Monday, July 2, 2012

Agenda 21 Dense MegaCities of the Future Now Underway

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Just a few months ago, scientists were calling for the human population to move into more closely tight-knit cities.

Michail Fragkias, chief scientist for the UIN’s “ Planet Under Pressure” wants populations to be confined to mega-cities, locked up so they are easily controlled and mitigate further population growth.

Fragkias says: “If cities can develop in height rather than in width that would be much more preferable and environmentally not as harmful.”

According to the globalists at America2050, “metropolitan regions will be an interlocking economic system, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together.”

The megaregions are defined as:
  • Environmental systems and topography
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Economic linkages
  • Settlement patterns and land use
  • Shared culture and history
Under Agenda 21, policymakers, businesses and community leaders will be used to enact changes to city structures including:
  • Controlling public water allocation and distribution
  • Coordinating transportation of goods from one megaregion to another
  • Installing high-speed railing systems and approved eco-conscious transportation modes to mitigate CO2 emissions
  • Protection of biodiversity by restricting human effects to nature
  • Implementing tough economic and development strategies to make multi-use purposes in land distribution
Global Integration Zones will link regions to one another through specially designed transportation systems.

The planning of these denser cities is presenting an interesting challenge for the globalist Elite as they have to fit several millions of people into small areas designated for human use.

Dennis Frenchman, an architect and the professor of Urban Planning for MIT, asserts that city planners of the future must design cities that accommodate the large migration of people caused by population growth.

Cities must be efficient, as defined by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals decree and UN’s Agenda 21 policies.

Transportation networks need to be revamped with the purpose of facilitating more eco-friendly commutes and pollution control. Politicians and elected officials should offer corporations financial incentives to relocate manufacturing facilities to denser cities. Making food production and farming strictly local would dramatically reduce the need for long range transportation. Power use should be restricted to mitigate CO2emissions.

Frenchman explains that “single-purpose-use” buildings should be replaced with mixed-use city areas that stack homes, medical offices, retail stores, schools and general use offices together in mega-buildings. The stack ‘em and pack ‘em  ideology would create the small town feeling within the “smart cities”.

These smart cities would contain:

The Flat Tower, a project concept of Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans will include offices, recreation areas and rail transit locations. The Flat Tower would house up to 400,000 people at one time. By using the conventional skyscraper model and surrounding the location with green areas, the sense of isolation within the multi-functional tower would “encourage” human interaction.

The prototype called CityCar, community-shared electric cars that designers from MIT’s Media Lab have created, will unclog the roadways and serve as communal vehicles. The CityCar can be used on point-to-point trips. It folds up and can be stacked in designated areas with other CityCars.

A micro-sized nuclear power plant will be installed in neighborhoods. General Electric (GE) has a prototype called PRISM . This small facility’s reactors can use recycled nuclear waste that generates 300 mega-watts of power. This wattage will power an estimated 240,000 homes.

Apartment size will have to be shrunk to an average of 300 square feet per unit to accommodate the growing population. Designers are looking to maximize space by installing furniture that folds into the walls. Windows would also have transparent OLEDs. This technology was unveiled by Samsung back in 2010. A television screen could be designed to be opaque on command. This would also serve as a temperature regulator to save on energy consumption.

Dickson Despommier, a public-health professor at Columbia University is suggesting the construct of vertical farms located within the dense cities that could provide all the necessary fruit and vegetables. Kent Larson, an architect at MIT’s Media Lab says that pre-seeded panels could be installed in apartment buildings to allow people to have a personal garden.

Designers Julien Combes and Gael Brule of LO2P Recycling Center , have conceptualized wind turbines to generate power for recycling facilities. Carbon dioxide released by plants reacts with the calcium inside the LO2P to produce lime in mineralization baths. Another use for lime is in the formation of concrete, claim the Calera Corporation, who designed the process.

By forcing local and state governments to adopt Agenda 21 mega-cities as the most efficient template, the globalist Elite claim that these “new mega-cities will not only be the beacons for the future but also that they will both cooperate and compete with one another.”

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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Incriminally Sane said...

They claim CHINA is our enemy but how can that be when all our jobs went there and they have been building these massive cities with no occupants in them for years, ever wonder weather in the grand global scheme of things if these cities are meant for you as their slaves to the global Corporation who will build all their devices when this global government finally comes to fruition?

Political Atheist said...

