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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

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Rand Clifford
Activist Post

Sense those hooves pounding around the world?

Little surprise that these four bedfellows have in their reins the fate of humanity, even life on Earth. Profit and conquest are all that matter; there is no such thing as enough, only, more.

King Coal’s aerosols leave hardly a place on Earth free from coal-fired power plant mercury pollution. Even fish in the most “pristine” waters are all tagged by coal. The majestic bluefin tuna, world’s most valuable fish—high in the food chain guarantees high mercury. Pacific bluefin ultimate posterfish for the biosphere? Fished to the brink of oblivion, survivors radioactive.

Fukushima is a volcano of radioactivity in the most seismic region on Earth; fresh tremors promise eruptions setting new standards for the term, “cataclysmic”. We really are pushing into new frontiers, where numbers quantifying the menace at Fukushima seem more suited for cosmology.

Latest word from corporate mouthpieces of the elite: “Ssshhhhh. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Mix in the perpetual debt machine of Rothschild-controlled central banking (Bankula), and if the biosphere functions long enough, inevitably, Bankula will own everything from the ionosphere to the Mariana trench. The whole planet. It’s all been set up that way, plans laid long ago, executed over centuries.

Before 9/11, of the 196 nations on Earth, only Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran were not in Bankula’s fold. Recent imperialistic wars of aggression, along with “humanitarian interventions” (R2P stratospheric hypocrisy) have carved that number down from seven, to three: Iran, North Korea, Cuba.

Bankula’s “earth box” is in the City of London, a sanctum not even The Queen may visit without permission. Sucking the blood of nations, and war—Bankula’s ultimate specialties; they mesh like fangs in jaws.

The fang tapping blood of the US is called the Federal Reserve, a private, for-profit corporation serving the elite global banking cartel. For creating our “money” from nothing, then loaning it to us...interest paid to the “Fed” on outstanding debt, for fiscal year 2011 alone was: $454,393,280,417.03.

Many informed people consider the whole Federal Reserve mire to be the greatest con job in history. Even the name is a con job; carefully concocted to float the illusion that the Fed is “part of the federal government”, and that some kind of reserves are involved.

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin provides a clear window on the Fed.

Murray N. Rothbard’s article The Case Against the Fed is also a valuable resource.

For an excellent description of what, in crucial ways, the Fed is not, visit Wikipedia. Please check the entry’s “history”...notice that the Fed has a team of gatekeeper shills on guard around the clock, protecting Wikipedia users from bitter truth. And it’s not just Federal Reserve deceptions, everything on Wikipedia regarding Bankula is monitored by gatekeepers, “public aspects” above all. Weeds of reality most important to the public are pounced upon by gatekeepers and drenched with Monsanto’s biocidal darling, “Roundup”.

One way to interpret the Fed’s obfuscation and disinformation: If “public aspects” were anything more than goo-goo burlesque—cynical mocking was it the Fed got away with the Great Depression? Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the foggy “Board of Governors”, openly admits that the Fed caused the Great Depression. But hey, Public Interest, Lord Ben promises the Fed won’t do it again.

Was the Great Depression in the public interest—the Fed gobbling up farmland and the bulk of whatever else was mortgaged for pennies on the dollar? How about TARP (Totally Astronomical Reaming of the Public)? Euphemistically cloaked as the “Troubled Asset Relief Program”, TARP is the largest direct upward transfer of wealth in history, so far. Imagine, $800 billion looted from the 99.9% to the pad nests of the .1% because elite gambling addicts “too big to fail” got out of control. George Orwell said in his seminal novel, 1984, that to envision the future, imagine a boot kicking a human face, forever—but wait! That wasn’t a mere $800-billion kick in the face, ass, and everything in between...actual taxpayer liability is $23.7 trillion. Today, the addicts are even bigger, more addicted, and spraying vast wealth and influence to destroy any attempts at controlling their addiction.

Was it in the public interest that a main thing the four successful assassinations of presidents had in common was that Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy all tried to dull Bankula’s fangs?

The USA has had three central banks. Andrew (I killed the bank) Jackson, president number 7, vetoed renewal of the charter for the second central bank. President Jackson survived two assassination attempts.

The third, perhaps terminal central bank, the Fed, sank its fang in 1913; by 1963 the Fed was so cocksure that its assassins (backed by snipers from the CIA and organized crime?) blew President Kennedy’s brains out under blue sky and sunshine for the world to see.

The fundamental message sacrosanct to every president since Kennedy: Mess with the Fed, and yer Ded.

So how about “...all the gold in Fort Knox”? The insider joke is: “The only gold in Fort Knox is in the teeth of the guards.” If the joke rings true, the first place to look for the missing gold is in the bowels of the City of London, secured beneath Bankula’s earth box as collateral on debt the public owes for the Fed’s 99 years of unconstitutional “credit”.

What could possibly entice nations to bare their arteries for Bankula? Hocus-pocus financial juju is one reason, but perhaps more importantly: Bankula makes war convenient. No messy raising of war funds directly from the public, simply charge war to the future.

Bankula loves war. Steady flow of blood from 99% of the nations on Earth is delicious, nourishing and perpetuating, but war is the pièce de résistance. Finance all sides at wartime interest rates, rake in the lucre....

War is where the four horsemen shine as a tight pack.

The US military juggernaut is the world’s preeminent consumer of oil. The military is also chipping away at disposing our mountains of nuclear waste by using “depleted” uranium (DU) as armor-piercing projectiles. The US has about 1,000,000 tons of DU left over from enrichment processes for primarily nuclear power plants, and nuclear warheads. Nearly 2,000 tons of DU was fired in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. DU is being fired by the US military this very moment, somewhere. Lots of regimes to change, and poor little children to...protect.

