Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anonymous Targets Anaheim PD, While 'Protesters' Ramp Up Violence

Activist Post

Anaheim residents have had increasing distrust of their local police. A series of 7 suspicious shootings with 5 deaths, culminated recently with the death of unarmed 24-year-old Manuel Diaz who, recent evidence showed, was shot in the leg and the back of the head.

Just one day later, Joel Acevedo, who was allegedly in handcuffs, was also gunned down; while residents from a nearby apartment building were targeted by police flashlights in an apparent effort to stifle any video footage being taken of the incident.

The chaos that ensued has shown no signs of abating; and now Anonymous has directly attacked Police Chief John Welters, initiating a new operation that calls for citizens to rise up en masse.

The hacking collective known as Anonymous published Chief Welters' home address, as well as his personal MySpace page, which is part of #OpAnaheim recorded in the video below:

While legitimate activism is certainly required in the face of blatant tyranny, the original community that came under fire has morphed into something that should at least raise the question: Who are the Anaheim protesters?

The local residents who gathered to express their outrage over the killing of Diaz, and later Acevedo, were predominantly Latino. However, in subsequent protest videos like the first major one below titled "Anaheim Rebellion", we see a much greater mix, with some protesters wearing the standard provocateur/anarchist garb, as a decent number of professional camera crew follow them around.

See if you can identify which ones might be plants to incite violence (warning: language):

It is interesting to note that police who used blunt force ammunition and a dog against men, women, and children, show amazing restraint in the above video, as well as in many of the subsequent incidents shown in still photos HERE, where demonstrators were filling tanks with gas, kicking police cars, and breaking windows. As Chief Welters states:
I respect the people's right to demonstrate, but I wish that they weren't demonstrating in a violent manner.
As Anaheim gears up for more protests throughout the weekend, with demonstrators planning to march near Disneyland and the Anaheim Police Department, it will become increasingly important to question if all elements of this citizen uprising are legitimate, so that any attempt to co-opt a peaceful redress of grievances and turn it into a violent conflict that gives the police state the justification to crack down can be exposed and repudiated.

Additionally, with the history of at least some elements of Anonymous suspected to be controlled opposition, are we witnessing the beginnings of a coordinated effort to use propaganda in tandem with provocateurs to delegitimize community outrage, and even turn this into a racial issue? Will the building chaos and "trend" of civil unrest across the country be used to justify Federal intervention as is suggested in the RT interview below?

We welcome your views in the comments section below, and will continue reporting on this as events develop. We also welcome anyone who is on the ground in Anaheim to send us your firsthand account at ActivistPost (at)

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Anonymous said...

Remember, Anonymous is a huge group, so while some of it might be controlled, it can't all be. Anyway, these people have a real right to be pissed off.

Anonymous said...

The actions of the Police should come as no surprise given the incessant Militarization of US Police forces. Unfortunately the blame will remain focused on the cops rather than the Obama administration, The Defense Department and Homeland Security, who supply the KILLER Weapons and training. The people of Anaheim are, regrettably, giving the above a$$holes just what they want, an excuse for further violence.

Anonymous said...

Surely, what's happening in Aneheim is just one example of many nationwide, not just directed against darker-skinned people, but people PERIOD. And sometimes we just have to say "enough is enough!"

Questionable killings of civilians by the police, in particular, the murder of the unarmed Diaz, and the violent police response to the PEACEFUL citizen protests that ensued, can easily be seen as "the tipping point."

Again, how far does this wicked government behavior have to go before the citizens have the right to fight back with force?

Paul said...

The authorities use violence, we must peacefully petition. Any victims of brutality by authority should wear the wounds as badges of honour.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that they are all staged with the appropriate number of people who belong to the controlled opposition as well as the agents provocateurs. Of course legitimate protesters attend, too; but they usually end up being folded into the controlled opposition groups.

I see four "themes" going on here:

1. The use of MK Ultra mind controlled assassins to stage mass shooting in order for the PTB's to pass restrictive gun legislation. So look for "UN type" of gun control law (see youtube video below).

2. I've been reading reports of more and more "UN troops" present in the US doing maneuvers. The source involved said that the ones he met in Colorado (of all places)have been Russians who speak flawless English so you wouldn't even know they were not Americans. I can't find the link now but it was one of Steve Quayle's alerts.

3. Staging a false flag terrorist in London (or some place elsewhere concurrently -- Romney is in Israel; he could be "assassinated" in a false flag attack) as an excuse to implement martial law.

4. I believe Obama has been tasked with implementing the introduction of martial law before the elections. The source said it was crucial that Obama be reelected.

Anonymous said...

What started as race riots is now anti-American anarchist riots.

Anonymous said...

"What started as race riots is now anti-American anarchist riots."


The brown people of Anaheim are in no way anarchists or any less respective of the law than any other population of America ... They just want to be treated equally under the law!

