Sunday, June 24, 2012

Astronomical Tax Dollars for War and Surveillance


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Anonymous said...

America - our patriots are returning to free this country

Rolland Miller said...

This is madness!

No to War!

Anonymous said...

Xenu is making movies again.Watch until the end.

Ed Collier said...

What a wonderful life we could have in America if the International Banker Barons would keep us out of war.

Anonymous said...

stop paying taxes. if everyone stopped paying taxes, wars of aggression would stop being funded.

i stopped paying taxes in 1999. screw the government. they've screwed me too many times to enumerate. i'd had enough. no more tax money from me. i refuse to play that game anymore. no more wars of aggression done in my name. no more.

stop paying taxes. crash the government.


an anonymous sovereign human sick of government tyranny and associated psychopaths bent on killing

Annie said...

It's the same in this "God forsaken" (rather the people have forsaken God) country. Massive so-called austerity measures which mean huge slashes to public spending (while the prime minister's buddies get 5% tax cuts and continuance with their tax loopholes and evasions). Money which before was public now goes to the security state, weapons and sundry technologies in support of it. We are paying for our own enslavement and in some cases destruction. But never mind just you sheeple keep your blind eyes glued to the idiot box (television) where you will get your next fix of government propaganda - throw your life away in front of it why don't you.

Anonymous said...

No War, Do they not care if the children are killed? All the children. All the people. NO WAR!

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