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America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?

Michael Snyder, Contributor
Activist Post

As America watches large sections of Colorado literally burn to the ground, many are wondering why all of this is happening. There have always been wildfires, but what we are experiencing now seems very unusual. So is the number of wildfires in the United States increasing?

As you will see later in this article, the answer is yes.

2011 was a record setting year for wildfires and this wildfire season is off to a very frightening start. Right now the eyes of the nation are focused on the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado. It doubled in size overnight and it has consumed more than 300 homes so far. It is threatening the city of Colorado Springs, and at this point more than 35,000 people have been forced to evacuate - including the U.S. Air Force Academy. 

On Twitter and Facebook residents are describing what they are seeing as "the apocalypse" and as "the end of the world". But this is just the beginning of the wildfire season. We haven't even gotten to July and August yet.

The Waldo Canyon fire is rapidly becoming one of the most expensive and destructive wildfires in Colorado history. The historic Flying W Ranch has already been burned totally to the ground by this fire. Local authorities are struggling to find the words to describe how nightmarish this fire is. The following are a couple of quotes from a CNN article....
Richard Brown, the Colorado Springs fire chief, described it as a "firestorm of epic proportions." 
Gov. John Hickenlooper surveyed the Waldo Canyon Fire, telling reporters it was a difficult sight to see. 
"There were people's homes burned to the ground. It was surreal," he said late Tuesday night. "There's no question, it's serious. It's as serious as it gets."
But this is not the only wildfire that is raging in Colorado. Right now there are 10 wildfires burning in the state. Overall, there are 33 large wildfires currently burning in twelve U.S. states.

If you will remember, New Mexico just experienced one of the worst wildfires that it has ever seen. Conditions throughout most of the western United States are ideal for wildfires right now. As USA Today reports, much of the western half of the country is under a "red flag warning" right now....
Throughout the interior West, firefighters have toiled for days in searing, record-setting heat against fires fueled by prolonged drought. Most, if not all, of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana were under red flag warnings, meaning extreme fire danger.
But wait, didn't this kind of thing happen last year too?

Yes it did.

In fact, 2011 was one of the worst years ever for wildfires in America. The following is a short excerpt from an EarthSky article....
Thousands of wildfires raged across the United States last year, 2011, burning a record amount of land, especially in the southern U.S. In fact, 2011 the third-most-active fire season since 1960 (when this record-keeping began) with respect to acres burned, according to preliminary data released from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in late December 2011. The NIFC will be releasing an official summary report detailing the 2011 wildfire season later in 2012, but for now you can read some of the details in the State of the Climate Wildfires 2011 report from NOAA. 
During 2011, a total of 73,484 wildfires burned an estimated 8,706,852 acres (35,235 square kilometers) of land across the United States. Wildfire activity during 2011 was exceptionally high and was only exceeded in the historical record by wildfire activity during the years 2006 and 2007.
We have seen highly unusual wildfire activity throughout America in recent years. In the article quoted above you can find a chart which shows that wildfire activity in the United States has been far above normal during the past decade.

Wildfire records have only been kept since 1960. The 6 worst years on record for wildfires in the U.S. have all happened since the year 2000. The following is from an Earth Island Journal article that I found....
In the United States, where some of the most accurate wildfire statistics are kept, the six worst fire seasons in the past 50 years have occurred since 2000. In Texas, nearly 4 million acres were burned in 2011, double the previous record. This included the Bastrop Fire last September that destroyed 1,600 homes and became the most destructive fire in Texas history. In Arizona more than one million acres were burned in 2011, a new record. The Wallow Fire, which destroyed nearly a half million acres, was the largest fire in Arizona history. The Pagami Creek Fire in northern Minnesota became the third largest fire in state history when it burned 100,000 acres in September 2011, most of this in an unprecedented 16-mile run on a single day.
So what does all of this mean?

It means that the number of wildfires in the United States is increasing and wildfires are becoming more powerful and doing more damage.

So what is causing all of this?

The truth is that this is happening because we are seeing exceptionally dry conditions throughout the western half of the United States. In fact, according to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years.

The eastern half of the country also gets very hot during the summer, but they don't have as many wildfires because they get a lot more rain.

Many areas in the western half of the country have been experiencing drought conditions for quite a few years, and there seems to be no end in sight for the drought.

