, Anziano centered in on a claim that American fabricators have a shortage of welders in order to justify the blatant outsourcing of American jobs and American projects to Chinese firms who hold the advantage of Chinese government subsidies and virtual slave labor wages paid to its workers.

Yet, in his television report, Cuomo states that American companies are, in fact, capable of meeting the requirements of these infrastructure projects and would have done so if only given the opportunity.

He stated:
The US firms say ‘absolutely.’ They say they could have done this job. And there’s a bigger point here. It’s not a level playing field. The Chinese firms are state owned. They don’t pay their workers as much. That’s why the ‘Buy America’ laws were passed. If states can get around them, Diane [Sawyer], we’ll never bring America back. You have to enforce the rules and let American companies play.
However, while Cuomo is right when he says that “It’s not a level playing field,” his analysis regarding “enforcing the rules” lacks the foundation of understanding the source of such foreign involvement in American infrastructure projects to begin with.

Indeed, Cuomo shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, foreign companies have been contracted to work what is rightfully American jobs for some time.

For instance, foreign companies have been given contracts to collect tolls on American highways in the past and are increasingly being awarded contracts to do so currently.

In some cases, foreign companies are even allowed to purchase the roads themselves.

Even national security concerns do not outweigh the obsession with “free trade” and the bypassing of American workers as the United States has even signed contracts with Brazilian companies for the production of U.S. Air Force light attack aircraft.

In the end, it isn’t that China or the individual American states aren’t “following the rules.” It is that there has been well over forty years worth of planning and development of guidelines for the purpose of bringing in a borderless society where wages and living standards are brought down to the lowest possible level.

It is that the rules themselves have been designed to stack the deck against American companies in favor of cheaper foreign labor. It is the same set of rules that has facilitated the outsourcing of American manufacturing to other countries, whose wealthy businessmen are now buying up American land and property for a fraction of what it is worth.[1]

Ever since agreements like GATT and the WTO were introduced and the subsequent trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA were signed as well as numerous individual agreements between the United States and China, the global society built on slave labor was put into motion.

Indeed, the deindustrialization of the West and the shift of all but the most militaristic of jobs to the Chinese and third-world nations has been a roaring success from the point of view of those who have developed the plan. It is only the “little people” at the bottom who continue to scratch their heads and wonder “why?”

Thus, the Chinese companies truly are playing by the rules – they are only doing so in a game that was rigged a long time ago.

[1] Tarpley, Webster Griffin. “Surviving The Cataclysm.” 3rd. Edition. Progressive Press. 2011.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) gmail.com. 


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Anonymous said...

And, we can thank the 'globalist' Central Bankers, COMMUNISTS, for the great "take-down" of America, and of America's 'Middle Class' currently underway.

HR 459 passed by an overwhelming majority in the House, by a vote of 327-98!

Now, this bill (S.202) needs a vote in the Senate!



End the Fed! Whether Congress Wants Us To or Not!

Anonymous said...

"It’s not a level playing field. The Chinese firms are state owned. They don’t pay their workers as much."

Too true, but I think some people have a misinformed view that China is filled with sweat shops and such and that is why it's cheaper to import Chinese goods.

Certainly just like America these days China has it's fair share, arguably a greater share of sweatshops and low-income careers.

However people should understand that in communist/state-capitalist China the socialized government covers portions of or the entirety of many living expenses for a large portion of the population(directly or indirectly).

Thus even though the average worker may make less than his or her American counterpart the money they do make can go quite a bit further in many cases than a larger pay sum in the U.S.A can(as always it depends on the local economy so that may be more true in one city than another and such).

Everything is relative, thus what is 'slave labor' by our heavily inflated standards could be good or even great living for them by their societal standards.

Of course in exchange for that socialistic coverage they also must abide by strict laws and deal with considerable censorship and basically total government control over their lives if and when the government deems it necessary.

Not a good trade-off but many if not most of the Chinese folks I've met in my Life honestly don't seem to have any problem with it and managed to get through life without much issue as such.

As most Americans are coming around to realizing today it's only when that authoritarianism comes knocking on your own door and affecting you directly that it becomes a problem.

That's why so many Americans and Westerners in general are finally coming around to reality as the economic collapse and the moral and ethical and emotional destruction wrought at home and abroad by these endless wars is hitting everyone square in the jaw these days.

China right now, at least on paper nationally and in the pocket-books of the average citizens is undergoing a massive boom and money is flowing abundantly, so there is a growing incentive for the Chinese people to ignore reality just as Americans/Westerners have for so long now.

Once that false boom being propped up by constant Western injections of massive capital collapses through the floor that will change and more Chinese folks will start to come back to reality too and realize that their government is just as corrupt and potentially more dangerous domestically than the U.S.A government with the DHS, TSA, NSA, CIA and all.