What do you think would happen to some jackboot in Beverly Hills who would release his police dog against some baby carriage of a rich Caucasian? That boy would be hurtin'.

It mostly has to do with "race" only because it's the cops who are being the racist. On the other hand, poor-white-trash gets treated just about as badly.

Phase II of the dieoff begins.


Anonymous said...

Race riots are no different from any other riots; the purpose is to keep us divided; and one of the ptb's favorite chains to yank is the "race card."

Anonymous said...

I don't think ppl understand about anonymous -- they are not a monolithic group controlled by a person or a council or something like that, they are a decentralized, loose alliance of hackers/activists. I don't agree with everything they do & I don't have the technical know-how to be one of them but I generally think for every 1 or 2 things they do that's questionable, they do 4 or 5 things that are good, moral, & constitutional.

All that aside you can be a member one second & then not be a member the next. There are small groups w/in anonymous, lone wolfs, big groups, everything. They're all over the world.

And the membership is fluid, ppl come & go as they please for whatever purpose they claim or see fit. That's the beauty of it, its a truly anarchic organizational structure.

As for the Anaheim thing, I'm not a cop & I know they run into a lot of gangbanger types so I'm not even gonna place a judgment call here. They seem to like to use excess force. This does sound fishy given the suspect was not armed.

That being said I think the white cops in California should be careful, the latinos they are firing rubber bullets @ will be the majority in that state in a few decades....

Its gonna be their state again, and how they treat them now will determine how they treat whites later when we aren't the majority any more.

Anonymous said...

Violence is not the answer. If the protestors staged a peaceful silent 'sit-in', the provacateurs would not be able to do their dirty work.
I'm not at all surprised this is happening. They just ordered 150 sets of riot gear, STAT. They expect some big time riots soon.

Anonymous said...

From the article: "The hacking collective known as Anonymous..."

Why refer to it as "the" Anonymous, as if there's only one? Nobody has exclusive use of that name. There are likely dozens of independent groups and individuals using it.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the horses...

Anonymous said...

As soon as 'Anonymous' gets involved you know it's a set up

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot believe how many of you SUPPORT GANG MEMBERS! Anaheim USED to be a nice, quiet community until it became "mexicanized." Third world people demand third world solutions. Peace Out.

Lowenstein said...

Oh the goy provide so much entertainment. Fighting against themselves. Now who will they vote for, - Obama or Romney?

Too stupid to know that their vote doesn't count anyway. The electoral college makes the choice!! And that vote is all taken care of!

What a show we shall have.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama said “These are serious times, and they call for a serious debate about where we need to take the nation. We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Questions are discussed at: Glenn Beck - Part 1 - Barack Obama's Civilian National Security Force at , and Glenn Beck - Part 2 - Barack Obama's Civilian National Security Force at m and Civilian Army Part III at , and Civilian Army Part IV, at ,Civilian Army Part V, at .

The Democrats say that the Multi-Millionaire Mitt Romney should release his Tax Returns Records.

Mitt Romney owns 64 cents for every American Citizen, and even if he stole it all, it would come to 16 cents a year over a 4 year Presidential term of Public Service.

Mitt Romney has payed sales taxes, and he has employed People who paid taxes to the Government, and who has any evidence that he has not paid his taxes.

This is a matter between an individual and the Taxation Department, and perhaps all American Politicians should show their Tax Returns, because if it is good for one American Politician, then it is good for all American Politicians, even retired ones like Bill Clinton, and Al Gore, etc.

If this was done, then it would degenerate into an endless circus, where there would be no time to formulate Public Policy, because we all know that when it comes these matters, that there are Lies, Damn Lies, and then then there is everyone’s biased interpretation of Taxation Legislation and Accountancy Figures.

If one Presidential Candidate can increase the wealth of every American Citizen by 65 cents or more over 4 years, compared to the other Presidential Candidate, then he has earned his Multi Millions.

There are other things that are more important than making Money for every American Citizen, but I am not dismissing the importance of Job Creation or the Economy, or the Responsibility not to resist Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

Employers have Many Responsibilities and they must find Markets for their goods, and if any Worker can save his or her Money and start their own business and Employ People, then that is commendable; but if they cannot, then they are encouraged to fulfil their Responsibility to cooperate in the Free Enterprise System by only taking sick days off if there is a proper reason, and by doing a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Many Voters want their Elected Public Servants to follow and uphold what made America a Great and Prosperous Country in the first place, which is the American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Regrettably, we have seen much disrespect for and much contempt for the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the recent past; and, if this continues, then America will become a third rate nation.

An issue in the upcoming Congressional and Presidential Elections will be which Candidate will best respect and uphold the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

To Many Voters, these 16 cents a year for every American Citizen is more than worth it, and is in Fact Cheap Insurance, because it is the Freedom, Liberty, and Protection that the American founding fathers left to all Americans to inherit their gift of the Written Constitution, which guarantees Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans.