In Colorado we're have record number of forest fires. It certainly gives pause for those of us who are looking for bug out locations. Not too surprising, the fire in Colorado Springs is the most destructive and suspected to be man made. Over 30K evacuated. I'm just waiting for the FEMA camp announcements.

Anonymous said...

These people are crazy. Their plans suck. Hope it all goes to hell. I won't have anything to do with it and that includes living in the zoo they plan for people of the earth. These insane creatures of agenda 21 need to be skimmed off the surface like the scum that they are.

Chris said...

EVERYONE PLEASE LOOK AT VANCOUVER BC! I live here and this city is THE EXAMPLE OF AGENDA 21. We are claiming to be the greenest city in the world by 2020 and our mayor is going to Paris to speak on being "the example" of the future city. We have been fighting this but its going nowhere, literally they are building towers constantly and destroying neighbourhoods, running the poor into the streets. This city is run by Asian triads and shady developers. This is all happening behind the scenes while claiming to be the "worlds most livable city". Please help get the word out!

Anonymous said...

i hate cities. i gotta live amongst trees.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am a land use planner in Toronto, Ontario and all we hear about is how great it is in Vancouver. We are on the same path here in Ontario.. skyrocketing housing prices, smart meters (water and electricity) the building of future condo slums.. what a mess. Unfortunately, land use planning schools teach this nonsense and it's supported by professional planning associations. For an antidote I recommend checking out Randal O'Toole, at the Cato Institute. He has tons of excellent articles/videos about this disaster and how "smart growth" was the cause of the housing meltdown in the US, as the meltdown did not occur in areas that did not embrace smart growth policies.

Anonymous said...

No worries, most of the existing non-'smart growth' cities will be wiped Out in the coming war(s) most likely, leaving a blank slate for the NWO to build from and really leave no other choice for the survivors but to enjoy their new "Mega-Cities" and global government.

What's not to Love?

Nemetron 2000 said...

It's all about managing the herd. This has nothing to do with sustainability and everything to do with maintaining power and control over the masses.

Fortunately, things don't work on an absolute basis in life, which means not even the almighty elite have a game plan that is infallible. I can easily see this being the beginnings of 'walled cities' where you have a community of humans that choose to leave inside the walls of a city, and a community of humans that choose to live outside the wall. Each choice would have its 'pros' and 'cons'. Outside communities would be more self-reliant and sparse, which would prevent them from being as cutting-edge in technologies and in some cases less secure as their walled in counterparts. Naturally, those living inside the cities would be far more reliant on the city itself for all their basic needs and consequentially they would be at the whim of those that control the city. Each city would have its own power source ("micro sized nuclear power plant") that would literally be its heart. It wouldn't necessarily be all bad for those who choose to live within the walls because human beings would be the city's most valuable resource which means that a great deal of effort would be placed in making the city-life appear to be the best choice.

Because of the walled boundaries, and the limiting factor they'd play on the city(s) access to the world's resources, their focus would be on efficiency and re-usability (a good rehabilitation strategy to use on those who have been squandering the world's resources through wars and destructive business practices), thus the walled cities would become the recycling centers of the world. Everything would be recycled - EVERYTHING.

The walled cities would be like living entities with unique personalities that manifest through their population. Those living inside one would literally become a piece of the whole completely assimilated into its culture and mannerisms forming a unique 'consciousness'. This would be made possible by the limitations put in place by the city's walls, which would emulate the 'skin' of a human, thus giving the city true identity and form - a human cannot expand beyond the boundaries of his/her skin.

If Satan were to be made manifest in this world, could he end up being a giant walled mega city, the occupants of which would represent his 'flesh'? Could this be the method in which 'Satan' is defeated, by first being made to manifest himself ('made flesh') through a giant walled mega city, at which point he would be an isolated target for 'God's wrath'?

Anonymous said...

People packed in like pigs.Factory farms for people.Disconnect from nature will make people crazy,so they will have to take their soma.Life in a sterile techno matrix.Then it will be mandatory health care,toxic vaccines to keep the herd healthy.Just like the cattle are managed now.These elite scumbags think of us as their animals to be controlled.Sad day for humanity.
I knew this was coming from the first time I saw the UN biodiversity maps.They want to rewild their playground while the rest of us live in pig pens.

Anonymous said...

You need to share the good shit bro...don't be bogart in.

stevor said...

Of course, the Elite will still get to have their MULTIPLE ESTATES wherever they want.