If you go check out the U.S. drought monitor, you will see that almost the entire southwest United States is experiencing some level of drought right now.

So what will July and August bring?

It is kind of frightening to think about that.

Earlier this year I wrote an article that postulated that we could actually see dust bowl conditions return to the middle of the United States. Many readers were skeptical of that article.

But as much of the western United States continues to experience bone dry conditions and continues to be ravaged by wildfires, perhaps more people will understand how bad things are really getting in the interior west.

Just because we have made great technological advances as a society does not meanthat we know how to tame nature. We can attempt to contain the massive wildfires that are popping up all over the place and we can attempt to deal with the drought, but in the end we cannot stop what is happening.

So do you live in any of the areas that are being affected by these wildfires?

Do you have an opinion about why so much of America is on fire?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below....

Colorado in Crisis: Wildfires in "Catastrophic Fury" Devastate City

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.


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Danne said...

The statements by Stephen Pyne are probably more accurate:
“………crews have experienced changes in firefighting strategies and agencies have changed some policies in fighting wildfires in isolated areas. In the last 20 years or so, agencies have generally been reluctant to put firefighters at risk in remote areas, It wasn't like that decades ago. Instead, agencies have focused attention on burnout operations until conditions are safe to begin containment."

Until such time politics and environmentalism is removed from the equasion and crews are allowed to take the fight to the fire in it's incipient stages, it's gonna be burn baby burn! A sky full of airtankers and angry/confused citizenry is good PR for increased budgets.

Smoke em while you got em folks...get used to it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if fall out from the chem-trails, the chemicals on the trees is contributing?

Anonymous said...

Simple no MONEY for infrastractures to fight fires & the cherry on the cake, you can introduce Martial Law!
Joe sixpack will not mind if he gets his sixpack,donuts,& Super Bowl on Plasma TV!

Anonymous said...

There is another possible, more sinister, reason for the fires. "Inspire" is Al Qaeda's own publication. Read pages 30-36. It's all about how to set a forest on fire, and when/where/why in America. Who knows.

The chemtrails hooked up with the GWEN Towers could also easily be involved. The USAF did proclaim their ability to own the weather by 2025.

I grieve for the losses of so many and hope that their lives can soon return to normal.

Anonymous said...

Throughout the Bible and history,God has used natural disaster to shake down families, cities, region and entire nation to get the people attention.To warn people to stop drifting or rebelling against HIM. To urge people to let go of anything or anyone else they are holding onto for peace and security and hope in this world-Instead turn their heart wholly and completely to faith in JESUS CHRIST! Thousand years ago God told the Hebrew prophet Hagai to write down these words in Hagai 2:6-7. God told us well in advance that He was going to SHAKE ALL NATIONS. REPENT! 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 JGASCONI

Unknown said...

A chemtrail link to the fires? A very emphatic "YES!"

The practice of Aerosol Geoengineering calls for spraying nanoparticle materials into the atmosphere for moisture sequestration, reflecting solar radiation back into space and causing a cooling effect to occur.

This process can be augmented in several ways. When combined with radio frequency (RF) heating by radar or the HAARP array the particles absorb some of the RF energy, converting it to heat.

Millions of tons of Aluminum Oxide powder with uniformly-sized nanoparticles, you can prepare these microscopic particles to resonate at known HAARP or weather radar frequencies by controlling the size. Spread the material in the air and then hit it with RF energy at the chosen frequency. The nanoparticles all heat up at the same time, causing the local air mass to heat also, causing it to rise. This forms a low pressure system. The moisture that condenses on these nanoparticles is carried to a higher altitude and the moisture condenses forming clouds.

The locations of most frequent aerosol spraying are near mountain ranges. These areas are called "areas of regional instability". The air is more turbulent, so there is a greater "mixing" effect.

Introduction of this material leads to drought. The water is being kept aloft by the aerosol nanoparticles through a nucleation process. And one will see a bright white haze in the air and the fallout is predominantly Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles.

Aluminum Oxide is two atoms of Aluminum and three atoms of Oxygen. It is used in high temperature explosives to bring down buildings precisely because when it is included in a combustion process, it releases its three Oxygen atoms, dramatically increasing the combustion temperature. In Thermite or Super Thermate explosives (see Wikipedia)Aluminum Oxide is a key ingredient.