Basically China is the antithesis to America right now - in America economic destruction is forcing more and more people to wake up whereas in China an apparent economic boom is causing more and more people to go to sleep and live in Dream Land.

It's kind of ironic when you consider all the years of propaganda about China - today it's becoming a better U.S.A than the real U.S.A ever could have dreamed of.

Till the plug gets pulled and the whole world goes down the drain anyways.

Anonymous said...

The Republic was rigged in 1871 to satisfy the needs and wants of the few against the needs and wants of the many , thus over time the people who prospered from this arrangement have again and again payed the price of Democracy

Anonymous said...

Not real sure I care about this. The people responsible for allowing the outsourcing of American jobs are and have always been ELECTED officials. In reality the American people are the ones to blame. Every time you buy a foreign made product you say you don't care. You can make excuses as to why you have no other choice but purchasing anything is by definition a CHOICE. The only way that America can be sorta, kinda fixed is if the American people pick up arms and march to DC to take back the country. I don't have that kind of faith in most Americans.

I am learning to become self sufficient and give my middle finger to the government, BIG business and to the people of the USA. I will take care of me and mine and to hell with the rest of y'all. By the way, if you think things are bad now just wait till the economy really crashes and minorities roam around looking to take, by any means necessary, that which you have.

This economic collapse will be nothing like 1929. Back then people had religion and morals. We had laws and most people were armed. Most of all most people back in 1929 new how to grow their own food, how to hunt and traded their surplus with each other. How do you think men are going to act when their children are starving and they have no way to feed them except by taking it from those who have it? Would you sit back and watch you children or spouse starve to death or would you regretfully get them food and water by any means necessary even if that meant killing for it? Do you think others would allow their children to die of starvation if you have food? I think not.

You better stop worrying about some silly jobs going to the Chinese workers and start looking at the on coming headlights. If you don't have guns then get them. If you don't now how to garden then learn NOW. If you do not have a safe place in your home to go to if attacked then make one. In our life time we will look back at how Chinese were brought over here to work and we will see it as just a symptom of a larger problem and that is the decay of each individual that makes up America.

The population bubble is upon us and as all bubbles go this one will pop and when it does tens of millions of Americans are going to die. Do not be one of them. /you can train right now to be a survivor or you can sit back and do nothing, That choice is training to become a victim.

Anonymous said...

Has anbyone noticed that the days of the "happy to be here immigrants is over? Now we have the "we're taking over' crowd. If anyone of thes eimmigrants took over America they woudln't kow what to do with it anyway, these are notimmigrants who have anything ot offer or are particularly innovative. I am hopin gthat Obamas signature, whicvh is not a legal signature and has no meaning on a bill, somehting no one in the news or on TV wants to talk about, how can the Supreme court force us ot go laong with health acare that has been illegally put together and illegally signed bny an illegal usurper, samw with immigration and bills passing for these immigrants who are taking jobs from us, why is Obama allowed ot sign anything or do anything? If the senate and his other pansy cohorts want to hav ehim in office for heaven sakes dont' let the man sign anything, he has no authority to do that. I guess because a few communistic types thought it was Ok to hav esoemone inoffice who didn't belong there and who was hooked up with dangerous people, CAIS is off the hook thanks ot Obama and thats how it would always be, Obamas Father was a member of the Msulim Brotherhood for 30 year sand no one cared , now they are running libya and whatever other country Obama can get them into , we better hope its not this country. Sorry but I have no feelings of sympathy towards Obama, he had his day because he stole it, now its time for all ocncerned to take it back and dole out the proper punishment, don't feel sorry for him because he didn't have one ounce of sympathy for us when he took our jobs and country and gave it away. This is what the foundling fathers trie dot avoid but the nincompoops in office didn't get it, I hope they get it now, they will when it comes time for us to vote.

John Wernz said...

A word pops into your mind... BRIBES!!

Anonymous said...

More than 50 percent of my fellow citizens of these United States voted for a message of "Hope and Change" by a young, charismatic politician of mixed race who had been introduced to the American people at the 2004 Democratic Convention. My fellow citizens extended their trust to Barach Hussein Obama.

President Obama has been a disappointment to many of his most ardent supporters in 2008. Those in the 18 - 24 age bracket have been hard hit. Something like 20 - 25 percent unemployment is common in this age group.

Four years later, we know what kind of pig is in that poke. It has been leading us down the wrong path these last 4 years. A referendum on the last 4 years is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

To continue to welcome the "we're taking over" crowd is a danger to the moral fabric of American society. Every American must know that the first, most basic meaning of having freedeom is HAVING THE ABILITY TO DEFEND YOURSELF. If the big government cannot help us, then it is up to us to start over from the grassroots.

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