For a Proper Democracy, the American Democrats should be judged by the Voters on their Record during the last 4 years, and not on any temporary manipulation of the Markets, or of any promises in this Election Campaign.

Mark Twain said...

The really sad thing about this is the comments in the OC Register and LA Times on this story.
Most of the people are perfectly ok with the cops shooting this guy in the back.Check it out and see for yourself.

dogismyth said...

there is no mysterious anonymous group supporting the "right for change" or whatever you believe can be accomplished against those in charge.

Why do you latch onto such ridiculousness? for hope?

The only hope is that created within yourself by your own attitudes. There is not an anonymous group that is out to "save" us or whatever it is that you believe.

Americans are insane. Often sanity is defined as doing the same thing but expecting different results. Americans continue to believe that voting will change things; that writing their congressman will change things; that they can be united; they they are number one; that the party can continue on.

Nothing is further from the truth. And I laugh at all of you who suck up the information on blogs, youtube, etc. THEY have already won judging by the comments and the content of articles.

Anonymous said...

We know that if a Person buys a lottery ticket, then there is no way to guarantee that they will win that lottery.

However, what can be known with certainty is that if a Person does not buy a lottery ticket, then they cannot win that lottery.

I am not saying want Mitt Romney’s attitude to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights will be, but we know for a certainty that if Barack Obama is reelected, then the American Constitution or Bill of Rights will certainly cease to exist.

Under these conditions, no one who loves Freedom and Liberty would disgrace themselves for reelecting a Liar and a Traitor like Obama, and his Hard Left supporters who want to destroy America with Communism and a Police State.

It may occur to some people on the Left, that Communism and a Police State did not build America, but these things destroy every country where is has existed, and it Will Do The Same For America, because there are no exceptions to the rule of natural consequences, because the definition of insanity is doing the same things over again and hoping for a different result.

The American People should thank Russia for not allowing the United Nations Arm treaty from being negotiated.

The America Democrats want to take over America, just like Hitler did, and make the People work in weapons Factories just for food and lodging in Reeducation Camps for the Third World War.

Sooner or later, America will be able to bribe or pressure Russia into agreeing to Disarming the American People, and this will happen more easily with the American Democrats rather than the Republicans.

The Left in America are the Allies of the Muslims, and the Democrats treat their women badly just like the Muslims do, and we only have to look at Hillary Clinton to know that.

We see how Immoral and Illegal are the Criminal activities of the Clintonites since 1999 with their Illegal and Immoral war against the Serbian People, because they want to steal Serbia’s Province of Kosovo, and give it to Criminal Muslim Albanians.

The American Democrats can show that they have changed by admitting to and scrapping the Kumanovo Agreement that Serbia was made to sign under duress, making it Illegal and Immoral, but that is just how the American democrats do business, and if people think that Electing Democrats will change things, then they need to think again, if they want wisdom.

Hobbs77 said...

There are three things I can say,1) Americans will go to support other communities as activists for the cause 2) you can be sure that the govt/police will employ agent provocateurs/psyops 3) Elements of the blackbloc are resentful of peaceful/nonviolent/no confrontational-provocational protests/protestors and come to these events to cause violence/over-reaction by security forces as a way to not only bring attention to the event and or draw away police from the peaceful but,some to also destroy the peaceful aspect of the protest,because they despise the peaceful protestors as much as the police..and at worst some elements are just thrill seeking hooligans.

Hobbs77 said...

what a bunch of mindless mumbo-jumbo bringing Serbia into the debate and all that nonsense about Democrats...

Anonymous said...

There are lessons to be learned everyday. Some of the recent lessons learned are, stay away from crowds and protests of any kind. We simply have no idea if any of these protesters and or crowds are legitimate or are paid protestors. The paid protestor and striker has been around for some years now, originally and most notably they were hired to protest grocery store union issues. The paid protestors were paid by the grocery union. Be very careful to choose wisely any events you attend, I would say at this time attend none! There is just too much manipulation going on by the wealthy to control the population and bring about total domination.
Stay free and avoid the small but growing deadly confrontations. It would be wise to attend your city and county counsel meetings and make arrangements to meet with your local congressmen and senators, local police chief and most importantly your local sheriff to discuss your concerns with what is happening to our county and cities, if everyone did this the positive changes would come much quicker. This is a hard lesson to learn in light of the marches of peoples across the nation that have gone on for many years past. The strategy has to change in light of the government fire power and fear they have of us, all 305 million of us. Each of us must just say No everyday in every way. Carry a copy of the constitution and Exercise your Rights, if you do not know how, learn how, there are videos all over youtube for example, that teach you how to exercise your rights!!! Help each other learn!

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