Anonymous said...

'The Borg' have landed on Earth.....

Anonymous said...

-free wiki-trees, free space, free land, free move...
-green free gardens
-liberty, no control, no abuse...

Therefore, we have to start:
-to use only FREE STUFF = best weapon against their profit based satanic system that creates scarcity (300 quare feets = misery) = use free soft wares that you can load on Internet (don't buy their softwares) - plant free wiki-trees, share & gift as much as possible = free food to all 7 billion people (don't buy their poisoned food)...
-create FREE STUFF as much as possible and don't buy anything from their system (BE THE POWER)
More you use FREE STUFF - MORE ABUNDANCE you create for people - less power / money can flow to the top of the hierarchic pyramid

Anonymous said...

The Lorax

Anonymous said...

social engineering

Anonymous said...

It would never work, I can dream up all kinds of cool stuff to, But wouldn't push it on anybody else. Everyone is different, if these people want to live in a 300 sq. ft. living area so be it, I can't. If they want to live away from the wilderness, stay in New York City, I prefer woods and wild life coming up to my bay windows. One thing I like to know, where the hell do these people get thier numbers from. If there are 7 Billion on the planet, that's not a whole lot when looking at land mass. Seems like there's to many people for the control freaks, they want thier own little world and screw everybody else, and they're lying thier asses off doing it. Just say'n

Uncle Joe said...

It's a lot more than social engineering...
All the better to kill you my dear.
Lucis Trust and The United Nations

Anonymous said...

haha these people are fools! First the world has no need for fuels that ruin the earth! There is already two systems that can work with major populations on this planet. One being Thrive and the Other Venus project.

Agenda 21 is a fools goal!
The major corporations are destroying the planet everyone knows it and everyone knows we have no need of the primitive use of energy in the 21st century!

But they control the money, he who controls the money controls the military, he who controls the military controls the people.

With there might they enforce there stupidity upon the planet and the people. They oppress all ideas that are safe and work with world to live in a harmonious way through there money and military.

Anonymous said...

Look up "Technocracy". You will find that Agenda 21 is the implementation of the tenets of techonocracy, which include heavy totalitarian control of all human activity by switching to an energy currency (smart meters are part of this control grid)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, will not go along with their plot to control the earth with a one world order. I will stay free or die. GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! Rid the earth of these scumbags!

Anonymous said...

Why must they copy the old soviet model? Nothing original here, just institutional confinement for "citizens" with rationed resources. The government prefers that we be closely monitored as they lease our land and resources to other countries. Share and share alike...right? It's the fair thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the corrupted collective conscience of depraved man will make a living hell out of our planet. Only a tiny minority oppose this wickedness. Please understand They've (elites) been calling for world government for nearly a hundred years now and every event since then has been to complete this diabolical mission.

I highly recommend the book " WE MUST ABOLISH AMERICA," written in 1950. please goto
This book contains the most relevant background information ever published on this topic.
We are in big trouble folks! Stay informed and be prepared for war!

Anonymous said...

The common people will be living in densely packed cities and living off soyburgers and other rabbit food while the powers-that-be will be living on vast estates staffed by obsequious servants. The super-rich will spend time hunting and fishing in wilderness paradises that will be off limits to the serfs.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we already tried this? they were called government highrise housing!! Did not work most have been torn down and their residents now moved to sec 8 housing in the burbs.

Anonymous said...

- The better to chemtrail us to death (or at least maim us with "Plug-Ins" air fresheners).

- The better to wipe us out in the event of a "natural" disaster.

- The better to stop us from escaping into the wild, growing pot and screwing like rabbits.

- The better to disguise the fact that the world's populations are, or soon will be, DROPPING faster than the global IQ!

The take-over of America by the world's elite arguably began in earnest around the 1850s. Admittedly, it almost sounds like the title of a bad science fiction movie, but believe it or not, "It Came From the Smithsonian!" Read Anton Chaitkin's "Treason in America" and, for still more fun, visit my timeline.


-- the Postman (

Anonymous said...