After Aerosol distribution, it eventually settles to the Earth, and the particles are small enough to be absorbed through the root structure of trees. It will be trapped in the texture of the bark and in the soil. And when you put this material in the air- (Aluminum is a conductor of electricity) you dramatically increase the air's electrostatic potential. Voila! Many more lightning strikes. Then the fires. And when the fires start, they are almost impossible to put out, because Aluminum Oxide recycles itself during the combustion reaction. That is to say, it gives off its Oxygen then reacquires it as it cools. This is why certain kinds of welding of Aluminum has to be done with an inert gas-- (to prevent the Oxygen from reuniting with the Aluminum and contaminating the weld.) In an open forest fire, there is nothing to stop it, and fire fighting will be exceptionally difficult.

Anonymous said...

some of it is terrorism. Don't any of you remember the "handbooks" that were found among the belongings of the 9-11 terrorists? Did anyone bother to read them? I did and one of the strategies discussed was the setting of numerous fires. I believe that is what they did to Greece a few years back and it is, at least in part, what they are doing here also.
As for the chem-trails, they are mostly composed of desiccants, which would contribute to the arid conditions we have been experiencing.

Anonymous said... lighting weapon? yesss it has system in place in orbit! check it out and draw your ideas on whats going on!1

Anonymous said...

If chem-trails are playing a role in these fires, know that it isn't just an unforeseen consequence.

These people are crazy, not ignorant. They KNOW what they are causing.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails cause rain. It hasn't really stopped raining up here (in BC) since they started. Up near the Alaska border we've had 7 times the 'normal' amount of rain for this time of year. Every time they put in another runway we get more rain. During the invasion of Iraq you could see them from space and it started raining in places where it hadn't rained for years. Are you all stupid or are you all working to cover up the truth about how really serious it is? Mother nature can't make clouds anymore.

Anonymous said...

During the last 25 yeears the US Forest Service has reduced logging activity to less that a tenth of what it was in 1988, The loggers are no longer in the forests, not is the equipment (dozers, loaders, people , low boys, etc) that the Forest Service depended on the fight fires. The transportation systems on the national forests have been greatly reduced and access is lacking. No activity on the ground, means no personnel to fight fire. Forest Service is an agency that no longer exists.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is as simple as "fire needs fuel". Enviromentalists have pushed the ranchers off of their ranges, this includes forest land, and the uneaten grasses become fuel. Regulations are their best friends and tools to be used to keep the nasty humans and their critters off of the natural enviroments.

vladischlock skrulusky said...


Anonymous said...

The answers you seek are in the Holy Bible in many places throughout scripture. 1/3 the Bible is prophesy. There will be earthquakes, famine, tornados,disease, floods, etc. Jesus foretells all these events which we are now in. No nations will be without weather torment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a way to find out the whole truth..probably not.. but since I live in an area that is very prone to wildfires there are a number of factors involved. But the main reason the fires grow is due to the Forest Service or Grasslands getting involved. Each of those agencies will take charge of the fire once any portion touches "their" land. Why would either one of these agencies want to own land surrounded by private owners anyway? So they can take control. The next step is to let the fire burn as long as they can, set back fires that get out of control. They don't care what burns, the more burns, the more money they get. The more resources they call in, the more they can charge for. If the volunteer fire fighters are on the scene, the fire gets put out. I've been through several of these situations in the recent past including currently. Our weather and environmental conditions are worse(probably due to HAARP and chemtrails), but the government agencies are delighted to have their fires. The recent fire near me was started by a "control burn" in very dry, 100 degree, banned fire area.. Can you imagine that! As of today it is over 10,000 acres, people having to evacuate. No one can do anything about it. One volunteer fire chief said, "we have to reel in these Feds". How? Each of the Forrest Service (or Grasslands) fire fighters have more authority than the local police..
As far as cleaning up the parks and Forest Service property, in my area, they create slash piles, but they won't let private citizens have the already cut wood to burn in their wood stoves for winter.. the Forest Service would rather wait until the middle of the dry summer to set a fire to it. So they do have a bit of "clean up", but not entirely, leave enough fuel to add to the next big fire. Maybe they want the private citizens out of the area for some other purpose. If you're not washed out by storms or floods, blown out by hurricanes or tornadoes, then burn you out when you live in the mid west..Next thing, they'll have us on reservations too like Native Americans. (PS... The Feds burned out some friends in the northern Black Hills a few years ago because they wanted the property)

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