If you dare, check out some of the gruesome human costs in Fallujah especially.

Hard to imagine a greater ongoing inhumanity and horror than DU weapons. DU is a gift that keeps on giving, virtually forever.

And whenever a certain war “winds down”, Bankula swoops in to finance reconstruction of what they financed the destruction of in the first place. Blood, and interest...interest and blood, compounding, dumbfounding, hideous.

WWIII is being stoked big time. A thermonuclear nightmare promising thermonuclear profits. Bankula is banking on enough status quo to survive for a hobbling toward nuclear rearmament, financed by Bankula. Repeat cycle until Earth is free of humanity, leaving nobody to drive a stake through Bankula’s heart.

Those hooves are getting so loud.

R.I.P., Public Interest...we hardly knew you.

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Luke said...

George Orwell said in his seminal novel, 1984, that to envision the future, imagine a boot kicking a human face, forever—but wait

Here is the boot Orwell was talking about!

Nemetron 2000 said...

Jeez, where's Abraham Van Helsing when you need him.

Anonymous said...

Dale's take:

Here's the salt in the wound:

not only do we have a boot kicking a human face, but we are being told to say Thank you. Tnank you rich folks, thank you mortgage lender, thank you job creators.................

The boot has many manifestations: debt, war, and being told that if we are poor, we earned it.

I recommend that we bite back! Hard! And when someone says, Aren't you outraged they are ramming healthcare down your throat, just say:


Anonymous said...

Great article BUT do not believe even for a second that the "queen" of england has to ask permission from the "lord mayor" of the City of London to enter, other than for formality and tradition (it's merely a title role who would not even be there if not for long service to their satanic plan). This wench and her freemasons own city of london, the Crown and 1/6th or more of the entire world, and use the Club of Rome proxies to control the bilderbergs and their tentacles extend to almost every institution

Charles Pixley said...

you forgot to mention the PHARMACEUTICAL cartel and their mandated deadly therapies by state controlled science.

Anonymous said...

I have read your article and believe that these are indeed times that try men's souls. But who has Satan on a leash? When faith is tested if proves of what sort it is, remember Job in the Bible? Those that repent and believe the gospel have eternal life, and Satan cannot touch them. Satan's time is short and he knows it. He knows God's word and world better than we do. He understands the power grid, nuclear power and all such things in ungodly sinners hands will serve his purposes. But again, be encouraged, we will not fear for it is God who wills that we will triump. His church will win the battle against all of satan's forces no matter how it may appear otherwise. I think God would have men to acknowledge God's judgement in all of this and that He is using satan to bring all the world to the acknowledging of their sins in the face of a Holy God, with which all men will have to do. for we will all stand before the judgement seat of God, and without being born again and having your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life, THAT will be the most horrifying day of anyones life. Do not fear those that can kill the body but afterwords can do nothing more, but I tell you fear Him that has the power not only to kill the body but to cast your soul in hell, fear Him!

Anonymous said...

Its really very simple, if we the sheeple stop supporting the system that the thug police,TSA, and corrupt politicians alike use and live with, maybe they will wake up and see the light.

What i am saying is that if your job is a electric power plant operator, or a teacher who teaches their children, bank teller that cashes their checks, or a truck driver who delivers the fuel for their nice new cars, and if we can stop providing the food they feed their families with, shut off the electric they use to watch all those police shows they are being programed with to be the monsters they are, perhaps that nice fat mercenary paycheck they receive wont be worth that much anymore. Could be the wake up call they need.

Participate in the system and become a slave with your permission by making it easy for those who keep the human heard in line to live normally.

The Sheeple dogs who work for the man and think they are on the winning side and chose to only think of their very own needs and view the rest of as the enemy, perhaps they will wake up and realize that they need us too live a nice and comfy life that they seemingly take for granted.

Maybe they will voluntarily stop supporting those who look to imprison the world. Its non violent and it can work, but we must have unison as we shut down the system.

Anonymous said...

The answer is non violent, non participation.

Stop serving the police and Gov thugs by not allowing them to buy their food in the supermarket to feed their families with, or put the fuel the use to get to work in there nice new cars, or turn of the electricity that they are watching all that programing on how to be a good SS storm troopers showing them how to abuse and terrorize all of the innocent non violent people with! Things will change!

We provide all the nice things they take for granted every day while they get pumped to control us. If we all stayed home and did nothing, what good would a nice fat, fiat money, mercenary paycheck, be to them?

Useless correct?

Could be the wake up call they need to turn things around in the right direction! All done without one shot fired. Gandhi had the correct idea to bring down the system!

We need to get together, its the only way to stop the monster!

Anonymous said...

"We are the intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it." - Marcus Eli Ravage, the authorized Jew biographer for the Rothschild dynasty wrote this in an article in The Century Magazine, January 1928, volume 115, no. 3 pp 346-350

Ade said...

All roads lead to anywhere but Zion.

Anonymous said...

I saw a black horse, and the rider upon it had a pair of scales in his hands. A quart of wheat for dinarius, three quarts of barley for dinarius. Do not harm the olive oil and the wine.
The black horse is the economic system. The rider upon it is the merchants of the earth. The pair of scales is the weights and measures of the merchandise bought and sold. A dinarius is the monetary system. The olive oil and wine in the first century were necessities. Today that would be food and energy.
The U.S. is presently experiencing double dip, double digit, inflationary recession that is progressing into a full blown depression. Very soon it will take a days wages to buy the necessities of life before the financial base of the economic system collapses.

Anonymous said...

Hold on...the Light will win...not long to go.

Anonymous said...

For than there will be a great tribulation such has not occured since the world's begginning until now, no, nor will occur again.
Mathew 24: 14

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