In our small town rural region, there are a myriad of Agenda 21 'worker bee' NGO's who have been forming for about 15 years and then sped up the effort with a Futures Council and Visioning process 10 years ago to implement their stealth policies and changes by 'consensus' at many local levels of government. Policies and changes which are not related to what the People have decided for themselves, but rather, after what an NGO's articulately polished facilitator has lobbied an unwitting politician or non-elected official for...or has skillfully massaged into place themselves via 'open' public meetings or Town Halls. With their agenda decided long before the meeting where Citizen input is required days in advance for the agenda format and then is cut-off at two minutes in real time, these policy changes have major and diminishing ramifications for the Citizenry [forms of taking via overt land use ordinances, tacit rights restriction] and this has been happening right beneath our noses via non-transparent and non-democratic strategy which stays most true to the Collectivist's ideal of no dissent and majority crowd compliance.

Secondly, not many [even here] have noticed this newer development because 'Weinergate' was the headline back then, but on June 9, 2011, Obama issued yet another E.O. for the 'White House Rural Council' which with membership, has almost every Executive Branch [??] department head sitting on it from the DHS to HHS to Treasury to you-name-it which by mission statement at asserts how they now want to provide broader oversight and if helpful, federal funding to the 16% who choose to live rural; sometimes ruggedly rural. In particular, they already do this by promoting an Agenda 21 edict that encourages the 'advantages' of Public-Private Partnerships [PPOs] in order to better accommodate basic infrastructure and human services...which will also obligate [form of privatization] due to increased needs now in our economically distressed communities. At the same time, though, they already encourage preservation of more rural lands [legalized takings, i.e. eminent domain, wetlands, irresistible buyout] for primary reason of responsible stewardship or "sustainability" by pushing for 'protective' entities like Marine Reserves, Land Trusts, Green Spaces, and all variety of benevolent sounding foundations.

Fortunately, with GREAT thanks to sites like Activist Post and, more Americans are acutely aware of this no longer as stealth operation and thus, we recently had one agency spokesperson speak out publicly for the unrelenting NGO's to back off and leave our farmers and their farm lands --where the few living wage jobs still are-- alone.

Truly, if there was ever 'another' time in the history of our sovereign country for we Citizens to speak out with unified and stalwart rejection of the globalist's one-size-fits-all and brutal plan known as Agenda order to preserve our beloved Constitution, our national identity and our children's free-er, safer, still independent future, this is it. One if by land, two if by sea...

Anonymous said...

scientists want to genetically modify human behavior
makes me want to puke, who wants to be an ant?
who pays these cretins to dream this shit up?

Anonymous said...

Everybody talks about this "Elite", ever noticed that the 1% is 98% Jewish?

Anonymous said...

Instead of just acknowledgeing this Agenda 21 plan to totally control and annihalate at will.put your efforts into getting involved inform the public, and definitely start at the commissioners and council meetings. This is where they are infiltrating and taking over with facilitators. The Sustainability concept is #1 in the mindset of getting people on board. Put on your Face books, Share in any manner possible people will listen, if factually presented the scheme of the plan.

Joe Smith said...

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion...they thought it up...

Zionists...Ashkenazi Jews...Karl Marx...the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Cheese folks. City planning has been at the forefront of human endeavors for millenia. Some like it some don't. It's not bad if you are looking at efficient allocation of scarce resources like water or have issues with limited transit options with sprawl growth. We in New Mexico have stupidly gone the opposite way instead of densifying where we can we have given the development community carte blanche to develop big boxes on urban centers so defeating any increased density to support transit further and reducing taxes necessary to support multimillion dollar interchanges and internal circulation roads.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton wants this too. Watched him on c-span years ago saying how it would be better to have people squished together in cities. Pervert. Time to tear down the American govt before they do anymore damage to us by voting them all out. And when they become talking heads on tv, ignore their ignorance, they are insane! Time to mentally evaluate all govt servants!

Anonymous said...

these elites have to be taken drugs and are addicted to stupidity of the evil. If anyone is going into these cities let it be them and there families, I for one are not going anywhere and I am staying put, you agenda 21 is not welcome where i live, and you will never be welcome, you will be kicked out or hung , so you choose.

Lee L. said...

One way or another, stabilization, not accommodation, of the birth rate on the planet will be required. We KNOW how to do birth control. That would be preferable to this zealot drven nightmare of urban prisons that is beginning to unfold.

rick said...

All the Big jets spraying the powder or Chemtrails as their called , is weather modification ! to burn and tornado rural people into these Mega-regions . If the sicko's ( NAZI's ) can throw money at projects like that , I'm sure once we are rounded up , they will kill us all ! This land would be their big wonder land ! Without us .

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